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For budding gardeners like me who want to improve their knowledge on how to make the most of their back garden, this book is a must. Admittedly, I have only tried to make garden food from grass clippings but now that summer is arriving there are few things I have already decided to attempt. Using natural resources and everyday household objects, how to test for soil types, and making your worm bin, this book has it all.
Garden Alchemy is well written with multiple examples and exercises, all well photographed, and making them easy to follow. A brilliant book for anyone who wants to improve their garden or have just always wanted to own a worm bin.
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I enjoyed this book and would recommend to anyone interested in gardening. It's a very helpful reference book!
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Garden Alchemy is a useful book of recipes and tricks to jump-start your organic and native flowering plant garden. Offering ways to assess your soil composition, pH, and hydration, along with offering methods for seed germination and dispersal, composting options and other vital methods for gardeners old and new, Rose has created an excellent resource for gardeners to bring out the best in their gardens.

I received a Digital Review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This book will definitely be on my gift list to my mother in law.
Gardening is something she loves and something that I am starting to love as well. 
This book has so much information starting from the soil, to composting, fertilisers, detturing pests and so much more. I love the fact that these tips are all natural and good for the plants, no nasty chemicals involved. 
I love the cover and images within the book. This book is a must for all gardeners.
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What a brilliant book! This is a very engaging and useful book of ideas for improving your gardening, your garden and being more environmentally friendly. The book is divided into five chapters: Soils and Mulches; Propagation; Compost; Fertilisers and Garden Teas; and Birds, Bees and Bugs. It is extremely informative, explaining ways to test your soil, make seed bombs, fertiliser recipes and ways to encourage beneficial wildlife into your garden, but most of all makes it all sound lots of fun. I can imagine this would be very helpful to keen and amateur gardeners alike. Thank you to Stephanie Rose, Net Galley, and the publisher, Cool Springs Press (Quarto Group) for and ARC.
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FTC disclosure: I would like to thank Quart Publishing Group- Cool Springs Press for providing me with an advance reader copy via access to the galley for free through the NetGalley program.

I gleaned so much gardening knowledge from this book! I'd highly recommend it for any gardener's library from novice to expert and anyone just looking for a leisurely book about starting and maintaining a garden.

I am more of a beginner to intermediate gardener myself and I'm always wanting to gain more insight into the how to of assessing and amending soil, growing a plant, and maintaining it for the long haul.

This was the perfect and most timely book for me. The information I've read online has been somewhat conflicting to me and this book does an excellent job at dispelling myths as well as reviewing personal and environmental safety concerns by employing homemade alternatives that are actually tried and true.

I loved the enthusiasm brought forth in the book along with the colorful displays, schematics, and step-by-step recipes that are easy to follow and complete, even if you begin with nothing or are in an area where resources are limited.

I will look forward to adding this one to my own gardening library and see myself referring to it time and time again, especially for the fun project ideas!
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An excellent and useful reference book. I loved it and I strongly recommend it.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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I am a convert to no-till, organic vegetable gardening but I have to admit that I started reading Garden Alchemy with some reservation, expecting a collection of myth-based ideas, rather than genuinely useful information.

But my reservations were proved unfounded. I found much that I will apply to my gardening and even though I am unlikely to make some of the projects, for example, seed bombs or my own seed tapes, I found it interesting to read about them.  On the other hand I had never heard of willow branches as a rooting hormone tea and would be interested to try it.

The chapters cover soils and mulches, propagation, compost, fertilizers and garden teas, birds bees and bugs

Some (but not all!) of my recommendations from the book include:
- Useful table of natural (organic) mulches with columns on “good for” and "avoid” 
- Seed starting pots
- Concise and clear information on compost. Interesting information on compost accelerator plants
- Excellent section on soil amendments like lime, biochoar, blood meal, manure with uses, advantages and disadvantages
- Great table on plants used for making weed tea, and the nutrients they supply.

The book was very well laid out and easy to read. I would recommend it to all gardeners!
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This is a great easy-to-read reference guide for home gardeners who want to take garden chemistry into their own hands. Super informative: recipes and instructions on crafting everything from compost tea to specific soil mixes; info about what the various minerals, mulches, and fertilizers do; ideas on how to handle pests; and more.
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When it is snowy and cold outside (and my car is buried under 2ft of ❄️ ), superspeed readers like me can read 250+ pages/hour, so yes, I have read the book … and many more today. LOL

I requested and received a temporary digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley, the publisher and the author in exchange for an honest review.  

