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I am a huge fan of ARR but I love this series! 

What an amazing story! Loved it from start to finish. Funny, emotional and captured my attention from the first page. I loved the Disney references and just wished I too could meet a Gaston!

This book was perfect. Persistence pays, and Gaston is determined! I waited with baited breath, for him to make his move, because I knew it would be amazing! This story left me with a smile on my face, and gladness in my heart.
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Aurora has done it again. Easiest five stars I think I’ve given to one of her books besides Until December. If you know me well, then you know I can never get enough of how ARR writes such easy romance. I love that there is hardly any angst. LOVE IT!

Chrissie and Gaston falling in love was so simple and flowed so well. It was easy and had so many moments that made me smile and swoon. For me, it doesn’t really any get better than that.  I have no idea why this should be a surprise though everything she touches is golden.
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ARR has done it again!!! I don't know how she keeps coming up with all these wonderful amazing books!!! And the Alphas name Gaston oh I loved it especially when his dog came in the picture!!!! And I was so happy this was Chrissie book. Part of this book absolutely broke my heart. But other parts made me swoon,made me laugh and made me just overall happy.  And I would highly highly recommend this book or any book by Aurora!!! -By Tina
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A super sweet and cute book! 
I liked Chrissie in the first book and was looking forward to her book and get to know her Hero! I really liked Gaston and he was the perfect hero for her! 
The complication in the story was short and easily resolved! So less of an angst in the relationship part of the couple.
But overall it was a rather sweet and quick read for your usual downtime!
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Romance is my jam this one was just okay djdndjjjjjjjejdjdjdjsjhsjsjsjsjshshsn shshshshhshshshhhhhshshshshshshhshs
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I've seen books by Aurora Rose Reynolds lot on bookstagram, so I was really excited to pick Baiting Him up! This was my first book by the author, and I must say, I'm really impressed! 💙
Gaston & Chrissie's story was so enjoyable to read! I couldn't keep the book down at all. I loved the author's writing style. She has the ability to fully engage readers into the storyline. Can't wait to read more books by her! 
4/5 🌟 Thanks to the publisher for the e-arc.
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Hot sexy business owner Gaston is attracted to Chrissie from the minute he walks into the room and finds her invading a space she shouldn't be in.  Avoiding him from there isn't an easy thing to do once he has set his mind to getting to know her better.

This book is hot, sexy and such a fun story.  Gaston and Chrissie have amazing chemistry and there are so many interesting characters in this book that it had me wishing the story wouldn't end..
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5 star

I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, sweet love, suspense, and secrets.

Before reading this story please read the below books first
Catching Him (How to Catch an Alpha #1)

This is Chrissie and Gaston’s story. Chrissie just does not have time for men and all the compilations they bring. She has enough on her plate with her bakery. But Gaston sees her and knows he wants her. He is going to have to work for her though as she is going to fight him on this. As they get closer someone is not happy about that and is willing to show and take down anyone in the way. Can he protect Chrissie and also get her to fall all the while fighting the danger that surrounds him?

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read.

I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from this author.
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I’ve read much of the authors work. I think the author has an amazing writing style that quickly captivates the reader into reading more. Found myself finishing this book quickly and happy I picked this one up
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'No one looks like Gaston. No one cooks like Gaston. No one refuses to read a good book like Gaston'

Those few words (that I sang to the tune!) after a bathroom incident, set the scene on Gaston's pursuit of Chrissie, the fall and the drama that unfolds. And it was wonderful!

Another great, short hit from this author.
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A feel-good story that has Gaston “Gus” a successful owner of three bars having to tell women no thank you when they make a pass at him, if he so chooses. He is at one of his bars one night where a bachelorette party is taking place when he hears her voice and then spots Chrissy, who also is a business owner. She owns sweet spot a bakery. When he goes to introduce himself and would like to get to know her better, she declines. That is something that does not happen to him, Gus is not used to having a woman say no to him.
  Wanting to get to know her he begins with showing up at her bakery every day. He has to come up with ways to get her to interact with him and lower her shield in order to let him in. he is wanting to get to know her for he feels a connection to her and he thinks she feels it as well.
    This is really a nice story with very little drama just a good story with good characters. Overall a good book.
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This was a delightful addition to the series. I really enjoyed my time with it and found the story to just be sweet and fluffy. It has mandatory drama that all of Aurora Rose Reynolds books but it really hit the spot. 

