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You ever have neighbors who you thought were a bid odd, if not downright weird? I have, and I am sure that most of you who might stumble across this review have too. Let me introduce you to the Eldred family, if we can really call them a family at all. We have Father Hunger, the Werewive, the Low Prince, the Nonsister, the Grandother, and last but not least their humble servant Machine Head. They appear to be human but their true forms are the things of nightmares. 

The Eldred's are new in the neighborhood. A quietly normal cul de sac in Rockridge, Ohio is about to become their feeding ground. Well, not really quite normal. You see this cul de sac is home to the infamous House of Blood, where an entire family was once murdered. And as you probably could have guessed this is the place that the Eldred's decide to call home.

The first half of this book was slow, but I don't mean that as a negative. It was like the quiet before the storm. Sticking with the storm analogy Waggoner does give us lightning flashes of violence between lulls of calm while we get the opportunity to know and care for the neighbors. Some have insecurities that they are struggling with, while others harbor darker secrets. These are the things that the Eldred will use to lure them unsuspectingly into their domains and conjure up their greatest emotions and fears to feast upon. In a way the Eldred remind me of Stephen King's Pennywise, entities that feed off of the emotions of humans.

Around the halfway point the calm dissipates and the full blown rage of the storm is unleashed as the feeding commences. We move from one grand set piece to another as the neighbors fight for their lives against the eldritch horrors within the house. Chock full of action and gore, horrors both real and otherwordly, Waggoner escalates the danger at every turn until the final few pages, piling up a high body count along the way.

I feel like I should mention that there are scenes of pedophilia in the book, one in particular was quite graphic, but they are all backstory regarding one of the characters and none of them felt grotesque just for the sake of doing so.

This was a blast to read, full of action and eldritch horrors with twists along the way that all led up to a satisfying conclusion. I definitely recommend giving The Forever House a read.

This was my first foray into the writings of Tim Waggoner and I thoroughly enjoyed the he took me on. I look forward to reading more from him soon.

I received an digital ARC of this book from the publisher through Netgalley for review consideration.
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The Forever House, by Tim Waggoner is a book that I've been anticipating for some time now. You see, I'm guilty of cyber stalking the flametree press website. The minute they put up a new listing for a horror novel, I put a new listing on my TBR. This is my second book by Waggoner and I found myself satisfied with what I read.

This book, simply put, is crazy. That's the easiest way for me to describe it. I thought I was getting a haunted house book, this is so much more. The characters all felt very real, including one character that I found to be completely disgusting, as I imagine most readers will. There are some parts of this book that might cause readers to tap out, all involving this particular character. But, unfortunately, people like this exist in real life, so they will exist in books as well. That being said, the cast of characters here are quite diverse, and for the most part, act as if they were real people and not cannon fodder in a horror story. You find yourself rooting for some, and rooting against others, as it should be.

The writing itself is well done, Waggoner's prose is easy to read and keeps the story flowing naturally. Once things start getting unveiled, the book just keeps getting weirder and weirder, but not in a way that would turn me off. Waggoner excels at telling a creepy story and keeping this train on the tracks, even when he throws everything but the kitchen sink at the reader. From start to finish, I enjoyed The Forever House, right down to a conclusion that I didn't see coming.

