The Rip: "a cracking read"- Val McDermid

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An eye opening read about homelessness and drug addiction. This is a raw account of what life is like. I would have liked some more depth to the story.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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3.5☆ An Intense, Poignant and Gritty Read!

The Rip is an intense, poignant and gritty
account of a young girl called Dani who is homeless with her adorable Fur Baby Sunny. She quickly Befriends Anton who looks out for her and becomes like family to her.

But everything is about to change now Steve has rocked his way into the picture!
Steve is an acquaintance of Anton and he is a nasty bit of goods!
He gets Dani and Anton deeper into drugs meaning more begging and burglary to pay for the drugs and food.

But all is not what it seems with Steve and he's dangerous, but can Dani and Anton get out before something bad happens, or are they in to deep!

This book is not for the feint hearted, it features heavy drug use, reference to prostitution but it's a harsh reality into what it's like surviving on the streets.

I really enjoyed the story and the gritty and intense themes, however the ending I felt was rushed. After everything Dani endures I wanted to see the ending play out a bit better. Don't get me wrong it was a fitting ending but I felt it ended abruptly.

The Rip is a quick read, it's pacy, at times intense, but I really liked the characters especially Sunny who actually melted my heart, and thank you for not going into detail about his story ending. It was a stark reality into what drugs can do to you and the lengths you can go to get the next hit.
I really liked that the story was told from Dani's point of view, she had an air of innocence about her, a trusting nature which made me champion her even more to get well.
People find themselves living homeless for so many reasons and this book delves into some of them. 
The Rip is a book that will have you Gripped to the end. 

Thank you to Legend Press for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Brandi portrays the desperation and vulnerability inherent in addiction with an honest clarity. I read it in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it. I admire Mark Brandi's writing and choice of subject matter and hope to read his other work soon.
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I downloaded this book from NetGalley and read it in a day. I had no expectations of it but it drew me in and kept me there.

I totally agree with the praise for it in the description above

It’s a breathtaking read. I haven’t heard of the author before.

Absolutely gobsmacking read and will be one of my favourites for this year.

Basically, it’s about a couple who have chosen to live a homeless life. Theirs is not a life to aspire to but it’s their own choice. They’re not partners in any respect but they choose to live their lives together on the streets of Melbourne. Their ‘home’ is actually in a park where they both feel a certain amount of safety in familiarity and have friends around them. Both are drug users. One a heroin addict. One is addicted to other types of addictive medication. Both have difficult pasts. They get on really well and have adopted a dog inherited from a previous, now deceased, park resident. They both rely on each other and co-exist in their own way

They survive how they can, helped along by The Salvation Army and other homeless support groups and a friendly police officer.

It all changes one day when they encounter a character from Anton’s past

No more spoilers.

Well worth a read. This author deserves more recognition – if he wants it that is.

I can see this being a film, TV series and bestseller.

One day…maybe
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spoiler alert ** 3.5 stars

An interesting read about a homeless woman on the streets of Australia... living in the park and doing drugs every few days.
Then, meeting with someone,and the story takes a darker turn.
I won't say Brandi glamourises drug use,but he explains how it works for this character without the aches,pains and constant withdrawals.
But the darker turn really notches up the tension and the violence,and I was sure from very early on something awful was coming.
The affection felt for both the dog and friend Sunny really made this book.
A few unanswered questions,that I was fairly sure what happened, but it's good to know.
I'd definitely pick up Brandi books again.
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As with any story that tackles addiction The RIP is emotional and full of despair. This story provides a view into this sort of life that most “normal” people never stop and think about.

 I loved the relationship between Dani and Sunny. The love for a pet was described perfectly. There’s some great quotes in here as well. What I didn’t like was the open ending. I was assuming there would be more of a plot within this story as well. It was enjoyable yet I was left wanting a lot more,
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Well the hype is real with this book. It was amazing and very well written. Dark and real it really hit a nerve. Brilliant
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