On Second Thought

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I couldn’t get into this book and I’m disappointed because the synopsis sounded great. The dialogue just moved rapid fire and it didn’t feel real. Honestly, I had a hard time finishing it.
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When I first read the small blurb that accompanied this book I thought I’d found a winner. But alas I was wrong. Tried to read but for the life of me I never got past the fifth chapter. Didn’t like it at all. Now that doesn’t mean anyone else might feel the same. The jumping back and forth between the MC’s always makes it a difficult for me to follow, so I will only say one thing. Look at the other reviews for this one because someone else probably has a completely different take and found it very enjoyable. That being said I still look forward to reading other works by this author. The next one just might be a wonderful read, at least I hope so.
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On Second Thought by C. Spencer is the story of Madisen and Rae. The two meet one night at a bar and start an intense affair fulled by their connection and attraction. Madisen is divorced and struggling with her worth as a parent and also the financial burden of alimony. But Rae proves to be a spark in her life. Life gets tumultuous though when Masisen’s ex-wife comes back into the picture. 

This story is written in alternating chapters of first-person POV. And both character’s stories and thoughts are told in a staccato stream of consciousness that can be hard to track. That plus the many mentions of secondary characters had me struggling to figure out what was happening much of the time. I also found it odd that both characters' thoughts were similar phrased and had the same disjointed quality. I often had to search the page to remember whose chapter I was reading. 

It's clear the author put a lot of work into the language and there are some truly beautiful turns of phrase, but ultimately the writing style didn’t work for me. I might revisit it in the future.
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I really wanted to love this book.  the premise sounded great, the characters intriguing - and what I did read of them they were/are...but the writing style leaves a lot to be desired.  I couldn't finish, I tried and tried because I wanted to like it, but it's very difficult to get a feel for who is talking, the POV jumps a lot, and the characters get jumbled between secondary and primary :(
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This book was really difficult to get into, the style of writing is very unusual, it's certainly not for everyone but I suspect some people will love it purely for that reason.  There's a lot of dialogue with lots of short sentences, long conversations but no soliquays. You get to learn about the characters through the dialogue so I found it difficult to create a connection with them. You also get the perspective of the main characters from the character's own point of view, normally I like that but not in this instance. Unfortunately I just didn't enjoy the style and therefore didn't enjoy the book.
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The description of On Second Thoughts really caught my eye and I loved the sound of this story. 

The book is written in the first person, I'm not a lover of that style of writing, thus said it was an ok read.
The characters and the story are good, but I really had to concentrate as some parts were easily confusing.

Would I recommend: Yes if you have the time to sit , without any interruptions
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From the publisher's description, I thought this book sounded different and intriguing. However, I just did not enjoy it at all. I found it really hard to follow.

The style was just odd. Conversations were all written out similar to a play, yet it was not nearly that clear and concise. I felt like overall I had trouble recalling whose POV it was, who some of the secondary characters were, etc. 

I just never really connected with any of the characters. They all felt very flat.  I never got an emotional read on any of them, which makes believing a romance between them difficult. 

An interesting premise, but could definitely be done better.
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I really wanted to read this book but I just couldn't finish. I did come back several times to read more because it was interesting but just not able to finish.
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I liked this book a lot, but I don’t think it's your usual Lesfic storytelling and writing style. When I first started the book, I was surprised and excited by the fast pace and the smart and sassy dialogue. It made things a little more fun.

A blessing and a curse, the dialogue. Because it was so fast, it meant I had to be 100% engaged at all times. I couldn’t read it with any distraction because I was scared I would miss something.
I also really would have liked epilogue in this book to tie the book up at the end.

Great story. I really hope we see more from these characters in the future. I’m looking forward to checking out what's next from C. Spencer.
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This book was rather confusing for me.
There are 2 POV, Rea and Madisen, everything is written in this sort of dialogue style that’s you have pay really close attention to to know who is talking. And still got confused.

I didn’t mind the story, it was sweet somehow, but there were some gaps. Especially with Madisen’s kid and the friends of both ladies. I feel that they rush into things and never really get to know each other. And the ex? Annoying character that honestly doesn’t need to be part of this story.

But they way it was written just wasn’t for me, but I guess to each their own.
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No rating because I did not finish the book.