As I mentioned previously, this is my 2nd Waggoner, and I'm going to be reading much more by the author sooner rather than later. The Forever House is an especially distinct title that manages to exceed expectations and keep the reader entertained.
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Well, I must first thank netgalley and @FlameTreePress for introducing me to Tim Waggoner by inviting me onto this Blog Tour for The Forever House! Wow! A corker of a book! We are introduced to The Eldreds, a family who move into the reknowned House Of Blood, known by this name due to the murders and suicide that played out within the house years before. The house has since been empty due to these events being so well known, so when The Eldreds arrive, the neighbours on the close are naturally inquistive about them! The only problem is The Eldreds are not a family that are your typical next door neighbours! Let's talk about the family, there is Father Hunger, Werewife,Nonsister,Lowprince, car, Grandother and Finally Machine Head, yes, you read correctly, not exactly the Smiths or Jones's.The largest troubling factor is that they travel around searching for Humans to feast on. Finding a house that they make a welcome place for neighbours and then lure them in to feast on their fears and all sorts of negative feelings.
The House of Blood they have chosen is perfect for their needs as we come to find out every neighbour has their own issues, ranging from compulsive gambling to being a child abuser, this may be a trigger to some as it isn't nice reading at times.
 If you want a horror story that is gut wrenching and will scare you to read with the lights off...go ahead! It is everything you need it will fill you with replusion and dread but you just need to carry on to the end! The Eldreds are not easily forgotten!
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Rating: 6.5/10

I read The Forever House in a few short days, as it is a quick and easy read. When I was finished my first thought was: Wow! What did I just read? I had to sit back and digest this book to gather my feelings about it on many levels.

First of all, it is important for me to mention the trigger warnings. This book is VERY graphic and includes scenes of rape, molestation, and violence and gore. I like graphic books for the most part because I do not want authors to pull up short in their writing. I believe that if an author is not fully realizing their vision the book has the chance to comes across as an incomplete thought.

As for the graphic scenes in The Forever House, I did enjoy the violence and gore in this book. It fit in with the story well, and set the tone for the plot. This is horror, after all, and I want that type of atmosphere for my horror stories. I am a big fan of movies like Hellraiser, because I want those gorey scenes that are going to stick with me well after I have watched (or read) because they were so shocking. The Forever House gave me those same vibes. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and the plot was really unique.

I think the graphic rape and molestation scenes, however, were a detraction for this book. I know I just said I do not like it when authors pulls punches, but this is an instance where less would have been more. The scenes could have been written less graphically, the memories more blurry. This would have added to the atmosphere of the book, and the reader would not have had to experience some of the scenes so implicitly.

Overall, The Forever House is a good horror book. Think The Addams Family but add more murder. I recommend it for horror fans, with the caveat for those who are sensitive to the triggers mentioned above.
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Posting today 3/30 on goodreads, Twitter, amazon, and instagram! 

This story is about a family, the Eldreds, that travel together to feed on human fears. They are an odd family that are decades old but don’t look it. They search out a house that has a bad history in a cul-de-sac where families live with their own problems going on. This story contains multiple points of views and gives the backstory on all of them so that we know what the Eldreds are playing on to induce fear and insecurities. Some of this story is hard to read and I literally had put the book down once or twice. This story is not for some people and you have been warned. I thought this book was ok. The only issues I had with it were that the backstories were lengthy and the history of the house that is call “the house of blood” in the cul-de-sac was repetitive. The book really starts to amp up about half way through after reading all the backstories and current problems with the families. Then the Eldreds start to play on their weaknesses and that’s when it gets good. The Eldreds reminded me of some of the Japanese monsters i have read about and Tim Waggoner took bits and pieces of legends making them his own kind of monsters. I think the Japanese monsters are the scariest of them all!
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Creepy, disturbing, and a bit confusing. The author’s narrative style had me confused at first, but once I got used to it, I found a very disturbing story that somehow kept my attention until the end. I’m torn about the not-so-happy ending, I want to like it, but it was also very strange.
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If the Addams Family and the Klopeks (The Burbs) had a love child it would result in the Eldreds'. At least this is my first initial thought of them, this story is my first read from Tim Waggoner and my what a read it was! It was decidedly creepy and right up my street.

The characters are introduced to us in their own chapters, each one unique but not without faults, and this is what the Eldred seem to pray upon and use against them. The Eldred have moved into a house dubbed as the 'house of blood' due to the fact that 4 murders and a suicide took place here, this tragedy seems to be what the Eldred feed on the most and tehy have invited their neighbours in the little cul de sac to come for a cookout and welcome to the neighbourhood kinda party. It all seems relatively normal until we realise the ultimate motive behind the invitations.

