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This starts as a somewhat confusing attempted suicide by the protagonist (Ray), interrupted by trying to rescue a damsel from a mugger in distress, followed by the mugger throwing the protagonist in the river, from which he is pulled by a mysterious, probably female, saviour.  At which point Ray decides he should be called ‘Razor’. That’s the first page or so.  If that sounds confusing you need to hang in because it quickly gets more confused and ‘otherworldly’.   There is an underpinning mystery concerning the earlier, accidental, death of Ray’s wife, and a cast of unlikely, even improbable, characters, mostly bad.  Surprisingly, the story works well although the reader’s willing suspension of disbelief needs to have its cables well tightened.  So it’s a bit of a challenge but enjoyable nonetheless.
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This was a fun book. Ray/Razor distraught over the loss of his wife goes looking for death, a noble death defending a damsel in distress would be best. But somehow he make a right mess of everything he tries. With the help of two very mysterious strangers who soon become friends, Kev and Miranda work to not only keep Razor alive but to also untangle a mystery involving a coworker of his late wife's. Quite fast paced and an easy read I went through this during a quite trying time in my life and it really helped me escape if only for a while. I certainly will be looking for more by this author.
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This was the most unexpected, total joy of a book. I absolutely loved it. Its the unhinged story of Razor, love lost, a possible Troll, a dead Shakespeare scholar, a ghoul, kindness and much more besides. There's love, murder, fraud, knives, shotguns, lots of falling in the water and a memory stick. There are loads of laughs, a little bit if sadness and a whole lot of humanity. I'm only knocking half a star off a full 5 because I thought it ended in a bit of a rush. It was fab, I'll look out for Wilkies other books as and where they are. Brilliant.
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I loved this most unusual book!! I have never read any works from this author, but fully intend to seek them out, whilst hoping the high standard of this novel is maintained in his other published stories. 
Ray( Razor) is a widower, not through choice, but because his wife died during an incident that he ran away from, in order to save his own skin. 
That's what the Police believe, and eye witnesses agree upon, only Razor knows the truth, but proving his side of the argument is impossible, so, in his deep despair, he decides to commit suicide. 
But, that's not easy. Every time he finds the perfect spot, railway bridge/ deep canal, or hopes to be beaten to a pulp by a well known bully, somehow- Razor survives all attempts to end his miserable life. It's almost like he has a guardian angel watching over him, but, all he has, is a rather annoying man, named Kev, and his equally mystifying cousin Miranda. The three of them go through unusual and inexplicable experiences, where the body count increases at a steady rate, before Razor realises that strangers may care more for your wellbeing, than older established friends, with ulterior intentions.
Is it wrong to laugh out loud at someone trying to commit suicide? I had a stupid grin on my face for most of this book, it was refreshing and so insightful at the same time!! The ending was decidedly spooky, I had an inkling where this story was going, but I was not disappointed at all, to be proved correct. 
I have given this book a four star rating, only because, I felt that some of the story was too repetitive at times. This does not suggest that it is not a good read, because it is. I will post a review to Goodreads today. Thank you for a most entertaining read, I will seek out other titles from this author.
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It's a darkly funny and well written story I truly enjoyed.
I liked the well crafted plot, the characters and the setting.
I look forward to reading other stories by this author.
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Being a fan of the Hobbes books by Wilkie Martin I had high hopes of this being just as enjoyable. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the whole thing.  
Raymond (or Razor), is a mourning husband who has decided he wants to die but to go out heroically. The first half of the book is Razor finding himself being the unlikely hero to a number of crimes and injustices. It is during this time he meets Kev and Miranda who always appear at the right time to help and save him. This premise takes up half of the book and eventually becomes repetitive. 
The second half is where the book picks up but only slightly, as we learn more about the death of Razor’s wife and those involved which then leads to a conclusion that falls a little flat. 
As a standalone book, Razor felt like a bunch of ideas thrown together during a break from the Hobbes books. This is a shame as he can be a good writer as his previous books have shown. The only thing to take from this is Martin’s continuing use of his central character (something also seen in the Hobbes books) constantly slipping, sliding or tripping and falling over every ten or so pages which after a while just becomes annoying.
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A quick read that is enjoyable in places and sad in others. This is not my normal type of book and I don’t know if I would read another book by this author.
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4.5 stars

I have to start out by saying that I just finished reading [book:A Man Called Ove|18774964] yesterday, which also stars a man who is trying to kill himself after the death of his wife. But the men are two very different people, lol. In this one, Raymond, aka Razor, is too chicken to kill himself, but he also feels a lot of guilt in the death of his wife, so he comes up with the bizarre idea that he will redeem himself by dying during the hero rescue of some innocent. The story started out a bit slow and I had no idea where this was going, but the more I read, the more I couldn't put it down and things started leaving you to wonder about who some of these people are and if there might even be an element of supernatural or fantasy in the works. Kev cracks me up with his way of talking in Shakespearean or other literary quotes and Miranda is just as mysterious in the beginning as she is in the end. Other interesting characters include Rocky and Winston. Razor himself has to come to terms with who he was in the past and who he will be in the future. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone, but this ended up being a really fun adventure with a little bit of mystery and thriller material thrown in. This is my third book by the author, although the other two were children's picture books with a twist of Grimm, and I can say that I find his writing style to be a lot of fun and his characters to be very interesting. I can definitely recommend this one.

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Loved this book by Wilkie Martin.. Razor is funny, dark and enjoyable. A good read for a long train journey or when you want cheering up. The main character Raymond or 'Razor' is down on his luck and very nearly ends it all. However, friends Kev and Miranda persuade him otherwise. Chased by thugs, kidnapped, run over and made homeless, it sounds like luck isn't on his side. But life can change and the sun does shine again. Recommended.
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Razor by Wilkie Martin, an interesting read. Razor is not having the best of times. While contemplating Suicide he keeps inadvertently helping others ... sort of.
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This was not really one for me but it is an engaging story with rich characterisation and a great pace. Definitely one if you enjoy quirky sci fi.
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The narrative style felt too pleased with itself, and the story felt all over the place and was either silly or boring. This was a real slog to get through unfortunately. I will say that I liked the characters of Miranda and Kev, the parts with them in I breezed through.
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Once again Willie Martin has written an amazingly enjoyable book. I adore the Inspector Hobbes books and was slightly concerned that this would not be so good. How wrong I was to worry the story of Razor (Ray) was so consuming I read the book in 2 days reading at every chance I had, because I had to know what happened. There is a nod to the Inspector Hobbes books but this is a stand alone story that just begs to be read. I would whole heartedly recommend this book to all. Just read and enjoy.
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