If the Shoe Fits

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Even though this is the 3rd book in a series it's the first book I*ve read from this author and I really enjoyed it. It was no problem to read and enjoy this one without having read the other two, but it would be good because the main characters from the first two books are here secondary characters. I liked them and I am looking forward to read their story. 

This is the story of Jana Fleischer and Brooke Donelly who meets under funny circumstances. They*re working in the same house but never saw each other until Brooke ran into Jana and Jana*s heel brake off. This is the beginning of a good und compelling story. The lovestory is cute and the family background great. 

Sometimes (About 70 % in the book) I whished there would have been a bit more conflict, for example with Brookes family or something else. But all in all this is a 4 star for me.
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I read [book:Ask, Tell|31374674].  I liked it, but didn't LOVE it like others.  I passed on the second.  I saw this and decided to give it a try.  It is completely stand alone.  Yes, you MAY gain a little knowledge of the relationship between the two sisters, but, otherwise it is not a big deal.
I really enjoyed this story.  The banter between Jana and pretty much everyone was witty and fun.  The romance is sweet.  All around a great read!!

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With If the Shoe Fits author E. J. Noyes tells Jana’s story. Jana Fleischer, Sabine’s younger sister and side-kick, the rock star divorce lawyer, the pickiest of serial daters. It was a much lighter affair than the previous two books in the series and I was glad about that, because it meant that my darling Sabs and Bec (now side characters, but still present) were finally in a happy place (Sab’s comical bridezilla antics aside).

Noyes presents us with a very sweet friends-to-lovers story that felt genuine and unhurried. I already loved Jana’s character from the earlier books and was really chuffed she got her own love story. Brooke Donnelly is an absolute doll. The only dark cloud hanging over her budding romance with Jana is the strained relationship with her father and the unhappiness she feels in her job. Otherwise there is basically no angst in the story. And the gals know how to communicate! Yay!

E. J. Noyes hasn’t written a dud yet and at this point I don’t believe she is capable.

f/f explicit, great love scenes

Themes: I’m straight but gay for you, Jana Celebrates, Brooke has severe daddy issues, these two were so freakin’ cute together, gah!, a family wedding Fleisher style, a toaster oven for Jana.

5 Stars

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I did not realize this was part of a series-- still can understand as a stand-alone.

While I like the romance genre and the idea of the plot is very intriguing-- protagonist is a straight woman who falls in love with a woman-- I did not get sucked into the story. It was just fine, but not my favorite of the genre. 

Recommend for those who want to see new kinds of couples represented in romance.
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This is the third book in the Ask, Tell series.  Although it is part of a series, readers will be able to enjoy this book as a stand-alone novel.  It is a fun to read romance.

Jane Fleischer and Brooke Donnelly are the two main characters.  Jane is an extremely successful divorce lawyer who works long hours and doesn’t have time for relationships.  She dates men and rarely does she see them for more than one date.  She always seems to find something wrong with them.

Brooke Donnelly is an architect who is slated to take over her family’s firm.  She is great at her job, but she doesn’t find it rewarding because she is an artist.  Brooke spends her nights working on her art and her days working at the firm.  

Jane and Brooke literally bump into each other and there is immediate chemistry.  Jane does not know why she yearns to get to know Brooke better, but decides they can become friends.  Brooke is attracted to Jane, but knows from the get-go that Jane is into men.  Their friendship grows as do Jane’s questions about her “special” feelings towards Brooke.  

As a sub-plot, Sabine Fleischer, Brooke’s sister, and Rebecca Keane are planning to get married.  Jane is the maid of honor and there are a lot of humorous situations where Jane deals with her sister’s marriage anxiety.

Ms. Noyes’ book is very well written.  The plot is funny and filled with romance.  The characters are so well developed that I really wished the book did not come to an end.  I look forward to reading the next book in this series.  

I give this romance 5 out of 5 stars.  I highly recommend it.  As mentioned earlier, it can be read as a stand-alone book, but readers will enjoy starting with the first book in this series, Ask, Tell and then the second book, Ask Me Again.   

