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In this book we meet Sadie a doctor who is married to Will, Camille a sassy younger lady who had an affair with Will and Mouse a scared 6year old. What links these 3
Sadie and her family move to look after their orphaned niece following her mother’s suicide. Sadie finds it hard to settle. The move was supposed to put their marriage back on track following her husbands affair , an issue involving her eldest son and her bear breakdown at the hospital she worked at. Her niece seems to hate her, she’s struggling to fit in in her new job and then a neighbour is murdered.
A very interesting read which kept my interest as I tried to discover not only who murdered Morgan but what the link was between the 3 main story tellers
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An absolutely fascinating thriller. I loved the premise of this book- a family moving to a remote small town, an obsessive beautiful woman following them with her sights set firmly on the husband, yet she soon becomes embroiled in something much bigger as the only witness to a horrific crime. A brilliantly woven tale, I loved it from start to finish.
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The Other Mrs by Mary Kubica is an exciting and suspense filled novel that builds the tension slowly, keeping you gripped from its very first page right through to its final, shocking conclusion. Atmospheric and with an almost claustrophobic feel, this is a book that reveals its secrets slowly, taking you on a journey of intrigue, murder and lies.

When Sadie reluctantly moves with her husband Will and two children to a tiny coastal town, she feels uneasy from the moment she steps foot inside the old house that is about to become her home. So when a local woman is found murdered, Sadie’s fears bubble over to breaking point, leaving her convinced that there’s a killer living amongst them.

And then there’s Camille. Beautiful, hot headed and obsessed with Sadie’s husband, Will. So much so that she’s followed them thousands of miles to their new home – and unwittingly becomes the only witness to an horrific crime.

What follows is a tense and gripping psychological thriller that keeps you on your toes throughout. With twists, turns and a creepiness that will make you shudder, this is an unsettling tale that I thoroughly enjoyed. The tension slowly increases as you move through the story, leading to a shocking denouement that took me completely by surprise!

Mary Kubica’s writing is second to none, bringing the claustrophobic atmosphere of this small coastal town vividly to life. The Other Mrs is an exciting psychological thriller that had me intrigued from the opening page and didn’t let go until the final, thrilling page had been turned.

Highly recommended.
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Another great book from Mary Kubica. I’ve read other books by this author this one was just as good as those. I really enjoyed the story and the characters were well thought out.
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Sadie and Will Foust have recently moved to Maine with their two children. Soon after they arrive, a murder takes place in their small town which puts everyone on edge.  Sadie, a doctor, has gaping memory lapses and becomes a suspect in the murder. If you can overlook the fact that Sadie is a practicing physician with serious mental health issues, the reader will enjoy the twists and turns in this Gone Girl/Girl on a Train like thriller.
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Sadie & Will decide to move after their fair share of problems. So they move from Chicago to Maine.
They move into a house which belonged to Will’s sister who committed suicide there. They are also guardians to their niece Imogen a very angry teen.
They have not been there long when their neighbour Morgan is murdered . 
Sadie comes under suspicion from the police so she decides to look into the murder herself
Added to the mix is a stalker
Very good read
Thanks NetGalley
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This was a mixed one for me. Started well, slowed down a little too much in the middle. But wow, that ending! Didn't predict that at all! Strong, believable characters and very tense scenes!
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Actual rating 3.5 rounded up to 4 stars.

Will and Sadie move their family to a small coastal town following the death of Will's sister as they now of custody of her daughter. As they are adjusting to their new life the murder of their neighbour is going to cause secrets to be revealed. 

This book is told from a few different POVs that are tied together in what is meant to be a shocking way. The main plot twist wasn't too shocking for me. I felt that the author had dropped a lot of clues along the way to the direction that the plot was going to take and how the POVs were going to tie together. Although that being said one of the character's involvement did surprise me. 

I did find the start of the book to be a little slow-moving however once the main plot twist was revealed the pace really picked up and became very gripping. 

