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An honest review thanks to NetGalley.  This was a really good book, I loved the banter between the characters.  It did take me awhile to get into but the more I started to like Chase and Rayne the better it got.  For some reason this book never clicked with me which is strange as I did enjoy the characters a lot.  This was a good book just not something that I fell in love with.  The adventure and love undertone makes this book very engaging!
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With two leads who fight for dominance in life and in the bed, the leads of Uncharted, Rayne Marcellus and Chase Stinsen, are opposites in nearly everything. Rayne is a treasure hunter reminisce of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, a femme fatale type of character who will do whatever needs to be done to get the treasures her black market clients desire, from ancient artifacts or rare jewels. However, these are the same things that Chase is after, but with more honorable intentions of giving her finds back to people they belong to. Betrayals seem to be a common occurrence for these two women, yet something else is there, a longing and passion that they can't quite deny. With the common desire to find a rare artifact in the jungles of the Amazon, they discover over time that each have their own troubles that have lead them to making a choice that may change them forever, that is if they survive. 

The characters are the typical femme/butch type, with added side characters named Ginn and Tonyck, Rayne's twin body guards. I didn't particularly care for the twins much. Tonyck especially was an annoyance I thought, and her attitude toward Chase often ruined the scene for me. However, this may have been the author's intent in creating such a character that is like a thorn in one's side to the point that one has to sympathize with Chase. 

The adventure idea of chasing for a rare item even rarer than supposed riches of El Dorado, the famed mythological city of gold, is also a trope I have seen used often but the execution in the story for the treasure was interesting enough that I enjoyed it, especially the details of their journey. It was as if I were standing right in the midst of everything, such as meeting the native indians and experiencing the jungle night life. 

Overall, a pleasant read with plenty of action, adventure, passion, and betrayal. I definitely will be recommending this book to friends who love this type of content!
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What a great book, just the right mixture of adventure, action and romance. I couldn't stop reading and hope for the author to write more in this genre. Great job!
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Nyx has written a fast-paced thriller that's easy to enjoy. Part Tomb Raider part angsty history, there's a little bit for everyone.

Nyx's writing style is engaging, the characters are interesting and the plot provides some fun for the reader. In particular, the environment has been constructed in a realistic and relatively detailed way.

I would have preferred more detailed character development but overall, a good read.
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This is the second book I’ve read recently where the main characters are a mercenary tomb raider and a respected archeologist. I enjoyed this more because I the connection between Rayne and Chase worked better for me. Rayne Marcellus is a wealthy dealer in antiquities and usually gets the artifact she’s looking for. Chase Stinsen is as often on the same trail as Rayne but can’t let go of Rayne’s betrayal years previously. A ruthless businessman employs Rayne to find a Mayan artifact but the map’s language is Chase’s specialtly. The businessman knows this too.

It’s an exciting ride into the Amazon just on a treasure quest that is also a deadly race. Rayne and Chase’s connection because of the opposing ideologies is a fiery one and manages to stay taught for most of the novel. In spite of the action-packed nature of the novel there is some quick and witty humour, just enough to cut the tension when needed. I appreciated the way Chase and Rayne interacted with each other but in any adventure novel, keeping a romance going is always a difficult task. I think it worked fairly well.

It’s fun, fast-paced and fairly light.

Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.
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A couple of archaeologists walk into a tomb...

There is a joke in there somewhere. Actually, there is quite a bit of humor in this adventure filled story of the search for the Golden Trinity. Chase and Rayne have a history. I won't go into it here because it would ruin the fun of learning as it all unfolds. Chase is a by-the-books character who believes in doing things right. Rayne has questionable morals and has made decisions based on how much money and notoriety it has gotten her. They are constantly in competition of unearthing historic finds and completely opposing in what to do with them.

I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I'm not really into history, archaeology, myths, etc. And yet there was just something that kept me interested. It was super annoying to have to do things like LIFE which interrupted my reading. 

I loved the two main characters. Rayne and Chase were very different characters and personalities. While there was some good humor and banter between them, there was also a bit of depth as we learn their history. 

There were lots of people, challenges, and obstacles on their adventure through the forest. At times it gave me an Indiana Jones feel. That special combination of danger, action, and humor. 

Overall, this is exactly what you need to read if you are bored with standard lesbian romances. 

I recommend this to everyone who loves to read romance, adventure, enemies to lovers, will they won't they, archaeology,  travel,  sneaky thievery, humidity, tribes, altruism, action, suspense, trees, maps, and boa constrictors.
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This book was better than expected.. and I expected it to be great!

