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WoW...........what a brilliant book When Angels Sleep by Mark Griffin was. I was hooked from the very first few pages and then found out, there was a first book (Scream) to this series. 
This book is great, especially as a stand alone book. I then went back to read the first book. 

This is the second book in the Holly Wakefield series I have loved it. Especially Holly the main character.

I highly recommend this book I loVed it.

Big Thank You to Little, Brown Book Group UK and NetGalley for a copy of this book in return for an unbiased review.
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Although I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first in the series it was still a really good read. The characters are strong and richly fleshed out and like the first book, the plot really packs a bunch. I didn’t think this was as fast paced but I still really enjoy it and will be eagerly awaiting the next in the series. Thank you Netgalley & Little, Brown Book Group UK.
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I absolutely loved this book.  Holly Wakefield is a criminal profiler who works with the police to identify suspects in a murder case.  The insight into a murder’s mind is fascinating and horrifying at the same time.  I will definitely be reading more from this author.
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Whoa!! This was simply brilliant.
Second in the Holly Wakefield series, my first by this author, I was blown away by the crisp writing and diabolic plot lines. 

Holly, a criminal psychologist, was called by DI Bishop when a boy was killed and posed. 

Fast paced and daunting was the case where Holly and team if cops had to race against time to get into the mind of this  killer to catch him. Tension could be felt across the scenes where the author kept my heart pounding with excitement and a need to unmask the killer. 

A thrilling story which compelled me to read it at one go.
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Thanks to Little, Brown Book Group UK and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Wow. Mark Griffin really know how to put the thrill into the thriller. 'When Angels Sleep' is an astonishingly gripping novel that grabbed me by the throat from the get-go. It has all the hallmarks of a 5 star mystery/thriller: wonderfully realised main protagonists, a fiendishly clever plot - impeccably executed, and that certain undefinable quality which elevates this novel above others of its type. There is something else, too. Griffin writes intelligent thrillers that not only entertain, but make you engage fully in the two-way process that constitutes the unmediated dialogue between author and reader. If this sounds like hyperbole it is not. With the best authors reading a book is a bit like having an enduringly memorable conversation. You do not forget it in a hurry. Griffin has that certain something in spades. This is the second novel in a series that features criminal profiler, Holly Wakefield. Wakefield is our Trojan horse into the minds of the most depraved serial killers one can possibly imagine. Yet, despite her unparalleled insight into the often rotten souls of the inhuman monsters we call serial killers, Wakefield and Bishop are initially stymied by the man who kills children and then poses them as angels for all to see. Why this modus operandi? What is the killer trying to say? This is the riddle that Bishop and Wakefield must solve. Time is running out, however, and the body count is increasing. The tension builds and builds to an unbearable degree, until the maestro that is Mark Griffin reveals all in stunning fashion. Awestruck, I finished this book with shaking hands and a pounding heart. Edge-of-your-seat stuff. Simply brilliant.
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The second in the Met's criminal psychologist Holly Wakefield police procedural series. In this well plotted and tension filled installment, DI Bishop brings Holly into to help investigate the killing of a near naked teenage boy found posed in a park on a pillow, holding an angel pendant. Soon there are further abductions and so begins a race against time. Haunting, brilliant and totally addictive read with a satisfying ending.
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I was looking forward to reading this having read the previous book in the series. I was not disappointed and found this to be just as compelling and thrilling as the last one. Looking forward to reading more.
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Although I have yet to read When Darkness Calls, the first in the Holly Wakefield series by Mark Griffin, I was happy to dive into this second book, When Angels Sleep and I think it worked well as an individual crime/ thriller.

In this London based series, nonconformist Holly Wakefield is a criminal profiler to the London Met, also serving as a invaluable consultant, as well as teaching on Behavioural Sciences at King's College and seeing patients at Wetherington Hospital who have an inclination to kill. Her knowledge of serial killers is unparalleled.

Holly's characterisation by Mark Griffin is exemplary, and ex-army, forty-something DI William Bishop's is also very good, so much so that I cannot wait to see where this talented author takes them next.

This is a dark, riveting and absolutely compulsive must-read, ingeniously plotted and packed with misdirections. Holly is quite the charismatic and unusual protagonist, finding herself on the darkest of investigations with Bishop, involving the abduction of children. Her developing relationship with Bishop adds further dimension to an already first-class page-turner.

