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A Cry in the Night (Detective Jessica Daniel thriller series Book 15)

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I honestly never get tired of the Jessica Daniel series. I've read every book in this series, either through NetGalley or through purchasing on Amazon, and Jessica just becomes even more of a favorite character for me.

This addition to the series has the same funny moments, with lots of serious ones as well. It tackles more of Jessica's unconventional behaviors, explores the option of her dating someone new, and reveals information about Archie. I loved this installment and definitely recommend the series!
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This book did not disappoint. It is a well written mystery and a fast read I enjoyed greatly. The Jessica Daniel series is a must read and I can't wait for the next book after the cliffhanger in the end of this one.
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A Cry in the Night by Kerry Wilkinson is about fourteen-year-old Samuel who is woken by the sound of a terrified scream from the kitchen of his home in the middle of the night.. The police find him sobbing on the kitchen floor, cradling his mother’s lifeless body. The investigation hits a dead end before the it  has even begun: because although he witnessed the murder, Samuel is blind.

When Detective Jessica Daniel meets the boy, the way he uses his sense of sound to accurately locate her hand to shake it convinces her that this clever young teenager could hold the key to the entire case. Her team disagreeS, but Jessica will do whatever it takes to get justice for the innocent.

Samuel’s description of an intruder he heard walking with a limp leads Jessica to an isolated seaside town, where a well-liked local man has been missing for days. Breaking into his house, Jessica finds him lying flat on the bed, a bullet wound under his chin.

Digging into the victim’s work records, Jessica uncovers a secret he shared with Samuel’s mother, and it’s clear she was terrified for her son’s safety. 
This book starts with a blind boy discovering his dead mom but now we have to figure out who did this and why? It was an interesting story. There were many characters. We are led down many different paths until we find the culprits. An enjoyable book in this series.
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This is a good mystery with a lot of suspense and the very interesting concept that the only witness to a murder is a teen boy who is blind.  Samuel uses echolocation to find things and he is so observant that it puts most people to shame.  When his mother is killed, Samuel’s power of observation are put to the test as Detective Jessica Daniels relies on him to help her find the killer.  I liked this interesting facet of the book and enjoyed the police procedural that was included.  Although this is number 15 in the series, I did not have any difficulty in jumping right into the story and enjoying the main character, her sense of humor and her quirks.  There were several surprises along the way which really made me like the book more since I love unexpected twists.  And the ending was a surprise, too, as well as a cliffhanger that entices me to read the next book in the series.  Fans of mystery and suspense will want to read this book!
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This is a great series and I loved this installment. Wilkinson is a word artist and keeps the reader captivated. The story is fast paced with many surprises and a stunning ending.   I look forward to Jessica’s next adventure.  
Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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When an author has reached book 15 in a series you know it’s a winner. 
Jessica is one of my top three favourite fictional characters and as soon as I see another Jessica book I snap it up without even reading the blurb! 
Anyone new to this series really should start at the beginning - don’t be put off by the thought of reading 14 other books, they are worth it I promise!
Thanks to Bookouture for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review.
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Kerry Wilkinson is very good at setting her characters into unusual situations and being stingy with the clues.  Jessica Daniels is assigned a murder that should be easy to solve as there is a witness.  A young man hears his mother's scream and runs to her aid where he witnesses her murder.  The problem, he's blind.  How our detective uses her experience and intelligence to identify and capture the murderer will keep you guessing until the end.  A great read.
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A Cry In The Night is number 15 in the DI Jessica Daniels series. As with absolutely all of Kerry Wilkinson's books I was gripped from the very first page.
Kerry never fails to deliver and I would highly recommend it.
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“A Cry in the Night” by Kerry Wilkinson is book fifteen in the “Detective Jessica Daniel Thriller” series, but first-time readers can definitely follow along. The story begins when Samuel awakes. It is night; he is frightened; he is worried about his mother; she has been attacked, and he is blind. Detective Daniel is called to the horrific scene. Samuel is unique; his memory seemed near photographic. The fact that he cannot see makes little difference in the aftermath of his mother’s murder. He describes smells and sounds until Daniel can picture the scene herself. 
Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel and Detective Constable Archie Davey are regular people with not very regular jobs. They are complex, busy individuals. They work several cases simultaneously involving assorted complains that must be attended to and cleared. They have detailed personal lives as well with appointments, interactions, events, and relationships. 
The team is focused on their cases, but many conversations are friendly with a touch of humor. Even some cases have a touch of comedy, for example a burglary that turns out to be a squirrel. Progress is deliberate, planned, and organized; however, there are plenty of unusual developments, connections, and people. Little pieces of the puzzle come from surprising sources, and do not provide the answers the team expects. It is up the team to rearrange the diverse evidence into something of substance. 
I received a review copy of “A Cry in the Night” from Kerry Wilkinson and Bookouture. It was my first Jessica Daniel book, and I had no trouble following the people and the cases. It was easy to read, and I loved the characters’ lighthearted banter and as well as their dedication to their job. Of course, a woman in a red coat on the cover always means a must-read book. Now, I have the first fourteen books to read and enjoy.
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A great mystery with an ending that has me impatiently waiting for the next book in this series! I thank Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book. Highly recommend this entire series!
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Thank you Net Galley. Ms Wilkinson has written a powerful and gripping mystery. Jessica Daniels does not disappoint. She is a great heroine. A must read.
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Another good chapter in the Jessica Daniel series. This is book 15 and is about the murder of a mother and the only witness is the blind 14 year old son. As Jessica investigates this murder and what follows she also has to deal with someone in her team who has a secret that will change the dinamics of the team going forward. Well written and fast to read.
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👩‍👦Interesting mix of characters but not gripping🤔

3.5 🌟stars
The book started off well and I thought that Evie's blind son would be an original and interesting key character in the investigation of his mother's death.  The story mostly leaves him in the wings, however, and moves off to more and more shady corners as the puzzle of Evie's death is eclipsed by more violence and missing persons.  

