Storm Cursed

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One of the best things about this series is its consistency. Storm Cursed sees new enemies arrive in the Tri-cities as well as more fae-human politics. As always, it was a solid and enjoyable installment. I like to think a good novel makes you want to re-read the whole series while awaiting the publication of the next novel and Storm Cursed certainly did that. I can honestly say that Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series is one of the best urban fantasy series in publication at the moment. The wait for Smoke Bitten will be torture.
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Really liked the story and the further exploration of all of the characters! Can't wait for more Mercedes!
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I loved this book so much and was thrilled to receive an ARC , I love Patricia Briggs and I particularly love the Mercy Thompson series. The characters are so well written and are the main thing that keeps me returning book after book, I love Mercy and Adam so much. The stories are brilliant and keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat, this is no exception and so well written, reading these books are like coming home to your family, I love them that much.

Highly recommended read.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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Wow that was an amazing story.
This was my first ever read of Patricia Briggs and I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it's number 11 in the series. I felt like I didn't need to read all the other books as this one filled you in on some of the books earlier in the series.
I truly loved the storyline, it had me in the edge of seat and guessing what was going to happen next.
The story had lots of characters some baddies and some lovable.
You can't help but love Mercy (Mercedes) or her husband Adam. But I think my favourite character was Sherwood.
The story definitely made me want to read more of the series
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I remember Mercy Thompson as a badass – and she still is ten years on. Her character is classic Urban Fantasy from back then, a woman not quite like other women who is sassy, and sarcastic and a joy to read about – And also magical, lets not forget that. I am happy to see that even this far into a series there is more to learn about her. This book slots in with the remaining series like a puzzle piece but I did think the pacing was sluggish and then when it did suddenly jump to action, it was rather short and not quite as exciting as I would have liked. However, the characters saved the book for me and I love the relationship between Mercy and Adam – so healthy! #couplegoals

However, I did go into this book looking for a meeting between the fae and the government – and the book got sort of side tracked – so the premise of the book never really came to fruition (I did love the miniature zombie goats though) and I would read this book solely for the continued building of magic and intrigue – but I did find the book much less goal orientated and more about the details. And by that I mean I didn’t see an overall plot arc. The events were staggered in a very escalator fashion, natural but slow and even when there were stakes they didn’t feel scary. So for me, the book felt more like a guide to the rest of the series – or as a ‘slice of life’ moment.

So overall I found the book entertaining. But not particularly ground breaking.
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I really enjoyed this book, plenty of drama, you learn more about characters from previous books and you see development of the other characters from the series.  I would say I'm pleased that I've read the previous books in the series, I don't think you could pick up this book and read it knowing nothing about the characters, the assumption has obviously been made this won't be your first trip into Mercy's world.
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I had not read any of the Mercy Thompson series before and l think this made the first part of the book confusing working out the characters and their place in the story. The second half really revved up and l really enjoyed the battles. 
I enjoy werewolves stories and with trolls, witches and vampires this is a story well worth persevering with. If you have read other stories in the series l think this will be a must read for you.
I was given an ARC of this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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I love the Mercy Thompson (coyote shapechanger, raised by werewolves) series, so when I say this is not one of the best, it's relative, and still gets four stars from me. Several books ago, Mercy rashly accepted responsibility for the safety of the citizens living in the werewolf pack's territory. Adam, the pack alpha and Mercy's mate is tied up with negotiations between the government and the Fae, and has also taken a contract to protect one of the senators involved. The Fae are very dangerous, but so, too, are black witches and it looks like a coven of black witches is trying to move into Elizaveta's territory. Elizaveta is the local grey witch Adam calls on when he needs a magical solution to something. There are very few white witches, grey is about the best Adam can hope for, but he and Mercy get a shock when they discover Elizaveta's secret. There are two main strands to this story, but the world is now so full and complex that even for a regular reader, it seems a bit messy. Several problems (some of them ongoing from previous books) are woven into this story. I enjoyed it, but not quite as much as earlier ones. This is certainly not a starting point for anyone new to the series. I recommend starting from the beginning with Moon Called.
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I'm not going to lie, I accidentally requested this book. Now I am very aware of Patricia Briggs and the Mercy Thompson series because my wife loves them and has on numerous occasions tried to get me to start reading them, though I've always politely declined. There's no particular rationale behind this apart from the fact I am, at times, a book snob. But I'm a man of my word and so having been sent it, I'm going to read it … even though it's book 11, and I've not read 1 - 10.

