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I enjoyed this book. It is well written and kept my attention to the end. I liked the originality of the story and thought it all cane together in a satisfying ending. 

I’d like to thank the author, publisher and netgalley for providing me with this advance digital copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Highly recommended.
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My thanks to Random House U.K. Cornerstone Century for an eARC via NetGalley of Harlan Coben’s latest thriller, ‘The Boy From The Woods’, in exchange for an honest review.

As with every other novel that I have read by Coben, this proved very entertaining and a total page-turner. 

Thirty years ago, a young boy was found living feral in the New Jersey back woods. He had no memory of his previous life and after an exhaustive search no family was ever found. He adopted the name Wilde and when he turned eighteen enlisted. After his discharge he became a security expert. Wilde prefers to live off the grid, choosing to be an outsider, and interacting with only a small circle.

Teenager Matthew expresses concern about his classmate, Naomi, to his grandmother, Hester Crimstein. The girl was being bullied and after a cruel prank has gone missing.

Hester is a criminal lawyer with a popular television show. She is also a close friend to Wilde. When she finds that Naomi’s family seems unconcerned and evasive, she asks Wilde to use his unique skills to find her. Then another teen in the same class goes missing. This time it’s the head bully, an entitled rich boy. 

I am reluctant to say more about the plot in order to avoid spoilers. However, in the mix is a self-help guru turned US senator aiming for high office and rumours of embarrassing material that could sabotage his campaign.

In order to discover how this thinly veiled reference mixes with two missing teens, you will need to read the book. I thought it was very clever. Added to the thrills was also a bit of romance. I found it a very satisfying read with Hester and Wilde proving to be appealing lead characters.

Actually Hester Crimstein had already appeared as a supporting character in Coben’s 2019, ‘Run Away’, and it was great to see her again and learn more about her life.  

While this appears to be a stand-alone, I would love to read more adventures featuring the enigmatic Wilde so fingers crossed for this being a series.
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Naomi Pine has gone missing and Hester Crimstein asks Wilde, a boy who grew up in the woods, to find her. 
To start off, this story was good. The race to find Naomi was on and there were some strange things going on. But then she was found and it was if the story started again. Which I thought a very odd way of writing. Because a few days later, she was missing again and Wilde has to find her, again. 
I am a big fan of Harlen Coben but I’m afraid this story just didn’t get me hooked. There was also a lot of political stuff going on, which I just glazed over and too many characters, it was hard to keep up. 
I’m afraid I didn’t finish the book, but thank you for the ARC Netgalley
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A teenage girl has gone missing and she needs to be found before disastrous consequences are about to hit the community..... and the world. Yet there is a man that can help, and that man is Wilde, who has been a mystery to everyone including himself.

Wilde was found decades ago, living feral in the woods, with no memory of his past. A family was never found, and was therefore handed to the foster system. Now 30 years later, Wilde is living back in the woods on the outskirts of town, comfortable in his own surroundings, preferring to be alone and in the outdoors.
When the local girl goes missing, Wilde enlists the help from the famous TV lawyer, Hester Crimstein, with whom he shares a tragic connection with. Another teenager then disappears, and Then Wilde must then return to this community where he has never fit in and try to uncover secrets, before it is too late.

Harlan Coben is superb at thrillers and this certainly does not disappoint.
Wilde was a great character to get to know, how we got to know how he grew up from being a child in the woods, to the man he became. The insecurities, the love for the outdoors, the distancing from everything city life that he then had to endure to help find the missing girl.
My favourite character was Hester, I loved her! Very sassy, classy and smart, whilst saying it like it is. Her attitude is brilliant and when she gets onto this case, then she expects things to be done. 

As soon as I started this book, I was hooked until the very last page and enjoyed every bit. Very well written, engrossing, thrilling, suspenseful and with twists and turns in every way possible, this is one of my favourite of the year so far.
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I first discovered Harlan Coben with TELL NO ONE and the novels which followed it, novels about ordinary people caught up in extraordinary situations. Later I found his Myron Bolitar series, with his series character, a sports agent come investigator. THE BOY FROM THE WOODS is almost a hybrid of the two. There is an unusual character, Wilde, the titular ‘boy’, who was actually discovered as a child living in the woods alone, who has the potential to be that series character, Coben’s own Jack Reacher or Joe Pike, with a dollop of IQ-like Holmesian deductive skills thrown in. This is not to suggest that Coben has become derivative - he is still the exciting writer of suspense he has always been - just that he has found a character with the potential to rival those mentioned.

The plot is intriguing - a disappearance or is it a kidnapping; rich media-types; spoilt, bullying school kids and those caught in their orbit - and is held together by a cast of characters, particularly Wilde and his surrogate mother-figure, TV-lawyer, Hester Crimstein, of whom we look forward to meeting again. A very good thriller from a master of the thriller and the promise of a first-class series.
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Harlan Coben is famous for his edge-of-your-seat thrillers, usually in a domestic setting, where old secrets threaten to tear a family apart. This story is slightly different. I think it is now my favourite of all his books but please don't make me choose!