The writing style was good and the plot was fine if a tad predictable but, for some reason, I just could not get too excited about the characters.  Detective Jessie Daniels appears to have a career filled with professional gray areas that could catch up to her.  The story ends with the police case wrapped up but with a cliffhanger regarding Jessie's personal life.  I normally steer clear from cliffhangers.  I think they detract from the story: I NEED CLOSURE!

Thanks to publisher Bookouture and NetGalley for providing a complimentary advance copy of the book;  this is my voluntary and honest review.
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I am a big fan of Kerry Wilkinson. This book had me gripped the whole way through. I thought that the plot and the characters were really good and believable. I was hooked from the start and read this book in one sitting. I will definitely be looking out for the next book in the series.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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I really like Jessica Daniel. She feels genuine. She pushes boundaries, has her gains and losses, but is generally an efficient detective inspector who gets her man (or woman). She reminds me somewhat of the character Danny in Blue Bloods--edgy but effective. It may be her droll sense of humor, that biting wit that lightens the sensitive issues, but she can usually detect the line drawn that shouldn't be crossed.

In Book 15, Samual, a blind fourteen-year-old who "witnesses" the violent death of his mother, is a keen observant who uses echolocation that helps him share the scene with the police. While Jessica has not seen this phenomenon before and has some misgivings as to how accurately his descriptions are, she is nonetheless impressed.

There is also something else, unrelated to the cases she and partner Detective Constable Archie Davey are handling. Archie is acting weird, causing tension between the two of them, blowing hot and cold. What is going on with him?!

Author Wilkinson weaves a clever, suspense-driven and well-plotted storyline focusing on Jessica and investigation progress, and again, for me, it's the characters and the free and easy prose-filled descriptions given to them as well as the people of Manchester that drive the story. The banter between characters lends the authentic feeling of overhearing their actual dialogue. The depiction of Grimsby is priceless. 

The conclusion results in a mixed bag of explanations, anxiety, and strongly hints at the story arc carrying into Book 16, along with cliffhanging situations that resulted in my going back to see if I'd missed a page, that last one being so abrupt. The cliffhanger is a douzy.

I was given this digital download by the publisher and NetGalley and greatly appreciated the opportunity to read and review. I really enjoy this series, love these characters, and now anxiously looking forward to Book 16...what happens??! 4.5/5
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I've been hanging around with DI Jessica Daniel and her cohort from Manchester CID for a long time! Hard to believe this is #15 in the series and what a lot has happened over the years. Returning to Longsight Police Station to check in with the gang and see what cases they're dealing with, enjoying the banter, relishing old memories -- the series is still interesting though I always find it irritating when the author ends the book with a cliffhanger. No fair, Kerry Wilkinson.

In this installment, we are introduced to a blind boy, Samuel, who uses echolocation to help him navigate his world. He's there on the night his mother dies and can definitely give Jessica clues about the two men who were there in the flat when it happened. But Evie Briers's death is just the beginning of this complicated investigation that also involves stolen goods, money laundering, and creative accounting. NO SPOILERS.

I enjoy the characters, the relationship they have to each other and the police procedural aspects of their jobs with the police. Wilkinson has a great writing style and a sharp wit -- sometimes I almost laugh out loud. I like Jessica and I do hope that she will one day have a partner and a family that will mesh with her career. I noted that Jessica interacts, albeit only by phone, with Andrew Hunger, a character in Wilkinson's other series and am interested to see if that will be a new thing in the future. It goes without saying that I'll be in line for the next book whenever it is available. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for this e-book ARC to read, review and recommend.
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I had not read any of the prior books in this series. Overall, it did not affect my enjoyment of this book. There is something in the end that I think I may have understood more if I had read those books. Jessica Daniels is an enjoyable protagonist and her relationship with Archie kept the interest. The mystery was solid. Overall an enjoyable police procedural and I will seek out the earlier books. There was some threads hanging at the end and that always annoys me so be prepared.

I was given a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.
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This is one of those situations in which I loved the premise but unfortunately couldn't fall in line with the way it was executed.
The main character is a young boy whose blind and has just experienced his mother's murder.
When questioned how it's possible he informs Jessica that he operates using echolocation.
The story progresses through a maze of questionable actions and behaviors winding down to the ultimate thrill.
However, it was almost too unbelievable to hook me and for that I couldn't give it much more than 3 stars.
Thank you to Kerry, the pub, NetGalley for this lovely ARC in exchange for this honest review.
Sidebar note: I did have Influenza A when reading so it may have affected my ratings.
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This is book fifteen is the Jessica Daniels series and can be read as a stand-alone although after fourteen books, some things may be lost to not being a part of the veteran crew. Kerry Wilkinson provides a good domestic thriller/police procedural. It is a bit atypical of his other novels with a more familiar trope and docile plot. The characterization is typical of lead female detective as Jessica Daniels has that snarky, rough exterior. Wilkinson does offer a dual plot line that will and probably did extend an arc from previous to upcoming books in this series. An okay read. Great for a weekend escape.

Thank you to #NetGalley for this ARC of #ACryInTheNight, which was read and reviewed voluntarily.
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I'm new to the Jessica Daniel thriller series, but it really didn't mater. Kerry Wilkinson gives enough back story to get to know Jessica whilst reading A Cry In the Night. The mystery is solid with compelling characters and a very unique boy, Samuel. At times, the British slang made me pause to determine what the author was trying to convey. The mystery itself is full of twists and turns and it's very satisfying to see how the author weaves everything together. I'm looking forward to exploring more novels to learn even more about Jessica's past.
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