This is a messed up creepy book, but I could not stop reading it until the wee small hours (not a good thing as hello it was creepy AF in some parts!) One of the character - Spencer had quite and uncomfortable story line, he was a paedophile steaming from years of abuse at the hands of his father. He lives with his mother and very rarely if ever leaves the house so as not to be be around children, however there is a child living across the road and his inner monologue of thoughts he has about little Vivienne was uncomfortable to say the least, and I guess that is good things as nothing about this book is comfortable! 

There is no happy ending in this book, only death and gore! Several deaths are warranted and even celebrated, but others not so much, my heart and head was all over the place reading this book as the pages turned knowing was coming before the person did.

I absolutely loved this book, and can't believe I have not encountered Tim's work before now!!

5 bloody, deadly stars!
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The Eldreds are moving to this cul-de-sac where the Raines family used to live. Mother Raines killed her husband and 3 children in this home and then cut her wrists on the front lawn. It took a long time to get this house sold, but the Eldreds are doing it. They are moving in. The neighbors who live in that cul-de-sac have strange vibes from that new family. And they are right. Things are about to turn awefully gruesome in the neighbourhood! 

This book is very well written, characters are presented to us in details, as well as their backgrounds. Each neighbor has a fear. Waggoner realistically spends enough time getting into their fear; what the source is and how this fear is affecting their lives. I was particularly amazed how one character with quite a disgusting trait, or should I say, psychological condition, turned into a person I felt so sorry for (sorry, trying not to spoil it for you). This shows high-level writing skills to achieve this feat!

If you are into supernatural, horror stories, give this one a try. You won’t be disappointed! 

A big than you to Net Galley and Flame Tree Press for a this e-ARC in exchange for a honest review.
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This is my first Tim Waggoner book, and it will most likely be my last. I love books from the horror genre, and I can usually handle graphic scenes. With this one, however, it was very hard to get past the very descriptive molestation and pedophilia topics. The graphic nature of the scenes made me sick to my stomach, and I have never experienced that with the hundreds of horror titles I have read. The description had nothing at all about those topics, so I was very surprised about how many times those issues were addressed. The only reason I’m able to give this even 2 stars is because I can tell that he is skilled at writing.
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Reading THE FOREVER HOUSE was a "it blew me out of the water" experience: so yes, explosive, mind-blowing,  mind-boggling,  psychedelic, and best of all for this reader: Way Lovecraftian.  Multiverses and Hungry Void, almost-immortal races (many), species of Otherness to which all of humanity are only playthings,  psychic food to sate the appetite,  leftovers to offer to the always-ravenous Gyre. Great character evolution, and not all survive. But this is Weird Fiction: can you really expect a Happy-Ever-After?

I loved it.
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This is the second book that I have read by Tim Waggoner and I have found his books to be a breath of fresh air.  Firstly, he has his unique way of telling a story and gives us plots that do not fit the tiresome realm of horror that we are normally subjected to.  

Forever House is a story that gives us the Eldreds which are like the Addams Family without the kooky and the cute.  What we get his a group of foes that delve into the subconscious and take personal fears to feed off of them.  This is a fantastic premise and love the way the story unfolds.  

The characters are exceptional written and very human with flaws, anxieties and secrets.  Characters who live on a cul-de-sac as neighbours but no one really knowing the true situation behind closed doors.  There is a large cast of characters in the neighbourhood alone and Waggoner has taken special care to ensure that each of these are fleshed out and real.  This is quite a feat as it would have been very easy to lose the thread on some of these characters or create two characters that are too much alike so the reader gets lost on who is who.  This does not happen.  