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An amazing read, with humor, sarcasm and, of course, romance. It's the third book in the Ask, Tell series and could easily be read as a standalone. This story is told in first person from Jana’s perspective. Delivering the story in this manner aids in making it authentic. In the third person it would not have given us the insight that is needed to understand the emotions and confusions of Jana’s character.
Brooke and Jana have a real chemistry from the very beginning and their friendship is something special.
If I recommend it? Absolutly!
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What a wonderful read about family and relationships. Jana Fleischer is the focus of this read. Jana is strong in personality and does very well fighting for her clients as a "rockstar attorney". She "runs into" Brooke Donnelly, architect and artist and the relationship grows from there with awesome chemistry. I have to think and reflect if I have read a story that has so much communication within a relationship and the communication is so very sexy. How to meet challenges in a relationship? Communicate!Neither character is one dimensional which makes this read even more engaging. That aspect was interesting and well received by this reader. This is a glorious romance about finding self, finding family, and finding love. We also get to read about Sabine and Rebecca as they prepare for their wedding.
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The beginning of this book is unique.  Brooke bumps into Jana before Jana has an important court date.  The bump makes Jana fall and break her heel.  This starts off the friendship between the two after Brooke offers her her own shoes and gets Jana's shoe fixed.  Jana is starting to be attracted to Brooke, who is a lesbian, even thought Jana has always considered herself straight.  This is not a woman experimenting, as she tells Brooke.  She is only attracted to Brooke, no other women.  Interesting thought.  It is a very good plot between the two women.  As long as you don't mind cursing just for the sake of cursing throughout this book, you will enjoy it.
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3.5 stars
I've fallen in love with Noyes' books. They grab you, pull you in and you never want to get out.
Pretty much as soon as this kicked off I was hooked. Jana and Brooke's friendship was perfect and definitely elicited feelings of hope and cheer for their journey. Whilst potentially not a 100% accurate measure, I gave the first half of the book 5/5. The execution was perfect.
The second half (roughly) worked less well for me and based on that I can't give it five stars. I was definitely after more.
Don't worry, I'm definitely still a Noyes fan and can't wait for whatever is next on the agenda.
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Whelp, this is actually the first book by Noyes that I have read, and I am now mush. It has such a great feel good ending, and genuine all around goodness that I was just pretty much giggling and saying "aww" for the last like quarter of the book. Noyes also does first person POV very well, and Jana is such a charming character that it was hard not to cheer for her, even when she was being unreasonable.

Even though this is the third book of the series that started with Ask, Tell and Ask Me Again, it still feels like a standalone even with returning characters featuring heavily into the book. There's a lot of exposition here that's hidden in dialog, so it doesn't feel too heavy, and gives just enough for new readers to understand where Jana was coming from. And it's needed, too. A ton of Jana's conflict comes from her family being the lovable, quirky people they are, and Brooke not having that same support on her end. It was actually amazing to see the narrative flow from Jana's wrestling with herself over her attraction to Brooke, when she presumed herself to be straight, to accepting those feelings, and then having to reign them in for Brooke, who is pretty much in the closet (both in regards to her sexuality and her job) to her family. I loved all of it.

Fans of the series will jump at the chance to see the whole thing come to an end, and with Jana getting to shine (she seems to be a bit of a scene stealer in the first two books) but fans of the genre will thoroughly enjoy this one. Even if they jumped into the series at this book, like I did. This can't be missed.
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Another great read from E.J. Noyes - this one is book 3 in her Ask, Tell series books.  This one picks up with the story arc of the sister of Sabine, Jana.  Jana was introduced in the other books, but more of a supporting role, here she is the main character (though Sabine and Rebecca are prominent as well, but they add to Jana story, not take anything away).

Jana has been straight all her life, well at least she thought she was, until she meets Brooke, by accident and literally runs into her.  I enjoyed the first encounter because it was a traditional 'friendly' encounter were all of a sudden there are feelings-quite the opposite, Jana basically yells as Brooke and well doesn't leave the best of impressions.  Regardless, as the story goes, friends first, then attraction down the road, at leas for Jana.  The story was well written and the characters very believably.  And through in Sabine and Rebecca and like I said at the start you have one great story!