Hester Crimstein is a seventy-year-old defence attorney who is also famous for her own television show (something like Judge Judy). Her grandson, Matthew, is worried about a girl who has gone missing at school - a girl that nobody likes and whom everyone picks on. Hester asks Wilde (a family friend who is also a private investigator) to look into the case for her. Wilde is a very interesting character: a man who was found living 'feral' in the woods as a child. Although incredibly smart, he's not been able to adjust to 'normal' life and still lives in a self-contained 'pod' in the forest. As he investigates the girl's disappearance, another teenager goes missing - and a human finger is posted to the parents...

My favourite character was the ass-kicking Hester but I did love Wilde and his intriguing backstory, and was rooting for him to have his own happy ending. Harlan Coben is a master at writing fast-paced thrillers so I was chomping down on my nails for a large chunk of the book, and his twists are always second-to-none. I read a lot of crime fiction, so it's a big deal for me when I can't guess the ending. I shall definitely be re-reading to see how he fooled me. Utterly brilliant and thoroughly recommended for all Harlan's fans, and readers of authors such as Linwood Barclay and Lee Child.

Thank you to Harlan Coben and Cornerstone (Century) for my copy of this book, which I requested from NetGalley and reviewed voluntarily.
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The Boy From The Woods is an ok thriller, but honestly I found it to be far from Harlan Coben's best. The premise is that a teenage girl goes missing, but instead of a book about searching for her, the plot turns all political, and I found it to be ho hum. The book is not without memorable characters, Hester and Wilde both deserving of further novels, but the bit players were boring, the action pretty much non-existent and I was never riveted in any way. It's a shame as I've always found Coben to be a must read, however this book misses the mark.

My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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30 years ago a boy was found in the woods in New Jersey. He was said to be feral but resourceful with no memory of how he got there or who he was. He was given the name Wilde. 

Wilde is now a former soldier and security expert, living off the grid, still in the woods. When a child goes missing he’s asked to help by his friend’s Mother and Criminal Attorney, Hester Crimstein. What he finds is a situation even darker and more twisted than he could have imagined. 

Coben’s writing always hooks me and this is no exception. There are so many twists and turns, it definitely keeps you on your toes. My one complaint would actually be that there is a bit too much crammed in to what is really a fairly short book. There are kind of four threads to the story and some don’t get much time given to them at all and almost feel unnecessary, unless Coben is planning on doing a follow up and will expand on some of these threads then. I did feel the ends of some of the threads were kind of hastily wrapped up and if there was a bit less going on maybe this could have been done a bit differently. 

As a fan of Bruce Springsteen and New Jersey in general but Asbury Park in particular, I’m always pleased to see references to songs or places I know. 

The characterisation is great; Wilde is such an intriguing character and I’d love to read more about him so I’m really hoping for a sequel, there’s definitely scope for it. I also really liked Hester, she’s my kind of woman with her ballsy attitude but having her obsess over how attractive her potential new partner’s ex-wife is was a bit of a weak move. 

Overall, I did really enjoy this. The plot was fairly topical and I particularly enjoyed one scene where Rusty Eggers, Politician, is discussing how to use social media bots to spin the narrative around an unflattering video clip that has been released. Definitely sounded realistic to me and has made me question everything I have ever seen on social media! 

I’m still keen to read more of Coben’s work and would definitely read more books about Wilde as he has got me so intrigued. 

I gave this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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We all watched The Stranger on Netflix didn’t we? It was very good. It was based on a book by Harlan Coben you know? You knew that.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher Random House UK/ Cornerstone I managed to nab an advance review copy of Harlan Coben’s upcoming release ‘The Boy from the Woods’.

The blurb is a little misleading as although the story of the missing children (teenagers really) is a big part of the story, this book has three separate storylines.  

 The missing teens
 The Boy from the Woods
 A murder from many years ago

In typical Coben style all three storylines weave together in the end. But again in true Coben style you have to keep your wits about you to keep track of what the hell is going on.

The main character through each is Wilde, the boy from the woods, and he holds the story together perfectly. A mysterious character that we never really get to understand yet a character that is instantly likeable and who I found myself rooting for throughout.

This book is part legal thriller, part domestic thriller, part mystery and I think it works well. While I found the ending unsatisfactory and twee (bearing in mind I had a proof copy and this MAY have changed) this didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the book.

If the rights are sold to Netflix this story could be another contender for a fantastic series.
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I can't believe I've never read a Harlan Coben book before - I always thought of them as very violent thrillers, but judging by this one I was very wrong and now I can't wait to read his back catalogue! 
Wilde is a sympathetic and believable character and I enjoyed all the various plotlines which came together in a satisfying ending.
 Thank you to netgalley and Random house for an advance copy of this book
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Engaging and interesting thriller from Harlan Coben

This detective novel’s main plot is about missing teenagers but there’s a lot more going on involving kidnapping, murder, political machinations and the foundling of the title. The characters are very well-developed and the dialogue is witty and fun. It’s a highly enjoyable experience with many twists and turns. Why are all (nearly all) the characters so good-looking? I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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It's no secret that I'm a fan of Harlan Coben. His action packed thrillers are a cut above and are right up my street. The Boy From the Woods is a solid, well written thriller that I enjoyed but if I didn't know it was written by HC, I would have never guessed it. 

