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St Piran's: Prince on the Children's Ward

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This book is part of a great series and reading this will make you want to finish the series. This is the story of Tasha and Alessandro and is very well written. The best things is you don’t have to read the entire collection but you will certainly want to. There is an underlying story about another couple who have their own story. This story will keep you reading from start to finish.
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As a fan of Sarah Morgan, I was thoroughly excited when Mills & Boon kindly asked me to review St Piran's: Prince on the Children's Ward.

Its about a doctor, Tasha O'Hara who fell in love with her brother's friend, Alessandro Cavalieri (who just happens to be a prince), when she was younger. The prince,  now needs a doctor and who better to take care of him than the beautiful and feisty Tasha?

However, there's history between the two and it causes some entertaining friction. 

Overall, a good read.
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An entertaining read about a children's specialist who plays nurse to a  prince she knew as a child. 
Very enjoyable and believable. 
I was given this book by Netgalley and the publisher. This is my voluntary and impartial review.
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St Piran’s: Prince on the Children’s Ward is written by Sarah Morgan and published by M&B Medical. This book has been made into a Channel 5 Festive film, Christmas with the Prince - Becoming Royal.

Tasha O’Hara is a children’s doctor, who takes the job of private nurse to for Prince Alessandro Cavalieri who was injured during a polo match. Unfortunately for Tasha, Alessandro is the one person that she made a fool of   Herself  in front of, as a teenager, osing her heart and last shred of dignity!  This is her way of getting revenge in a gentle way, forbidding alcohol, putting too much spice in his food, telling him when lights must go out etc. Can she forgive him for breaking her heart and can their love cross the chasm of nurse and prince so they can have their HEA. 

A light hearted romance that is part of the St Piran’s series but can also be read as a stand alone novel.  The revenge is humorous rather than spiteful in nature and this is an enjoyable read. 

I received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for a honest review. I am a #MillsAndBoonInsider #netgalley
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An enjoyable read set against a nicely described Cornish backdrop and ideal for a bit of escapism.  I enjoyed the story and Tasha and Alessandro worked well as couple, but having not read the other books in the series, I wasn't entirely sure where the Josh and Megan sub-plot fitted in and that storyline didn't seem to be resolved (unless it's told in another book).
Easy reading with plenty of romance.
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Written with Sarah Morgan's trademark warmth, this is a lovely, emotional romance. I loved it.

Thank you to NetGalley and to Mills & Boon Insiders for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review.
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What a fantastic read I could not put the book down I read in one sitting I was so engrossed in the story 
Fantastic characters and so well thought out the storyline I love Sarah Morgan she is a fantastic author
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A quick and enjoyable light read, I love Sarah’s books and this was no exception from her fun and heartwarming reads.  A fun and flirty story.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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St. Piran's: Prince on the Children's Ward is the eighth book in the St. Piran's Hospital series by Sarah Morgan.

I have read some pretty bad reviews about this book, and to be fair, the opinions of the reviewer in places I could see what they were talking about. BUT, that said, a book with a romance between a prince and a doctor is a fantasy and I didn't start reading it expecting full-on facts and seriousness. I think because of that I actually really enjoyed it. I didn't want perfection, I wanted a fun, sexy story and that's what I got.

In a nutshell, the doctor, Tasha, temporarily takes up a job as a private nurse to a prince, Allesandro, who has broken his ankle and a couple of ribs. She has a history with him, one where he broke her heart as a teenager. The clinching factor for taking the job she tells herself is to get revenge on him. The revenge isn't nasty, it's wickedly fun like not letting him have whisky, or putting too much chilli in his food. Light-hearted revenge that still made her feel good. I didn't want to see evil things.  Of course, during the time of her nursing him, their attraction from the past rears up bigger and better than before. Can Tasha forgive him for what happened in the past, and can they have a future when she isn't of the same class as him?

I loved their story, it was lighthearted, it made me smile and despite the fact that it wasn't perfect in some reviewers eyes, I am quite happy with what they see as flaws. I don't know if I want to watch the film when it is on TV because I have a picture in my mind already about what the characters look like and I might be disappointed with what I see on TV. For now, I will say that I am more than happy with just having read the book and I am happy to recommend it.
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Absolutely loved reading this! It has a strong female character who will not be easily led or swooned by a handsome man which is a change to a typical love story. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would love to keep reading!
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I voluntarily read this ARC for an honest review
All thoughts and opinions are mine and unbiased

A quick enjoyable read
Great story and characters
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1.5 - "Sometimes I overreact…" Star.