Having finished the book has it changed my perception of the series? Does it make me want to start from the beginning?

Yes and yes!!

My plan is to post the below review on Goodreads 2 weeks prior to paperback release I also would enjoy posting a video review and discussion on why I think I've overlooked this series, following it up with a review of book 1.


This book, and by definition the series is not what I was expecting, at all. Evidently I haven't given it even a fraction of the respect it truthfully deserves. Jumping in at book 11 is both a blessing and a curse (just a little white magic curse mind you) in that there is so much world and story that has been created and exists around this instalment, but it's fragmentary and much of it is out of grasp. This obviously isn't a negative nor an issue with the book it's solely because I'm joining the ride so much later and at this point there's only one seat in the Jetta rather than the two when everybody else started.

The world reminds me a lot of the film Bright, a much under appreciated film, in that it has the fantasy/magical species but also that it is a gritty, violent and morally ambiguous world. It also reminds me a lot of Sons of Anarchy with the MC like closeness of the werewolf pack surrounded by the shifting alliances with other groups who have their own agendas.

The strength for me in the book were the characters who all felt unique to themselves and authentically part of their own 'affiliations'. Interaction between the characters was very good and it did feel like everyone had their own relationships and history with everyone else. Particularly enjoyable were how tense, fragile and fearful some of the interactions felt particularly between Mercy and the various vampires.

Mercy is a very strong, likeable character and extremely believable because while she is supremely competent there are some flaws and weaknesses running through her steel. This makes her a well rounded, fleshed out and ultimately believable character.

The writing itself is good, characters are described very well and the dialogue has the right balance of sass and serious which makes it sound like real life speech. Where it needs to be the writing is tense, and where there's action the writing is fast and punchy.

When Mercy and Sherwood investigate the witches house was a particular highlight. It was some dark intense writing and it was at that point I thought 'Yeah Patricia Briggs is really rather good'.

There were some issues I felt in the book, the plot for example felt a little drawn out and the build up was a little slow. While there were a few set pieces in the early and middle of the book it didn't feel as though a great deal happened beyond meetings and dialogue. But once it hit 70% it all, as they say, booted off! 

Environmental details were a little lacking and I had difficulty visualising some of the environments, but there weren't a great many visited so perhaps that's why it stood out to me.

The only other point was that throughout the book black magic wielding witches were portrayed as being super, super powerful but come the end they felt a little underwhelming.

But my overall take away of Storm Cursed is that that the book is well written, engaging and extremely rich in thought and endeavour. Some other reviews I have seen of this book suggest it's not the strongest of the series and that really makes me want to start from the beginning, and get the earlier books under my belt.

Final review - A very strong 3/5
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Storm Cursed is the 11th book in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series. The plot threads and characters arcs from prior books and pull in and though it takes them in unexpected direction, everything makes sense with each new novel.
This book is a fascinating read and it kept me glued to my chair. I can’t wait for futures books from this author. The story is very well written and the character are fully developed.
Arc generously provided via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this book!  am a huge fan of all the Mercy Thompson books. Every time I get my hands on a new Mercy Thompson book, I devour it. These stories really are gifts and I love each one.
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Another great book in the series, I love how Mercy and Adams relationship is do well developed and there is always a fabulous storyline that draws you in and keeps you turning the pages to find out what happens next.
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This book felt much darker than previous books. Black Witches are causing big problems and it's up to the pack and Mercy to try and solve this cluster of trouble. It's one of the stronger books in the series and I liked how this was back at home for them.

There is .a lot of new lore sewn with this book and you get to see players old and new in Mercy's world. The direction everything is heading makes me believe something big is on the horizon!

