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I really enjoyed this book, the characters and storyline grabbed me from the beginning. It didn't take me very long to whizz through it, whereas on one hand I wanted to finish it but on the other hand I wanted to savour it. Really cleverly written and in great detail, the ending was also a surprise to me and left me wanting to know if there is more to come. Highly recommended.
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Well, it was a good book but a weird and different book...

I really enjoyed it and good storyline..

Thanks to Netgalley for the advanced copy...
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Read it in 48h, couldn't put it down. The story of Kitty's disturbing few weeks in an abandoned cottage with her parents in the 80s reminded me of The Loney and Pine as well as a bit of Woman in the Window and Atonement. It's a creepy cabin-in-the-middle-of-the-woods set up, with Kitty's mother experiencing some sort of psychotic episode and Kitty left to roam the surrounding woods by herself, letting her imagination run wild as she tries to understand why she's here and the 'treatment' her mother is receiving. Alternating between Kitty's present-day interview in a police station, and her memories of that time, the uncomfortable truth of those few weeks and who was harmed during them, slowly comes to light.
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For the most part, this book was fantastic. I couldn’t put it down. The twist was good and I didn’t see it coming, but I did feel like the story didn’t really go anywhere and the ending was a bit flat.
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This was a new author for me. The plot and storyline were very well done.  the author kept me guessing. Such a wonderful story. I would definitely try another book by This author.
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This book kept me wanting to know more and more. The start doesn't start off too well but when it does it does . !
The ending was superb. It is written in the perspective of a 10 year old girl. and it takes you on a journey. I really liked this book.
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4-5 stars, this was quite the book, which unfortunately I can’t give a full five stars because I almost gave up in beginning!  If you find yourself thinking it will not be fast enough, or even a bit confused in the beginning don’t give up, I promise it’s worth continuing.  It’s a very gritty book, which gets very good after the beginning and starts to be unputdownable.  The author writes in a way that is dark, chilling, and twisty!  I thought it was intriguing and really gave me a little shock at the end.  I really recommend getting a copy and giving it a chance!  
Will make sure to buzz it up on all the different platforms!
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Thank you NetGalley for this novel, Hold Your Breath.

This book was so easy to read as the narrator of the book was 10 year old Kitty.  Her and her family were leaving their home to go live in a forest to change/help her mother.....

I do not really know where to start nor do I want to give away any information.  I have never read a thriller like this one and I do not know at this point if I like it or if I do not.  It was just very weird to me but that is only my perspective.  

This book was not very gripping to me.  It didn't hold my interest, I read it to complete it but I never read it because i wanted to know more. 

The book shifted from 2020, 2018 and to the 1987.

Once again, thank you.  I hope to try another book from this author but this one was not for me.
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The book begins with Kitty, now an adult, on her way to a police station where she will need to relive the moments that have tormented her all her life. The action alternates between 1987 and 2020, as we learn what happened to Kitty all those years ago.

Katherine/Kitty's tale is a disturbing one, and no wonder she became a traumatized adult. As we learn more and more about her past we cannot help but feel for this child, who had no one to rely on. 
At the same time you cannot help to relate to her highstrung father, especially if you are a parent. Nathan had such a huge responsibility on his shoulders and was merely human, after all. The readers who have children of their own can surely relate to how being hammered with questions, when you are dead tired, feels like. And Nathan does have a couple of moments when he realizes he is not being the best father, nor dealing with things the best possible way by far.
As I was reading, even though I flinched through the eyes of Kitty, I believed he had her best interests in mind. However, the fact remains that, when trying to shield her from all the nastiness, he pushed her away in such a way that you cannot help but wish you could help her.

For the most part, there is little I would have changed in this book, except for the title, I found it much too generic.
It is quite well written. You really feel like you are seeing things through the eyes of a 10-year-old, and not just any 10-year-old, but Kitty, who has a very unique personality. And you cannot help but feel for the adult Katherine as well.

However, during the last fifth or so of the book, things radically change, the focus dramatically shifts and you have to start requestioning all characters in your mind. This break of pace was intimidating at first, but I could have gone with it, had it been differently approached. However, as the book comes to an end, the last 10% or so, I couldn't help but feel I was just wandering around with the character which, granted, was much to the point, but that last scene killed me. It just made no sense for me whatsoever.

Still, for most part of the book, I was extremely engaged in reading this, and would have finished the book in one sitting had I had the chance. It was something different, all right.
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A fantastic thriller which had me holding my breath as the pages turned.

Told in dual timelines from the POV of Kitty, I was pulled into the book from the beginning as she tried making sense of why her parents shifted to an isolated cottage in 1987.

My first book by this author, I was overtaken by the creepy atmosphere when sinister things started happening. The author's writing made my fear come to the forefront. The plot was intriguing, the clues were hidden well in the prose. And the ending was quite unexpected.