I know some reviews have touch on the issue about Brooke's early childhood and self-harm, how the author maybe didn't go deep enough with this issue (like she did with Sabine's issue in her other 2 books), but I personally found that the author had the ride balance here.  This story was about Jana's coming out, and Ms. Noyes did go over some of the reason's for Brooke's anxiety, so I feel like she did a good job in giving the characters fails but not make that the main story of the book.

Once again I add this book to my re-read pile, and actually it has me going back and reading book 1 and 2 as well, I loved the characters that much.  I look forward to more stories from Ms. Noyes

I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, but would have written the same opinion if I had come across this author on my own.

To see my Amazon review, it is under CC-Another great book in the series
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I read this book not having read the previous two in the series, and it does seem to stand alone just fine, with  events within the previous books explained well enough for me to be able to follow, however some of the problems I had with this book could potentially stem from only just being introduced to these characters in their third title.  So with that in mind, while I loved the sister relationship between Sabine and Jana, it also seemed to detract from moving the Jana/Brooke storyline forward.  It also teetered dangerously into that pet peeve area of mine: requiring a friend or third party to tell a character how they're feeling and provide the "light bulb" moment to influence the main characters getting together.  It came very, very close to this incredibly irritating trope and certainly by the end there were more than a few speeches which would qualify.  To me, this downplays and even in a way negates the interactions and buildup between the MCs because the author cannot trust them to get from point A to B on their own, 
And maybe it's an unpopular opinion, but I did not particularly care for Jana.  Maybe my feelings would have been different had I had previous development from the earlier titles in mind, but I found her to be childish, immature, and pretty full of herself.  One of the shining moments for me was a sister speech late in the book where her sister metaphorically slaps her down essentially calling her out that she cannot tell other gay people how to conduct their lives and act in public or with their family when she has not earned that history herself.  In context, this is a great moment and one I had wished came earlier.  Oddly enough, I did like Brooke (the other MC) quite a bit even though much of her dialogue revolves around how much she hates her job.  Had this been real life, this broken record dialogue would probably not be quite so endearing. 
Even not really loving one of the main characters, I still found the romance development to be one of the best I've read is lesrom fiction.  They actually have a courting period and don't immediately jump into bed, but even more amazing is that they have actual communication about what they're doing and consent every step along the way.  Consent is sexy!
I just wish this book focused more on the relationship between Jana and Brooke and far less on the repetitive scenes between Jana and her sister.  The story wasn't bad, but it also seemed to take a backseat to resolving storylines from the previous two books rather than letting this book and the characters within drive it forward themselves.
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I feel like I need to preface this by saying that I'm a fan of E.J. Noyes, I've enjoyed all her books and this one is no exception.  This was a very engaging romance, it was believable without sacrificing chemistry. This is somewhat of a difficulty for lesfic writes who either right boring romances for the sake of realism. However both characters had great chemistry that was highlighted by there interactions and this brings me to my favorite part of the book, the communication between the characters. There was a lot of it and you could see the well paced attraction and love develop between them. It really was a joy to experience them falling in love. They also had very distinct personalities that made me invested in them as individuals. The only thing stopping me from giving this book 5 stars is that I believe the conflict resolution was a bit rushed, for all the build up it had as a serious hang up that one of the characters refused to resolve because of years of conditioning, she seemed to have a sudden epiphany and her personality just did a 180. Still a very enjoyable book that has no sections you have to slog through.
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If the Shoe Fits is the third book in the Ask, Tell series and could easily be read as a stand-alone story. It’s definitely in the same spirit as the first two, commitment to family and finding love but this one is a more light-hearted romance that carries very little sting and none of the darkness of the first two. 

Jana Fleischer is a high powered divorce attorney, ambitious and accustomed to being in charge of job and personal life. She’s out to have fun and not get hemmed in so she gleefully discards men who don’t meet her gold standards and why not? Cue the cute meet which includes a broken heel, a body on body collision, and two beautiful women, Jana and quirky but lovable Brooke.