I found the writing style to be *very* confusing and hard to follow.
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When I read the description of the story, I was intrigued and figured this would be an interesting read.  After reading the first few chapters, I found myself very confused.  I just couldn’t figure out what was going on, who was talking, what the relevance of the discussion was, what was happening, why it was happening, when it happened. The style in which this book was written makes the story very difficult to follow. I was really disappointed that I really couldn’t enjoy this story.
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This book is very different. The writing style in particular is very unusual. In lots of ways it’s pretty challenging and at times hard to follow the narrative and timeline, but stick with it because it’s very, very good. So many sentences are stunningly beautiful. The brief portrait of the critical mother is so acute it made me gasp with recognition. I think a lot of readers won’t like the book because it’s not a relaxing easy romance read, it’s clever and more literary. Personally I loved it, but be prepared to put some effort in because you need to properly read this one. There are so many blink and you’ll miss it moments. The friends and their relationships are sublime. Only major issue - It’s not acceptable to diss Portishead!
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I'm very torn about what kind of review I want to give this book. I liked the story quite a bit but the way the book was written was so very hard to follow. The chapters were set up in a way that I didn't even realize whose point of view I was reading until several chapters in. It seemed minor characters were thrown in at odd times, leaving me to wonder who these people were. I also wasn't a fan of the quick back-and-forth dialogue, sometimes delineated by colons after the characters' names. I just resigned myself to reading the book and getting some enjoyment out of the story, even if I didn't know what was going on at all times. 

The relationship between Madison and Rae was inexplicably negative. It seemed like all discussion between them had to do with if and when they would break each other's hearts. The big problem between them was the fact that Madison was previously married and had a child with her ex. When they reunite, this problem magically clears up. While I like a happy ending, I also like a realistic one.
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I was drawn to this book because of the cover and the description of the blurb. It appeared to be a good book that I would be interested in especially since it involved a woman getting on with her life  after a dive and trying to manage her daughter at the same time. She meets a woman and they seem to be getting off to a terrific start of a hot and sexy relationship. So what’s not to like? I struggle to get through this book not because of the storyline but because the writing style was so convoluted and confusing I never knew what was going on I need to stop slow down and re-read the section to try to figure out who was saying what. Even though the author constantly wrote “I said“ and “she said“ I still couldn’t figure out who was saying what especially when other characters came into the setting. I’m sure this is just a personal quirk with me that I had trouble with the writing However I think the concept of the book is good.
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I don't know if it was because me not being anglophone but I have lost more than half of the meaning in this book and that saddens me since some things might have made more sense than they have had for me once I have finished reading it because, being honest, I've been several times about not to finish reading it. And it will be by my willpower or whatever, but in the end I managed to finish it.

And what happened to me at the end of it was that I felt no desire to review it and now that I start doing it, I don't remember half of what I read in it.

There was a couple breakup, with a child involved. There was a couple that formed amid doubts and secrets between the two women. There were friends of both women who came and went in the course of history. But the dialogues made me dizzy and were not clear at all.

I do not want to value this book very negatively because perhaps its style is excellent from a literary point of view. But it has been such an effort for me to read it, that it exhausted me even physically.
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This was my first f/f story that I’ve read and I don’t think I even realized that until I was reading it, and that made me really excited to jump into this one. I’m also a sucker for any story involving a child, so double booyah! That being said, I really liked this storyline but I definitely struggled getting through this one. The writing style was just not what I was used to and I was constantly having to go back and re read to figure out who was saying what and/or how we switched to a new topic. I don’t believe in not finishing a book that I’ve started so I dealt with it. I kept a note card with me and made notes of side characters and who they were and notes about the timeline and that seemed to help. It took me longer than usual but I finished, needing to know how the story ends… and I’m glad that I did because like I said the actual story here was great and I loved the ending of this book.
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On Second Thought is well written. I love the dialogue and characters. However, it was a hard read for me in the way the chapters were arranged in the book. I wasn’t always sure who,  or where in the story, (past/present) the chapter was focused on. So the review will be a little brief. I want to stress this was my experience, it may not be another readers journey.
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So.  Going into this one, right from the outset, the blurb caught my attention.  Unfortunately, once I got even just a few paragraphs into the actual story, I realized pretty quickly that this one wasn't going to work for me.

Do you ever come across an author who you can tell took all kinds of time and care writing their story, but somehow their writing style just doesn't mesh with you as a reader?  That was this book for me.  It's not that the story was written poorly, not by any means, but something about Spencer's writing style in this one just felt odd to me and I struggled with this entire story.   

It's a completely personal thing for me though and I would hate to tell someone to shy away from this read, but the  writing style just didn't work for me and because of that, the book overall just didn't work for me personally.  It's completely unfair to Spencer, and I have a feeling that there will be many others who mesh with her writing style much better than I did and truly enjoy this one, but for me...  I just couldn't settle into this read and it definitely hurt my overall enjoyment.  I suggest looking at some other reviews before making a decision on picking this one up.  For me, 2.25 stars.

**Many thanks to Bold Strokes for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.**
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Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for a honest review. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own 

The cover is good and the plot sounded interesting. Sadly I couldn’t get into it. The writing style bothered me and I was confused over what happened when. Was reading about Rae picking her up for a date and suddenly i was reading something else. I tried reading this but I just couldn’t finish it.
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