Very highly recommended, I am certain crime fiction and thriller aficionados will love When Angels Sleep.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel, at my request, from Little, Brown Book Group UK/ Piatkus via NetGalley and this review is my unbiased opinion.
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This is the second book in the Holly Wakefield series but it can be read as a stand alone. Holly is a deeply troubled criminal psychologist, working with DI Bishop, investigating the case of a murdered boy found in a park. The book starts off at a slow pace but soon builds up suspense and tension. The plot flows and it certainly is gripping although I just can't like Holly! I would recommend this series of books if you enjoy thrillers. Thanks to Net Galley for my ARC.
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I absolutely loved this book.  This is a new author for me, so I didn't know what to expect.  What I didn't expect was to be thrilled from beginning to the end.  The book starts off with the discovery of a young boy's body.  Why was he killed, what is the significance of the angels? The book grabs the reader from the beginning and the ending was done very well.  I will without any doubt read more by this author in future.  Recommended.
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This is the second in the Holly Wakefield series and it is every bit if not better than the one before.
DI Bishop is called in to investigate when a man walking his dog comes across the body of a teenage boy in the woods. 
The boy dressed only in white underpants, his head resting peacefully on a white pillow  and in his hand is clutched an angel pendant.
Bishop decides to call in Holly Wakefield a criminal psychologist he has worked with before. 
She is good at getting into the mind of a killer and when another body turns up once again cluching an angel pendant they know they are on the trail of a serial killer.
This is a fast paced cleverly plotted thriller that kept me guessing, definately addictive reading 
Holly and Bishop make a great team and I cant wait to read more about the pair as I am sure there is a going to be lot more to come from them .
Thanks to Netgalley and Little Brown Book Group for letting me read this as an ARC.
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This is the first book of read by this author.  It’s the second in its series and whilst there are references to the first it does not detract from the present story.

Holly Wakefield is a psychologist who assists the police when a profile of a criminal is needed.  In this story she is assisting close friend DI William Bishop investigate the discovery of the body of a young boy, dressed in white underwear, with his head resting on a white pillow whilst clutching a pendant of an angel in Wanstead Park.  A second body is discovered and they have to pool their resources to find whoever is killing these children.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book the character Holly has an interesting background having spent time in the care system after her parents were murdered and her brother is incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital.  Her friendship with DI Bishop is bordering on romantic and it will be interesting to see how this pans out in future books.

Many thanks to the publishers and netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Holly Wakefield returns in When Angels Sleep which is the second book in the series from Mark Griffin.

This isn’t a straight police procedural as Wakefield isn’t a police officer although she does assist (over assist?) the police in their investigation this time into the murder of a teenage boy.

The storyline is entertaining and I enjoyed reading the book with my only reservation being that of the involvement of the main character into the investigation. 

Still recommended
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First thing first: I don't like story about serial killer and I avoid reading story where children are killed.
That said I read this book in two sitting because I couldn't put it down.
Holly is a great characters. she's damaged but she's also able to feel empathy and to get into the mind of the killer. A brave, kickass heroine who's able to be tender with her brother.
The plot is gripping, it builds the suspense slowly but once you're hooked you have to read as fast as you can and I nearly stopped breathing (metaphorically) during the last chapters.
It was one of the best thriller I read in quite a long time: gritty, enthralling, never over-violent.
An excellent read, I strongly recommend it.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Riveting read! I finished it in 2 days, staying up until my eyes wouldn’t stay open.    I really enjoyed the Holly Wakefield character, logical and makes all the right connections.  Holly is a crime psychologist and really draws you into her way of thinking.   The unresolved attraction with Bishop adds to the tension.  

The story line is gripping, gritty and believable without any unnecessary violence or making me feel like a voyeur.    The story moves along at a good pace and some intriguing twists.   I hadn’t read book one and didn’t feel like I was missing any context, but I enjoyed this book so much I will now read the first one.
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I really enjoyed reading this book.I liked the fact it featured a forensic psychologist,and was written from a different view point.I used to work as a forensic social worker and could identify with the story from this point of view.It made a change to see the crime from a different angle.The story was good, maybe not for the feint hearted ,the characters were well written, and the main character Holly was interesting and well rounded.I like flawed characters and she was as was the main police officer, makes them more interesting I think.I thought the suspense was well done, and I wasn't sure how it was going to pan out.It was a well thought out and well written book, and I look forward to reading more in this series.This was the second book, and I haven't read the first book,but it didn't spoil my enjoyment.Thanks to the publisher and netgalley for an ARC.
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Wow loved this book it was so gripping and a brilliant thriller. Was not sure as I suddenly realise it was the second book but it stood as a stand alone as well. I really like the character Holly who seem to really know how to read people as she profiles them and DI Bishop who is investigating the case. The story starts with a dog walker find a young boy body in the woods where DI Bishop and Holly are called to investigate.  I would really recommend this book as a excellent thriller. I would like to thank Little Brown Books and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Little, Brown Book Group UK for a review copy of When Angels Sleep, the second novel to feature London based forensic psychologist Holly Wakefield.

