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Rotten Bananas and the Emerald Dream

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Action packed, funny, full of mystery and romance. This book had it all, add in a cruise ship and visits to Caribbean ports of call and it is a blockbuster. Carolina is a mystery novel reader who convinces her friends to go on a cruise with her. What follows is an adventure. As an avid cruiser Mrs. Pritchett includes details others would miss. This book is a must read for cruise fanatics and those who love a good mystery novel.
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“Rotten Bananas and the Emerald Dream” presents readers with a humorous tale of adventure on the high seas. Although their retirement community seems perfect, Carolina longs for something new and different. She books a cruise and convinces two friends to go along. Although they expected a fun and relaxing time on board the Emerald Dream, Carolina and her sidekicks soon find themselves embroiled in solving a mystery. Imagine three retirees trying to catch smugglers, hide a stowaway teen, and discover secret identities, and you have the basics for this book. 

The elderly trio is portrayed with humor and gentleness, as well as respect for their wisdom and spirit. Cruise ship life is accurately described and provides an interesting backdrop for all the action. The characters are described in enough detail for readers to get a complete picture of them, and to be able to keep them straight. The verbal expressions adopted by the ladies are hilarious and add to the humor of the story. Each lady returns to the Villas after the trip with new adventures and maybe romance in the future. To find the meaning of the title, read the book! Readers who enjoy a cozy mystery will find this clean novel to be a quick and enjoyable read. 

I received this book from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
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Rotten Bananas and the Emerald Dream by Muriel Ellis Pritchett is a delightful book about  Carolina Cunningham who spends her time reading super agent books, and looking for more adventure.  Carolina talks her two friends Eula Mae and Yasuko into going on a Caribbean cruise with her.   During the cruise there is adventure around every corner.  This book made me laugh, and I read it in one sitting and highly recommend  it.  I really enjoy that the heroins are 50+, after all new adventures can start for them  too.   I will be reading more of Ms. Pritchett's books. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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This is a cute little mystery for those who want to read about mature protagonists who are not content to sit idle in a retirement community!  Each of the three ladies who go on this cruise are unique in their own way, though sometimes there is a bit too much repetition (e.g., the "Lordy, Lordy" comments).  The plot is just a bit too predictable, but has lots of detail to keep one's interest.
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Rotten Bananas and the emerald dream by Muriel Ellis Pritchett . 

It’s  a fun book about three older women of varying ages living in a retirement village and the younger of the three is seeking a little adventure as life is becoming staid and a tad boring . Carolina manages to talk her two friends Eula Mae and Yasuko into going on a Caribbean cruise seeking a release from their boredom and maybe even an adventure. Once they embark onto the Ship they notice a strange incident then workout it is a stowaway coming onto the ship. Carolina an avid reader of spy novels feels she wants to investigate further - then the fun/danger begins. Though know they take it very seriously as they are of more mature years.

 It’s a lovely read very funny and lots of intrigue. Thoroughly enjoyed it and the underdogs win out.
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