Seven Lies

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I liked this book, found it a gripping, dark and twisty story of what seemed at first like friendship, but then can be seen as  more sinister.
I didn't want to put it down when life got in the way, and I'd definitely read more by Elizabeth Kay, I just felt the ending was a bit rushed here after all the build up.
Thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for an advance copy in return for my honest review.
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This is one of those books I think you will either love, or hate, at times some of the prose is a little too much, like there were too many observations that weren’t needed, they didn’t add to the story. However, the author certainly weaves a brilliant narrative, that is full of secrets and shocks.

The story is being narrated by Jane, who isn’t really the most reliable narrator, after all she’s the one who has told the lies. I liked that this story seemed fresh and original, not trying to copy the way other stories sometimes go. Jane and Marnie have been friends since they were eleven years old. Into adulthood, as we grow into adulthood lives change, relationships change, we get married, things happen and time flies by.

Jane falls in love, but it’s short lived, as hers ends Marnie’s starts but Jane has never liked Charlie Marnie’s husband. The story is Jane revealing seven lies she has told her friend Marnie and herself. It covers a number of things depression, family problems, grief, dementia, physical and mental illness. At times for me I found it hard to read, having had to deal with some of these things in the last few years.

At times the story is quite dark, complex with a twist at the end you just don’t see coming. Friendship and how it changes over the years, how the dynamics change, when you get married, have children. How far would someone go to save the most important friendship in their life.

A well written debut novel, although a few times some of the secondary characters are lacking some depth, but it is only from Jane’s narration we are seeing them. I think this is an author to definitely look out for.

I would like to thank #netgalley and # LittleBrownBookGroup for an eARC of this book, in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.
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This book was interesting to read, I enjoyed the way in which it felt as though the main character was addressing us, as the reader, as she told her story. 

The storyline was realistic, with regards to how one might feel jealous in the situations that unfolded. It also made it clear that there are definitive moments in your life that seem to set you on a certain path, and unfortunately for Jane, this seemed to be true. 

Well written and gripping throughout this was worth the read. The reason I've given 3 stars is because I felt that although the story was interesting, I wasn't completely hooked on it. I also found myself taking such a dislike to some of the characters that it made it difficult to read their parts. This is a skillful talent to have, to show how we / Jane feels about certain people, but it did make it difficult as the reader, in my opinion.
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Seven lies posed an interesting concept. The gradual and cumulative toxicity of lies (some white) in relationships. It read well and I felt invested in understanding what the outcome would ultimately be. Having said that, the main character (for me) felt difficult to engage with or relate to. Whilst she obviously had various life events occur that explained her emotional state, at times, it felt that she was wallowing. As such, for me it detracted from what was otherwise presented as a novel story.
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A good read about 2 friends. Jane and Marnie have been friends since they were children and their friendship starts to unravel when Marnie marries Charles. There is a lot happening in this book. Some of the characters are not very likeable and it’s not quite believable in places. 

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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I was looking forward to reading this book but haven't been able to access the download. I was surprised that it didn't download to Kindle as other books do.
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This novel promised a lot, a tale of friendship, secrets, obsession and lies but I did not enjoy the style of writing and was unable to finish it.  Fans of domestic noir will gain some satisfaction from the story.
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I was unable to read this book as it won’t  send to my Kindle. I didn't realise that when I requested it. That is a shame as it does sound quite good and has received good reviews.
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Jane and Marnie have been friends for a long time but Jane does not like Marine’s husband and this situation leads to lies and deception.
Unfortunately I could not relate to the characters in this book and the story didn’t hold my interest.
Thanks you to NetGalley and Little,  Brown Book Group UK for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This was an intriguing book to read by Elizabeth Kay, it is a story about friendship that lasts through school into adulthood, Jane and Marnie are those friends. Each stage of friendship is bolstered by a lie that Jane tells. Jane marries first and then Jonathan is knocked down and killed. Then Marnie meets and marries Charles and Jane’s obsessiveness with Marnie becomes Charles death sentence.
It is a story of two women who know each other so well they can finish each other’s sentences. When life, love and childbirth intervenes Jane’s obsession reaches crisis point.
With thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the arc, which I have enjoyed reading.
Highly recommended.
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Seven Lies is a book full of really well written and well-developed characters alongside an easy-to-read plot that flows really nicely. No, it's not the most exciting story with something occurring in every chapter but then that simply wouldn't work with a story like this. There are some really crucial themes embedded that are explored by the author such as grief, friendship, family and eating disorders though with some I felt the author could have dived into more deeply. Like other readers, I would agree that it all seemed to all come to nothing in the end and there were a few loose ends just left hanging (including the journalist who seemed a bit of a pointless character) so it was a disappointing end for what felt like a promising book.
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Some books absolutely deserve a round of applause, and THIS is one of them. 

A golden thread of pure anticipation runs through the entire story, hemming its edges and forming discernible patterns by adding and subtracting specially targeted stitches to create the perfectly formed tapestry that is "Seven Lies".

It consists of a candid monologue, flawlessly directed, and the measured and effective delivery of these seven ‘acts’ was astonishingly good. 

Wave upon wave of revelation rips through the pages to crash upon its intended audience of one with a powerful and unsettling roar.  In fact, there were a couple of places where my eyebrows physically couldn’t get any higher, and that’s only because they were still attached to my face. 

Yes, it was THAT good. It possessed an addictive quality that left me hungry for more from this author and was utterly, utterly brilliant. BRAVO.

