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A weak female character doesnt do it for me. The husband was just as bad. It all seemed a little unbelievable how someone's life could unravel and they would stand by and let it. 
Didnt float my boat
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
Not a bad read a little repetitive in places. Entertaining and engaging.
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Incredible book. 
I genuinely did not see the twist coming near the end, which is always a bonus with a thriller.
The characters were written well, without the women in the book taking the lead. Liv Constantine has done a good job at making us follow a trail and feeling love or hate for specific characters. Absolute master! 

Final thought - I wonder if the inspiration for the name of the two main characters (Piper and Leo) are from the TV show, Charmed. If so, it's something that makes me love it even more.
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A book to read in a night.  With twists and turns to an end you will never believe.  An wonderful who done it title.
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This was such a great read, enjoyed it thoroughly, i was hooked from the first page, great storyline and loads of twists and turns , highly recommend this book x
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When Piper meets the gorgeous and successful Leo at one of her mindfulness sessions she decides he is the man for her even though he is wearing a wedding ring. 

After a short while Leo does fall head over heels for her and moves Joanna out of his home. His children miss their mother but Piper is determined she will win them over and have her perfect family. 

Joanna moves back in with her mother who has just broken her leg and needs looking after, much to her dismay. She is convinced that Piper intends to harm the children and begins a quest to dig into Piper’s past and find out exactly who Piper is and what skeletons are hidden in her closet preferably before she marries Leo.

This was a very easy to read book. I felt sorry for Joanna and disliked Piper who was a ruthless husband snatcher but that last 5% of the book. What a twist I did not see coming at all. It did explain a lot of questions I had throughout the book! 

Very cleverly written. Enough said without giving away spoilers!

Thank you very much to NetGalley and Harper Collins UK Harper Fiction for a review copy of this book.
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I love a good thriller, and this one was quite honestly one of the best I have read for a long time!. 
The storyline was perfectly plotted, with a level of suspense that kept me hooked throughout... and that twist! Wow. If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would!.
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I have never read a book where I have been more surprised than this one in a long time, such a good twist on an absolutley gripping thriller. I literally did not see the outcome of this book happening and that for me is what makes a five star book!
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This is the first book I’ve read, by this author, Couldn’t put it down. Told alternately from both Joanna’s and Piper’s points of view. I’m usually put off by the headline ‘a twist you’ll never see coming’, but in this case it was true - really did not see that one coming and explains Leo’s seemingly callous behaviour.
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This was a definite on-the-edge-of-your-seat type of novel, that had an incredible plot twist at the end, that I had to re-read parts to make sure I was fully understanding what the heck just happened! I would say this is a great read for people who are just making a start on Thrillers, as it was tense and gripping enough with a surprise, but it didn't entail an exaggerated amount of gore. I love that the ending also leaves you still stuck on the truth behind Piper's previous marriages - it's a mystery we'll never know!
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Joanna and Leo seem to have the perfect relationship. Two adorable children, a beautiful house in a chic area of Connecticut – they have the kind of life people envy.
5 stars for sure.  Joanna and Pipped managed to trick me right.  I loved the book's twists.  Thanks netgalley for giving this book.
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Really enjoyed reading this book, couldn't put it down, must admit its one that I would happily pick up again and read, 
Overall I would recommend to anyone to read it, can't wait to get it on my page and let my followers know what I think about it!
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My first psychological thriller was The Lat Mrs. Parish which introduced me to a whole new genre that I love so I’m always excited to read a new book by Liv Constantine . 

The Wife Stalker is a brilliant and twisted page turner. You can’t decide if you hate Piper and feel bad for Joanna or if you think Joanna is pathetic and just jealous of Piper. The major plot twist is so shocking that you realize how these authors are the perfect yin and yang to weave a phenomenal psychological thriller! 
Highly recommend this fabulous quick paced novel!
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Thanks to HarperCollins UK and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This fast-paced thriller from Liv Constantine certainly hooks you from the get-go. If you are looking for a twisty thriller without fillers and nothing superfluous to the main plot, then this is the book for you. Moreover, the book is structured in very short chapters, which makes it easy to pick off where you left off - when the white noise of everyday life intrudes on precious reading time - so you can re-immerse yourself in Constantine's engrossing story. Although, it must be said, once you start this book you may not want it to put it down. This is story is essentially about a love triangle made in hell. Two women, one man, well, you can guess the rest. Suffice to say, the complex dynamics between scorn wife Joanna, new love Piper, lover and former husband Leo, sets the scene for some explosive revelations. It should go without saying, too, that everything is not as it seems. Our cast of characters have some secrets that we, the readers, just cant wait to get our teeth into. so, sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy this compulsive thriller from an eminently talented author.
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An enjoyable fast paced psychological thriller that will have you hooked from the the beginning.

Told from two view points, which makes it even more enjoyable.

A good read 

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for ARC
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I loved The Last Mrs Parish so I was hoping this would be just as good and it was!

A fast paced psychological thriller that will have you hooked from the onset. Told from 2 points of view with short chapters makes it easy to read in a couple of settings and all the twists and turns will keep you engaged.

Definitely recommend this to anyone who loves this genre.
Thank you netgalley for this eArc
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Very fast-paced and light, you can read this book quickly and still enjoy it. The story is broken out in two POVs, but I felt that they never got deep into the root of the drama. Everything was very surface level, and felt disjointed when the narrative was advancing. However, the book does wrap-up with a juicy and satisfying ending

As usual with the psychological thrillers, this also has a twist at the end.
The same on the lines where the person is not actually who he/she lets us think he/she is.
I liked the book, I was engrossed but the middle part.

However, the book does wrap-up with a juicy and satisfying ending
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I really enjoyed this book, well written and each chapter from either Piper or Joanna’s view point.
Just after half way it did start to repeat itself slightly but that ending, I didn't see coming and had to reread the chapter again. Highly recommend!
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Piper has moved to Westport and has just opened up her business Phoenix  Recovery Centre. When she meets Leo a lawyer who is investigating a client they are instantly attracted to one another. The only snag is the fact that he is married!!

Leo has been suffering with depression, his wife Joanna is relieved that he seems to have turned a corner and is again participating with the children and appears to be returning to his former self. 

When Joanna finds out Leo has been meeting up with Piper and having meals out together, she is prepared to stop at nothing to keep her marriage.

This is such a great psychological thriller, I read it in one sitting, so gripped I even took this book to the kitchen when I needed a drink!!

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.
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I absolutely adored The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine, so I was excited to read the latest book by this sister duo who co-author books together. I did enjoy The Wife Stalker but not as much as I loved their debut novel.


“Piper Reynard pulled into the parking lot of the Phoenix Recovery Centre and parked in her reserved spot.“


I’m pulling out all the stops here to avoid any spoilers, but it’s hard when the ending changed my opinion on the whole book. So I’ll be as quick, concise and vague as I can!

The characters puzzled the hell out of me, as a few things just didn’t seem to add up. The phase bat shit crazy came to mind at times, as did what the hell are you doing.
I thought the pace dragged at times, and I wanted events to MOVE along
You need a lot of patience, BUT that patience is rewarded. Think slow burn.
I loved how it all wrapped up
So overall, I enjoyed it. However, if you asked me while I was reading it, I wouldn’t have been very excited about it. But that ending made it a worthwhile, if at times frustrating read.


I’d recommend this if you are looking for a light escapist read with dark elements and some surprises in store. Fans of the author’s previous books should also enjoy. Of if you like authors such as Lucy Dawson and The Holiday by T M Logan.
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