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Even though the book is called Beautifully Broken, there was nothing beautiful about the broken characters I followed in the book. This was more of a pre-mature young adult characters and a lose plot-line!
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Beautifully Broken is a messy and complicated story. 
This is the story of a girl battered by rumors.
It's a story with attempted suicide. 
Piper and Rex are two teens who are a product of their upbringings.  And their story is full of angst. 
The writing is great, with very well developed characters. Seriously, Rex is way more than I expected. 
Overall, Beautifully Broken is a great read.
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I loved the Nashville series and thought that this book would be great! It definitely got off on a strong footing and kept my attention through twists and turns and slow burns. I do wish the ending had been fleshed out a little more but overall this was entertaining.
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Rex was SUCH A GOOD BOOK BOYFRIEND! Maybe even a book husband for me at this point. I liked that they had character development together as well as apart. That's something really critical that I look for in romance novels and this did it really well. Definitely looking forward to more from this author.
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Welp, this book is a ride.

After a traumatising summer and being labelled the school slut, Piper is trying to survive her senior year before getting the hell out of Dodge. Enter Rex, star hockey player and son of a country music star. Both hurt in their own ways, this is the story of finding each other and beginning to heal.

First off, let me open with ALL of the trigger warnings. Despite the high school setting, this is definitely not for kids. There's a flashback to sexual assault and it is threatened at least one other time. There are references to drug use and prostitution, and most of the parents are either neglectful or downright abusive.

Despite this, it's more hopeful than I would've expected. With Rex's support, Piper begins to heal - and it's less "love is a cure-all" and more that thanks to his care, she wants to heal and realises it's possible. Through their relationship with each other, they begin to rebuild relationships with the people around them. Too bad there's a mob boss gunning for Piper's head.

The story itself unfortunately came out messy, especially in the supporting cast. Plot threads are dropped, twisted, or magicked into existence at the last minute. I felt like there needed to be a critical editor or two to point out inconsistencies and ask the hard 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book via NetGalley; all opinions are my own.
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An angsty book about highschool where the main characters are dealing with a lot of problems. Damaged reputation, bullying, drugs, mean boys and cruel girls, absent parents - everything is put in the mix resulting in an exciting novel. It was an enjoyable read. 
I liked Rex very much, he is such a nice guy! 
After finishing the book I am looking for Logan and Cooper stories. 
Thanks to the publisher, author and Netgalley for the kindly provided ARC, all opinions are mine
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Such a heartbreaking and beautiful book. It was hard to read at some parts due to some rough subjects but an amazing read.
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We follow a relationship with a young adult romance  follow along with some anger. Piper faces so many challenges for her age. Her mother is an unfit mother.  How is she not a fitted mother. ? She’s a prostitute and a drug addict.  Because of that Piper was sent to live in a foster home.  Piper mom has the chance to have her daughter back. But let something horrible happen to Piper.  And , piper afraid of being touched.  Along with having a tough home life and childhood Piper has a tough school
Life.  She’s not rich like her schoolmates she’ doesn’t fit in. She’s got a rep supposedly to be a slut. 
 If this isn’t bad enough Piper has tried to commit sucide before but failed all times she has tried. 
 Things look up a bit when she gets to know the hottest boy in school. 

Characters played their part very well and fitted nicely with the concept of the story. Am
Looking forward to seeing more books by this author.
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Highly enjoyed this very well written book and look forward to reading more from this writer in the future !!
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I received a copy of this book on NetGalley for my honest opinion and thoughts about this book. My only problem with this book is, there wasn't enough pages I just wanted it to keep going and was left with wanting more at the end. In this book it starts with a young girl called Piper and is in her final year of High School. Piper isn't just your typical teenager she has had a troubled past and is now playing havoc with her present. Having nightmares and not sleeping is just the start of it. When Piper was a little girl she lived with her mother who is a drug addict and prostitute. Therefore Piper went into care with the Harris family who has the house, the money and a set of twins called Logan and Cooper. This was the first time Piper felt like she belonged somewhere and felt part of a family. Then Piper moved back with her mum and the worst night of her life occurred and everything changed from there.

Until she met Rex at school who saved her from a boy forcing himself onto her and that was the start of Pipers heart beginning to warm and her anxiety fading away. Rex has had his eye on Piper for a long time and he sees his chance to pursue his feeling and see where the relationship would go. But he needed to be ready for the storm that surrounded Piper and her life and what happened previously. I wont go into two much detail about the story as it will give away the whole book and I want you to feel how I felt when reading it. 

