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This was my first read by Karin Slaughter and I found it to be enticing but also classic at the same time. It is clear that this is an experienced author as the writing does tend to draw you in! And the story is both parts catchy, glimpses of romance and all the key parts of a crime novel I was looking for.
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I originally started to read this having not read any other Karin Slaughter books. There are a lot of characters with a lot of history which was initially over whelming trying to follow who everyone is. I put it down and came back to the story again weeks later and enjoyed it much better.

It is a long story and feels a bit long winded at times, but all the information is relevant and does keep the story flowing well.

I suspect this is more for those who are a fan of the series, I did enjoy this though and would go back and read others based on this book. Once you pick up who the characters are its a good story.
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My second Slaughter book…but my first Will Trent one. It seems there are nine preceding this one. However, it's perfectly stand-alone.

Though enjoyable, my first Slaughter read (Pieces of Her), has a few grammatical errors. They made my nose twitch a bit but didn't annoy. However, the same and other errors kept appearing in this book and got rather irritating. Other niggles: the back and forth between two time frames would be much clearer if the chapters were dated. 'Atlanta' and 'Atlanta–Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/etc.' is confusing. The former is the present, the latter eight years earlier. But the reader has to work it out! Secondly, there are at least three loose ends that aren't tidied up. Lastly…the book is long, really quite long. Whilst the length of a book isn't an issue, repetitiveness that makes it so, is. Some elements are overchurned.

That all said, this thriller was good (yes, really!):  captivating, shocking, chilling and intriguing. It did keep me glued to the very end…the identity of the serial perpetrator of the heinous rapes and murder of a larger number of women really did elude me…and I'm not half bad at guessing whodunnit well ahead of time!

Slaughter really is an excellent, articulate and meticulous writer. And actually, I'm just about to start my third book by her, so I guess that's testament to my fandom…niggles notwithstanding.
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The Will Trent series is very famous and loved, but if I am reading a book with so much violence, pathology and murder in it, I don't really want romance on the side. The stories are both good but I don't love them together. I do realise that I am in the minority with this opinion but still - I would prefer the extra pages to be about more of the cases and investigations!
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Thank you Netgalley & publisher for this advanced copy of this book. 

Unfortunately I was hoping for an audio version as I am visually impaired and the version of this pdf means I am struggling to increase font to read 

Therefore sadly I am unable to provide a review in this instance. 

I look forward to an audio version as i was very excited as it looks great!

Sorry and thank you once again for the opportunity.
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I loved this book and had no idea it was a series until I read the authors note at the end. I will be catching up on these for sure!
Great story, great characters and brilliant ending!
Thank you so much for letting me read this.
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I am a long time fan of Karin Slaughter and absolutely adored the Grant County series and was utterly devastated when she killed off Jeffery.

So my heart leapt for joy when I realised that this book flipped between the present day and also back to when Jeffery was alive as Sara, Will and the team tackled a killer who had been active for the whole time frame.

Karin Slaughter is truly a master story teller. The very beginning of the book starts with a young lady who we get to know well, albeit briefly, the very fact that Slaughter took the time to introduce us to this girl and make her come to life on the page is a prime example of why she is the queen of this genre. We know the characters - however long they will be with us - inside and out and I absolutely love that.

Also, Will Trent, have loved him from the very beginning, turns out he's worth 10 of Jeffery and Sara is a very lucky lady!

As with all Karin Slaughter books, this is not a quick read but that's wonderful and you will love every minute of the book.

The story is clever and layered and I really enjoyed it, I did not work out who the killer was and to be honest I didn't really try to as I was just enjoying the ride.
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I love a 'whodunnit', particularly when it's a cop thriller, however  this one just seemed to drag on. I'm not sure if I need to read the other 15 (FIFTEEN!) booked linked to this series before reading this one, but after reading The Silent Wife I have no desire to explore the rest of the series.