The Eldreds add to the mix of normal folks are interest and completely awe inspiring.  They have a mythos all their own and as I like to refer to them as the dysfunctional Satans of hell Addams Family.  The relationship with each other, the reasoning behind what they do combine with their otherworldly being brings the reader focus.  These are no ordinary foes but fully fleshed out otherworldly beings with soul and reverence to the plot.  

The plot is amazing and fully satisfying for any reader.  With three dimensional characters and a plot fully developed by its emotional core.  There is a deep sense of urgency that is masterfully handled by the author with the right balance.  Characters surprisingly meet there demise and leaves you feeling unbalanced in a good way and the ending is very satisfying indeed.

Overall, this is a great read for the person who is looking for something different from the standard horror, dark fiction realm that we are used to.  Think Stephen King and Clive Barker have given birth and we have Tim Waggoner.  This is an excellent book that is deep in human emotions and pathos, otherworld existence, murder in a small neighbourhood and the ghost of people’s past coming back to haunt them.  No stone is left unturned and the reader will rejoice with the exceptional way Waggoner is able to tell a story.  Fully recommend.
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The Forever House starts out wonderfully unique and intriguing. I cant explain why but I kept getting a very specific vibe- has anyone ever seen the Hush episode of Buffy? I kept thinking of the Eldred's as those type of creatures.

Unfortunately aside from this and the fact there is LGBTQ rep in this book I cannot tell you a lot else.

Usually I would refuse to give feedback when i don't finish the entire book but I feel i have to in this case.

Be warned, there is terribly graphic incestuous child rape and peadophilia included in this title.
For that reason I have stopped reading at 25% in.
I thought I had a strong stomach, clearly not strong enough.
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To be honest, I have sometimes complained about my neighbor- smoking outside in his bathrobe, watching his wife mow the lawn etc. But no more. After reading The Forever House, I'm just glad he's not magically trying to kill us all. I could have it so much worse.  The poor neighbors in this book have no idea what they are in for, and none of it will be good for them. Kind of a slow moving book, but that also adds to the horror of what is happening. Thanks for NetGalley for letting me preview this book in exchange for my unbiased  evaluation.
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This book is a gory,spine chilling feast of words. The family that occupy the Forever House make the Addams family look like soft,fluffy sparkly Disney character’s. The Eldreds move into the neighbourhood and safety and sanity take the express train out . If you love a good ghostly horror story with more twist that a corkscrew on a Saturday night in a wine bar this is for you. The author has created a book filled with delightful deadly creatures who feed off your fear and prejudice in the place of your flesh although they are not above a nibble or two. You are welcome to a house of death and destruction created by its occupants. Can you survive the night or will all be lost. Add into the horror a battle for dominance within the family dynamic and you get a whole new level of deliciousness. For any horror fan this book will tick your boxes with s its gore, its suspense and mind blowing finale. A must for you TBR pile.
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One would think that a mother slaughtering her entire family and then killing herself would be the worst thing that could happen in a house. Unfortunately, what happens after the house is purchased and the new owners move in is far worse.

The Eldred appear to be a, well, not normal, but at least human family. Mother, Father, two kids, grandma...who would guess that they are actually shapeshifting, reality bending creatures who feed on the emotions of people. They pull their neighbors into the house and then subject them to horrible trials in order to make the emotions sweeter. 

This is simply the very basics of the story. In the hands of another author, this would be all you have. However, Waggoner creates an entire neighborhood of believable characters who the reader quickly comes to care about. We learn about their personal lives, their interactions, their joys, their fears and insecurities. This makes what happens later that much more impactful.

The things which are encountered inside the house...inside...well, not really. The house has been changed by The Eldred. There is an entire world inside the house and Waggoner has populated it with some very unpleasant things. The Forever House is frightening, well written, and extremely enjoyable. Waggoner does an amazing job of making the fantastic believable.