The characters are so likeable and you start to feel part of the story and getting to know each persons mannerisms and characteristics. I enjoyed the story and where it ended at the end, but I was left wanting more and hopefully book 2 can provide me that when it comes out in May. The only thing I was confused about at the beginning where the Author was introducing Piper and I was trying to figure out if she lived at home or with the Harris'. But after a couple of chapters I understood the situation and got back into the flow of the story. 

This was such a nice and loveable story and once I had time to read I didn't want to put it down. I would recommend this book if you want a quick read but with a brilliant story line with two people healing and helping each other overcome their worries and to feel appreciated again.

This Author (Bailey B.) is new to writing romance stories but the one I have just read was just the right amount of perfect and you need to go look at her books and give her a chance. As when starting   as a new author every reader and every review counts!
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I like the idea of a broken girl trying to be strong and face life even though she gave up on it twice. I guess the reason why the book's title is "Beautifully Broken" because it is not just about Piper, but it also shows readers how Rex is at the same situation as her with a different reason, the families of Rex and Piper, Jenny the friend of Rex, Bane friend of Piper and the whole damn society who was quick to judge Piper. 

Damn, writing this review made me realize how toxic this book can be but how it was told was beautiful that’s why beautifully broken is the perfect title for this. I like how strong the relationship of Piper with her brothers, I just want to see HEA for each of the twins, Cooper and Logan, these characters need their own book!
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Every now and then I try to read a debut of a new author. The blurb of this book caught my attention and I was glad to meet the writing of Bailey B. Beautifully Broken is a gripping book about two young people, both with issues, who find peace and purpose in one another.
Piper has grown up at the wrong side of the tracks. Growing up in several foster homes and being part time raised by her addictive biological mother, hasn't shown Piper exactly how life could be. Therefore, she has already tried to kill herself several times. She has anxiety attacks and she doesn't want someone holding her. She goes to school with two brothers (the Harris twins), with whom she has lived several years at a foster home. While Logan steers clear of her, Cooper is always at her side, to defend her from the bullies at school.
Rex is the son of a rock star. Everyone always wants to be his friend and girls fan themselves over him. However, Rex never knows if people like him for him or whether they just want to be friends with someone famous. So, his friendships are shallow and he feels all alone sometimes.
He always feels drawn to Piper, because she looks alone as well. When they are pushed together by accident, they start talking. And realize they have a lot in common. So, while there friendship grows, Piper's world starts to come crashing in. Can she learn to rely on someone else? Or will she push Rex away? And will Rex realize that the other side of tracks can be very dangerous? Find out for yourself in this wonderful debut. Four out of five stars from me and awaiting the next part in this series. Well done Bailey and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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I received a free copy of Beautifully Broken in exchange for an honest review.  This had some great topics that were at times very deep.  

I love how strong Piper was and even though she was dealt a pretty crappy hand in life, she still persevered.

I wish there was some closure with Bane.  I think he would have an interesting story to tell too.

Overall, decent read.
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I received this free ebook for an honest review from Netgalley.  It was an okay high school bully romance story. Many questions I had in the end. But I’m assuming her next book will answer them.
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This story featured Rex and Piper.  Piper had had an abused childhood and was shunned by most of her classmates in highschool.  She catches the attention of Rex - who has had a privileged  childhood but not a happy one.  He is the son of a singing star and mostly left on his own.  Their relationship was sweet but not without issues.  He loved her, but she was trying to protect him.  I almost like her speech to her classmates at graduation the best.  It hopefully will wake up the rest of the students
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Read in one day because the story intrigued me.
Amazing first chapter that really hooks you.
Lovely beautiful timeless romance.
Bit of drama and suspense.
Overall really lovely and good.

Problems: there’s a massive plot hole. Logan isn’t going to prom because of a promise he made about some girl and it’s a sad situation....that situation is never explained or the promise. 
Quite a few typo and spelling errors scattered throughout.
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Great romance from the first page to the last. Just love the characters and the writing really surprised me.I highly recommend this one.
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I’m sorry I don’t like books that have to deal with rock stars or children of rockstars they just bother me. They are entitled. I just can’t enjoy these books anymore after reading so many long books about the same story
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Thank you for the DRC :). 

This book is about two broken people finding love and peace. The whole book was addictive and I couldn't stop reading. I just finished it in one go. 
The book handles some heavy topics in a good way. It's mature and doesn't look away. I really loved it until the ending. It felt so rushed and forced. It felt childest and really threw me off the story. It went from a solid 4,5 stars back to 3. 
Still highly enjoyable, but I wouldn't reread it.
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I thought this book was good, but had a hard time believing that Rex was only supposed to be 17 in the beginning of the book with how grownup he acted and the fact that he lived on his own already. 

I received this book from NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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