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An honest review thanks to NetGalley.  This was a great read but I strongly recommend reading Becca and Dale's book first.  You do not have to but it will give you a look at Trent and Becca's meeting Dale as they are characters in this book as well.  I loved Wendy, the nanny coming in and creating loving family is always a great plot and this one did not disappoint!
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I enjoyed this story about a forty-year old divorce attorney, Trent, who is named guardian of her cousin's two young children after her cousin is killed in an automobile accident.  Trent hires Wendy, a twenty-six year old nanny, to care for the children when she initally cannot either emotionally nor due to her workload.  The story chronicles the initial trials and tribulations of this big adjustment not only for the children, Alice and Noah, but also for Trent.  As Wendy tries to draw the children and Trent together, she and Trent begin to fall for each other.  

For me this was a quick read and I enjoyed the butch/femme dynamic that the author is known for.  The character of Claudia was not a favorite and seemed somewhat non essential in the "will they or won't they" get together for the long haul near the end of the story.

Although the story was set in Britain, I did enjoy the Christmas trip to Lapland with the homey holiday descriptions that the author crafted. 

I received an ARC from Bold Strokes Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a sequel/follow on from Unexpected and features MC Trent, who was Becca’s ex and lawyer in that book. Here, Trent becomes the guardian of her cousins two children after he dies in a car crash. She needs a nanny for the two kids (Alice, 11 and Noah, 6) and hires Wendy, who has been nannying around the world to pay off debts her ex left her with. 

Trent is emotionally closed off due to a traumatic/abusive childhood and has trouble opening up to the kids. Wendy on the other hand is open and sweet and bonds with the kid immediately. The two spend a fair bit of time together given they live together and eventually fall for each other. There’s an age gap and the boss thing to contend with, so this ensures a lot of to-ing and fro-ing about the relationship. 

This is also a typical Frame book in that Trent is butch and Wendy is femme and they play the stereotypical parts within those roles. The kids did add some interest, especially Alice and her trauma around the accident. Becca and Dale and their kids and friends also make appearances. 

For about 3/4 of the book it was just an average romance, not great, but not terrible. But Wendy also has an unfortunate name, it’s Wendy Darling, and she also has a Peter Pan thing because of this, which leads to some truly nauseating moments once they do get together as Trent takes to calling her Wendy ‘darling’ and Wendy calls her ‘Peter’. It seriously made me want to gag. Trent also has something of a side relationship at the start that crops up for no reason towards the end other than to revisit the age gap thing that had already been done to death, which I could easily have lived without. 

I liked Unexpected way more than this sequel. I’d give this 2.75 stars.
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Another great book from Jenny Frame. I've read every single book from her and I continue to enjoy them. 

I loved that she was able to turn Trent, the antagonist of her first book in this series, into someone who I actually liked and understood, that's not always easy. I also loved the dynamic between Trent and Alice and I loved that their relationship took time to build and wasn't just fixed in one instance. I also loved that she was able to include scenes of Becca and Dale as well so we could catch up on what they've been up to since their book.

I gave it four stars because Trent and Wendy didn't have as much interactions one on one as I'm used to other couples having in her other books. That's understandable of course since the kids were a main part of the book but I wanted more of that because without it, it just seemed like they kissed and then suddenly they were sleeping together and then they were married. It was a bit too fast paced. So slow at the end and then the next 3-5 months were completely rushed.

But other than that, it was another good book from Jenny and I look forward to many more from her.
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Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for a honest review. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own 

It seems like everybody loved this, but I felt it was just meh. The idea behind the plot was nice, but didn’t feel well executed. Ended up feeling like I couldn’t care less about the romance, but I loved the family dynamics between the kids and Trent. I did not feel the chemistry between Wendy and Trent. Was annoyed by Wendy, her judging Trent’s actions in the beginning. And her being mad the Trent bought a house without asking her. I hated the whole Wendy/Peter thing and think I got permanent eye damage from rolling my eyes so much. I hated the whole instant family thing. Would have loved to read about Trent making a relationship with the kids before Wendy came in as a nanny.
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I have to admit that I read this book 7 days ago and put off reviewing it right away for some reason.  If I'm being perfectly blunt, I can't remember the plot or any of the character's names 7 days later and need to go look up the blurb to remind myself what this book was about.  If that doesn't tell you how I felt about it, not much else will.