Top notch writing that emphasizes steamy scenes and good laughs. It thrills me that the mc’s from the first two books aren’t just background scenery but instead are integral supporting characters. I definitely recommend if you’re looking for a well written Happy Read. The highest of accolades for the entire series.
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This is book three of the ‘Ask, tell’ series which started with the book with the same title. The link between the books in this series is more related to the characters involved rather than the genre of each novel. I can’t remember a series with more diversity in their stories. Book one ‘Ask, tell‘ is a military romance, book two ‘Ask me again‘ is an angsty romance that ties loose ends of the previous installment, and ‘If the shoe fits’ is the most typical romance of them all. Even though the books are so different and you can read book three as a stand-alone, I recommend reading them all chronologically because you’ll understand the background of the story much better and they are so worth it.

Jana Fleisher is a divorce lawyer focused on her busy job with little time for dating. Her love life consists of seeing men casually and not for long, being too picky or easily bored. When she literally bumps into Brooke Donelly, their initial confrontation swiftly develops into a friendship. But as both women get to know each other, Jana starts to have romantic feelings towards Brooke which seem to be reciprocated. Will Jana and Brooke take the leap and commit to each other?

I was excited to read this lesbian coming out romance book as we’ve got glimpses of Jana’s character in the first two books of the series in her role as one of the main characters’ little sister. She’s a spitfire, quirky, extrovert, loyal, and drives like a lunatic. It’s a good follow-up of her relationship with both her sister Sabine and her future sister-in-law Rebecca. It’s a very rich relationship of mutual trust, banter, and support, a testament to Ms. Noyes’s great character building. As we’ve seen in the previous books Jana supporting Sabine and Rebecca, now the tables are turned and it’s Jana who looks for and receives relationship advice from them. As a bonus, the reader catches up with their lives and the evolution of Sabine’s PTSD.

As much as I love Jana, Sabine, and Rebecca, I didn’t feel the same connection with Brooke. She’s a well-written character and her actions are logical within her life experience but, I couldn’t identify with her as much as with the others. The chemistry between Jana and Brooke is hot, and Jana’s realisation that she has feelings for Brooke is very well done and credible. However, I couldn’t relate to Brooke’s family conflict and I felt that its resolution was a bit fast and too ideal. It didn’t sound realistic, which is a pity because Sabine and Rebecca’s story is so compelling and powerful that minimises Jana and Brooke’s. Having said that, if you are looking for an entertaining lesbian coming out romance, you surely going to like this one as it’s well written and the chemistry is hot.

Overall, an entertaining and light coming out romance and a very good end to the series. 4.5 stars.

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This book started fluffy with a nice meet-cute but slowly turned more serious. Jana who goes through men like clean laundry slowly falls for Brooke. Even though Jana sister is a lesbian in a committed relationship, Jana has difficulty processing the fact that she too might be gay.
Brooke turned out to be a multiple faceted character, Confident and out at first face, but once Jana gets through her walls she finds out that Brooke is dealing with a lot of hurt and homophobia. 
Both of them must get over their own issues, Brooke even more, for the two of them to finally get together. 
Some angst there which is sneakily solved with the help of Jana's sister, who while planning her own wedding manages to keep Jana sane.
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“Communication is sexy.”

I’ll say. What a wonderful romance and a perfect ending to a series which began with so much angst and ends with so much joy. Ask,Tell and Ask Me Again featured Sabine and Rebecca and how they navigated their careers in a Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell military. Both books are stellar and will give the reader a better understanding of the relationship between Sabine and her younger sister, Jana, the star of If the Shoe Fits.

That said, for those who aren't interested in a lot of angst or the military, Jana and Brooke's story can be read as a standalone novel. It’s lighter in tone and features the same beautiful prose we’ve come to expect from this author. Noyes understands how delicious a slow awakening of attraction can be for we love-starved readers and she delivers with this friends to lovers beauty of a read.

I loved the way Jana and Brooke communicate when the going gets rough. There is great chemistry between these two and their sexy times are extra special. I loved how in spite of their demanding jobs (and families) they find time for each other while trying not to appear too eager, afraid to break something so special and so right. I enjoyed how Jana’s inner monologue rolls from self effacing to wonder to a good dose of sarcasm. Her relationship with her big sister Sabine is almost as special as her new interest in Brooke. I loved how messy and real this story felt. Very few of us go through life alone. There is often a village of well meaning if at times overbearing family and friends who are happy to butt in with their opinions and occasionally offer some sage advice. Whether that advice is taken or ignored is up to Jana and Brooke.

