The Secret Garden Cookbook, Newly Revised Edition

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This would be a nice cookbook for anyone who loved reading The Secret Garden. It is a cute idea and gives you a bit of backstory to the recipes which I see as being very classic British. Unfortunately I didn't find much originality in the recipes especially ones for a pot of tea so it's more a novelty cookbook then a practical cookbook as I've seen many of these recipes before.
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What an absolutely charming cookbook and companion to the Secret Garden! The recipes are simple and good. We made the mulligatawny soup and enjoyed it. Although people make fun of English cooking, I like it, but so often the recipes are in English measurements which are not the same as American measurements. Here are simple, doable dishes along with quotes from the book and interesting facts. I like the poppy decorations too. They are appropriate to the WW1 era of the novel. I received a free edition of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review, then I bought my own hard copy edition of the book
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I really enjoyed looking over the recipes in "The Secret Garden Cookbook" by Amy Cotler. 
I would like to thank the publisher for giving me a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is such a jolly, English cookbook. String out the bunting and dust off the picnic blanket because you're about to have the best tea party of your life.

The author has gathered a selection of 50 of the most quintessential recipes that will whisk you off to Frances Hodgson-Burnett's Secret Garden. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me read an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing another cookbook by Amy Cotler, The Little Women Cookbook. This series of cookbooks is based on recipes and foods that the characters of these books might have eaten or that the book mentioned. The Little Women Cookbook was a finalist in the Goodreads' Choice Awards for 2019. Now we have The Secret Garden Cookbook full of new and delicious recipes to try - and try them I did!!

I've been baking "biscuits" since I was a tiny girl - young, not skinny, I've never been skinny. These, however, are far and away the best that I've ever made or eaten!! Okay, so their official name is "Savory Muffins Spiked with Cheese," but I call them AMAZING. If you live in the US and have eaten the Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits then you will love this recipe! I've tried every "knock off" recipe on Pinterest and they all failed. We baked these and TADA - the best cheddar cheese biscuit - ever!

There are recipes for a Proper Pot of English Tea, Cucumber Sandwiches for your garden party and so many puddings among them Sticky Toffee Pudding and Yorkshire pudding. Some of you may bake these on a regular basis but just try finding a good recipes for these here in the US. It can't be done! My favorite, however, was The Best Sticky Gingerbread Parkin! My friends, you have not tasted a proper gingered bread until you have tasted this! It is was to die for and absolutely perfect for cold winter nights!

There are simply too many recipes to name them all but I can assure you, as someone who owns a Bed and Breakfast, this is a must own cookbook for those who love to bake as well as anyone who loves The Secret Garden!
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I've always appreciated it when an author mentions food in their books especially when it finds its way scattered throughout a read, taking pleasure in imagining not only what the food looks like but how it would taste as well.  The Secret Garden has always been a favored classic for me so I was excited to see what all a cookbook about this magical read would include.  I soon found myself immersed in this delightful cookbook, filled with the foods I've found myself imaging every time I peruse it. The wonderful thing about this compilation of recipes is it gives me the chance to bring those wonderful pleasures to life.  For people who enjoy the written word as well as having a love for cooking/baking this is a definite must read for you.  It brings to life the book that so many enjoy and have fallen in love with but through the language of food.  There were so many recipes that I wanted to try so I picked out a handful of my favorites.  I've heard of Crumpets before but have never actually had one so I new it was a must to try and I can say it turned out well and tasted delicious.  I look forward to making them in the future.   Currant Buns were another this g I was familiar with but had never tried, this recipe is a new favorite for me, I've actually made it several times since reading the book.  You'll soon want to have a tea party of your own so you can bring some wonderful creations to life.  This lovely read not only taught me some new things but kept the original book in my mind throughout.  It definitely added to my experience of The Secret Garden.
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A very sweet (ha) collection of recipes inspired by The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic children's book about a young orphan who moves from India to Yorkshire. Interesting tidbits about the origin of various recipes, as well as context from the book. I only wish there were more photos (I like a picture with every recipe), but there are some photographs, as well as adorable watercolor embellishments. Would be a fun cookbook for parents and children to work through together, or anyone who enjoys a good English tea.
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I loved this book. I think it’s a great cookbook to have especially after you have actually read The Secret Garden. All the recipes actually sounded pretty good and I liked the little historical tidbits that came with each one.
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4.5 Stars

The Secret Garden Cookbook by Amy Cotler is such a fun companion to Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. There are so many unique and interesting recipe ideas that are all connected to the classic children’s story. The book is so much more than a book of recipes, as it contains historical facts, quotes from the story, and beautiful images.

