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Future Vision Your Working Life

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Loved how structured this book was, and all of the various tips that the author provided in terms of creating that vision for your work life. It was actionable and concise, though some sections were a bit slower/dense and less engaging for me.
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This book focuses on ten simple techniques to get ahead at work.  I thought 10 was the perfect number, as it didn't feel like the book was overly long and it was easy to remember the information on the techniques without being burdened with techniques that an author includes to fill pages.  This book is truly beneficial from the first to the last page.
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"Future Vision Your Working Life" was an unexpected and interesting read, standing out from the genre of books ready to prepare you for your working future. Instead of looking outwards, Anne Jirsch instead advocates turning inwards to cultivate your own wisdom about what is right for you in the future. Lest that sound like too many other wisdom-tradition books, unlike them, "Future Vision Your Working Life" has a number of exercises to help you cultivate a strong relationship with your own gut-knowing while learning how to listen to your wisdom more closely in everyday life... "how to cultivate a relationship with your gut feelings so you always have and follow your own best advice" might have been a good subtitle. A fresh take on cultivating a relationship with your inner voice.
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This is a great book to help you with the future you envision for yourself. It guides you by giving you 10 strategies to follow. Very insightful and helpful. Well written.
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I received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for an honest review

This book was really help with clear, concrete real-life advice and suggestions to take to get ahead.  I've seen people move forward with these techniques and would recommend 100%
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In general, I like this book. I've been reading and writing personal development for over 25 years so I recognise some of the more obscure tactics in here (from great but relatively unknown geniuses like Win Wenger). The author has done a great job of making the strategies and processes for 'anticipating' the future very easy to read and follow... up to a point.

There is a great deal of material in here on gut feeling and inner wisdom. I don't know the authors particular leaning on this but I am not a fan of 'inside you is all the wisdom you need - you just need to access it.' Why? Well, because in trusting your intuition one of two things will happen - best case scenerio you will tap into your values (which serve you) and some kind of 'spiritual/energy internet' and get guidance that works although you can't explain why. I'm okay with this. I'm also a believer that people need to know themselves much better.

But... the submodalities exercise in here helps you tap into the internal representations (inner senses) that tell you if you are making a good decision or not. However, if the criteria that drives those submodalities is bad then what you think is a good decision can have a bad outcome - even though you think it is good. Your mind will only report what you think is good (not necessarily whether it is or not). 

So I would say that when we are told to examine our values for what is important to us we should also ask if what is important to us is actually helpful to us. I valued compulsive shopping for years - my mind said it was good but it wasn't!

However, with that caveat - strategies like the revised version of the Borrowed Genius tactic are fantastic - they have become my instant new go-to version.
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