The storyline centres around a disappearance of two teenagers, one is a bullied girl with no friends and the other one is the most popular boy in school with powerful parents. Their disappearance seems to be linked, but when the boy's parents receive a ransom note, it is clear he's been kidnapped. Wilde, a man who survived as a child in the wilderness on his own for years gets involved to solve the mystery. 

I found that the book lacked the usual suspense and heart racing moments so typical of HC's books. Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh with my 3 star rating but this author has set the bar very high.

Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This was my first Harlan Coben and it certainly won’t be my last. It was an easy read, it had many intertwined stories which were brought to plausible conclusions and it kept me guessing right up until the end, and pleasantly so. At times I did wonder if there were too many story lines and if so many were really necessary but it all made sense in the end. Wilde was such a mystery, yet a very likeable protagonist. My heart went out to Naomi. Hester too was very likeable and so too was Ava. The twists and turns were many, but they all had a part to play and no stone was left unturned. This was my first but certainly won’t be my last from this talented writer.
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As twisty and taut as you would expect from Coben who excels as this type of thriller. Featuring Hester Crimstein and Wilde, who was found living in the woods as a child and was a friend of Hester's son, Coben creates a plot around a missing girl and the impact it has on the group including Hester's grandson. With twists and the snappy dialogue that is one of Coben's real strengths this is a great read.
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I was so excited to be offered a Harlan Coben book on a NetGalley to review.  I the story was interesting and there were mysteries that didn’t get solved till the very end but I didn’t find it flowed smoothly and the characters were a bit odd in places. The main character, Wilde, was fascinating and you wanted him to succeed in getting the bad guy and finding love. I would still recommend the book based on the satisfying ending.
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I've always enjoyed Harlan Coben books and this, for the most part, is no exception.

'The Boy from the Woods' is a tightly constructed mystery puzzle and I do recommend it.

Drama, family, politics, money and privilege drive the main story and its subplots. Do look out for Hester - what a fun character! 

A puzzling, mystery thriller that demands you turn its pages!
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Another thrilling story from Harlan Coben . A man ,called Wilde ,who was found as a boy living rough in the woods is contacted by Mathew (whose late father was Wilde's best friend ) about his worries for his friend Naomi who has gone missing from school . Whilst investigating this another pupil, from a rich background(Crash) ,goes missing . It seems the 2 incidents are linked but this is not necessarily so . Crash's parents receive a ransom demanding that certain videos are submitted to secure the release of Crash . Wilde hunts for the perpetrators of this crime but continues to find out where Naomi has gone to .Loads of twists throughout this story but don't want to give away too much so not saying any more .
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As always an excellent read from an excellent author, really enjoyed the story, the twists and the turns and sub plots and once again Corben  makes the reader realise what a talent he is, ai wonder if there will be more about Wilde??? Great read
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Thank you Mr Coben, I absolutely loved this story from start to finish, read it in one sitting finishing it late last night, or should I say early hours of this morning. Loved Hester Crimstein the 70 year old hip criminal attorney it gives me hope there’s life for me yet, Wilde is also a lovely character. I would love to see these two characters again as they bounce off each other so beautifully, made me chuckle a few times.

Wilde had been found in the woods as a child thirty years earlier, but when he was found he could read, he believes he learnt from breaking into houses and watching television, for him he felt he was left alone for a long time, but as children have no sense of time until they are a little older, was he really alone for very long? He is afraid of commitment, he still likes to live off the grid. His best friend David, Hester’s son had been killed in a car accident, Wilde watches out for David’s wife and his godson Matthew. 

When Matthew approaches Hester for help as he is worried that a girl from school Naomi is missing, Wilde is called to give a helping hand, but what isn’t Matthew telling them? Then later when Crash another classmate from a wealthy family goes missing Wilde knows that there is more going on than they first thought. The story is full of the usual red herrings, not knowing who you can and can’t trust. The plot flows beautifully, there is some humour as well which I really enjoyed.

This is another brilliant book by one of my favourite authors, I think this goes forward of one of my favourites of his books. I just loved these main characters, they were likeable and relatable and Hester is kick ass good. I very definitely highly recommend this book.

Thank you to #netgalley and #CornerstoneDigital for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.
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Oh , I so enjoyed this book, It is the first one I have read by Harlan Coben but it definitely won’t be my last. I was hooked from the beginning, it’s a good story and very addictive, I found myself picking it up at every available moment.  This book as a great plot with lots of twists and turns, my heart went out to Wilde and I really wanted to know all the details of his own childhood story. 

Definitely a good read and I will be ready more from Harlan Coben in the very near future.
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