Recipe books that are based off of my all-time favourite childhood stories are quickly becoming some of my most treasured books. The Secret Garden Cookbook is one that really immerses you into the world of Mary and Dickson. There are so many descriptions of food in the novel that this book really pulls the themes and the ideas behind Frances Hodgson Burnett’s writing together.


Cotler has divided the recipe book into sections that fit with the novel and would really make perfect extension activities to a lesson plan for the classroom or at home. Each section includes a bit of history from the era of the story, beautiful illustrations, and a quote from the book that fits with the recipes. The offerings include:

Yorkshire Breakfasts

A Manor Lunch

An English Tea

From the Kitchen Garden

Dickson’s Cottage Food

A Taste of India

Garden Picnics


I was most drawn to the recipes for An English Tea, as Cotler provides instructions for a Proper Pot of tea and Warm Cranberry Scones With Orange Glaze. The instructions were simple and and easy to follow, providing some tasty results. Definitely a book that will inspire some young chefs to create some of the food featured in the story.

If you, or someone you know, is a fan of The Secret Garden, this is one book to add to your collection. It is such a pretty book that is packed full of interesting information and food ideas to accompany the story. It will help make the wait for the new film a little bit easier as well!
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I love The Secret Garden, particularly for its descriptions of food and the range of gardens full of produce, so when I saw this book title I was keen to read it.

This was a charming book full of facts about traditional Yorkshire fare and very short snippets from the original novel amongst wonderful homely recipes to reflect life at the time of writing. 

Split into chapters around different themes such as breakfast, summer picnics and a taste of India, we are taken back to the well known story and the foods that would have been so familiar to the children. Each chapter begins with an explanation of the traditions and available produce during the 19th Century and the recipes are accompanied by photographs of delicious looking food and drink. I can't wait to find the time to give some of these recipes a go!

I received an eARC of this book from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Has a great deal of context and history. I was hoping that it would be a bit longer and the food photography did not seem up to par with other cookbooks I've read. Almost would have preferred the food to be illustrated.
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The Secret Garden Cookbook: Newly Revised Edition is a charming cookbook, full of lovely food photography, whimsical illustrations, and lots of historical context for the recipes being offered. I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as The Little Women Cookbook, probably due to both preferring that original book better and also to feeling like the recipes were more closely tied to the original text of the novel. With The Secret Garden Cookbook, the author gave plenty of context for why the included recipes would have been appropriate to the story, and I really enjoyed the cultural and food history of the time and place in which The Secret Garden is set. But I didn’t feel like the book mentioned many of the recipes specifically, so making a themed cookbook from the original story was a bit of a stretch. It could as easily have been a cookbook about the food of several novels set in this time and place. So basically, it was interesting reading, but didn’t blow me away. Additionally, the text, at least in the advanced digital copy I received from NetGalley, was small black lettering on a white background, and not particularly easy on the eyes.

I am also sad because, as befits recipes from this era and region, there’s not many of them that would suit my dietary restrictions. You will find hardly any gluten free recipes, and most recipes are also heavy on animal products. While I’d love to try a jam roly-poly, I just don’t think it’s going to happen for me. I did find two recipes I’d like to try, a raspberry vinegar (similar to our modern vinaigrette, but thicker and sweeter, and apparently used as a common condiment at the time) and pease pudding. but not much else. Many of the rest sounded tasty, and I don’t want to discourage someone who is truly an omnivore from checking this cookbook out. But if you have dietary restrictions on gluten, dairy, meat, or eggs, I wouldn’t suggest reading this book in search of useful recipes.

Instead, read it for the historical tidbits. They really could be fascinating, from the varying diets of the social classes and ages, to gardening and cooking practices among the social classes. I was especially struck by the mention of an ochre-red liquid being placed on the tops of garden walls that would stain the hands of anyone who climbed over the wall, to keep out hungry or mischievous intruders. I presume this is where the phrase “caught red-handed” got its origin.

In short? This is a charming little cookbook, and a quick fascinating glimpse of culinary and gardening and social life in the era and region of The Secret Garden. If you read it with that in mind, prepared for a lovely and interesting book, I think you will enjoy it too.

Thank you to #NetGalley for giving me access to an #advancedcopy of #TheSecretGardenCookbookNewlyRevisedEdition . This is my honest opinion.
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Adding this beautiful addition to my bookish cookbook collection! The Secret Garden was one of my favorite books to read while I was growing up, and this cookbook definitely brings back the magic! Such creative and fun recipes, inspired me to have a tea party with my niece.  With so many recipes, there's something in here for everyone, although the desserts are my favorite options. A wonderful treat for fans of the story!
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Amy Cotler’s The Secret Garden Cookbook is a charming themed cookbook filled with easy and yummy recipes. The book’s lovely layout is great and I love the well-written historical and cultural information about the Victorian era. I like the full-colour pictures but I wish there were more and that they were more relevant to the theme. 