From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do 😸.

Garden Alchemy is a hands-on guide for do-it-yourself gardeners who want to turn their garden into gold using natural recipes and herbal concoctions (while saving both time and money!).

This gardening recipe and project book is packed with over 80 ideas to naturally beautify your garden, using organic methods that regenerate your soil and revitalize your plants. By following the processes that are closest to nature, it brings the gardener in sync with the garden, allowing plants to thrive with less effort and less cost.

Recipes for mixing your own potting soils and homemade organic fertilizers give you the freedom to choose what ingredients make their way into your garden. Step-by-step instructions for building a compost pile, concocting soil tests, and constructing inexpensive DIY seed-starting equipment are accompanied by gorgeous, full-colour, step-by-step photography. You'll also find recipes for natural pest deterrents and traps, garden teas, and growth-boosting foliar sprays to help your garden grow strong all season long.

Garden Alchemy starts with home experiments to help you get to know your soil and customize recipes for your individual needs. The rest of the chapters share how to decipher and combine natural ingredients to make the best quality amendments and elixirs. Detailed descriptions of earth-based materials demystify common ingredients, such as mycorrhizae, biochar, and greensand, and help you learn how to fix common garden problems with minimal effort. The simple method of making use of what you have available supports plants better than brand-name products.

Dozens of recipes and projects include:

Homemade seed bombs, disks, and tapes
Granular and liquid natural fertilizer recipes 
DIY rooting hormone
Herbal anti-fungal spray
Plant propagation instructions
Soil care recipes to adjust the pH and manage fertility
13 speciality potting mixes
7 clever traps for common garden pests

Written by Stephanie Rose, the creative gardener, permaculturist, and herbalist behind the popular website Garden Therapy, this fun and beautifully illustrated book is packed with great ideas and inspiration for DIY gardeners who want to embrace their creativity and have more control of the garden's care.

This is a wonderful book to make magic in your garden with. It is chock full of ideas and suggestions and anyone who reads this book will end up with an incredible garden as a result. I actually mixed up the herbal anti-fungal spray last night to use in my bathroom as I have a new cat who is into everything and licks everything.  (THANK YOU, Stephanie!! And isn't her last name of Rose a perfect name for an author of a book like this??)

You DO NOT have to be a gardener to get a lot of information from this book: there are teas, natural cleaning products, potted plant ideas (for people like me who live on the 8th floor) and everything you want to know how to turn your garden into a source of alchemy! 

As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis (outside of their incessant use by "🙏-ed Social Influencer Millennials/#BachelorNation survivors/etc. " on Instagram and Twitter... Get a real job, people!) so let's give it 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
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Garden Alchemy is a tutorial and reference for testing/building/supporting a healthy garden and soil. Due out 18th Feb 2020 from Quarto on their Cool Springs Press imprint, it's 128 pages and will be available in paperback format.

This is a book with an upbeat and whimsical vibe which is also firmly rooted in fact based horticultural practice, The author has an inviting and conversational writing style and I found the reading both engaging and entertaining. The layout is graphically appealing and colorful and the chapters are arranged logically and thematically: recipes and tutorials for soil, propagation, compost, fertilizers and garden teas, and garden interactions with birds bees and bugs. There's a good links list for further reading and a cross referenced index.

Everything about the book is exuberant and appealing. I really enjoyed reading it and I am sure I'll consult it as a reference. The author's tutorial for making, stocking, and using a vermicomposting system is one of the better and more practical ones I've seen.

