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As always, I absolutely loved this but I have to say, I expected something a little more out there and dramatic from the series' 50th instalment. For such a monumental milestone, this book could have slotted itself in anywhere along the timeline and it wouldn't have made much difference. 

It won't be one of the more memorable books in the series but it was enjoyable all the same.
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At one point I was an avid reader of the "... In Death" series but life got in the way. However. I'm very glad I was able to read this newest installment of the inimitable Eve Dallas and Co.
The character list hasn't changed much,: Eve is still as tough hut likable as ever, Roarke smouldering but helpful and Peabody and the rest adding their own quirks to the story.
The plot itself is good, not too obvious and keeps the action and unravelling of plot going right to the end. 
Having not read the previous recent installments some of the references went over my head but is fine to be read as a standalone novel if needs be (though as with any series I'm always happier if I've them read in order). I may just have to dig out the ones I haven't read yet.
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First I've read in this series. Very entertaining read, and was flabbergasted as to how many come before it. I'll definitely dip into those too, but might take me some time!
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We're huge Nora Roberts' fans and slightly ashamed to admit we came late to the table to her alter ego JD Robb and the fabulous Eve Dallas–Roarke futuristic crime series. Once we discovered them, we rushed through them as we're also great crime-fiction lovers. Golden in Death, the latest – and fiftieth, fiftieth! – in the 'In Death' series of books builds on a solid foundation and entertaining cast of familiar characters, including wonderful Dallas sidekick, partner Delia Peabody, the Miras, the EDD detectives, and many others.

The premise, like many in the series, is grim, yet highly inventive. Someone is targeting seemingly unlikely people and killing them via the delivery of a beautiful golden egg that releases a highly toxic gas in a very short space for a limited time. It's a nasty death. Could it be terrorism? A mad scientist? Or something more sinister? As usual Dallas, with her out of the box thinking, is able to make the connections between the seemingly random victims.

It's impossible if you're writing fifty books in one series for them to be all of the same quality and there have been previous Dallas titles which haven't quite lived up to the albeit very high standards one expects from Ms Roberts/JD Robb. Golden in Death does. It's a very good read and also the relationship between Dallas and her beautiful husband, Roarke, continues to develop and grow, a big reason why fans also follow the series. Highly recommended.  Of course!
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When a loved and revered paediatrician is killed by mysterious fumes from a box containing a golden egg, Eve Dallas notifies the Hazmat team and goes about in search for evidence. As another similar murder occurs, Eve not has a madman in her hands who would stop at nothing to kill innocent victims.

Eve uses her typical methods to find the killer alongside her partner Detective Peabody. As the story develops, we see a different side to Eve and Roarke's marriage, and let me tell you this again- they are swoon-worthy.

'Golden in Death' delivers a power-packed story with discoveries that will leave you shocked. Eve, as always is powerful and in control, despite struggling to establish rules in her personal life.

This is the 50th book in the series and I plan to binge read the entire series as soon as I can. I can't wait to read more about these well executed cases and Eve and Roarke's relationship, which I am sure, develops beautifully.
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What another great book from JD Robb! I’ve read all the previous books in this series and really enjoyed them. I was very happy to see that this was just as good as those. I enjoyed the story and the characters were very well written.
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I can't quite believe that I've actually caught up with this series, let alone that fifty books (plus multiple novellas) in and I'm still totally in love with this world and the characters. That's some kind of magic right there, but come on this is J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts, queen of romance, so it probably shouldn't be that surprising! I was intimidated by the length of this series and put off starting it for a long time but once I got hooked in I couldn't stop reading and I'm amazed by how quickly I got through these books. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself while I wait for the next one to publish, perhaps I should start a reread?

Anyway, if you're a fan of this series then you'll already know exactly what to expect from Golden in Death, it has the same humour, the same brilliant and often quirky characters, the futuristic gadgets and the weird murders that Eve has to work her butt off trying to solve. It has strong friendships, one of my favourite fictional romances and my ultimate book boyfriend. All the magical ingredients that will keep me coming back for more even if there are another fifty books published in the future. I'm definitely not done with this world yet.
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So I reviewed this book and the entire series on a video on youtube, it won't let me post just the video tho so I am forced to type at least 100 characters. Enjoy!
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Although I find a new author every single day, I’m always going back to some of them that I’ve loved for half of my life and one of them is Nora Roberts and all of her other pseudo names. 
Golden in Death is another great story that I absolutely loved. The mystery, the criminal investigation and most of all the love and feelings that Eve is going through while trying to solve the crimes, kept me glued to my kindle for a few hours. 
Thanks to the publisher @littlebrownbookgroup_uk and the author for my review copy.
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Another good whodunnit featuring detective Eve Dallas and with a highly believable plot. It is set in the future but could just as easily be in the present day.
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It’s hard to believe JD Robb has written 50 Eve Dallas books as they are still as good as the first ones.  When a well loved Doctor is murdered it’s up to Eve and Peabody with the help of Roarke to solve the murder so when people keep dying with seemingly no connection to each other it becomes a race against time to find the killer.  A great read as always
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I didn't realise this was a sci-fi/futuristic novel when I requested.  I managed about 10% of the book before I gave up as this is just not a genre I enjoy.
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50 books!  50!!  I mean come on, who else can churn this series out alongside her stand alone novels  through the year.  The woman is a machine............carry on Ms Roberts, you're a legend.