Ok, now that I've gone back and refreshed on it, I remember that this one felt rough.  For some reason, Frame's stories have always left me feeling very 'meh' about the overall story.  Her style tends to always feature a butch, masculine, tough guy character paired with a softer or more helpless femme.  This one is no exception with tough Trent and softie Wendy.  I did like the change of pace added with the addition of the kids to her typical pattern, but I'm not really a huge fan of kids in writing, so even that didn't sway me much  other than I liked that it was different than her other novels.

Look - I feel like a jerk here, but I think Frame's writing just isn't my cup of tea.  A lot of others seem to enjoy her writing though, so I'd suggest that if you're thinking about reading this then maybe you should look at some other reviewers who like Frame's style more than I do and make a decision from there instead!For me, 3 stars.

**Many thank to Bold Strokes for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.**
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Nice predictable read.  Good writing and likable characters.  This is the second book in the Unexpected series but it can also be a stand alone.  I was frustrated at times with the MC's dialogue but in the end it worked out well.  I would recommend.
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Why? Because the first half of the book was 5 stars, then it went down to 3, then up to 4, then back to 5! 

So let me talk about the first half :) I loved it! You have Trent who’s an ice queen , kick ass, tough, butch lawyer and Wendy the hippie nanny full of sunshine and oozes positive energy! And you have 2 kids, one disturbed and the other is adorable.. the storyline was so good, entertaining and full of good dialogue and emotions. 

I was then quite surprised that the feelings were so rushed between both MCs, then the first sex scene was kind of unexpected and such terms as “lover” irritated me for some very odd reason!

There was a very interesting situation that I felt was a bit rushed (Claudia, and sorry can’t say more so as not to spoil this). I would’ve loved to see this part turned into something meaningful that would add to the plot. 
There were some cheesy lines and moments that I didn’t necessarily love in this book, but at the same time, some moments were incredible! I know I might be confusing in my review but this is exactly how I felt about this book. 

But my overall experience was very nice! There’s just the right amount of angst, very interesting MCs (Trent specifically is one character that I won’t be forgetting soon), and a very nice happy ending! I also thought the author did a brilliant job with the kids as the story really revolves around them but yet it didn’t overshadow the romance. 

My rating is a 4.25 and I recommend this book for people who want a family drama read, nice romance and a happy ending :) p.s: this is definitely not a fluffy read, which is needed sometimes! 
“I received an ARC for an honest review.”
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I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving my review. 

Trent is a divorce lawyer and she lives for her job. When her cousin David dies in a horrible crash she is left with his two children Alice and Noah at first she turn her back on them because she learn to never trust family but after talking to her ex who also happen to be her best friend Becca who was in a previous book called Unexpected if you want 
to read about Becca and Dale story. She decide to keep until she can put them in boarding school.

Wendy has just return to Britain after being a nanny aboard she left Britian because she had her heart broken by her fiance Bailey who left her and then stole her money she was saving for their wedding. She came back to finish getting her her degree and to get her life on track. 

When she get a job as the nanny she instantly falls for the children when she sees the distant between Trent and the children she decide to help bring them together. 

Wendy has always wanted a family her childhood wasn't perfect when she had two parents who weren't interest in being parents her grandparents gave her the love she craves from her parents and that love made her who she is today. Trent life change when her mother died granted her father wasn't a good man to begin with but he and her nanny weren't great so she simply close her heart. Trent doesn't want to get attach to Alice and Noah because they remind her of the past that she wants to forget. 