When the body of a young teenager is found posed in local woods with an angel necklace in his hand and his head on a pillow DI Bishop immediately calls in Holly Wakefield to assist the investigation. There are no forensics and precious few clues so it is up to Holly to point the team in the right direction.

I enjoyed When Angels Sleep which is an interesting take on the serial killer genre. The narrative is split mostly between “the man” and Holly so the reader gets to see both sides but still has the mystery of who “the man” is. It is quite obviously a psychological thriller as it concentrates more than most on motivation and methodology. The motivation turns out to be as old as the human race but the author still manages a few surprises and a couple of gruesome turns. I’m not the biggest fan of either narrative switches which I often find disruptive to my concentration or the psychology of a killer which often tends to the trite. I didn’t find the psychology or the killer particularly convincing in this novel but I did find the overall construction of the novel absorbing and moreish. I found myself turning the pages to see what was coming next.

After two novels I haven’t entirely taken to Holly Wakefield. I like her dedication and her way of thinking but she’s definitely weird. Put it this way, she’s not someone I would spend a lot of time with in real life.

When Angels Sleep is a good read.
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Many Thanks to Net Galley, Little, Brown Book Group UK and Mark Griffin for a chance to review this book.

Oh boy O boy...what an absolutely thrilling story this turned out to be. Serial killer books had become sort of stagnant for me. The same old same old plot of the killer by the end focused on the main protagonist investigating the crime getting to be a chore after reading many of them in this genre. But I am honestly glad that I took a chance with When Angels Sleep, book #2 in the Holly Wakefield series. It can definitely be read as a stand alone but after reading book 2, I want to follow thru with the series as there is also a beautiful relationship developing in the story that I would love to explore more.

Holly Wakefield consultant psychologist for the Met Police is weird who saves memorabilia of all the cases she has worked in a room inside her flat. She can get into the minds of serial killers and psychopaths and understand what makes them tick. After having personal experience of a serial killer’s work, it is no wonder she is excellent at her job. Working with DI William Bishop in the first case has left her with some injuries but Holly is ready and raring to get back into the field when a case that can jolt even a hard-hearted individual rock the Met police. 

The gruesome murder of a child is discovered in Epping forest. Holly realises this is no random crime as the 13- year old child has been staged to look peaceful like an angel, wearing only white underpants, head resting in a pillow holding an angel pendant in his hand. The race begins as Holly and Bishop fights to understand the mind of a brilliant strategist and planner who has taken extreme precautions to avoid detection. 

I loved how the author has changed the game in the book, by making our hearts gallop at the end along with Holly as she tries to save the life of a child kidnapped and left to die. The story takes time to get into that gripping mode but once it does, the climax is a race to finish. The final few chapters had some nasty scenes that I didn’t want to put an image to the words that were being described. Amidst this, there’s also Holly’s loving care of her brother Lee who is in psychiatric care and her growing fondness and love for Bishop who doesn’t seem to mind her half-crazy mind and is willing to go that extra mile to keep Holly safe. I loved the character of Holly and her quirky tendencies, the chapter where she talks to the killer, a brilliant exercise for the reader’s mind.
Reading books about kidnapping, abuse or killing that involves children is always hard to get right, to find that perfect balance of not making it too soppy  and to get the exact emotional touch is tough but with When Angels Sleep, Mark Griffin has worked wonders in conveying the brutality of the crime with minimum gory details. 
Highly recommended for all fans of police procedurals.
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On a cold winter's morning, the body of a young boy is discovered in Epping Forest.
The body is pristine and peaceful, his head resting gently on a pillow, an angel pendant clenched in his small fist. It is a murder as carefully planned as it is brutal, and there's one person DI Bishop needs back on his team to help solve such a calculated crime.
Holly Wakefield, criminal psychologist for the Met Police, is better than anyone Bishop knows at getting inside the brains of psychopaths. But with the body count rising, it's going to take all their strength and resolve to stop the serial killer before any more angels are put to their rest . . .
The second gripping serial killer thriller in the Holly Wakefield series. Perfect for fans of Val McDermid, Mark Billingham, Stuart MacBride and TV crime series Luther.

This is a wonderful addition to this thrilling series!
Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.
Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believeable.
Great suspense and action with that adds so much to the story.
Such a thrilling read that I couldn't put it down.
Can't wait to read more of these.
Recommend reading.

I was provided an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher.  This is my own honest voluntary review.
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