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I really enjoyed this book! This series is so cute. This book can be read as a standalone but it is nice to know the other characters stories before going into this one! You know Penn from the very first book of this series. I could not wait for his story. The "ladies man" of the friend group. You will not be disappointed with the ride this author takes you on! I love her writing style and small town romances are just one of my favorites!!! I highly recommend this book and series to anyone who wants to fall in love with a small town and the people who live in it!
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Oh Penn!! This man was definitely trouble for sure, but in a really good way. Adriana has been showing us Penn’s love ‘em and leave ‘em ways since the start of this Dogwood Lane series. So seeing that Penn had so many more layers was all I had hoped for and more. Initially I thought okay this is gonna be your typical ‘man/boy figures his crap out when he falls in love’ story, which all on board for but Adriana threw us a surprise. Avery was the surprise because from her we learn that this is a second chance, even if she’s bound and determined to not give into the Penn Etling charm. 

I loved the dual pov. I loved both Penn and Avery’s inner dialogue and their interactions with friends. Both of these characters are struggling with their feelings for each other, their pasts, and for Penn trying to let go of all the negative things he thinks about himself. Avery is struggling with the feelings she has for Penn and what she wants for herself. With all these things working against them, can they push past the doubts and trust in their feelings?! That was the question, and Penn broke my heart at times and surprised me in others. In the end he’s truly the best kind of trouble.
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Did not disappoint.   As usual I loved this authors book.  This series is one of my favorites by far
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Found it to be like the authors others books. Really enjoy her styling of writing and the sett of characters shown in this story.
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The title says it all. This tells me I am in for a major ride and I will not be disappointed in what I am going to read. Total fan of Adriana stories and really enjoyed this one.
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‘Gotta roll with it’

I really really liked this book.
Avery comes back to this small town to live with her aunt.

But what she was not expecting was that her one time crush hunk will walk in and flirt hard with her..

Penn sees Avery in the hairdresser shop and is taken by the Beauty...

There is a lot of teasing, funny jokes, and it’s an adult book...

It’s really an easy read, the pace is very nice.
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I am loving the Dogwood Lane series by Adriana Locke so much and in Trouble, we get another sweet and charming small town romance with so many feels and great characters. Penn and Avery had amazing chemistry and I loved the banter between them. Avery was strong and caring. Penn was very likable but wanted nothing to do with commitment. Their story was fun, sexy and captivating.

Happy reading!
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This is a first book by Adriana Locke but I must say, I am definitely a fan now. The only thing I regret is that this is my first Dogwood Lane book...and this is the 3rd in the series. I will definitely read that other books in the series but it is possible to read this as a standalone. I really connected with H. I also loved the premise in this book of how a encounter with someone can affect two people so intensely.  Good book!

I was provided an eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Thanks so much for a wonderful read! Loved the interactions with main characters, the chemistry was on point. I would love to read more from this author! Great job!
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I have been waiting on this book and was so excited when it landed on my kindle. I loved Penn he was such a lovable character. 

Penn and Avery have crazy intense chemistry, you can’t help but hope they end up together. These two are the perfect match for each other. Penn lives in a small town where he grew up and doesn’t do commitment. Avery knows what she wants and has no problem making Penn fight for her attention. When these two give in they make the cutest couple that will have you swoon. 

This was a one sitting read for me. I loved Trouble and highly recommend it.
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I had a hard time getting into this book, and while I'm not 100% sure why, I think it probably had to do with the characters at the beginning being somewhat unreadable and in the case of Penn, unlikable. By about the halfway point, though, they were more fleshed-out and making more of a connection with each other, so I was invested. I liked that they had actually reconnected from a previous meeting in life, and the ending was sweet.
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Absolutely loved this book a lot! Locke has a magic way with words that will wrap you into her story and make it so you never want to leave!
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Trouble by Adriana Locke is the third book in the Dogwood Lane series. It can be read as a standalone.
This was my first book from this author and I must say I look forward to reading more. Trouble is a second chance romance, the love interest Penn doesn't remember the new hairstylist on first glance. The characters were fully fleshed out, I felt their personality on the page. Penn came off as cocky and arrogant at first but under all those muscles and smooth skin was a heart of gold. I loved their back and forth banter and the attraction was palpable with each interaction. I love a small-town romance and this book has the perfect recipe, I felt that I was in a small town from the settings. Avery is a strong woman looking to find her place I enjoyed her character, I was cheering for her by the sidelines the whole book. After reading this book I am going to revisit the other books in the series.
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TROUBLE (Dogwood Lane Book #3) by Adriana Locke is another great contemporary romance in the Dogwood Lane series. This romance has another of the lifelong friends meeting their match with all of the fun, sex and emotional angst I have come to expect in Ms. Locke’s romances. This book can be read as a standalone romance, but being set in a small-town all of the main characters crossover.

Penn Etling had a rough start growing up, but he is now the laid-back, fun loving friend who is always willing to help. He is a player, but everyone knows and understands what they will get from him. No harm and no foul.

Avery Perry has moved to Dogwood Lane to live and work with her aunt. She can no longer take the type of life she was expected to live in L.A. as the daughter of a movie star. She is excited to make real friends who want to know her without expectations. As she is attempting to hang a speaker, she falls right into Penn’s arms. Avery knows guys like Penn and she is not willing to go there. She wants a real relationship, not a one-night stand.