I'm not sure how believable the plot is and I think that certain aspects could have been developed further. Overall this was a good read for me and I am interested to check out more from this author in the future.
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Another great read from Mary Kubica. THe perfect domestic thriller to escape into. The story is told from 3 narrators all of which have their own version of events but are intertwined and the suspense builds throughout the book. It's full of twists, a lot of which I didn't see coming and I had no idea who to believe. 
100% recommend this one!
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Mary Kubica is a new author to me so I was very eager to start reading. And it won’t be my last book of hers for sure. What a great thriller it was. 

A few weeks after Sadie and her family moved into their new house their neighbour is brutally murdered. Our protagonist finds herself drawn into the mystery and becomes desperate to discover the truth. 

It was a dark and tense crime thriller full of twists and suspense. The story is told from different points of and it was done brilliantly. The author’s writing was amazing and the unreliable characters well crafted. From the beginning I could feel the atmosphere of lies and dark secrets which added a great value to the novel. I must admit I have guessed the main twist half way through but non the less it didn’t ruin my experience. The Other Mrs was a brilliant and enjoyable read. Highly recommend.
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Oh my word what an absolutely fantastic book this was.  I was glued to this book from the first chapter. A great psychological thriller that I would highly recommend.
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loved this book - would 100% recommend and am looking forward to reading what this author writes next!
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This has got to be the best domestic thriller I have read in a very long time! Just wow, the plot twists were unreal. 

Now first off I'll admit, it took me a few chapters to immerse myself fully, it didnt click straight away BUT if there is one book this year that's worth sticking with THIS IS IT!

Such an intriguing story that once your into you will fly through.

The characters are flawless, each one written exceptionally well and they literally come alive on paper.  The locations are perfectly crafted in a way that produces the most atmospheric setting.

This book leaves you constantly guessing and then second guessing. The build up leads to the most phenomenal and unpredictable ending... you will not be disappointed!

Thrilling, complex, gripping, atmospheric, suspense, spooky, fast paced... what else could you ask for?

5* all round.

The biggest thanks to netgalley and HQ for the ARC.
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Firstly apologies for the delay in this review been live.
I have read previous books by the author and i really enjoy the style they always seem on the darker side of a thriller to me and its nice to indulge in something like that. 

Sadie and her husband Will move to a new coastal town after a family tragedy, and its the fresh start they need as Will swears the affair he was having is all behind him and this could fix them.  Sadie chooses to believe him and they set about their new life. However their new existence is threatened when a local women is murdered and Sadie becomes convinced their is a killer stuck on their little island.

Meanwhile Camille is obsessed with Will and she will travel wherever he is to be with him, even if that means moving to a new town but as she does is, she becomes the key witness to a brutal crime. But how are all these connected? 

This was bloody brilliant and whilst i will say it was a slow burner - like it took forever to get to the meat of the story, it was so worth it and when i got to it i totally understand why it was written like that.  The pace was almost leisurely in its reading experience for something so dramatic it really made the experience unique. I loved discovering all the characters and getting to know them as it all unfolded.

A fantastically different thriller - but be prepared to wait for your ending - the wait is worth every minute of reading time.

*Gifted for review*
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This is the first book I have read by Mary Kubica but I will definitely be looking up her previous novels now after reading this one. This is a great psychological thriller told from multiple POV's which had me hooked from the start and what a great twist at the end! I would recommend reading this book.
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5☆ Gripping and Very Twisty, An Unputdownable Read!

Wow what an unputdownable read!
I was gripped from the very start. A psychological crime thriller that's definitely one of my favourite reads so far this year!

Will and Sadie move their family too live in his sisters house after his sister commits suicide leaving her 16yr old daughter Imogen with no guardian.

Will is also a womanizer and a recent affair has left their marriage broken but surviving. Another reason for the move a fresh start!

But Sadie doesn't feel safe or happy in their new home! Things keep happening.
Imogen is Will's niece and she really doesn't want them there. She makes Sadie's life pretty uncomfortable.
In fact Imogen scares the crap out of me too! Lol

Otto is there youngest Son and they are also concerned with his behaviour after an incident at his old school had the police involved.

