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Julia Rothman's Anatomy series takes a deep dive with this latest addition: Ocean Anatomy.  From the shoreline, to the layers of the ocean, to all its various inhabitants, Ocean Anatomy takes its readers on a delightful journey of discovery.  A wonderful mix of colorful illustrations, informational diagrams, and engaging content, Rothman's newest book has something for everyone.

I've never had the privilege of owning one of Rothman's books so I wasn't sure what to expect.  But Ocean Anatomy blew away any preconceived ideas I had.  Although marketed as a children's book, this latest additional would surely appeal to audiences of all ages.  The informational goes beyond introductory without being overwhelming, and the illustrations are a mix of whimsy and scientific accuracy.  This would make a wonderful addition to any home library, with particular appeal to homeschooling families.

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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Julia Rothman’s collection of illustrated compendiums on various subjects have a following among this bookseller’s clients and friends. This one in facets of ocean life is not an exception. The single-page  treatment on each topic is accessible and engaging to readers of many ages and the book as a whole offers knowledge and entertainment regardless of one’s familiarity with the subject matter. A great gift idea!
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This is such a cute way to introduce marine life to children. I want to use this book with my 3rd and 10th grade children. The illustrations are beautiful, and the information is not overwhelming. It is a nice introduction to underwater life. Short and sweet. Great jumpstart for research project.
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This is another book that I would really purchased for myself or for my kids (one day when I have one). It is a very educational book that would really teach you SO MUCH. I know Julia Rothman has other titles on this series, and I highly recommend you to pick it up if you have kids or if you're looking for a gift.
It's amazing, full of color. It is clear and to the point. It makes learning so much more fun! 

Oh Julia! How I adore your work!
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My thanks to Storey Publishing for a temporary digital edition via NetGalley of ‘Ocean Anatomy’ written and illustrated by Julia Rothman in exchange for an honest review. It’s available in ebook format now and will be published in paperback on 1 May.

This book is subtitled: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the World under the Sea. While the art suggests that it is intended for a young readership, it is a book on nature that it is suitable for all ages. 

It provides a wealth of information about the oceans, shorelines, and a wide variety of marine life from the microscopic to gigantic. It also considers the impact of climate change, pollution, and other threats to the oceans and its inhabitants.

Aside from all the information, the art is amazing. Every page has new delights to discover. It concludes with lists of recommended reading as well as selected resources and bibliography. 

I found it beautifully illustrated throughout. It’s a book that would make a lovely gift and one that I would hope to see on public and school library shelves. 

This is the fourth in her Anatomy series. The other titles are Nature Anatomy, Food Anatomy, and Farm Anatomy. They all look fab!

I expect that I will buy my own physical copy in due course.

Highly recommended.
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Ocean Anatomy is touted as a stunning, all-encompassing nonfiction read tailored specifically towards those of a younger age and it proves to be a comprehensive, accessible and riveting whilst educational. It is thoroughly entertaining and this coupled with the fact that it captures your attention with intriguing facts and figures and more in-depth information make it a must-read for everyone who is interested in our vast oceans. In some ways, I feel that the publishers have very much sold themselves short as this is not only a book for youngsters to thoroughly enjoy but it holds the exact same merits when it comes to adult readers who will appreciate it a lot more than perhaps they expected when reading it alongside a child; I learned a lot and loved every second of it.

It covers pretty much every topic regarding our oceans that you could imagine and is not only wonderfully interesting and breathtaking from the first page but bright, vibrant and visually stimulating too. Because of this, I feel strongly that it is one of the best children nature books I have ever come across and is worth every bit of the modest price tag. This is part of a superb series, and I am now eager to pick up the rest of them. These are books for parents and children to marvel at together and a benchmark for all similar books striving to whet the appetite for reading early on in life and igniting an intense spark of passion for the natural world and our earthly environment in young hearts and minds. A detailed, thrilling and absolutely delightful book. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Storey Publishing for an ARC.
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This was decently interesting - I shared bits with my almost 7 year old as I read and she enjoyed the information and was able to read most of it. My biggest complaint is the fonts chosen - I'm unsure if it was just in the epub form and would be fine in a physical book, but I had a very hard time reading it. I asked her about that font and she said it was pretty, but that she couldn't read it because she isn't great at decoding cursive-like fonts yet. I'd like my child to be able to find information and peruse the book at her leisure, as well as be read to, and that made it difficult. I love the idea of something like this, and I would probably borrow it from the library, but I'm unsure if it's one we would choose to own.
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I really thought this was adorable. Nice information and pictures about the ocean. Would definitely gift to someone .
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Rothman's Anatomy series is a favorite among our patron's and this new release will be no different. It is an excellent resource and the graphics are delightful.
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Beautiful, wise and informative, as every previous Julia Rothman's book. Fascinating scientific facts that will surprise not only children (I don't have any and still love this book). Definitely worth buying in print. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the advance copy of this book.
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Another winner from Julia Rothman! This book is perfect for the child who gets obsessed with oceans- and all kids seem to go through an Oceanographer phase at one time or another. It's also perfect for homeschoolers- you can create a heck of a unit study out this one!
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I was very intrigued when I discovered this children non-fiction book about all the things, animals and plants that have to do with the oceans on Netgalley. I was awarded an eARC for review.

