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What a total joy this book is! It's like falling into a rom com that's so deliciously rich in culture and style with brilliant characters. I relished the family dynamics and the expectations that are so often put on the ones we love. There have already been comparisons to Kevin Kwan but that's not to take anything away from Lauren Ho's distinctive style. Incredibly readable and can't wait to read what comes next.
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I loved the diary format and Andrea’s commentary on her successes and failures in work and love- it worked very well. This commentary was something I loved about Bridget Jones and I enjoyed it here too. I loved the setting of Singapore as well and it really felt like you were there.

Andrea was a great character and I definitely related to her in some ways- mainly the comments about Louis Vuitton: “Took a cab to Orchard Road to buy myself an LV bag because no one else will and it being a classic model means it can totally be classified as an investment” made me feel SEEN.

I thought her cousin Linda was great and Andrea’s other friends were also fun. I also loved the workplace drama with Suresh and his cartoon strips. Although there were a lot of characters in the book I didn’t feel like there were too many.

For me, I felt that there needed to be a bit more of Andrea and her love interest together at the end. It’s not a criticism at all, but I love an epilogue as I like to see what has happened after the book. I really hope we get to see Andrea and friends again; at the very least I need to know if Andrea has bought anymore bags!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins for providing an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Quoting the synopsis of this book itself, "So what if she's poised to be the last unmarried member of her generation of the Tang clan? She doesn't need a man to feel fulfilled, no matter what her meddling relatives have to say about it." I was honestly expecting this book to be about a woman who fights to show that she doesn't need a man to have a good life. Well, it sort of did, but at the same time, it absolutely didn't.

Having a rather successful career as a lawyer, a posh condo to call her own, and great friends to have fun with, Andrea Tang's life would have been enough for her, had it not been for her meddling relatives that constantly pegged on her love life. When she found out that she might become the last woman in her clan to get married, a.k.a becoming the last Tang standing, it somehow became a mission for her to find a man to settle down in a marriage. And so this is where the hooking ups started.

Plotwise, I wouldn't say that Last Tang Standing has an amazing storyline that blew my mind, but it was still fun to go through. Being a woman myself, I know how it feels to be reduced to someone who needs to find a man in order to "have a good life", so seeing how Andrea had to suffer through that after breaking up with a long time boyfriend, constantly worrying about being embarrassed in front of her relatives for not being married yet just made me feel sorry for her.

I may be blessed to have parents that don't bother me about getting married, but I hate to acknowledge that Last Tang Standing actually depicts the reality of many women even to this day. A woman's worth should not be measured by a man, and though this book didn't actually end up becoming about that (not with the multiple love interests suddenly coming to Andrea's way), I do think that it still allows the topic to be discussed. We're definitely still far from getting a world where everyone can accept that women are enough on her own if she wants to, but I believe books like Last Tang Standing can help more of us to see that.

When it comes to characters, Last Tang Standing has quite a number of interesting ones. Although I don't fancy how the book turned out to be some kind of a love mission, I still loved Andrea Tang plenty. She's a very fun character, and I enjoyed her sassiness as well. She's able to stand on her own, and I like that there was certainly character growth as Andrea acknowledges her worth more and more as the story progressed. Her casual snarky remarks, especially the petty wars between her and Suresh, her colleague, were much joy to read too.

I think despite being the "last Tang standing", Andrea still ended up getting marvellous choices when it comes to her love interests. Eric Deng, a wealthy entrepreneur who caught her attention in one of the parties she went to was a real gentleman, much older than her, but would definitely lavish her life well enough to change her life completely. Suresh Aditparan, her attractive colleague and rival was like a forbidden fruit, but putting their rivalry aside, they were supportive of each other and actually admires one another's skills. Both Eric and Suresh have strengths and flaws that complement well with Andrea, and I honestly didn't know who to team up with, but over the course of the story, I think Andrea chose the right person for her in the end.

Overall, I would say that Last Tang Standing is a fun and a rather quick read. The fact that the story was written in a journal/diary style made it more intimate and I was able to relate myself with Andrea and understand her better. This book may not have been the kind of feminist story that I was looking for, but it is still a good story that shows a woman's strength and independence, written in a very enjoyable way. I'm actually excited to read Lauren Ho's future works!
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Really enjoyed reading this book! The publisher's description of Bridget Jones meets Crazy Rich Asians seem very accurate and this made for an entertaining read.
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This did not work for me at all. It was too slow and the plot hadn't taken off even after 30% of the book. So I kind of found it tiring to read inspite of being v excited about the premise.
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Loved this book, very reminiscent of the Crazy Rich Asians books. A great love story with lots of twists and interesting characters. Reminded me of my trip to Singapore, the author describes the city perfectly. A page turner!
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this book was boring for the most part, i was unable to sit through the majority of it and found myself hoping it would be over, very disappointing :/
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Enjoyable from the start and much funnier and bolder than expected, it read like an updated Bridget Jones diary with a very relatable main character.
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*I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