Visit The Forever House. You won't be disappointed.
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This was my 1st read by Tim Waggoner, and it did not disappoint. It was a very unique, creative tale. The Eldreds family moves into an empty house in a quiet, suburban neighborhood. This family is unlike other families in that they are not human, although they are able to disguise themselves as such. They need to feed on the dark emotions of human beings, and they are hungry. Now it is time for them to meet their neighbors. Like most places, this little slice of suburbia is full of secrets and petty grievances. The residents of the cul de sac need to put aside their differences and figure out how to work together in order to survive.
Not for the faint-of-heart, this story was chock full of spurting blood and snapping bones. There was also pedophilia - which, although is not entertaining in the least, did not feel gratuitous, and it did fit within the structure of the tale. Although the author did not shy away from that particular horror, he also did not dwell. What did surprise me was that the author was able to make a twisted character sympathetic without condoning such deviant urges. 
I enjoyed  the way the characters were fleshed out, even if I did not find myself connecting with any of them. The ending was a bit of a twist, but it didn't surprise me. The story felt like it came full circle, which for me was quite satisfying. 
I do want to give this story 3.5 stars, but GoodReads does not allow half stars. I think that if I had felt a connection to the characters, then I would have gone all the way to 4 stars. 
I look forward to exploring more stories by Tim Waggoner.
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This is the second book I've read from this author and I really enjoyed the unique premise.  When Waggoner really unleashes, his scenes of horror and revulsion steal the show.  There are scenes in this book that truly made my horror nerd heart happy.

While the above worked for me, there were several pieces that just missed the mark,  It's odd because all of the things I'm about to mention are things I partially liked and then also didn't. First, the setting.  I also live in Ohio and I felt that Waggoner really nailed the feel of small town life here. In fact, he could've very well have been describing my own neighborhood. There were times, though, that it felt a bit overextended, for lack of a better word..  From the almost unbelievable diversity of the characters (diversity is NOT a bad thing), to the way they interacted, it just seemed forced or full of "too much". I think I am doing a terrible job of describing this part; I struggle to find the right words to explain myself here.

Next, the "monsters" in this book have some amazing scenes and I LOVE that they feed off of pain and despair. What they do to the characters in this book borders on extreme psychological horror and I loved it.  I wanted the author to really go there with them, though. Monstrous vehicles and truly creepy characters, and then there's a robot head that attaches itself to a dead body. Like the neighborhood, it pushed it too far, it became almost a caricature, and I was looking for something different.

Can Waggoner write? Absolutely. Will I read another from this author? Yes, definitely. Beyond my issues, I did enjoy this quick read.  There are plenty of other reviews from readers who loved this book, so be sure to check them out as well. This was just one reader's experience.
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From the very beginning it's obvious this is going to be a wonderfully weird and unusual tale. It's an original and bizarre horror novel that requires you to drop your ideas of normal reality.
I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped though. I think it's due to the lack of one or two distinct protagonists. A lot of attention is given to all the protagonists. It builds a strong picture of each character and how they relate to each other, but it slows momentum and actually made it hard for me to make an emotional connection with any of them.
If you like horror fiction that is out there, however, give this a go.
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This was a truly unnerving, intriguing & horrifying novel and I absolutely loved it! Tim Waggoner definitely knows how to pull a reader in & keep them engrossed. The Eldred's came across exactly as he meant them to, I believe.. Creepy, bizarre, nightmarish and yet, absolutely fascinating! Couldn't put this one down! Fantastic read for horror lovers!
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Time Waggoner's THE FOREVER HOUSE is as original a horror story as you're going to find anywhere. When a family of hungry creatures moves into the Raines's murder house, the entire cul-de-sac is about to be welcomed in.
You have a cast of excellent characters with flaws and fears that will bring them to death's door.
What a wonderfully creepy book!
Think an ultra-evil Addam's Family meets Tom Hank's The 'Burbs meets The Amityville Horror and you might come close to what Waggoner's imagination drums up in his latest novel for Flame Tree Press.

I give THE FOREVER HOUSE 4.5 stars bumped up to 5 for its originality.
Go get this!
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