When these two come together the sparks fly, but is Penn willing to give more of himself than ever before and stop his playboy ways? And will Avery tell Penn the secret she is keeping and give him a chance to prove he can change?

I absolutely love Penn. His hard body, bad boy persona, but his soft heart are why all the girls want him and he is the perfect opposite for Avery. And yet, they were not opposite in their emotional scars from their upbringings. Avery is the type of heroine I like because even though she falls, she is still willing to pull away and stick up for what she truly wants in her life. All the secondary characters are fully fleshed out and many carry over from the previous two books.

In this series, Ms. Locke has written realistic and fun dialogue, sex scenes that sizzle and burn up the pages and characters in this small-town setting that make you want to be friends with them all. 

I recommend this contemporary romance and all the books in the series!
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader – ☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance

Penn is the fun-loving womanizer of his group of friends. He is also a hardworking carpenter who is always willing to lend a hand or pick up a job. When he is about to take his first vacation in two years, Penn is interrupted when his boss call in a favor. Despite knowing he has earned his vacation, Penn just razzes his boss and says he’ll help out.

Avery is finding herself. She knows that where she’s come from is definitely not where she wants to be. She has fond memories of Dogwood Lane and being near her aunt, so she picks herself up and heads there. While working at her aunt’s salon, she runs in to Penn... again. He doesn’t recognize her, and she isn’t sure if she’s upset or embarrassed that she was so easy to forget.

Avery is keeping a secret from Penn and Penn is trying to woo a woman who knows all of his tricks. Can they see past the walls that they each have in order to climb over and find happiness?

This is a sweet, semi-second-chance romance that has hilarious characters and friendships that would make anyone jealous. I really enjoyed this story and hope we get to see more of them soon.

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the third book in the series, and both the previous couples feature in the story. You could start here and go back if you want to, I don't think it would spoil too much for you. You will understand the dynamics of Dogwood Lane a little better if you are up to date.

Avery has come back to Dogwood Lane to start afresh. Her life in LA was shallow thanks to her famous parents and everyone wanting something from her because of them. She visited her aunt there as a teen, but since then has been too wrapped up in the banal – but no more! So when the beautiful Penn comes into her aunt's hairdresser's and starts to chat her up – with no memory of their first encounter several years ago – she is not interested. Not. At. All. She left LA to get away from the shallow hookup, and Penn has a reputation for exactly that.

Penn works in construction, enjoys spending his free time enjoying female company and avoiding all manner of serious. He had a really unhappy childhood; his mother suffered from addiction and his father was abusive and vindictive. So really, he has no intentions of settling down in case he is like his dad – which, yes, completely makes him a darling guy!

There are so many lovely bits in this book, little details which make you really only want the best for both of them. They definitely deserve each other, it is just them who need to understand that... and ideally at the same time. Locke makes sure that we feel the tension, cheer them along, and then smile the biggest smile when it finally all works out.

Very enjoyable read, I recommend it to you.
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Trouble has everything I look for in a book. Small town, close friends, playful banter, cocky guy with a heart of gold, a strong female. I'm so excited to have finally read Penn's story! It was so much more than I'd ever imagined it would be. I absolutely love this series!
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Trouble is the third book in Dogwood Lane Series, and it was the one I was wanting most since it's Penn's story. I have liked Penn from the moment he was introduced in Tumble, he's a charmer that's for sure, he's funny, loyal, but he also hides his true feelings. I liked Avery too, she's sweet, but cautious due to her upbringing. I laughed at the back and forth banter between these two. I'm loving this little town, and characters and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

I received this book from Netgalley.
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This book made me laugh and shake my head with it's antics. It's witty and the banter between Avery and Penn is perfect. It will have you rolling your eyes to the back of your head. But beneath that strong personality lies a vulnerability in these characters that makes them sweet. It humanizes them. Who doesn't want something better for themselves? Who doesn't build up walls to protect themselves? Who doesn't have self doubt from time to time? Even if it's the cockiest man alive like Penn. This is a great story with very good characters where their personalities are inverted and different from what you normally see.
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Penn’s story is finally here! I loved Penn as the goofy side kick in the Dogwood Lane series. I’m so excited for his story with the delectable Avery! Adriana Locke’s writing is on point with this small town, slow burn, second chance romance. Penn and Avery will melt your heart 💜

For me, the book read a little slower that I’m used to for Addy’s books. It took me a while to read it since I wasn’t fully drawn in from the get go like I usually am. With every book, especially Addy’s, you know the best is yet to come and boy oh boy, Penn does not disappoint. The emotional arc hits you fiercely in the heart. It hits home that these two people are definitely meant to be. Avery is strong willed, independent and loving. She gives just as good as she gets from Penn. Their chemistry is chart topping from the beginning.

Overall, this small town romance hit me with all the feels! I hope you enjoy!
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I absolutely adore the Dogwood Lane series by Adriana Locke and I loved Trouble! Penn and Avery were both great characters. I was so excited for Penn's story and it definitely did not disappoint. I can't wait to read more from Adriana!
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