(I received a digital copy of this title courtesy of the publisher via Netgalley, which it was my pleasure to voluntarily read, review, and HIGHLY recommend!)
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I really enjoyed this book and the development of Jane's character as a truly sinister character.  There were flaws in it - I agree with other reviewers that the journalist woman would not have given up and Marnie would not have thought of contacting her, but overall it was very enjoyable.  Recommended.
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Very much enjoyed this book, it is well written and I felt for the protagonist which always helps you engage with a book.

I look forward to seeing what this author does next.
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I felt there was a LOT going on in this book and found it a bit hard to keep track I slowed my pace down and enjoyed it more. The story is good, but the excellent part is the character development. I felt connected and give this one a thumbs up.
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The Novel:
The debut novel by Elizabeth Kay navigates Jane’s life and her changing relationship with Marnie, her childhood best friend in the face of the events leading up to and after the death of Marnie’s husband. 

The Characters:
Kay’s characterisation of Jane is phenomenally sinister. She is incredibly real, developed with the innumerable small, petty flaws we find within ourselves. Jane is incredibly well written, but in a very atypical way; the direct address and effective characterisation creates the fascinating feeling of looking at a strange predatory creature in the zoo - not behind glass, but being able to see into its head as it stalks its prey. The feeling of kinship with jane that Kay so effectively creates is highly disconcerting, and makes this reading experience incredibly uncommon. 

Perhaps a by-product of that amazing character characterisation is the fact that most of the secondary characters are underdeveloped- we only see them through the lens of Jane’s perspective, and she is too self-centred to see anything she does not wish, or look beyond the surface. It is undeniable however, that this one-sided portrayal only adds to the effectiveness of Jane’s character.

The Story:
The plot of this novel is told back to front; we know the pivotal event from the onset as the narrator, Jane, recounts the events that led up to and caused the event. The plot is interesting but not unique but for the fact that it is usually men in novels who are portrayed to behave in the way Jane does. This role reversal adds to the hook of the novel.  The eponymous seven lies are almost incidental, and are used as a clever device to move the plot forward.

The greatest negative of novel as a whole has to be the ending which is entirely unsatisfactory in the face of such a large build-up. Moreover, there are also numerous concurrent storylines, many of which also end with no real, or no credible payoff. As a result, the conclusion removes a great deal of shine from the novel. 

The Writing: 
Kay’s writing is beautifully evocative and she has a way of addressing the reader directly that make one feel complicit- justifying and condoning the abhorrent as a result of Kay’s masterful manipulation. The direct address also causes the reader to be trapped in Jane’s thrall and unable to stop reading; it’s almost like watching a car crash- morbid and horrifying but magnetic as you watch the horror unfold. The pacing throughout the novel is excellent, however, the ending is poorly done and highly disappointing, akin to a virtuoso who appears to get bored of playing just as the crescendo reaches climax. 

4/5. The novel has an unremarkable plot, but with an excellent, unique voice crafted by a masterful storyteller. I look forward to reading more works by this author. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Little, Brown Book Group UK for providing this novel free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
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I won't be able to read this book as it wont send to my Kindle. I didn't realise that when I requested it That is a shame as it does sound good.  .
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An excellent novel, full of believable characters and an entertaining plot. Highly recommended. Plan on reading more books by this author.
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This book sadly just wasn't for me. It had so many plotlines and the author clearly wanted to comment on a lot of things (eating disorders, sexual assault, siblings, parental relationships, dementia, early widowhood etc) but they were just random and didn't sit alongside the main story at all. The book was overly ambitious and as a result of wanting to encompass so many things, it failed at being a mystery/suspense at all. 
I also thought there was too much done to make our narrator Jane feel like she was the deadly creepy type if she could have showed us rather than telling us that would have been fine. But her progression into this character didn't feel real, her final act would have been ridiculous and no way would she have gotten away with it. 
The biggest gap in this book was the journalist, are we expected to believe a woman who dug so much into this just walks away like that? Why on earth wouldn't Marnie go to her after once she knew the real story? This part was so incredibly far-fetched that it was amusing, then frustrating. The journalist character she constructed had more grit in her to just walk away and it is a "oh I'm jealous you've kept long-term friends" thing. 
I'll be doing a review on my YouTube channel for the month of November talking more about this book and were it fell for me as I do feel bad writing this review here. 
Overall it just wasn't for me, the character development was lacking, too much wanted to be done and the plot was uninteresting and weaved in with more uninteresting characters.
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Phew, what a debut! Jane and Marnie have been friends since they met on the first day of Year Seven. They are bound together tightly in a delightful friendship which is strained once Charles enters Marnie’s life. Charles likes to be the centre of attention and he takes Marnie’s attention  away from Jane. What unfolds in this gripping, tense novel at times beggars belief as Jane tells her seven lies which become increasingly audacious. 

I love the way the story is written which I think is very original. You feel as if Jane is talking to you, that you are actually having a conversation in which she tell you her truth, which may not necessarily be the truth. I could describe this book as being a bit like a bowl of minestrone as it too has a lot of tasty ingredients. There’s love and grief, friendship and obsession, secrets and lies, jealousy and possession, need and protectiveness, there’s murder and some remorse, chuck in a bit of black humour, a few sinister moments and loads of tension - there’s are several scenes where you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. 

The two main characters are intriguing. Marnie is light and Jane is twisted and dark, they are so different but perhaps this is what keeps the embers of their friendship alive for so long. There are some excellent descriptions and conversations as Jane’s  story emerges and some of it is jaw dropping and astonishing. I love the way the lies are slowly released and the story builds to its breathtaking conclusion. 

Overall, a fantastic and fast paced read which intrigues you from start to finish and an outstanding debut. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Little Brown Group for the ARC.
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