There's a lot of background trauma that each character has gone through that I would no doubt understand if I had read the other books, but as a standalone thriller this one just doesn't work.
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I received a free review copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest unedited feedback.' 
I love Karin Slaughter, her books have been my go to for years and and this one didn’t disappoint and was worth the wait. Will Trent and Sara Linton’s relationship continues to grip you with the tension and fears as they investi. gate the murder of an inmate during a riot.
Karin slaughter is a masterful writer who never disappoints and is able to build tension in her writing like no other,  This book is a ‘one sitting’ book so be prepared to stay up late if you start late!
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Karin Slaughter brings another dark, twisted tale with The Silent Wife with a story of corrupt police, missed justice, a serial killer targeting women and some tense relationships between the MCs. While bringing Slaughter's usual disturbing prose, it is difficult to tell whether that's skill or shock value. Final thought is perhaps we need more thrillers that aren't just about the serial rape and murder of women: can Karin play another tune as well as this one?
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Karin Slaughter delivers again her trademark gritty and often graphic Will Trent police procedural. In the tenth installment we see Will, partner Faith Mitchell and girlfriend/medical examiner Sara Linton dive between past and present as they have to re-examine an old case that was investigated by Sara’s late husband Grant County Chief of Police, Jeffrey Tolliver. 

I must admit I’m not a fan of Slaughter merging the series by bringing Sara Linton over. I could never get into hers and Will’s relationship. In this one Linton ruminates how she’s the only woman who could love Will which I felt was overwrought. I find Sara is this perfect Mary Sue the only woman who can save Will which I detest with characters being coupled up. Though of course Will deserves to be happy. For me I find the working partnership with Faith more interesting and wish there was less focus on his personal life and more on that working dynamic. Faith is a firecracker which makes her complement the more methodical and calmer Will.

But the case has everything which makes this series compelling to read and why one keeps coming back every year for the latest. Be warned there’s graphic descriptions of violence, and while it can be confronting, you know it’s not gratuitous.
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The Silent Wife Karin Slaughter 
This book is part of The Will Trent series, and I have not read all of the series, which might be to my own detriment, maybe if I had read them all first, this book might have been better for me, so I hold my hands up and admit I should have read them in order. 
This book is really long, and at times I did think it would be better if it was shorter.  There were lots of twists and turns and I kept going just to see who did it.  
I did listen to a bit on audio, and didn't connect with the narrator,  so this for me is one for reading rather than listening.  I think if you love this series, you will enjoy this too.
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Love Karin Slaughters books and this is no different.  I got really invested in the characters and there were lots of twists and turns that kept me guessing.
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

What can I say about Karin Slaughter. She is just a brilliant author. This book did not disappoint. Recommended.
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If you are not familiar with this author this book will get you hooked! It is part of a series and although it would be best read in order I think that you can still enjoy it as a standalone story. Having read it I have no doubt you'll wish to retrace the lives of the characters by reading the whole series.
The writing style is smooth and and yet grips you and hauls you. It's not as tense as some novels that I have read in this genre but this does not detract from the book at all. 
The protagonists have a complex past which is best appreciated if you have read previous books but as I've already said, this is not essential. Both Sara and Will are human and flawed yet likable. 
For me, the best thing about the book was the well thought out plot and the twist which I did start to suspect towards the latter part of the novel but this did not decrease my enjoyment in any way.
I really have not criticisms but would just urge you to read this book if Karin Slaughter is an author you enjoy or you are a fan of the genre and have not read any of her other books!
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Another brilliant book by Karin.  I have now read all but 2 of Karin's books and every one I have loved - they keep you thinking, guessing and you don't always now what will happen next. Brilliantly, fast paced, creepy at times, and I just love the characters - just need more books!
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Love Karin Slaughters books and this is no different. Brilliant fast paced, eery at times, I loved this. Great characterisation and a pervading sense of unease.
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i really enjoyed this, I have read all of the others in this series.
I loved that it tied into elements of the previous books but not in a way that yiy couldnt read this as a stand alone.
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This is the first book I have read by Karin Slaughter and certainly will not be that last. Having not read any previous books of hers with the same characters I was able to relate to the relationships with no problems.  It was a great read from the first to last page and ended with a twist that I did not see coming. As I do not want to write any spoilers I am just concentrating on the author. Karin has managed to bring so many elements to this piece of fiction with a lot of flinching moments that made me feel a little nauseous. I just loved it and am now looking forward to reading more books in this series.
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I’m not sure if I might have appreciated this book more if I’d read the series from the beginning?! I didn’t realise this was part of a series until I started, so I take responsibility for that! 

This book was quite graphic in places and a little disturbing, which usually doesn’t bother me but this one didn’t sit as well for me for whatever reason.

I found the chapters a little too long for my liking but again might have felt that way as I wasn’t too invested. 

Not a bad book but I didn’t love it.
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