What Every Christian Needs to Know About Judaism

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This book has so much information about the Jewish and Christian faiths.  I am the type of person who loves to learn as much as I can about the Jewish faith.  If you are looking for a non-fiction book on faith then this is your book.  I highly recommend this book!
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Was a great, informative read on a multitude of different aspects of the Jewish faith and how Christians can better understand it. Was written simply and with compassion and awareness of both faiths.
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This is an excellently written book that includes many explanations of the beliefs of Judaism. I know there are many Jews who themselves would learn a great deal from reading this book. To Christians it would be eye opening and would go miles to dispel long held fears and misconceptions.
I have studied both the Catholic religion and Judaism for quite a few years, and some of the other Christian faiths as well. That is where this book fails. i know for a fact that the only question the average Christian wants to know is why Jews don't believe Christ was God, or put another way, "Why don't Jews believe in Christ?"
The author does not address this. He states what Jews believe many times about many things but when he veers close to a Christian belief he skirts it by saying that such and such belief is not held by Jews.
I guarantee, the Christians want to know WHY? or WHY NOT? And the answers are not here.
In a funny way, the title is misconceived. It should be WHAT EVERY JEW NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT JUDAISM.
Christians don't really want to know what Judaism is all about. They want to know why Jews don't believe in Jesus.
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Although I think the title itself is self explanatory, I will attempt to share what I love about What Every Christian Needs to Know About Judaism - Exploring the Ever-Connected World of Christians & Jews by Rabbi Evan Moffic. First of all, it is written by someone who has had training and experience to really be able to explain Judaism.

Second is that Rabbi Moffic's mission is to really build bridges between people so that we can come together united in faith. I love that!!!

Another reason to read this informative text is that it is an easy read...and an interesting one too. Am I the only one who has imagined the voice of God to sound like James Earl Jones? Apparently I am not, as Rabbi Moffic mentions that exact idea of God's voice in the beginning of Chapter one. Love it, made me want  to fall out of my chair while reading because it felt like this gentle Rabbi read my mind! Each chapter unveils more of Judaism and the explanation/origin of beliefs that may or may not be similar to the reader's belief system. I love that the overall tone is sharing information rather than conversion.

This is a book I really do recommend. It caught my eye the moment I saw the title and does not disappoint. From learning about God's name, the different classes of Judaism, I do not think the audience is limited to Christians...I think the audience is anyone interested in learning about Judaism. I am ready to order my own copy to keep!

Table of Contents: 
Chapter One: God
Chapter Two: Texts
Chapter Three: Election or God's Jedi Masters
Chapter Four: Israel
Chapter 5: The Calendar: Autumn Holidays
Chapter 6: The Calendar: Winter and Spring Holidays
Chapter 7: Prayer: Experiencing Oneness
Chapter 8: Everyday Holiness: Homes, Food, Blessings
Chapter 9: Life- Cycle Events
Chapter 10: The Eternal Questions

Thank you to NetGalley, author Rabbi Evan Moffic, and Abingdon Press for this temporary, digital advance review copy for me to read and enjoy! As Always my opinions are my own.

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This is really good. The author gives different takes on the various approaches and beliefs Jews hold and sometimes, why. The Rabbi is a gifted writer, and explains things clearly and in interesting ways. Recommended.

Thanks very much for the ARC for review!!
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This book was very helpful to me. I have Jewish friends and have never quite understood all the traditions and ways that they worship. After reading this, I feel that I can carry on  more intelligent conversations with them. As a Christian I understand now how our religions blend and how they are different. I see things and understand things in the book differently than the Jews do but at least now I can see their reasoning. 
I recommend this book highly.
I received a complimentary copy through Net Galley but the opinions are entirely my own.
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This book will tell you everything that you needed to know about Judaism but were afraid to ask it!
The author, a rabbi tells of his journey in Judaism, how he was impressed by hearing his rabbi speak with knowledge and wisdom, how he attended Jewish day school, and how his teaching experience led him to becoming a rabbi.
You will enjoy learning about God’s Name in Judaism. How it is not even said but translated as Adonai or Elohim. You will enjoy learning about the Jewish people’s heritage if you are a believer because it is the history of Yeshua and His people. 
The three classes of Judaism - Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed are explained so that you will understand why the differences in class are important and how they relate the Jewish ideal in different forms, it is similar to Evangelical, Liturgical and Liberal churches in Christianity.
Prayer is introduced as a way of praising and honoring God and a way of confirming one’s relationship with God.
The holidays of Sukkot, Yom Kippor, Hanukkah, and First Fruits are introduced so that you know their history, significance in Jewish tradition, and what they mean to the average Jewish person
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Interesting look at Judaism, not just for Christians

I enjoyed this book. It provided a concise summary of Judaism from the point of view of a liberal rabbi. I found the book well-written and concise and never felt that Rabbi Moffic was being preachy. This is not a compare/contrast of Judaism vs Christianty and most of the information is on Judaism. Thus the information is broad enough to be of interest to anyone interested in religion, using the better-known Christianity as a reference point. 
Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book via Netgalley for review purposes.
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What Every Christian Needs To Know About Judaism by Rabbi Evan Moffic is an amazing read that has taught me so much! I grew up in a Christian home yet was never taught all these important parts of Gods Word. In this book he teaches about holidays, prayers, weddings, and funerals. This book was easy to read and understand. It has helped me to see the Bible with new eyes!  I believe anyone would benefit from reading this and learning more about the traditions of the Jewish faith! I know I did!
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Rabbi Evan Moffic does an excellent job explaining the basic tenets of Judaism to those (not just Christians) who may be unfamiliar with them. Topics he covers include holidays, prayers, weddings, and funerals. His writing style is friendly, engaging, and easy to understand; it's evident that he is accustomed to speaking with people from different religious backgrounds. Recommended for all public libraries. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC.
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This is a great resource for Christians wanting to learn more about Judaism.  It covers many areas and shows how  the two religions are different and how they are the same.  This would be a great read for someone with Jewish friends who is trying to learn more about the customs and traditions of Judaism.  A great add to a home library.  I plan to recommend and purchase.
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I absolutely loved this book! I've frequently wondered how I managed to grow up in New York, where many of my classmates, neighbours, and co-workers were Jewish, without knowing much about the religion. I decided a long time ago that learning about Judaism was difficult because, unlike Christians and Muslims, Jews tend to keep to themselves and not seek out conversions. So, as the Jewish people aren't likely to start knocking at my door or preaching on a street corner any time soon, I decided I should make some effort and read a book. I'm so glad I did.

This book is not just for Christians. It's for anyone that is a little unsure about what Jews believe, their history, and how they worship and live. It puts the holidays and rules we've all heard about in context and explains where each comes from and why some denominations do things differently than others. While some knowledge of the Bible would be helpful, I think you can go into this book with no background in scripture.

I'm very excited and inspired to learn more about Judaism and thank the author of this book for providing a fantastic introduction.
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