I love all the characters, the stories, the timeline...........everything!!

Don't be intimidated if you haven't read the whole series, you'll whizz through them in no time.

I highly recommend you read.

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and author.
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I have read the in death series from the beginning, most of the novels I have read more than once. I admit that I wasn't a fan of the previous title, but Golden in Death was a fantastic read.

Once I had the time to sit down and start I didn't want it to end. I love the way the author introduces the characters enough so that a new reader picking it up will get the gist of the character and the series fans don't get a long repetitive description.

The fact that the murders in the novel stemmed from something that happened years before was very interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Eve unravel events to find the killer. The method of murder was very clever and quite realistic and scary I thought. I couldn't put it down until I know who did it and they got their justice.

The relations in the book is amazing, I love reading about Eve and Roarke, the segment over the money made me smile. I was on both of their sides.

It was lovely to see Dennis take part. I am trying not to give anything away, I'll just say that if you pick this title up, you won't be disappointed. I will definitely put this on my to be read again list. The only disappointment is having to wait for the next installment
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Golden in Death is the 50th book in the In Death series by J.D. Robb. That's massive. I didn't know that when I was reading it. So I don't think it should intimidate anyone about catching up with the series. This was my first read in the series and I felt it works as a standalone.

I found the idea of chemical weapon quite interesting. The breaking in and killing has become quite a common thing. I have read mostly private detective mystery books so for a change, an NYPSD detective was a good change, got to experience police procedural.

The story is set in the 2060s, but it didn't seem much futuristic, it felt I'm reading a present day story.

I also liked the fact that in spite of being a detective she's not a loner. She has a married life. And the fact that the detective is a she, adds to my like list. Apart from Miss Marple I haven't yet read about a female detective.

The mystery element is brilliant, everybody seems the culprit but it's hard to pin point the one. The pace is good, the writing is crisp as is expected from a good mystery novel. You will want to read every paragraph, every page. I didn't feel "cut the crap and come to the point" for once.

The "can't put it down" factor is also amazing. You'll find yourself at an edge.

Golden in Death does not only tell you about the murder cases, the victims and the murderer but also explores the truth seeker.
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I have read many of this series and they always delight. Each has its individuality whilst continuing with the inimitable Eve, Roarke and Peabody among others. In this instalment Eve and Peabody have to solve a murder involving poisons and having fingers reaching far into the past. They work so well together and in fact the personalities are for me as important as the crime analysis. I am reading out of order so some of the Police experts are new to me but I don't think that matters. This one has plenty of twists and turns to keep the Dallas Devotees satisfied
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I really enjoyed this book, but as it is the 5th book in the series I really think I should have read the other 4 first. So now's my chance to go back and read them. A brilliant series. Definitely recommended.
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gripping, unputdownable, and I'm sure you're likely to speed through this in one sitting. recommend for those most interested in procedural dramas.
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Another fantastic addition to the Eve Dallas series. I read the book whilst on holiday and was riveted to it and couldn’t wait to find out who the killer was. Highly recommended.
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Has any other series hit 50 books? It's a remarkable achievement. I've been reading these from the beginning as I loved the few random ones I'd read. I know enough that there's o huge spoilers with the people in the book and anyway each one reads as a fine stand alone. 

This time we have chemical warfare as two people are sent gifts which release a deadly toxin. One thing I liked having read the first 16 and then this is that for once the killer doesn't have a fixation on Eve or husband Roarke. That felt from the earlier ones like a a bit was forming so it's good to see criminals having a different agenda. 

The characters are well established by now. If you are new to the books you can get a good feel for who everyone is and if you've read a few or all you know what you're getting. I was a little sad that some characters like Mavis are only in this through conversation rather than character this time but you can't have everything. 

It's quite fast paced this one with a bit of a race against time and I liked the fact that as well as the killer there's another big bad that kind of gets taken down alongside. Another great book and here's to the next 50
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