Also I really want cupcakes now.
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Super cute story of Gaston and Chrissie... 
Chrissie had everything as far as her dream except her love life.  As a maid of honor to her best friend, she was doing her best to keep the party going.  While sitting at a bar waiting for her drink, super sexy man starts conversation with her but it wasn't friendly conversation since she let a little secret regarding restroom situation. She didn't give into his charm and his looks, he called on him on his BS.  
Gus never expected to meet someone who called on him. She was very different and he couldn't her of his mind and he was trying to woo her by sending biggest bouquet to her bakery but she hasn't responded back to her.  It's driving him crazy and he is willing to win her.  
Chrissie wasn't sure but once she finds his name Gaston, she is relating him to "Beauty and the Beast" villain.  However, their conversation flows smoothly and he is more than she expected.  Plus he is excellent cook and lives in same building as he does.  
Everything goes so well for both.  Who doesn't love a little pub named "LeFou".  Gaston is every women dream but Chrissie's parents situation is not helping her.  But he comes to rescue her and loves her.  Who doesn't love that.  
It was super cute story.  I think every women deserves their own Gaston.  It was perfect romance story for anyone who loves HEA.  
Thanks to Montlake publishing and Netgalley for my ARC in exchange for honest review.
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Baiting Him was a good, easy to read, insta-love story. It was just the story I needed to read, light banter that made me smile and laugh, little angst, and not alot of drama. The characters are so sweet together. Chrissie works hard at her bakery, she puts others before herself, and Gaston was just the man to see to her needs. I liked that past characters from previous books were in the story. Looking forward to the third book in the series.

I received this from Netgalley.
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I don't even know where to start! I was hooked from the first page, and could do nothing but laugh with the names! Gaston. Chrissie. The dog. It's an insta love romance, Gaston pursues chrissie when he sees her at his club. It was such a sweet short read, but I was pulled in from the beginning! You definitely dont want to miss out on reading this book! And read the first book first, since these characters make their appearance in it!
I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book.
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You know what they say about great expectations, right? Well, I don’t know what they say, but I know that going into a book with them is a risk. In this case, after reading the blurb for Baiting Him -and having read my fair share of ARR’s books- I was definitely expecting something else.

We get the usual set up (which I don’t mind in the least) where the hunky and successful Gaston lays eyes on the sweet and wonderful Chrissy and after talking to her he knows she’s it for him.

Gaston was set on pursuing Chrissy, and even though he was all possessive and protective I found the fact that he kept “giving her time” to acclimate to the idea of them as a couple quite weird. I mean, I was expecting OTT-warp-speed.

I found Chrissy very hard to connect to. I felt her issues were out of proportion to her reality, making her border on dramatic to me. I’m not a big fan of dramatics, and her daddy issues drove me to violence, I mean you’re an adult, deal with the divorce! Ok, so it was a bit more complicated than that, but sheesh!

We still get the romance, and the sexiness and the “I want you in my house” stuff I love so much about these books, but the “danger” aspect fell completely flat for me. It felt forced and ended up detracting from the storyline rather than adding more depth to the plot.

While not my favorite book by the author, I still had fun and enjoyed my time with these characters. Will Baiting Him go to my re-read list? Nope. But I still love Ms. Reynolds’s books and I will continue to read her romances.
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We met Chrissie in the first book in the series. She owns a successful bakery and doesn't make time foe herself. She has put dating on the back burner to focus on her business. She meets a handsome club owner and things start to change for her. Gaston doesn't take no for an answer he is very persistent and goes after what he wants. 

These two have great chemistry are perfect for each other  I was so glad when Chrissie finally gave Gaston a chance. This was a fun fast paced read. I really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to more of Aurora Rose Reynolds work.
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This was a cute and easy read. I felt like something was missing but the book was enjoyable. I will continue to read the rest of the series.
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If this author writes a new book, I am one clicking faster than my fingers can move sometimes.  A total go-to author because I know she won't let me down when I need my alpha - male fix.  And this story was no different.  I absolutely loved how Gaston went after Chrissie and made sure he got the girl.
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Baiting Him was such an amazing story that I'm still sitting here trying to figure out how the hell I came to the How to Catch an Alpha series party late?! Like I'm one book in, and I'm here for the rest. Gaston is the owner of 3 very successful bars, and has no problem with women, even when they making huge advances. However, the night he comes across Chrissie at one of his bars, it knocked his world for a loop. Even better, she actually deflects his advances as she tells him to leave her alone. She's a 33 year old business owner who hasn't had luck in the picking of men department, so she's perfectly fine going through life alone at this point. Plus, she works all day, 7 days a week in her bakery, The Sweet Spot, so even if she wanted a relationship, she has no free time. The only reason she was at Gaston's bar that night, was because they were celebrating her bestie almost being married. It's not that she wasn't affected by him, because they had some serious sparks, but she was convinced he was a player. As they're navigating through what fate wants them to do, there's someone in Gaston's life who isn't about to let him go to another woman. That made for some great twists which allowed for f-bomb dropping (my favorite), so this was the trifecta of perfect in my eyes. So, if you want to know how it all panned out, you'll have to actually one click on Baiting Him to find out! HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL!
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