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Becoming the Next Great Generation

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I wanted to read this book to decide whether it was a must-have for my high school library, and whereas I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it, I'm not sure I can label it as such.

The idea of bridging the gap between the older and new generations is great, and I think the author explores some interesting points, but it felt a bit bogged down in stats and examples, which hindered its message of inspiration, for me, anyway. 

A good idea, and a great framework to work from, but not one that was overly exciting or ground-breaking. It would be a good start to opening up the conversation with young people though and I'd definitely be interested to hear what they make of it.
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"Becoming the Next Great Generation: Taking Our Place as Confident and Capable Adults" by Jonathan Catherman is a good read for those teenagers who find themselves impatient when it comes to making their marks in the world. Catherman helps to encourage them to make connections with older generations, as opposed to seeing those older generations as the oppositions. The book is written at the basic level of understanding, but that would be a good example of the author tailoring the work to a particular audience.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.
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"Becoming  the  Next  Great Generation"   by Jonathan Catherman is   a  Christian  nonfiction book.  The  author   tries to   help the  younger generation connect with the older  generation.  He    shares how  things   were different for the older generation. He  helps to bridge the gaps in the generations.  He   shows the value of  stewardship before leadership.  He  shows how the older  generation  can  benefit the  younger generation and in the end  the younger generation will be more successful.   In the end the  younger generation can become more successful that the older generation. Jonathan Catherman is an author of  eight books. He is  the  Founder and Director of  I M Mentoring Foundation. His company  provides  mentoring  skills for the younger generation.  Thank you to the  publisher , author, netgalley for allowing me to read and review  this book.  The opinions are my own.  I will post  my review on Amazon,  netgalley, Goodreads,  Barnes and Noble, facebook and  for our church staff.
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I found this book to interesting and insightful. It was a bit basic in some regards, but the overall message was there. This book is meant to be read in partnership with "Becoming the Next Great Generation: Rethinking How Teens Become Confident and Capable Adults". As I did not read it with that book, I do not feel as though I got the full experience.
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