I very rarely DNF books, but I have to admit that I was close to it with this one.
I've been reading through some of the reviews and a lot of people seem to enjoy this book a lot, but that wasn't my experience. 
I had several issues with it, firstly and probably what made it so hard for me to enjoy, is simply that I didn't like any of the characters.
Of course , this is a highly personal opinion and other people could like the main character and the supporting cast, but for me ai found the MC unlikeable and felt as if there wasn't any real depth to the supporting characters. 
On top of this there were parts that didn't sit well with me in terms of how some people acted, with no real attempt at showing their behaviour as negative.
And one thing that, most people probably wouldn't care about, but I was finding really annoying, was the constant reference to things such as social media sites, companies, etc.
I understand this book is set in the modern day where things like Instagram, LinkedIn etc are used regularly, even daily by a huge amount of people. However, to me at least, it seemed like these things were being mentioned with a frequency that didn't seem necessary and for some reason it bothered me.
Overall, this book was not for me and that's not to say that it was entirely bad, and as other reviews have shown, a lot of people did enjoy this book. I, unfortunately just wasn't one of them.
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🤭Unpopular Opinion 🤭

#Bookreview: Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho.

The story started off in a promising way - Andrea Tang was nervous about a family gathering in which gossips fly and expectations run high in typical Asian setting of sly aunts poking their noses at singletons with “when-are-you-gonna-marry?”.

Being a successful 30-ish lawyer was just not enough; in order to make her mother & the whole clan happy; Andrea needed to be married & to a person who fits the society’s frame of “the catch”.

This 📖 was described by many reviews & Goodreads as “where Crazy Rich Asian meets Bridget Jones Diary” and that’s where, as they say it; the plot lost its magic.

Don’t get me wrong. #LastTangStanding is a funny, fast-paced read. I found myself bursting out laughing in between the chapters at the crazy rollercoaster moments of Andrea: the attempts at online dating sites supervised by her friend, Le Linda; the banters that went between her & her rival-at work, her description of the “kiasu”-ness of the society and her friends’ dry (albeit,always intoxicated) humour. However, comical situations alone can’t save a 📖.

As I read along, the plot and characters especially Andrea herself; reminded me too strongly of - yup, you guess it right! Bridget Jones & Rachel Chu 🤭😳 It gets predictable; the jokes, sarcasm, self-poking, romance and even the family drama. 

I appreciate that Andrea’s life illustrated that in current hedonistic-materialistic world; the pursuit of one’s true happiness is never a primary goal. People keep chasing others’ expectations & in doing so, sacrifice themselves & their own dreams/love. However, I feel that this message is “lost” in the ramblings (written in a diary-entry like style) and the multiple jumbles of the characters & happenings.

For me, the 📖 did not fulfill the hype that I received. It was quite okay for a light reading by the 🏝 when you expect nothing heavier than a few laughs & a tease of a romance.


Tq to @mphdistributors for giving me the ebook review copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Last Tang Standing is really a chuckle-a-minute romantic comedy, which will make you fall in love with the protagonist Andrea Tang, an accomplished lawyer in Singapore, on track to become a partner at a prestigious law firm before she turns 35. As an Asian woman of course, she is inundated with worries from critical family members who are more concerned with the fact that she recently parted ways with her eligible ex-fiance and there is no other man in sight to wrap her in his arms before she trips and falls over her aging ovaries. And this makes the otherwise steadfast and determined Andrea also believe that it is imperative that she found a man as soon as possible (preferably of Chinese descent as her), even if she wasn't head over heels for him because it would make her less of a pariah in the eyes of her judgemental relatives. 

Throughout the novel, we see our protagonist try to do right by everyone but herself and she even wills herself to believe that this is the only way for her to be happy and content. But life has different plans for her. The fact that author @hellolaurenho used to be a practising lawyer in Singapore makes the book and its descriptions of characters and situations very vivid, lived in and needless to say, ripe for comedy. The romance in the book is also adorable but it doesn't distract from Andrea's arduous and often hilarious journey of learning how to put herself first. 

Pick this one up if you want to distract yourself from the shit storm that is the year 2020.
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The tag line of Crazy Rich Asians crossed with Bridget Jones Diary said everything I needed to know about this book in order for me to want to read it, oh and the recommendation from Beth O'Leary didn't go amiss.
We learn about Andreas life, family and background through diary entries, which are laugh out loud funny in places. On the surface she looks like she knows what she wants, she has a great job and friends, but she is lacking the one thing her mother wants her to have... A rich husband.
And so her search for love begins, with the use of dating apps, which she wasn't a natural at, total cringe moments. Her friendship group was crazy, but supportive and I think this would be an ideal holiday read/listen.
If you like humorous reads as well as peaking into rich lifestyles and learning about a different culture then I would recommend you pick this one up.
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Andrea lives in Singapore, is a successful lawyer on the partner track in her 30s, and has a clutch of well-connected friends whom she meets every other day to share notes on guys, office politics, handbags, the latest sartorial trends and everything under the sun. But there is one thing missing in her seemingly perfect life. She is single. And the dating scene is a mess. 