Then there is the murder of the women across the road. No one knows who killed her or why. But Will was most definitely a friend of the young mum.

Then there is Camille....the other women!
Who comes across as a lil unhinged.
Then finally there is Mouse! Who intrigued me the whole way through. I just couldn't put the pieces together as to where she fitted in.

The story is told in several points of view... Sadie, Camille and Mouse! It was done perfectly.

The Other Mrs is extremely gripping, dark, gritty and very twisty, I can honestly say for once I didn't have a scooby as to who killed the women or any of the other juicy twists. Which I adore in my thrillers I love it when I'm kept on my toes!
The characters are superbly written, gave you all the right feels and were believable. 

Would I recommend reading this gripping psychological crime thriller..... without a doubt..... 100%,..... YES!!! 

Thank you to HQ Digital for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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A page turner that is read from the point of view of three females - Sadie, Camille and Moise. The to and fro between the narrators adds to the suspense of this psychological thriller. 

Sadie and Will Foust, together with there children and their kids have recently moved to a hone they've inherited home in Maine from Chicago City. The family are looking forward to a fresh start. 
But Island living takes some getting use too, and with the death of Wills sister he has taken custody of his niece Imogen. Imogen's welcome to the family in their new home is less than to be desired. She is struggling to come to terms with her mothers death and is also growing up as a teenager. This together with a creepy new home that makes you feel on edge adds to the tension when reading. 
Throw into the mix the murder of one of their new neighbours, Morgan, and it has to be someone on the island with the ferry working only through the day. Sadie and her anxiety goes into over drive. And one more thing, the police are convinced Sadie has something to do with it. But did she? This is when the book gets intriguing and the narration between Mouse, Sadie and Cammile adds to the suspense and has your mind in a spin. 
Sadie attempts to solve the murder, but she has known memory issues. She is not sure if Will was having an affair with Morgan. Camille is obsessed with Will l, quite stalkerish and truly wants to be Sadie and be with Will. 
All three females have intertwining stories, but who murdered Morgan?
Thank you to Blogger HQ, their publishing team and Mary for our advanced copy and invite to join the blog tour.
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The Other Mrs tells the story of Sadie and Will Foust and their sons, Otto, aged 14, and seven-year-old Tate, who have recently moved from Chicago to a small island off the coast of Maine after the sudden death of Will’s sister, Alice, who suffered from fibromyalgia. Will has been given guardianship of her 16-year-old daughter, Imogen, as well as possession of Alice’s estate, a large foursquare farmhouse.

The move comes at a good time for the family: Will has been having an affair, which he assures his wife has ended, Sadie is a doctor and was forced to resign after an incident at work, and Otto was being bullied at school and, after he brought a weapon onto the premises and was facing expulsion, his parents removed from the school. They’re hoping that this fresh start will enable them to put things behind them, difficult though it will be looking after the grieving Imogen. She dresses all in black, has piercings and black hair and whitens her face with talcum powder, and is described as brooding and melancholic.

The rocky and rugged island with tall pines that they live on is small – a mile by a mile and a half wide – and isolated – only accessible by ferry – and three miles from the mainland. The settings added to the creepiness and eerieness of the story and the sense of fear and uncertainty. As Sadie comments: ‘There’s something unsettling in knowing that when the last ferry leaves for the night, we’re quite literally trapped.’

Will is a part-time adjunct professor, teaching human ecology on the mainland, while Sadie, who was an emergency room doctor in Chicago, is now working as a physician on the island.

Seven weeks after they move there, their neighbour Morgan Baines is murdered late one evening. She was found dead by her six-year-old stepdaughter. The murder does nothing to ease Sadie’s feeling of uneasiness and fear as the murderer must have remained on the island overnight, and suspicion falls on everyone, including Sadie, who was supposedly witnessed arguing with Morgan by another neighbour, George Nilsson. There’s lots of small town gossip and they aren’t very welcoming to Sadie, especially.