Chase Stinsen and Rayne Marcellus are in the same field of work although their purposes for it are very different. Once partners and now enemies, Chase agrees to work with Rayne and look for the Golden Trinity. 

Let me start by saying how sexy both main characters are, both in there unique and different ways. Moreover, they are both intellectual and badasses. Therefore, it is no surprise that their chemistry was insane and it was like that right from the start.

This book is sexy and full of adventure and action. Robyn did an amazing job - you actually feel like you are there with them every step of the way.

Loved it!

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I enjoyed this well written book which has elements of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft and those programmes on National Geographic Channel about lost civilisations. Chase is an archaeologist with principles and Rayne wouldn’t know a principle if one of her bodyguards (Ginn and Tonyck - nice!) threw it at her. The book has some genuinely tense moments, some great humour and an exciting denouement. The side characters were well drawn especially the indigenous people but I felt some did not act in keeping with the way they had been developed. No spoilers here.

The main characters spar and dance around their growing attraction and there is rarely an opportunity to try and discover what they want from each other as they are continually running towards one or other treasure or away from bad people. The danger scenes are pleasingly crafted and give a nice tingle on whether Chase and Rayne and all of their little entourage will survive and I liked the ending which perfectly resolved the conflict which had been set up.

Overall recommended if you like a good story, well told, with interesting characters and a little bit of danger mixed in with some romance. I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley in return for an honest review.
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Action-packed, globe-trotting, treasure-hunt adventure. Third in the series. 

Chase and Rayne consistently find themselves after the same artifacts... Chase for archaeology and Rayne for profit. Chase is fed up with getting scooped by Rayne. But to find the treasure of a lifetime, the two will have to work together.
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Chase Stinsen, archaeologist locating finds that should be shared with the masses.  Rayne Marcellus, locating finds that should be sold to the highest bidder. Ten years prior Chase and Rayne worked together until Rayne betrayed her. From the start, they were not getting along but a slight interest is alluded to below the surface. Although Rayne flirts from the start of the read she does show concern and professional respect for Chase. Chase may also be interested but she is afraid to risk and trust. What is also interesting about this read is how the landscape, conditions, and indigenous people are described and respected. I enjoyed how the story unfolded especially in conjunction with the secondary characters (some good, others not so much) most definitely entertaining were the sisters, G & T. I was engaged from start to finish. The educational parts were informative and I now know more about archaeological finds then I knew before which in my opinion is a good thing.
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I am a big fan of the game Unchartered so I was really hoping that this book would live up to the my expectations and it did not disappoint! Ms. Nyx’s history knowledge was amazing and this book had action and romance! It kept me on my seat and I could not wait to turn the page. I am a new fan and will be reading her other books! Buy this one. It will not disappoint!
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This is the third archaeologist/tomb raider lesfic story I’ve read in less than four months. Granted, the first two are part of the same series but still, that’s a lot compared to how many I had read before, which, if I’m not mistaken, is zero.

The good news is, they’re very different. Not so much the premise – a serious archaeologist, devoted to History and a greedy sexy slightly obnoxious tomb raider – but the tone, the way the story goes, the writing… This is my second book by Robyn Nyx, and while the first one, Never Enough, was really good, it was way too violent for me to really enjoy. This one, though, was much more to my liking.

Chase Stinsen is earnest and determined to unearth the past so everyone can learn from it. For Rayne Marcellus, hidden treasures are meant to be sold. Ten years before Uncharted starts, Chase and Rayne were friends and working together, until Rayne betrayed her partner in favour of a different lifestyle, involving loads of money. But a close encounter with death on a Syrian site encourages Rayne to rethink her priorities and her feelings for Chase. When she’s asked to go after the legendary Mayan Golden Trilogy, she enlists Chase’s reluctant help.

At first sight, both main characters might seem a little cliché, with the serious butch archaeologist on the one hand and the callous femme antiquities finder on the other, but they’re more complex than that. Rayne’s apparent casualness stems from an unloving and exacting childhood and the need to constantly prove herself, to be enough, to be more. Her character growth over the course of the book is remarkable, all the more so as it has begun before she realises it. Chase, on the other hand, doesn’t evolve as obviously but she allows her self-confidence to show more and more, and takes matters in her own hands, both professionally and personally.

While Kaplan’s Easy Nevada series is outlandish and adrenaline-fueled, Nyx’s Uncharted is much more grounded. Not to say it’s not exciting (it is!) but it feels less like a silly but fun adventure and more like the real thing. There’s just enough technical talk to make the characters sound like they really are the experts they’re supposed to be, but not enough to turn the story into a lesson on Mayan mythology.