Enjoyed it a lot, good read!
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I requested this ARC thinking it was a new one but I already reviewed it :)
Below my review:
Ms Briggs can surely write a book that will keep you reading till late in the night.
It was the first I read in this series and I was hooked after a few pages and couldn't put it down.
Even if it's not the first in this series I didn't find hard to understand the plot and the characters even if I'm curious about a troll on a bridge.
This book is brilliant, fun to read and engaging. It has everything I expect from a good urban fantasy.
It's well written, the cast of characters is likable and fleshed out, the plot is amazing, fast pace and full of twists and turns.
I will surely look for the other books in this series because I want to understand what happened before and read other very good books like this one.
Highly recommended!
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Every Mercy Thompson book is better than the last and this is no exception. This is one of my favourite paranormal series of all time.
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NB This is a repeat review, i got so excited seeing the book i missed that its the one I already have and not the new one....but still, like the rest, worth a re-read, several of them in fact for me ;-) 

Storm Cursed, A Mercy Thompson novel, Patricia Briggs

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Sci-fi and Fantasy

My all time favourite fantasy author, others come close but she's still Queen of Fantasy for me, so when I saw this I just had to request it. 
I've read and reread all the books multiple times and even now find things I've missed on previous readings. Its a fabulous series, and unlike some that go on to become long running but tired, its still as fresh as the first one. 
Each story is complete but part of a long term story arc. 

What I love about good authors is the way they bring in what I think of as story seeds, the little hints that are easy to miss, that become part of bigger plots further down the line, sometimes books later. 
Sherwood Post is one of those, we met him a few books back, he's grown in person as we meet him more and he plays a big part in this book. Being a fellow leg amputee I have a real soft spot for him, and it was great to slowly see more of him in this story. 
He's had a tangled history with witches, can't recall his past but retains an awful lot of instinctive fear about witchcraft, so its probably a psychiatric issue more than physical one but who knows? The brain is a curious organ. Where usually werewolves can regrow body parts, his leg presumably was spelled in some way and hasn't regrown. I feel for his struggles, and although he has a below knee amputation and mine is most of my leg his struggles are real. Patricia clearly either knows someone like this or has done research because unlike in so many books ( Horse Whisperer anyone?) Sherwood's physical issues with his missing limb and prosthesis are genuine. I know, having struggled over the same things. In fact when he talks about his socket for his prosthetic I knew exactly what he meant, it was suggested as possibly suitable for me by a doctor in the early days, and though my prosthesist disagreed he made one anyway, so I could try and he was right. It was incredibly comfortable and perfect for those only missing below knee, but for people like me the weight of a whole limb was too much, and it just wouldn't stay on :-( I love that Patricia didn't just give Sherwood a false limb, but made it the right sort for him. Small touches but those are what make her books so incredible to read for me. I can believe in them, can believe in the weird and wonderful types of folk she dreams up. 

Once more its am amazing story, full of suspense and yet lightened with touches of humour ( nudge!!). I love that she brings in so many parts of past stories, and weaves them seamlessly with the current one. So here we've Mercy and the wolves still dealing with her perhaps rash proclamation, but the right thing to do, offering protection to the inhabitants of the Tri-cities. That brings in everyone in this story, the Pack, Elizaveta and her family, the vampires, and of course the Fae, including my much admired Zee and Tad. Zee's actions here reminded me very much of his earth affinity that allowed Mercy and the others into Underhill several books back. I enjoy that kind of continuity.
Wulfe is in this story a lot towards the end and I'm kind of confused about how I feel over him. He's a real mix, we've seen his seemingly uncaring, blase attitude to his menagerie, and to humans in general, his lack of loyalty to the seethe possibly in the Frost book, or maybe he was playing a long game, his strange abilities as the Wizard, and yet he seems to have a thread of doing the right thing running through. Is it because of morals ( unlikely) or just that it appeals to his sense of fun, his fondness for causing change, stirring things up? A bit like Coyote you never quite know whats behind their mechanisms. I guess its part of that long, hundreds- maybe thousands- of years of life, they like entertainment to relieve the ennui that affects some. 

Mercy, well, I've loved her character right from the start, overlooked so, so often by Wolves, Witches, Fae and humans, yet she's incredibly intelligent, with the strong sense of morals that guides her, and somehow gets others doing whats right. Adam ( swoon) has always seen her value though, and respects her even while he's terrified for her as she veers into life changing difficulties. He knows that while he's love to keep her wrapped up safely away from danger that's not who she is, and their relationship would suffer so he respects her decisions and always has her back. 
I hope she and the others have got lots more stories to come, this world Patricia has created and its evolution can take much more yet before the story gets old. 

Stars: five of course. Another riveting read, taking me on a wonderful journey into another world. A book to get lost in, to leave reality for a few hours and immense myself in the Tri-cities and its inhabitants.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publisher
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