Quite a twisted mind the author had ...
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Rather a strange topic......the main character's mother is possessed by evil. Don't let that put you off it's not supernatural hocus pocus.
Story flows well explaining the strange goings on in the woods. Little twist at the end.
Rather enjoyed it
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When I first started reading Hold Your Breath by B P Walter I wasn’t sure if this book was really for me. Then suddenly I was 25% through, then half way. I became drawn in and couldn’t put it down. It’s set between the present day and events that happened in 1987 and that premise works really well. It’s billed as a gripping and suspenseful thriller and it certainly lived up to that. Thank you to NetGalley, Avon Books UK and the author for the chance to review.
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As I started reading this book I really did not know what I was expecting. At first I was intrigued, but the more I read the more I was hooked. A dark creepy thriller which had me sat on the edge of my seat. What are Kitty's parents hiding? Why did they have to move? All in all a really good thriller which I found very hard to put down. For me it felt unfinished as I wanted to know what happened  next????
Thanks to Avon Books UK and Netgalley for the ARC.
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Hold your breath by B.P. Walter.
A brilliant read.  I have mixed emotions while reading this book.  I loved the ending though.  5*.
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Hold Your Breath by B.P. Walter is told from the unique first person perspective of a ten year old girl and, as such, is compulsively readable.  I was immediately drawn into Kitty's world, and found her voice to ring true and unfiltered.  The truth behind the voice is eventually challenged, however, but whatever you believe of her story, the character of Kitty Marchland is one you will not soon forget.

When Kitty Marchland is ten years old, in 1987, her father uproots the family to take up residence in an isolated cottage in the woods.  Kitty struggles to make sense of this new reality, and is further unsettled when an unknown man and woman arrive to help her father 'cure' her mother's mental illness.  Kitty is left to her own devices, and a sinister plot begins to unfold, both within the cabin, and also in the deep, dark woods.  Fast forward to 2020, and Kitty has written a book detailing her experiences in 1987 and beyond, but just how much of her story is rooted in the truth?

This is a novel that was a very pleasant surprise.  The alternating timelines each held my interest throughout, and the voice of Kitty Marchland as sole narrator of events really inserted me into the story as a whole.  I will definitely be adding this author to my TBR.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Avon Books UK for this ARC.
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This book was so much different from what I expected, but in a good way. A fast paced, gripping read from start to finish. 

I found myself hooked from the very first chapter. The book carried this fantastic, creepy vibe to it. The thought of living out in the woods was scary and even more so when certain events happened. 

I loved the time switches and reading about the events that happened in the past and present. I enjoyed watching how they interlocked together and how the past led to the events of the present. The plot was so intriguing, and I loved how the author peppered information throughout the novel instead of us finding out everything all at once. I loved that nothing much was given away in the present chapters, and we got to find out everything in the past. 

I got the feeling Kitty was an unreliable narrator but not until closer to the end. It made the ending better - because all this stuff came out and shocked me, and it got me thinking what else was an embellishment of the truth. 

The ending was so twisty, and I loved it. It was interesting to see how everything wrapped back around and tied up. It left me thinking about what happened next to Kitty and what came from everything. It gave me a dose of intrigue whilst also tying up the most important questions.
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BP Walter is fast rising to be a great psychological thriller writer. This book is incredible and fast paced and suspenseful. Perfect read xxx
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Kitty Marchland has always known that her family aren’t like others. But when her father uproots them to a remote cottage in the woods, she realises that her parents are keeping secrets from her – secrets that could unravel everything.
Years later, Kitty starts to question what really happened out in the forest. When the police revisit a suspicious death, she must examine her most painful memories – and this time, there’s nowhere to hide…

 The story jumps between 2020, 2018 and 1987, and it is told from Kitty's point of view, Kitty witnesses a lot in the short time she spent in the cottage in the woods, things a 10 year. old should not have to witness.
I struggled with this book as there is no real mystery to this story and the ending was very blah.\
Thank you to Net galley for an advanced copy for an honest review.
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First I would like to thank NetGalley and also to the author B P Walter aswell as the publishers for allowing me to read this book first before release.

Due to be released 16 April 2020.

The mystery/thriller section isn’t usually my go-to option for books I tend not to read many of them because I start over analysing things and get to worked up in a book. I decided to give this one a go. I’m glad I did because it was thrilling to say the least!

The cover shows a silhouette of a girl standing by water as shadows embark around her reflecting through the water there is a short description on the top of the book which states they past stays buried for a reason’ it’s definitely what you want to read if your wanting to grab an interesting book! The description on the cover and the picture is definitely what made me want to read this book!

The description of the book shows everything you want to hear in a mystery, Kitty Marchlands parents are keeping secrets from her after uprooting the family to a remote cottage in the woods the secrets they are hiding could unravel everything. Years pass and Kitty begins to question what really happened out in the forest and so we start a journey of the memories that we cannot hide from. Like I said these are not my go to books but due to NetGalley I decided to give it a go and I’m glad I did! The character Kitty was fantastic!! 

The book is a re-reader definitely because the story was so exciting to read. The sorting of the author was good and well spoken and kept the undertone of scariness in the book very well. The plot thickens and it was easy to get into and carry on reading it was such a refreshing read.

10/10 read from me and definitely would recommend!!
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Thank you to Netgalley for the preview of this fantastic book.  It was exciting gripping & exciting to read.  The book grabbed by attention from  page one & kept me entertained during lockdown as a result of the Corona virus! I enjoyed the time hopping in this book & the characters were likeable.  A really great read
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