Wendy and Trent grow closer as Wendy helps bring them together it sursprise me that this is age gap romance because to me Wendy seems more older then she is book. Overall I enjoy it. Yes it was predictable but to me it's about two women one who didn't want a family the other who always wanted one finding each other when they needed the most.
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Not my favorite Jenny Frame book. In the Unexpected world, this book finds an HEA for Becca's friend Trent. 

Trent is a 40-year old hot-shot divorce lawyers, whose traumatic childhood - some flashbacks/recall of psychological and physical abuse - leave her unwilling or incapable of forming a long-term attachment. She neither wants nor needs family. But when her cousin dies, leaving Trent as guardian of his two young kids, she has a ready-made family, like it or not. 

In comes 26 year old nanny, Wendy Darling, hell bent on fixing the connection between the aloof Trent and the two kids. 

This book had a constant no-we-can't, oh-well-we-did, but-we-can't-again interplay that became trying at times. 

** I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**
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Finally I had the opportunity to read this book which is the sequence of 'Unexpected', whose story I loved and regardless of the times I read it always leaves me a smile on my face.

Trent is a person who lives and breathes for work but everything changes when his cousin dies suddenly and is the guardian of his two young children.

Wendy Darling is the babysitter that Trent hires, joining them in this way in a twist of fate in an unusual situation.

Although it is a story in which there is not much drama and it is quite simple I liked the way in which love got to the protagonists, the interactions and the sex scenes really were very well described. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the next one by this talented author.
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While the story was not bad, I did not like how predicable it was. 
An highly successful divorce attorney obtains custody of her cousins children after his untimely death. A nanny will step in to help with the kids. Will the nanny and lawyer develop feels for each other? 
Thank you Netgalley for complementary copy. Thoughts and opinions are my own.
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5+ stars. I have been anxiously waiting for the opportunity to read this book. I have the preceding book Unexpected as an ebook and audiobook. I've read or listened to it dozens of times. This book will be the same. I absolutely LOVED it! If you haven't read Unexpected, you're missing out, but it's not necessary to read Someone to Love. There is something Jenny Frame has in her writing style that creates this romantic atmosphere, even before the couples get together. The environments she sets her books in, the sex scenes she writes, all scream love. All of her books have storylines that show the characters that love comes to them the way they need it, not the way they think they want it. This author writes perfect partners for the main characters who they would never normally have encountered in their lives without some twist of fate bringing them together in the unusual or uncomfortable situations she writes. This creates an almost Cinderella quality of possibility from the romance and happy ever after storylines she writes. I remain a dedicated fan of this author's and highly recommend this book to anyone who loves Love. 
I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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So this the sequel (or second book in the series) to Unexpected.  This one is about Trent, which FYI we find out her first name Divinia.  Doesn't really fit her at all if you ask me which is why it was so perfect for her.  Anyway, this is her story about finding love what she never knew she needed or was ready for.  At the end of Unexpected, I actually began to like Trent.  At the beginning of this book, I didn't like her so much and found myself frustrated with her more than anything.  Wendy Darling, yes that is her name and it works well for the story, is the nanny Trent hires when her life gets turned upside down and two kids fall into her lap.

I don't want to give up a lot of the story because there really isn't too much too it in turns of twists and turns and I honestly am glad that a certain supporting character didn't play a bigger role in it.  I do think certain situations were resolved a bit too quickly which took away from a good amount of angst that could be had and also certain issues were not fully flushed out or even resolved.  I also would have liked a little bit more...more interaction with Becca and Dale, more interaction with Wendy's friends, more stuff happening to the MCs outside of the bubble.

Overall, I really did enjoy this book.  I love Jenny Frame books because she has that butch/femme theme which I happen to love all PC ideas aside.  This is a solid 4 star book for Frame and while you don't need to read Unexpected to enjoy this book (you should because it was great), it doesn't hurt to give a little background to who Trent and her world is.
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