Nyx did a wonderful job describing the conditions in which the protagonists hunt for the treasure, whether it’s the places, the weather, the ever-present insects… The very first scene takes place in the Paris catacombs and from the first page, Nyx throws the reader in the heart of things. The sounds, the smells, we’re with Chase, not just watching her.

Locating the crux of the story in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest also allows the author to reflect on the logging business – both legal and illegal –, the impact on local populations and on the planet as a whole. Once again, it could have been tedious but it’s not at all, it flows, just part of the story.

The pace is excellent and the secondary characters are as layered as the MCs. I especially love the former military twins with opposite personalities but the same loyalty to Rayne. In a world of greed and callousness, where betrayals abound, that kind of loyalty is just as precious as any treasure and another testament to who Rayne really is beneath the surface.

I received a copy from the publisher and I am voluntarily leaving a review.
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This is my first read from this author and I am actually looking forward to reading more. The two characters were really great and the adventure was exciting enough with highs and lows. I honestly would have liked to know in more detail about their past history and maybe more of the rivalry but it was done well enough and put aside rather quickly. The book actually made me want to play Uncharted or even Tomb Raider again. I will say it ended rather abruptly for my liking but that's just me.
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This is an action-packed, fun read on the surface, but running through it is a deeper vein of personal and global issues. 

Chase is a pumped, morally-straightlaced butch who secretly fumes at her lack of height. She’s admirable and adorable in equal measures. It rankles her that she has an enemy, that she has such deep-seated feelings of irreconcilable ire toward another person—who just happens to be a smoking hot, seductive femme who never fails to light Chase’s boxers on fire. 

The action suffers a bit of a lag at around the 40% mark when Chase and Rayne are forced to spend a lot of time together and most of it is spent thinking and talking, thinking some more and taking some more. This is necessary because of the sheer mental gymnastics needed to get over the massive hurdle of the fact that their ideals seem to be polar opposites and they have history which prevents forgiveness and trust. But little by little, they do get over it and, damn does it get hot! 

The tension is there from the start and never lets up. I was squirming in my seat at the push and pull of forbidden attraction between them. This is woven expertly into a tense, danger-filled, archeological adventure where baddies loom and unexpected enemies and allies both come out of the woodwork.

Nyx doesn’t shy away from character deaths, both secondary and main, which lends a keen bite of danger to the storyline. The romance and action are present in equal parts in the storyline and I felt the balance was handled well. 

One thing I noticed was (and this is a big spoiler) when the bad guys capture certain people, yes they are mistreated and it is very scary and tense, but rape is not the go-to action of men against women and I really liked that. The bad guys are sufficiently bad without promoting rape culture, and Nyx pulls it off in an organic and believable way.

Overall, a really meaty, satisfying read with a lot of female and lesbian empowerment. 

My rating: 4.75 stars

ARC received via NetGalley and the publisher in return for an honest review.
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Nyx does a great job in encapsulating what fans of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft love about those franchises. In this case, there's both an Indy and a Lady Croft type character in here and it is such fun to see.

Chase Stinsen is our Indy - she has a strict code about finding artifacts and either preserving them or handing them to museums for public consumption. She has a rival who she has the hots for, Rayne Marcellus the wealthy and morally ambiguous tomb raider. Both women are kind of in love with the other, but there's the pesky problem of Rayne stabbing Chase in the back on their first team up. Ever since, they've been racing each other to get to artifacts before the other. But then Rayne gets a job that even crosses her sensibilities, and she asks Chase to help her save the people who are connected the most deeply to the treasure in question.

I love that Chase and Rayne are so different, yet are obviously the same in so many ways. They don't realize it, but this is one of the main causes for their clashes throughout the book. There's also almost instant chemistry which is helped by the characters' history with each other, so it never feels too forced. The side characters are fun, especially Rayne's bodyguard twins who are loyal to her beyond the paychecks they receive from her. There are a couple of plot points that were very predictable, but I thought they were well placed and gave just an extra sense of danger to the adventure.

I think this was a solid romantic adventure with some really great pacing and world building - you can tell that there was some research put into the book, based on some of Chase's and Rayne's behavior around their finds. There's also the way Chase - and Rayne, when her skills are needed- goes about unraveling the mystery involving the "Golden Trinity - it feels very methodical and academic, even if the treasure seems out of this world. I also thought it was great that these hot, sexy, brainy women are nerds at heart and I love them for it. Also, the ending, as cheesy as it was, was very sweet and sexy.