Plug in your toaster ovens and enjoy the ride. This one is special.

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I liked the premise of this book and the story was cute and had all the ingredients for a nice romance novel. I loved the way the book started out with the two main characters literally bumping into each other. I loved how their friendship grew but would have loved to have seen more events that weren't just everyday happenings - having dinner, going to sporting events, hanging out with the sister, etc. It would have beefed up the story to have a fuller subplot. 

Overall, a nice story, likable characters, and fun to read.
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I don't know why I didn't notice, but to maybe help others out - this is book 3 of the "Ask, Tell" series. This time though, it's Jana (Sabine's sister) who takes the lead. What was an extra perk was the amount of time you still spend with Sabine and Bec, so it really was a great continuation. 

Honestly, I liked the first two in this series better but as always, I couldn't put this EJ Noyes book down. She's on e of my favorite author, and she's now one of the most reliable when it comes to "can't put it down" books. 

Jana and Brooke were adorable, and it was such a sweet romance. I also feel like Noyes does well with not doing the same formulaic formatting that this genre has. Their relationship really feels like a building romance without unrealistic drama (aka a car crash that brings them back together!). This book in particular delves into the real issue of a first time lesbian relationship, but also the self consciousness that some in the gay community still have themselves about being gay. I loved that she tackled both issues from the two different sides. 

Great job and book as usual!
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EJ Noyes is a fantastic writer that has the ability to pull her readers into her stories right with those opening scenes. I often find myself hooked on a Noyes novel and turning the pages long into the night. However, I’ve never regretted the sleep I lost due to a late night with an E.J. Noyes book!

If the Shoe Fits is about two people that meet during a mishap of sorts and become fast friends. Their friendship grows quickly and before they know it, they are falling for one another. However, Jana has always identified as straight, and these new feelings for her new friend Brooke, who is a lesbian, are confusing and a bit overwhelming. A straight girl falling for her new best friend and discovering she may not be as straight as she once thought? Yes, this is not an original plot line. However, what makes this book special is the unique approach Noyes takes in developing this story line. She takes care in cultivating the romantic relationship between Jana and Brooke. She works through the awkward parts of Jana’s sexual orientation crisis with humor and honesty. It was not glazed over or rushed. Too often these types of stories are, and it diminishes their credibility. Not so with If the Shoe Fits.

This story is told in first person from Jana’s perspective. Delivering the story in this manner gives relevance and context to the story. It also aids in making it authentic. Telling it in third person would not have given us the insight that is needed to completely understand the emotions and confusion of Jana’s character.

I can’t tell you how pleased I was to see Rebecca and Sabine from Ask, Tell and Ask Me Again. They log some major page time in If the Shoe Fits, and I was so delighted every time they appeared! Their solid presence provides a much needed stability for Jana during her time of emotional turmoil and chaos. Additionally, Sabine, Rebecca and Jana all share a close relationship with one another and I so enjoyed their interactions. Their teasing and general good-natured comrade makes you wish you were a part of their inner circle.

Of the two supporting characters, I particularly enjoyed Jana’s older sister, Sabine. She is caring and supportive, offering Jana wisdom, love and a safe place to sort her thoughts during her confusion. Their bond is deep and laced with much affection and humor.

In addition to Sabine, Jana finds support and guidance from Rebecca, Sabine’s fiancée. Her understated, yet reassuring presence is just so appealing to me. She tends to her family with vigilance and gentle care; it declares love to those who are privy to receive it.

I’ve never been disappointed upon completing a Noyes novel, and this one was no different. If the Shoe Fits is a delightful story. Jana and Brook’s journey was heartfelt and beautifully told. Though it does contain characters from some of Noyes’s previous novels, it can be read as a stand alone. It is well written and entertaining. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any one who enjoys an engaging contemporary romance.
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