Not much positive to say about this one, it won’t be taking a spot in my Sarah Morgan ‘Hall of Fame’ list. With a dislikeable, immature heroine, and a bland unremarkable hero nothing really stood out, the secondary story with Josh & Megan was more interesting than theirs was.

And don’t let the cover fool you, the film that has been inspired by this book maybe Christmas themed, this book has no mention of the season in it.
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This is the third time I’ve read a Sarah Morgan book with “Prince” in its title and whilst she’s written so many books I’ve loved, there seems to be a pattern emerging in that her princes and I are not particularly compatible. 

“ …the word ‘prince’ made her think of fairy-tales.”

Having read over 40 of Sarah Morgan’s books, I do have certain expectations and this one just didn’t meet them from failing to bring a fairy-tale-feel through to a lack of quality in the writing—it may be several years old but I’ve read much older, much better and much less sexist. And as a result I haven’t a great deal positive to say thanks to a doctor who at the start was channelling some Nurse Ratched vibes, and a grumpy prince who didn’t really have much of a personality.
“I’ve grown out of the girl-meets-prince fantasy.”

It wasn’t a complete disaster and thanks to Tasha’s older brother Josh and his romantic-woes with fellow doc and true-love, Megan saving the day, and with a relationship I was 100% more invested in, Sarah has set some good foundations for Alison Roberts to run with in The Wedding.
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I love Sarah Morgan’s books and was absolutely delighted to be chosen to read and revue this title!  I had read this book when it was initially published in 2011 and had thoroughly enjoyed it then. I certainly was not bored to be rereading it and certainly enjoyed it the second time around. An enjoyable medical romance which I thoroughly recommend.
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Tanya is a doc and her patient's always come first, she is caring and when pushed against the wall she will push back harder and that is how she came to resign from her job. Josh her brother is also a doctor and he offers her a job, she is fine until she finds out it is to look after Alessandro who she has bad history with. Alessandro was in a bad accident and he is shocked when Tasha walks into his hospital room saying she will be looking after him. What will happen between them when Tasha looks after him after all the bad feelings between them years ago. I really enjoyed reading this book as it was so well written and I definitely recommend you read it.
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I think Sarah Morgan is a good writer and this is a perfectly acceptable romance but it doesn’t make me excited or engage me as much as so many others have. 

Tasha is supposed to be a mature doctor, who resigns from her job because she thinks her boss is insensitive as he won't prescribe an expensive drug.   

Sorry, the way that young doctors have to deal with problems in the NHS is incredibly challenging and the idea that someone would be stupid and irresponsible enough to resign with no job to go to just beggars belief.  To suggest that Natasha is "principled" implies that thousands of other doctors who battle their way through these problems somehow lack the principles she has!  I know romance-land demands the suspension of disbelief on so many levels but this one just threw me from the outset.  

Tasha just came across as a smug, arrogant and rather spoiled young lady not a mature professional woman. 

Then she decides to get her own back on Alessandro by first making him want her and then by leaving him still wanting her? Feeds him herbal tea instead of whiskey, adds chilli to his stir fry and undresses to tantalise him? She sounds like a 16-year-old, not a 28-year-old mature woman! 

It’s actually well written, but the plot and the character development is really poor. I also disliked the way the story of Josh and Megan intruded so much into the story. If this is intended to make me read ‘their’ book in the sequence, it failed. I really resent such cynical marketing. 

I liked Alessandro and felt he deserved better.  He was vastly underwritten but came across as a lovely guy who handled the situation badly  10 years earlier but for the right reasons.  

It’s not a bad book but I was disappointed because I have read much better from this author. 2.5 stars from me.
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I picked this book because Sarah Morgan has been a favourite author of mine for many years, but I still haven’t got to reading her early works, so this was the perfect opportunity.

I enjoyed this book, it was easy to read, and a fun romance. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that Megan and Josh’s story was left unresolved. I’m not a massive fan of royalty stories either, but the author did a good job. It passed a few hours very pleasantly.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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