A Christmas Kiss With Her Ex-Army Doc

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I'm totally in love with this story and it bought home to me what is actually important about Christmas! 
And as I was so hooked and read it in one go, it distracted me from the stollen bites which is kinda hard at the moment, I think I may be getting addicted...

Hollie and Clancy knew each other back when they were school kids, but Hollee married Jacob who was their friend. Jacob however was killed in combat before he and Hollee had it out about their relationship issues

It was clear from the start of chapter 1 that there was something between Hollee and Clancy that they had never got over and even though they had both changed it almost felt like there was something out there pulling them back together!

They bring the magic of Christmas with them when as part of a hospital relief type mission they volunteer in an area that was hit by floods and landslides then devastated by tornadoes. It was here that the magic of Christmas was displayed so much and it made me smile how they worked to get people involved!

I enjoyed the story and Hollee was a really good heroine, she is independent however she also knows what she wants, she is good at her job and clearly cares about her patients. I also enjoyed the medical side of things, based in the maternity ward Hollee doesn't only see the things that go well and this book looked at those days when things weren't so great on the ward which I found really good. So often it's the things that go better that are focused on and in this case the harder cases are handled sensitively and with respect but weaved in in a way that makes the story really work and flow.

Clancy is good looking, charming and a doctor so almost my perfect guy! He is well written and his voice is confident but laced with his insecurities which makes it really work as otherwise he would be too perfect

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy medical romances which make you realise what Christmas is all about!
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Christmas Kiss With Her Ex-Army Doc is written by Tina Beckett and published by M&B Medical.  Nurse Hollee Cantrall has one passionate festive  kiss as teenagers  under the mistletoe with Dr Clancy deOliveria. He then left and Hollee married his best friend, Jacob. Now widowed after Jacob is killed in a helicopter crash, she is surprised when Clancy, an ex-army doctor, starts working at her hospital as a reconstructive facial surgeon.  Should she admit her marriage had been a sham? She has never forgotten that kiss and it appears neither has Clancy as the attraction reignites. 

This festive medical romance is based around the characters’ second chance at love. The author finds the right balance between medical and romance so that one does not overshadow the other. The novel includes a natural disaster, a labour, their dogs and a Christmas decoration competition so there a lots of smaller characters and side storylines. 

I received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for a honest review. I am a #MillsAndBoonInsider #netgalley
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A great medical romance from the pen Tina Beckett - one of my favourite writers. This book has everything - emotion, romance, drama, and terrific cast of characters that never detract from the romance.

Looking forward to the next one by this talented writer.

Thank you to NetGalley and to Mills & Boon Insiders for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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When Hollee was younger she had a festive kiss with Clancy under the mistletoe then Clancy drifted away and Hollee married his best friend. Now years later she is a widow and is totally unprepared for the emotions that hit when she bumps into Clancy again. Now they must work through their feelings and discover whether the feelings that were there as teenagers are now something more. A heartwarming story of two friends falling in love all over again.
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This book was so full of love and romance and I really enjoyed this book not my normal read but this surprised me how much I enjoyed it and was so beautifully written.
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A second chance at romance. A steamy kiss, never forgotten, the doctor who never forgot her and the widow who realises that her first romance wasn’t love at all when she has a chance meeting with the person she hasn’t forgotten. There’s hope for us all in this second chance romance!
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A what if, long past kiss with unrequited feelings. A widow who has moved on, or so she thought.

Circumstances bringing all this bursting out again, to be confronted. Leading to true love, a family, the works.

With a happy ever after ending to this romance.
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Clancy was best friend's with Hollee's husband who had recently died in a helicopter crash while serving his country. What they didn't know was Clancy and Hollee were in love with each other but she married Jacob and Clancy moved away. When Clancy returns home after being away for a few years will this be there second chance or is there too much water under the bridge. There are twists and turns, heartache, secrets and a lot of emotions along the way. This is an amazing book and so well written and I definitely recommend you read it and you will not be disappointed.
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4 - "The past belongs to the past, time to make a new beginning." Stars!

Great little Christmas story, set in and around a hospital, likeable characters, low drama and a great introduction to an author I haven't read before.

Tina Beckett ticked all the boxes, especially in the 'Seasonal Reading' column and I'll be looking to read more from her very soon.
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Absolutely fantastic and epic story, loved this so much  as I very much enjoy second chance romance , especially when love us the best medicine even more so with festive magic included.
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After loving Tina Beckett’s 2018 festive medical romance, adding 2019’s to my seasonal reading pile was a no brainer and with wonderful characters, a storyline that hits your heart and a nice dose of steamy content, hit the spot nicely. 

“ The past belongs to the past...”
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Heart Warming Story, 5 Stars 🌟

Ex-army Doctor Clancy De Oliveira is looking forward to a fresh start as a civilian and utilising his combat surgery skills to help children with facial injuries and defects, in his new job as a Reconstructive Surgeon at Arlington Regional Medical Center. But on his first day he is shocked to come face to face with his old friend and best friend Jacob's widow Hollee Cantrell, who is a labour and delivery nurse at the hospital.

Clancy is the last person Hollee expects to see at the hospital's staff meeting and seeing him reawakens all her old feelings about their past and her marriage to Clancy's best friend Jacob. But when a series of events including a natural disaster, a difficult labour, their two loveable dogs and a Christmas tree decoration competition keep bringing the two old friends together again and again; can Clancy finally address what really happened all those years ago between the three friends and can Hollee at last see her marriage to Jacob for what it really was, in order for her and Clancy to once and for all get their festive forever HEA.

Ms. Tina Beckett is a Three Times Golden Heart Finalist and her latest book A Christmas Kiss with Her Ex-Army Doc is a beautifully written story covering the complex dynamics of relationships; familial, friendship and of course Romantic. Although primarily a medical romance Ms. Beckett has covered some additionally sensitive topics like humanitarian aid in which she introduces some wonderful secondary characters, whom I am hoping will have their own stories to tell in future releases for example if anyone deserves their own HEA it is Samuel and Randy and of course Hollee’s friend Kristen and Clancy's sister Ava, fingers crossed their stories will be coming soon! So if you are new to Ms. Beckett's work or already a fan, then this book is the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon!

For your information, I received my copy from Netgalley and Mills and Boon via Mills and Boon Insiders however, this does not influence my opinions as all opinions are my own.
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