Five stars.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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This is a fantastic collection of tips, homemade mixes and other suggestions for gardeners.  In particular, it has the best explanation of the environmental impact of using peat moss that I've ever seen (and I'm a retired horticulture professor, so I have seen a lot!)  In fact, there is a strong emphasis on repurposing common household items for gardening, adding to the sustainability emphasis.  You can find all sorts of things in this book:  deer repellant spray, slug traps, homemade rooting hormone, and more!  This is a great resource for anyone who gardens!
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A brilliant book as a gift for any green fingered friends or family. Some great tips including how to make your own mulch, how to test soil and making seed bomb!  I really liked the high contrast photos which made all the greenery and flowers pop.
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This is one of my favorite gardening books to date! The pictures and format are beautifully done and have a whimsical quality. The recipes will please gardeners of all skill levels, and the information is presented in an easy-to-follow format. I appreciate how accessible the recipes are-- no expensive equipment or training needed. The charts are helpful and concise. Readers will learn more about their soil and plenty of ways to improve it. I bookmarked most of the garden teas, and can't wait to try the seed bombs and seed tape with my kids. I was especially thankful for the section on how to deal with fungus gnats and the environmentally-conscious approach throughout the entire book. Spring can't come soon enough; I can't wait to get started.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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If you don't have a gardening group, or friends or family with a green thumb and need some help in that area, then this book might help. It focuses on natural cures for garden problems without chemical intervention, how to correctly use fertilizer and compost, and how to make recipes for garden related things like bird seed. It does have a kind of secret alchemy charm in the way it presents information, and any complex scientific explanations are broken down in easy to understand terms. I like that it also included things like seed bombs, or reusing plastic bottles as vessels to put cuttings in. A lot of wisdom is included in the book that beginners might not learn without someone to tell them, like making natural rooting hormone with willow, or getting rid of fungus gnats with sand. I highly recommend this to the beginner gardener, or to someone looking for more natural approaches to gardening.
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GARDEN ALCHEMY by Stephanie Rose is a well-written guide for amateur gardeners who want to improve their results using natural recipes and herbal solutions. The book starts with information on understanding your garden soil as well as information on mulches. The chapter that I was most interested in was chapter two. This chapter deals with propagation.  Other chapters cover composting, fertilizers, encouraging beneficial insects and deterring pests.

The book includes easy to follow recipes and instructions for a variety of do it yourself solutions. It also includes a resource section and a great index. While I was familiar with much of the information, this would make a great reference for new and inexperienced gardeners and maybe an idea or two for more experienced gardeners. I plan to try one of the recipes for treating damping off (a fungal disease) that can occur with seedlings. 

Overall, the book makes a great reference to have on hand. It has some wonderful photographs and easy-to-follow recipes. This could also be used as a guide for a variety of science and gardening craft projects for children.

Thanks to Quarto Publishing Group – Cool Springs Press and Stephanie Rose for a digital ARC of this novel via NetGalley and the opportunity to provide an honest review. Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way.
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Garden Alchemy is a most beautiful book with magnificent pictures and a marvellous cover. It is perfect in size (only 130 pages). This book is so useful to me as I have a second home with lots of land.
The contents are easy to understand. It is highly practical and comprehensive (soils, propagation, fertilizers, birds, bees and bugs, as well as additional resources). It is a must-have if you are interested in organic gardening and nature.
I particularly enjoyed the chapters about birds, bees and bugs and checked out the author’s website (garden therapy) where she actually offers a Free Natural Skincare Mini Course.
In short, I highly recommend this book!
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OMGoodness!!!!  This book has so inspired me!  From the moment I opened it, I was excited.  Lots of colorful pictures.  The promise of a beautiful bright garden!  The joy of being in total control of my garden!!  The subtitle of this book is "80 Recipes and Concoctions for Organic Fertilizers, Plant Elixirs, Potting Mixes, Pest Deterrents, and More."  I cannot tell you how excited I was just after reading the the front and back covers of this book.  And then, I opened it, and...WOW!  I have been searching for this book for a long time...and thank goodness Stephanie Rose has finally written the ultimate Gardening book, with everything I ever wanted to know and with easy to understand ideas.  I'm reading the ARC right now, but when this publishes, I will definitely be getting one for myself, and gifting it to several of my like-minded gardening friends.  WOW.
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Excellent reference book for new and experienced gardeners. 
It's easy to follow with beautiful pictures and diagrams to assist with the delivery of the information. A must for anyone wanting to be a bit more self sufficient and gain the most from their garden. 
Reading this in December makes me look forward to spring and being able to put into practice all the knowledge and advise which I shall be sharing with others. Fingers crossed for a bountiful harvest and a few family members may be getting a copy next year for birthdays.  

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher's for a free digital copy in return for an honest review.
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I have been a follower of Staphanie Rose's Garden Therapy for some time and was excited to learn that she was writing a book. "Garden Alchemy" provides the same fun and beautiful content that Garden Therapy has been sharing with us but on a deeper level. I, personally, am excited to try out some of the ideas I found in this enchanting book.
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