“Here’s the thing about dating without alcohol at my age: it’s pure agony. You lose the ability to lightheartedly banter as you age; instead you worry about sounding intelligent (but not in an intimidating fashion), being current without trying too hard, while being politically correct.”

These thoughts can applied to any situation, actually. I still do many times. I find myself searching for phrases in my mind to avoid making major, undiplomatic bloopers. But when you are dating the pressure can be doubly hard. And when you are a Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian – any Asian – you have too many things working against you. Expectations of duty run high and your parents want you to ‘settle down’ with a sensible (according to them) man. 

I loved how Lauren Ho depicts the rollercoaster of emotions and decision-making when it comes to family and love, when your heart is pulled in different directions. She intersperses this with observations about work, musings about what really constitutes happiness, and the boundaries between family and the self. 

“I have to actually work for a living in a crappy job like the rest of the world, using 80 percent of my waking hours to eke out a living just so I can enjoy what’s left of my week for the remaining 20 percent and not be homeless.”

In a lot of ways, she is relatable. And she is hilarious. 

Lauren Ho’s Last Tang Standing is an ode to millennial life. It’s also about figuring out what you really want and pursuing that wholeheartedly. Although, many of turns in the story were predictable, including the ending, this was a fun read. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins for the ARC!
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What I liked:

- how relatable the asian families and expectations were 
- the diary format of the book

Other than that it was a simple book, with a one line story. Yes I did have fun reading it but it wasn't something different.
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A lot of books claim to be 'the next Bridget Jones' but I'm pleased to say Last Tang Standing actually IS! After something lightweight to read, I was delighted to find LTS and I haven't smiled and laughed at a book in such a long time. The author is such a brilliant and natural writer and I fell in love with the main characters of Andrea. She was so honest, funny and relatable. And even though she was clearly amongst the more privileged members of society, it didn't matter. I really enjoyed the addition of the footnotes (they were so interesting!) and the insight into Chinese culture, especially Andrea's 'tiger mom' and aunties was fascinating. I also really liked being able to discover more about Andrea's career in law as this is always something I've been curious about. I thought the addition of the comic strips were also a great touch too. As a love story, it was pretty obvious where the story was heading but it was still an enjoyable journey nonetheless.

 I would absolutely love to read a sequel to Last Tang Standing and discover what Andrea gets up to next!
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This was so much fun! A brilliant read and I would recommend for anyone who loves contemporary and it’s so relatable for anyone who is in their 20’s/30’s and working things out still. The writing is so much fun and the format was brilliant in a diary style. You really get a feel for Andrea and her personality through this format and I really enjoyed it.
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Super cute and funny! Loved the cultural references. Similar setting as Crazy Rich Asians and the plot reminded me of The Hating Game, yet this story feels completely original.
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I would like to thank Netgalley for this ARC in exchange of an honest review. 

This book can only be described as a combination of Crazy Rich Asians and Bridget Jones Diary, This book is such a good read if you just want to get your teeth into something fun and wholesome. I found myself chuckling from the start of this book and knew I would be in for a good read!
The way in which Lauren Ho writes is one of the main reasons why I enjoyed this book so much! The way in which she covers serious issues such as the still present pressure surrounding social expectations many younger people feel and can probably relate to, this then easily switched to humour and I think the way in which this was seamlessly done made the book a brilliant read.
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Piqued my interest when I heard great things from other bookworms. Then my request for an ARC came through and I was hopeful that I’d like it.

In the beginning it was the societal/peer pressure of being still single and everything that came with, I emphatise and relate to the protagonist. Then it ends there.

Some of her monologue and diary entries were downright childish and offensive to me. Were this a YA novel, I wouldn’t mind. Despite all the stereotypical characterisation, was there going to be a point for it? Would the characters redeem themselves in the end?

Perhaps  cliché  is the whole point of the book? In the heels of Crazy Rich Asians.

DNF at 10%

1 star
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It was originally billed as Crazy Rich Asians meets Bridget Jones's Diary — and I definitely think that’s the perfect description for it. 

A feel good romantic comedy with a heroine that is all-too-relatable, this is definitely going to be one of the books-to-read for summer 2020. 

The only thing I wish is that there'd been a little more about the love story -- it felt the tiniest bit rushed at the very end of it all.
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