Have fun with this one, folks, its a great ride.
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Book blurbs can be dangerous things, often teasing or exaggerating the aspects of a story that drew you to the book in the first place. You anxiously crack the spine, expecting a character or a theme to dominate the narrative, only to find they’re a small part of something almost completely different. This is especially true of adventure novels where the actual adventure – call it archaeology or tomb-raiding – is little more than window dressing for a contemporary thriller that’s reluctant to get its hands dirty.

Every once in awhile, though, you find that perfect book that delivers exactly what you expected, in exactly the manner you hoped – and that book is Uncharted. Seriously, I went into this with unrealistically high hopes, knowing that there was a romance to deliver on here as well, and somehow Robyn Nyx still went over-and-above. Hands down, this may be the most fun I’ve had between the covers of a book all year.

Before I get to the adventure, however, I have to talk about Rayne Marcellus (tomb-raider) and Chase Stinsen (serious archaeologist), ex-lovers turned bitter rivals who actually make the old enemies-turned-lovers trope work. First of all, they are both fully-developed characters with a shared backstory, motivations to which the reader can relate, and their own distinct, likable charm. I liked the way they sort of played against and flipped the typical butch/femme stereotypes, and how they were both aware of doing it. Along with Gin and Tonyck, the twin mercenaries who slowly come to respect Chase as much as their boss, these are kick-ass women who we have no trouble believing capable of taking on even the darkest, most violent aspects of the adventure.

As for Rayne and Chase’s relationship, there was not a single moment of their interactions that felt tedious or forced, not a single aspect of their movement through fighting, flirting, resisting, and romancing that didn’t ring true. Nyx made me believe that they belonged together, and had me cheering for their romance as strongly as I was their search for lost treasure. There’s so much passion and intensity there, so much sexual energy in a simple kiss or caress, that even the other characters aren’t immune to a little voyeuristic excitement.

Now, getting back to my complaint about actual adventure and archaeology within the genre, Uncharted starts and ends with tomb-raiding adventure, explores a third excavation in between that is both significant and pivotal, and incorporates an extended jungle adventure along the way, complete with bugs, snakes, Mayans, and more. This just doesn’t pay lip service to the adventure, it’s almost entirely an off-the-grid, in-the-wild, underground adventure. Yes, it is mostly x-marks-the-spot fantasy, driven by an ingenious treasure map and series of clues to the final puzzle, but there is enough genuine archaeology to make the fantasy feel real – and as a tomb-raiding adventure fantasy, this is fantastic!

Perhaps even more notable, and certainly of more interest for me, the entire adventure is female-driven and female-focused. Chase’s driving passion, the quest that leads her to the pivotal confrontation with Rayne, is the discovery of Queen Zenobia’s tomb. She hopes to find evidence that supports her as a feminist icon who died a hero, a fact that will erase the Roman lies of her submissive fate. Deep in the jungle, it is a matriarchal tribe that they encounter, with three old women who respect Rayne and Chase as sisters (or perhaps daughters), and who trust them to stand against the men who seek to befoul the treasure. As for that treasure, the MacGuffin of the Golden Trinity, without saying too much, it is intimately connected to female power and the feminine divine. What it is and what it stands for should not be a huge surprise to anybody paying attention, especially if they’re fans of the genre, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful.

And all of this is presented against the backdrop of terrorism, war, deforestation, and other crimes of men against both humanity and nature. No safe, often cheesy, portrayals of old-school Nazis or Soviet Communists here, Nyx plucks her villains from the here and now, and reminds us of what Rayne and Chase are fighting against as well as for.

Well-written, with engaging characters, action-packed adventure, sexual chemistry that’s off the charts, and a feminist mythology that is far more fascinating than the typical overdone Biblical nonsense, Uncharted was not just everything I hoped it might be, it was far more. Seriously, it has all the flash and fun of Lara Croft, Sydney Fox, Annja Creed, or Amelia Peabody, but with far more substance. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of Rayne & Chase, because I desperately need more.
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Chase Stinsen is a principled archaeologist who ends up in some yucky, mucky situations, always hoping to discover and save treasures for the benefit of all humanity. Rayne Marcellus tends towards the less lawful path. She keeps beating Chase to finds that she sells to unscrupulous rich men, instead of giving to the museums Chase favours. The women worked together in the past and have a difficult relationship due to Rayne screwing Chase over. When Rayne asks her to help find the fabled Golden Trinity, to prevent it from falling into the hands of a man who would stop at nothing to possess it, can Chase trust her? 

