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A Karin Slaughter book is always a treat, and this was another enjoyable addition to her canon. Ostensibly a Will Trent/Sara Linton novel, it was actually also a Jeffrey Tolliver/Sara Linton novel, and that dichotomy was very well done, with each time period feeling believable. Normally a Karin Slaughter book would be an automatic 5 stars for me, but this only gets 4 because there were times where I felt the story needed to move a bit faster. Interestingly, there were a LOT of short sentences, which usually speeds the plot up, but I kept noticing them until in the end I was finding it a bit annoying, so it didn't work for me. But it is still Karin Slaughter, so there are plenty of twists and turns and story arcs to keep the reader gripped.
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This was a great read.

I found it to be a gritty, gripping, violent love story. It's really graphic, so heads up if that's not your kind of thing. 
I love the fact that it centred around the victim, rather than the killer, as it made a change to other thriller books that are all about finding the killer and nothing else, using the victim as a way to move the plot along. 

This was my first Slaughter book, and I would definitely pick up more in the future.
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Great novel by Karin Slaughter - I did feel it was very much a continuation of the series so reading this jumped ahead for me, but its such compulsive reading that am sure anyone new to her writing would quite happily go back to earlier ones. Personally I love Will Trent,  he is a great main character and seeing how this developed him a little more (given it's more plot driven, the character development is limited but at same time mpre compelling because you get nuggets of info as go along) . Super continuation of the series.
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I did not realise that this vook was part of a series when I requested, but that has no bearing on the vook and I willl be going back and starting at book 1!
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This is the first book I’ve read in this series and did find it a little hard to understand without previously reading others- unlike other series where you can pick up anywhere. That being said it has made me want to start them from the beginning!
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An intense, nail-biting compelling addition to the Will Trent series. Wow! Karin Slaughter sure knows how to keep the readers hooked with her honest & realistic yet almost macabre portrayals of crimes & crime scenes. With every scene there is so much detail on a wide array of topics- on forensics, justice systems, prisons heck even tools! I love that so much about her books!! It sure is a long read but there's so much great content for suspense thriller enthusiasts! The book is unputdownable right from the get go. Never a dull moment. The tension from the first chapter is almost palpable. I loved Jeffrey from the Grant County series. So this book provided a sense of closure even though its been so many years since that series ended. What a fabulous plot! Had me guessing till the very last minute. I just LOVE this author & all her books! Bring on the next book already!!

Thank you NetGalley, Harper Collins UK & Karin Slaughter for the arc!
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The Silent Wife is the tenth Will Trent book, and it was another winner from Karin Slaughter. While this can be read as a standalone, I do recommend reading the series in order. There is a lot of growth for the characters throughout this one, and it’s best enjoyed if you’ve followed the characters throughout the series. Plus, for the fans of the Grant County series, there is the bonus of returning to Jeffrey (although, for the minority, such as myself, it will be a reminder of why we hated him).

Although I would label this as one of my favourites in terms of the character stories, I did find the mystery element was not quite to the same level as some of the other books. That is not to say I did not enjoy it, as I did. However, this one did not keep me on my toes in quite the same way as some of the other books. Yes, it had me addicted. Yes, it had me making guess. However, there were fewer twists and turns than I’m accustomed to with the author’s books. It was not enough to ruin this for me – I did enjoy it, and I cannot wait for more of the characters – but it did mean that this is not my favourite in the series. In other words, it was aa great book but not a favourite.

Without a doubt, fans of the series are sure to be hooked on this one. Once again, Slaughter has demonstrated why I’m hooked on her books. Even when I cannot label a book a new favourite, it more than keeps me hooked.
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Given that this is the 10th book in a series apparently, I have not yet read this but hope to in the future as I have heard many good things.
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This is a clever novel that takes the reader back to meeting Sara Linton for the first time. It’s time hop nature builds real suspense into the story as cliff hangers appear and are left dangling whilst the story moves forwards or back in time. I was saddened by the conclusion (which I won’t share as I don’t post spoilers in my reviews) but recognise a very clever author as this possibility probably never occurred when she wrote the original novel. Skilfully written, enjoyable read. Thank you for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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In The Silent Wife, Karin Slaughter goes back to the territory of her first series, the Grant County series that introduced Sara Linton and her on again off again husband, Jeffrey. Several other familiar faces pop up during the novel too. In some ways there's a sense of things coming full circle, with Sara being able to directly compare the two great loves of her life and I definitely got the feeling that this was something she absolutely had to do before her relationship with Will could develop further. Jeffrey's ghost has always hung over them, but in The Silent Wife she had to confront that ghost and put it to rest. 
Karin Slaughter was able to achieve this through a case that our investigators to look at some old cases of Jeffrey's, dating from the time between his and Sara's two marriages to each other, when they were decidedly not in love. The social interactions between them is often humorous and occasionally poignant, when the reader knows better than they do what lies ahead of them. I found myself actually watching them in flashbacks with the same mixture of moods that Sara had when she was recollecting. 