As its title says it is curious parts and pieces that it looks at, and in so doing, it offers an anatomy of what the oceans are made up of, their layers, their inhabitants, be they plant or animal. Having watched lots of natural world videos in the past, I found myself still intrigued, by the many interesting facts that were presented on every single page.

The book does neither shy away from actual current topics such as climate change or pollution and what this means for the sea and its inhabitants.

What this book does fantastically well is, it gives you an overview, and it piques your interest over and over to go and explore further, get a book on a subject that you really feel drawn towards and sets you onto your own journey of discovery.

The illustrations that come with this book are fabulous and add another very welcome layer.

At the end a list with further reading is offered, as well as reference books. 

All in all I think this book rocks, and I look forward for this book to be out in the wild by the end of April. Having read this book, I would also consider it worthwhile to check out Julia Rothman's other Anatomy books.
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I love this book! I love the cover, I love the illustrations inside, I love the contents and the explanations. This kind of book is my cup of tea,  I wish I had a kid to show this book. As an adult, I still enjoy reading this book, because it explains marine life in a fun way. And for sure it is easy to digest. Back to my school days, I often not interested in this topic because my textbook was so boring, For teachers or parents perhaps you want to get this one to educate your kid.
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I chose this book because I have a young son that absolutely loves ocean life. I loved the cover with its cartoonish drawings, that were cute and age appropriate. The illustrations really made this book pop for me. I loved how colorful, bright, yet simple and accurate the images were. They were made to be enjoyed by both kids and adults, in my opinion. Another favorite of mine was how this extended beyond just different ocean life. It talked about landforms, where water comes from, anatomy. It was scientific, accurate, yet made you feel like you were reading an educational book for a kid. Highly recommend and absolutely loved it.
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I very much enjoyed my time reading and learning from this wonderful book.
When I was 12 my dream was to become a Marine Biologist, 12-year-old me would’ve regarded this book as a favorite and furthered my love and curiosity of the ocean. 24-year-old me adored this just as much and will be doing further reading based on the bibliography.

Wonderful facts, gorgeous drawings- I highly recommend for any parents or educators whose kids have an unquenchable thirst for the ocean!

4 stars 

**ARC provided by Storey Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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What a book!! Take a deep div into the unimaginable world that exists under our majestic and magical realms that our oceans are. This book makes for a great read for anyone who is interested in knowing about oceans (obviously!) but it also makes a great one for anyone who loves learning facts. Hats off to Julia Rothman for coming up with the fantastic illustrations that do not intimidate a young learner bt encourage her to explore more. The book is one of those which are made to be savoured at ease. Its a book you would want go back to for fact checking, referencing, or just for the pictures. 

Topic wise it covers everything and anything that has to do with these mighty water bodies ranging from why the water is salty in an ocean to the anatomy of fish to sea cucumbers, corals, shells, ice, glaciers to impact of fishing to lighthouses.
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This book is amazing, with beautiful illustrations and amazing information. I am in love with the series and we actually own two of the books from this series. 

The Ocean Anatomy is a treasure to discover with our kids and develop new questions about the world we live in. I will for sure buy the hardcopy for my sons as soon as possible.
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FTC disclosure: I would like to thank Storey Publishing for providing me with an advance reader copy via access to the galley for free through the NetGalley program.

This was a fantastic book! With beautiful illustrations, easy to read, yet adorably stylistic fonts, and organization/layout that was on spot on with fascinating facts about all the various ocean animals, terrain, types of sand, waves, and the anatomy of the beach. It even included interesting tid bits about differences and impact of fishing methodology, types of lighthouses, and ocean vessels. 

It was very well-thought out. And just when I thought the book and all the comprehensiveness it covers was over, there were well-worded ocean statistics, cute little surprise "in the news" newspaper clipping illustrations, and recommended reading at the end!

I'd highly recommend it for personal and public libraries and for all ages, children through adult! I am looking forward to sharing this one during story time!
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I was looking forward to reading this book but sadly enough I couldn't get the ebook to work so I couldn't read this book. I only saw some pages, which I did really like.
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This is a beautifully illustrated book with plenty of information about the ocean. Ocean anatomy is an educational joy, suitable for all ages. I love the ocean, and sharks in particular, so I was glad to learn new facts about the ocean and the animals within it.
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