The story has an exciting and atmospheric start and the the adventure continues in the same vein. The archaeological and historical details are fascinating and give another layer of interest that hooked me from the beginning. Add to that the interpersonal dynamics between the two main characters and Robyn Nyx has a winner on her hands. But it was about so much more than adventure and mystery, although those were expertly done. The personal discoveries for Chase and Rayne and the realisations they came to – those were definitely stand out elements for me. There were powerful emotions, not just about the growing feelings the women had for each other, but for the peoples of the Amazon. The danger from incursions by treasure hunters and loggers made me want to weep for them. The setting was exquisitely described, so much so that I could almost feel the heat and humidity as I read. The creepy fear that could never leave them as they traversed through thick, lush jungle, with snakes and worse just ready to pounce. The denouement was thrilling, heart-stopping and full of wonder. I wait in eager anticipation for the next great adventure from this pair. 

And for lovers of lesfic, there are a few wonderful Easter Eggs in this book. I almost cried out in delight at the mention of some names and places from another favourite author of mine. I’ll leave you to find them for yourself – but suffice to say, the three I found made me a very happy reader. 

I loved this story and highly recommend it.

I was given this ARC for review.
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This is one of those books that takes a little time to find its feet, but once it does, what a ride! 

In another life, I think I might have been a happy archaeologist or an equally happy anthropologist. Chase Stinsen is everything I would hope to be in that other life. Except hurt. Rayne Marcellus has hurt Chase in the past, and that betrayal sets the tone for much of Chase's interaction with her fellow treasure-hunter. So we have angst ahead. But buckle up tight, fellow readers, because we're about to go on a wild ride at a breakneck speed with bad guys breathing down our necks! 

Nyx can turn a phrase and craft a line so well that her skill shines through where you least expect it. Like this one, 'The man's skin looked like tanned, lived-in leather.' Brilliant! Or this line,
'His spirit ran through him in braids of stainless steel.' 

And for anyone who read and enjoyed Brey Willows's book 'Spinning Tales', there's this, "...cute little cottage I rented in New York. I probably shouldn't have taken it, but I left a note and some money. Rayne drifted to the unusual little place on top of a boring old apartment block.' 
I nearly squealed when I read that literary version of an Easter Egg.

And I was pleased to find a gem hidden deep inside the book that not only explains much of why Rayne is, but something I say frequently myself. "Parents teach us how not to be just as much as they teach you how to be in this world."

All of those nuggets aside, Nyx's book is like a roller coaster. Slow at first but once we reach the pinnacle, it's all we can do to hold on while we're rocketed through the jungle, taken captive and try and outrace a pissed off, money-hungry egomaniac. Oh, and his buddy that has a reputation for cruelty. Mistrust, hurt feelings, egos and enemies abound in this novel. Death, too. 

If you have a thing for archaeology, kick-ass characters, a race against, well...everything and WLW...this is the book for you!
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I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoy Robin Nyx's work!  She weaves character's tension, and chemistry  so that it lasts the entire book.

The Indiana Jones story is made fun with a cast of strong, women.

Looking for treasure, looking for respect, looking for love while trying to survive psychopaths. Yep, good fun!
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What a fun ride!  If you're looking for the lesfic version of India Jones or Lara Croft, look no further!  Nyx delivers in spades on the action and adventure with this fun story.

MC Rayne and MC Chase used to be colleagues in their archaeological hunts, but ever since that fateful day when Rayne betrayed Chase in a pretty horrible way, they're now bitter rivals.  Chase's main goal is to find and preserve historical artifacts for display at museums and the like, but Rayne's moved into the business of finding antiquities and selling her services (and the artifact) to the highest bidder.  These days, they find themselves trying to outsmart each other on almost every hunt.  Years later through an interesting set of circumstances and a bit of guilty conscience, Chase and Rayne find themselves working together once again trying to re-learn how to trust each other.

If you're a fan of action and adventure, this is a can't miss story.  It's full of danger, excitement, interesting locales and lots of bad guys for even more fun.  Not only that, but it has a nice romance thrown into the mix also that actually works, even in the exotic and dangerous settings.

I hesitate to compare one lesfic author to another, but it's almost impossible in this case since multiple publishers have books out in this similar style.  If you're a fan of action and adventure in the style of Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or the like, but aren't so much a fan of Georgette Kaplan's comedic style of writing, this one is a no-brainer.  Even if you're already read Kaplan's recent story and don't know if you want another book in the same style, know that this one is still different and interesting enough to hold its own!  4 stars. 

**Many thanks to Bold Strokes for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.**
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