The cases themselves are brutal and shocking, disturbing in their detail and methodology. This is definitely not a book for the faint hearted and the violence, often sexual violence, shown towards women makes for very uncomfortable reading. As ever though, the focus is firmly on bringing justice to them rather than any kind of glorification in suffering. This is nasty and dark, but it isn't torture porn. 

The Silent Wife is fascinating, shocking, and feels like a crucial book in the series with its treatment of characters past and present.
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This was my first read by Karin Slaughter and I found it to be enticing but also classic at the same time. It is clear that this is an experienced author as the writing does tend to draw you in! And the story is both parts catchy, glimpses of romance and all the key parts of a crime novel I was looking for.
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I originally started to read this having not read any other Karin Slaughter books. There are a lot of characters with a lot of history which was initially over whelming trying to follow who everyone is. I put it down and came back to the story again weeks later and enjoyed it much better.

It is a long story and feels a bit long winded at times, but all the information is relevant and does keep the story flowing well.

I suspect this is more for those who are a fan of the series, I did enjoy this though and would go back and read others based on this book. Once you pick up who the characters are its a good story.
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My second Slaughter book…but my first Will Trent one. It seems there are nine preceding this one. However, it's perfectly stand-alone.

Though enjoyable, my first Slaughter read (Pieces of Her), has a few grammatical errors. They made my nose twitch a bit but didn't annoy. However, the same and other errors kept appearing in this book and got rather irritating. Other niggles: the back and forth between two time frames would be much clearer if the chapters were dated. 'Atlanta' and 'Atlanta–Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/etc.' is confusing. The former is the present, the latter eight years earlier. But the reader has to work it out! Secondly, there are at least three loose ends that aren't tidied up. Lastly…the book is long, really quite long. Whilst the length of a book isn't an issue, repetitiveness that makes it so, is. Some elements are overchurned.

That all said, this thriller was good (yes, really!):  captivating, shocking, chilling and intriguing. It did keep me glued to the very end…the identity of the serial perpetrator of the heinous rapes and murder of a larger number of women really did elude me…and I'm not half bad at guessing whodunnit well ahead of time!

Slaughter really is an excellent, articulate and meticulous writer. And actually, I'm just about to start my third book by her, so I guess that's testament to my fandom…niggles notwithstanding.
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The Will Trent series is very famous and loved, but if I am reading a book with so much violence, pathology and murder in it, I don't really want romance on the side. The stories are both good but I don't love them together. I do realise that I am in the minority with this opinion but still - I would prefer the extra pages to be about more of the cases and investigations!
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Thank you Netgalley & publisher for this advanced copy of this book. 

Unfortunately I was hoping for an audio version as I am visually impaired and the version of this pdf means I am struggling to increase font to read 

Therefore sadly I am unable to provide a review in this instance. 

I look forward to an audio version as i was very excited as it looks great!

Sorry and thank you once again for the opportunity.
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I loved this book and had no idea it was a series until I read the authors note at the end. I will be catching up on these for sure!
Great story, great characters and brilliant ending!
Thank you so much for letting me read this.
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I am a long time fan of Karin Slaughter and absolutely adored the Grant County series and was utterly devastated when she killed off Jeffery.

So my heart leapt for joy when I realised that this book flipped between the present day and also back to when Jeffery was alive as Sara, Will and the team tackled a killer who had been active for the whole time frame.

Karin Slaughter is truly a master story teller. The very beginning of the book starts with a young lady who we get to know well, albeit briefly, the very fact that Slaughter took the time to introduce us to this girl and make her come to life on the page is a prime example of why she is the queen of this genre. We know the characters - however long they will be with us - inside and out and I absolutely love that.

Also, Will Trent, have loved him from the very beginning, turns out he's worth 10 of Jeffery and Sara is a very lucky lady!

As with all Karin Slaughter books, this is not a quick read but that's wonderful and you will love every minute of the book.

The story is clever and layered and I really enjoyed it, I did not work out who the killer was and to be honest I didn't really try to as I was just enjoying the ride.
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I love a 'whodunnit', particularly when it's a cop thriller, however  this one just seemed to drag on. I'm not sure if I need to read the other 15 (FIFTEEN!) booked linked to this series before reading this one, but after reading The Silent Wife I have no desire to explore the rest of the series.

There's a lot of background trauma that each character has gone through that I would no doubt understand if I had read the other books, but as a standalone thriller this one just doesn't work.
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I received a free review copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest unedited feedback.' 
I love Karin Slaughter, her books have been my go to for years and and this one didn’t disappoint and was worth the wait. Will Trent and Sara Linton’s relationship continues to grip you with the tension and fears as they investi. gate the murder of an inmate during a riot.
Karin slaughter is a masterful writer who never disappoints and is able to build tension in her writing like no other,  This book is a ‘one sitting’ book so be prepared to stay up late if you start late!
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Karin Slaughter brings another dark, twisted tale with The Silent Wife with a story of corrupt police, missed justice, a serial killer targeting women and some tense relationships between the MCs. While bringing Slaughter's usual disturbing prose, it is difficult to tell whether that's skill or shock value. Final thought is perhaps we need more thrillers that aren't just about the serial rape and murder of women: can Karin play another tune as well as this one?
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