What a fun cookbook! The book is divided into seven chapters: Yorkshire Breakfasts, A Manor Lunch, An English Tea, From the Kitchen Garden, Dickon’s Cottage Food, A Taste of India, and Garden Picnics. I love the variety of dishes! There are recipes for dinner, breakfast, drinks, snacks, condiments, lunch, and teatime. Cotler shows us how to make currant buns and fruit lassi as well as a proper pot of tea. I cannot wait to try making brandy snap lace cookies, bacon and cilantro pancakes, and Yorkshire pudding! The recipes are clearly written and feature familiar and accessible ingredients. I especially like that the dishes seem easy and that they do not feature an extensive ingredient list. 

The cute page designs are fun and colourful. But, I really wish they had featured throughout. I like the beautiful and bright full-colour pictures but they are a little generic. They are also very modern and seem as if they could belong to any contemporary cookbook. I wish the pictures were more interesting and more relevant to the theme. Furthermore, a few more pictures of the dishes would really enhance this book. 

I love the little snippets from The Secret Garden book that are included throughout. I loved reading about the culture and food of Victorian England. It is especially fascinating to learn about the eating habits and daily activities of the rich and poor people of that era. Cotler’s writing is presented in a brief, easy-to-read, and interesting format. Her style is so simple and approachable that I learned a lot of information very quickly and without feeling overwhelmed. 

The Secret Garden Cookbook is a wonderful recipe collection. This is a perfect gift for fans of The Secret Garden, those who love literary cookbooks, or simply anyone who loves food! I love literary cookbooks and I cannot wait to get my own copy of this lovely collection!  

💮💮💮💮 ½ flowers out of 5!
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With 50 recipes related to this favorite children’s book, Amy Cotler has dedicated her revised selections to “good appetite, good food and good health.” I loved the overall visual appeal of the book. The recipe pictures look tasty and I found the other graphics simply charming and very well fitting to the theme of this cookbook. As for the recipes, there is a nice variety included. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweets are all covered. Plus you get recipes that are specific to an English, tea, from the garden, cottage foods, picnic pleasers and even a section that provides a taste of India.
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I thought that this was a very good cookbook. This is a particularly excellent choice for a cookbook collector or a devoted fan of The Secret Garden book. I loved the overall visual appeal of the book. The recipe pictures look tasty and I found the other graphics simply charming and very well fitting to the theme of this cookbook. As for the recipes, there is a nice variety included. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweets are all covered. Plus you get recipes that are specific to an English, tea, from the garden, cottage foods, picnic pleasers and even a section that provides a taste of India. Some of my favorite recipes are the warm cranberry scones with orange glaze, the Cornish pasties, the little sausage cakes and the lemon curd tartlets.
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The Secret Garden was one of my most beloved books in my childhood and this cookbook brought back so many wonderful  memories. I was pleased to see recipes for dozens of dishes that Mary & Colin enjoyed, especially the one for Dickon’s Fire Roasted Potatoes & Eggs inspired by the novel’s Chapter 24.  Pickup a copy of this gem, cook some of these dishes to share with your little one while they’re simultaneously discovering the wonders of Frances Hodgson Burnett‘s world of The Secret Garden.
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A lovely book with wonderful illustrations, quotes from The Secret Garden and great recipes inspired by the book.
It was an excellent read and I want to try some of the recipes.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Such a beautiful cook book, each page invites you in and makes you want to try all the recipes. As a huge fan of the secret garden I was so interested to read this and I really wasn’t disappointed at all.  Recipes are well presented, easy to follow with very clear instructions.  It’s broken down into chapters that include areas such as Yorkshire Breakfasts, A Manor Lunch, An English Tea and From the Kitchen Garden plus more. This book and recipe really emote the world of a Secret Garden and if you’re a fan I really recommend this, if you’re not a fan it’s still a really great attractive cook book.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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The Secret Garden (1993) is a movie that I found comforting yet vaguely scary to watch as a child - it being a gateway piece of gothic media, I guess- and I loved the novel once I read is as an adult, then with an all-new perspective of the story. So, being a massive fan of Mrs. Crocombe, I of course I would dip right into a cookbook with recipes either found inside or inspired by the novel that is the epitome of coziness to me. Almost every page provides trivia and simplified insights into the culinary world and household customs of 19th century Britain, including tea traditions, so-called Anglo-Indian cuisine, and picnic suggestions. With adorable illustrations and mostly beginners' level dishes, it's a cute present idea for children who are just experiencing their Victorian period drama phase (I wasn't the only one, was I?).
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