The story is told from the viewpoints of three characters: mainly Sadie, with insights from Camille and a six-year-old girl called Mouse, who is being abused by her stepmother. As events unfold, we learn more about the beautiful, ‘vivacious, untamable’ Camille and how she first met Will in Chicago. They didn’t get together but she remained obsessed with him and, eventually, 15 years later, she looked Will up and seduced him and they began an affair. She continued to stalk him around the city and has even followed him over a thousand miles to Maine so she can keep an eye on him.

The story is tense and creepy and there are several twists and turns and red herrings, as well as disturbing incidents. I was never really sure who to believe as most of the characters seemed rather untrustworthy and they all seemed to be unreliable narrators and hiding secrets from each other. For Morgan’s murder, I had suspicions about everyone from the local policeman, Officer Berg, to the elderly couple next door, George and Poppy Nilsson, and Morgan’s husband, Jeffrey, was obviously on the list too, despite being away on business at the time!

Even the children of the story, Imogen and Otto, were hiding things from Will and Sadie. I really felt for Imogen: she’d just lost her mum, she feels angry, abandoned and rejected, her uncle, aunt and cousins have moved into her family home and she feels that Sadie is trying to replace Alice. Will and Sadie don’t really know how to handle Imogen as they don’t know her and Sadie even admits to being scared of her, which is really sad.

As the story progresses, we learn revelations about several of the characters and all is definitely not what it seemed! The plot line was unpredictable and chilling and I didn’t guess how it was all going to unfold till very close to the end! I definitely didn’t see a lot of that coming! I thought I knew who Mouse was and how she fitted into the story but I was completely wrong.

Overall, The Other Mrs was an intriguing, atmospheric read and I enjoyed getting to know all the rather unlikeable characters. The setting of the island in Maine was really unsettling and well described and I could imagine what it was like to live there. Cleverly plotted, with numerous twists and turns and misdirection, this was a chilling, disturbing read. I’ve got another of the author’s books, The Good Girl, on my Kindle so will be checking that out soon.
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The synopsis got me drawn in immediately, I couldn’t wait to receive and start reading it. 
I got really drawn into the characters' lives, especially Mouse. Mary Kubica is really good at alternating between 3 different characters with all completely opposite personalities at such depth.

Throughout I found it quite flat (not in a bad way, because it really gets you thinking how everything is going to fit together and what the links can be). But towards the end, it's a complexion of twists and turns, one after the other, some bigger than others and it's just great! (I even had to re-read a few chapters because I was like ‘Whaaaa??’)

The only thing that I found let it down is that fact that some smaller questions never got resolved, also I would have prefered more chapters of both Camille and Mouse (but this is just a preference) 

However, I didn’t find it difficult to get into, it was an interesting, dark and compelling novel and certainly couldn't stop reading once all the pieces started slotting together.
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The Other Mrs ⭐⭐⭐/5

Today is my stop on the blog tour for this great and unsettling thriller. It was published on the 5th March so go ahead and get purchasing! 

Huge thanks to @hqstories for gifting me this one and having me on the tour. 

Sadie moves to a small town with her husband Will and two children in need of a fresh start. However the peaceful life they are hoping for is quickly shattered when a neighbour is shockingly murdered. On top of this Sadie has doubts that her husband has really ended his affair, one of the forces behind them moving. 

Then we have Camille, who really is she? A confident and beautiful character, who happens to be addicted to Will. So addicted and obsessed with an unhealthy love for him she follows the family to the new town and ends up knowing far more than she should.

The characters in this book are fantastic. You really want to get under their skin and delve into their characters to know all you possibly can about them.

I found the writing flowed and the three different perspectives that the story is told in really helps to tie the plot together. 

Atmosphere is built within this book through the isolation of the small town and the gloomy weather. A real tension builder. 

The pacing at the end definitely picks up speed. Unpredictable, the twist at the end hit me with force. I couldn't have anticipated it. 📚

Thanks again to HQ and Netgalley.
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