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This is book one in a new series called DC Jack Warr. 

He is transferred to London with his girlfriend. A new case connected to an old crime alongside trying to find out about his birth has Jack finding a passion for his job. 

I thought the way the story was told was good though no characters jumped out at me enough to really like. Having said that I enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read more of this series.
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For anyone who has read Widows by Lynda La Plante you may recognise some of the characters mentioned in this book , the start of a new series introducing D.C. Jack Warr.

Jack and his girlfriend Maggie have just moved from Devon to London for Maggie to progress in her career as a trainee surgeon. Jack just seems to be plodding along, not too interested in progressing in his career. Until he works the new case in London, and with a bit of a push from DCI Ridley.

Rose Cottage has burnt down, the team are called in because in the cottage was a body, they need to find out who the body is. Also in the charred remains they find burnt old out if circulation five pound notes, one and a half million pounds worth. In 1995 there had been a big train robbery, the thieves were never caught and the money was never found. In a nearby house The Grange lived Dolly Rawlins and several other ex convicts the house had been searched but nothing had ever been found linking the women to the crime. Dolly Rawlins is now dead but some of the other women are still around. 

At the same time as working in this case Jack gets a call from his adoptive parents, he finds out his father Charlie has cancer and doesn’t have long to live, he also finds out that they are going on a 4 month cruise, knowing this will be the last time he probably sees his dad Jack is devastated. But Charlie gives him a folder with information about his real parents in it. Jack knew his mum was dead, but does start to look into his dad. Jimmy Nunn who also has a couple of links with some of the people he is looking into in the train robbery. So Jack tries to investigate the two things at the same time. But Maggie is worried about him as one thing Jimmy Nunn is is trouble.

This is a good start to a new series, some good characters I wasn’t sure about Jack initially but he gradually grew on me, always difficult setting up new characters, developing them, getting to know them. I enjoyed the pace of the story not too fast but not too slow either. This is a well thought out and plotted story, with a couple of twists I didn’t see coming. Will be watching out for the next book in the series.
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I'm sure I've read La Plante before, or at least I have seen TV adaptations of her work and thoroughly enjoyed them. This was a really quick read for me, I liked the characters and felt like they were well established, so I will look forward to the next book in the series. The descriptions of scenes could have been explained better bias I had to reread things several times to follow.
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This is the beginning of a new series by this author although those already familiar with her work either by book or TV series will notice a few familiar faces along the way.
It introduces DC Jack Warr who, along with his girlfirend, has moved to London for a fresh start. He is drawn into a case that spins his world when he is called to an isolated cottage where there's been a fire; the badly charred body discovered along with the burnt remains of millions of bank notes. It's a case that goes back in time, to a big crime as yet unsolved. It takes Jack to some dark places, to meet some questionable people. It also has Jack questioning some things more close to home...
One of the things I noticed quite early on in reading this book is that it is probably written with half an eye on a TV (or film) adaptation. It definitely reads as such at times. Not that that matters any for the story, it's just something I noticed.
Jack was a bit of a funny fish for me. It took a while to get to grips with him and I think, by the end of the book, I still have a way to go to truly accept him. Probably due to some of the things I learned about him along the way, things he also learned about himself to be honest, things that, by the end of the book, will have many repercussions in time (and sequels) to come. He's a bit of a loner at work, a bit apathetic at times, and pulls in different directions to his colleagues. Once he gets going, he believes in what he thinks to be true and often mavericks things to prove his theory.
I do love books with crimes set in the past and we definitely have that here as more evidence is unearthed. It also touches on things from the author's previous series that will bring existing fans closer to this book but, at the same time, are not enough to alienate those who have not read these books. A balance that the author has just right.
Pacing is on the whole fast, matching the action perfectly. There is a slower part but this reflects the way the case stutters a bit so this works well. Characterisation is exactly what you would expect from the author. Big, bold characters, well crafted and all who play their parts very well.
The story is intriguing and also well plotted. Enough is explained along the way to keep the reader engaged and all comes out in the wash at the end. Apart from one thing that hopefully will become clear in the next book. Not a cliffhanger I hasten to add, more of a decision. One that I am quite looking forward to finding out.
My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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When the body of a man is found in a burnt-out cottage, the police are astounded to also find the remains of millions of pounds worth of bank notes. It is not long before a connection is made to unsolved crimes of the past, and to an infamous group of criminals. DC Jack Warr, struggling with events in his personal life, suddenly finds himself embroiled in the criminal underworld of the 1980s and 1990s, making shocking revelations about his past along the way. Just how far will he allow himself to become involved?

I have been a fan of Lynda La Plante's books and TV shows ever since watching the original Prime Suspect and so I jumped at the chance to be one of the blogs on the tour for her latest book, Buried. For those who have read the Widows books or seen the TV series/film, then this book is definitely for you as it follows on from the story of Dolly Rawlins and her gang. The beauty of Buried, however, is that although it will bring back a touch of nostalgia for Widows fans, you do not need to know any previous plot as backstory is explained in the book.

I loved how the story developed, the body of the charred man being linked to a train robbery of twenty years ago. This gave us an opportunity to meet some brilliant characters, each of them knowing more than they were willing to let on. These women, over the years, had become very adept at hiding in plain sight and I couldn't wait to see what the results of them playing the long game would be.

Jack Warr is a great character who becomes more complex as the book progresses. As we (and him) discover more about his life, we see a change in his character as he comes to terms with his past. This led to some great interactions between the detective and the people he is tasked with interviewing and created lots of internal conflict. At the same time, we also see the softer side of his personality as he struggles to come to terms with the impending death of his adoptive father.

In a book with numerous twists and turns, we were treated to a proper 'gasp' moment at the end, which, although shocking, was in-keeping with what we had read about Jack. This set up the next book nicely and I can't wait to read where Lynda La Plante takes DC Warr next. Buried is a book that I can definitely imagine on the small screen, so I have my fingers crossed that it will be optioned for TV. This promises to be another huge hit for the author.
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This is the first Lynda La Plante book that I have read. I promised myself this year that I would try lots of new authors and not just stick to the same ones over and over. However, that isn’t serving me very well as I’m not always enjoying the books that I am taking the chances on. I’m afraid this is one of those. I had high hopes for this book as it is being raved about on Twitter from other authors that have read it already and with her being a bestselling author herself I expected great things.
I felt, however, that I just struggled with it as a whole. Sometimes sections were over-described, such as the scenery, the people or just general objects. Then other times we jumped from scene to scene not really knowing what was going on. I felt like the use of words could have been better placed. A little less description and a bit more segue scene building. 
A couple of other reviewers have mentioned that they felt that this was written for TV rather than it being a novel. I certainly picked up on this as well. It was as if we were supposed to be visualising what was going on rather than having it described to us to then visualise. This again is when the segues between scenes would have been useful.
I didn’t think the main character of DC Jack Warr was that interesting and he just seemed a bit too ploddy for my liking. I am reading this book off the back of another fantastic crime series where the DCI was very proactive and ambitious, so maybe that didn’t help.
So, overall I was very disappointed, and even though I slogged through the book, I’m not sure it was worth it as it just dragged.
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC.  

I’ve read some of Lynda La Plante’s books previously and had high expectations with her latest novel.   I wasn’t disappointed.  Initially I felt the book started off slowly and it took time for me to get used to the characters and how they related to each another.  The book got better the further I read and I became hooked, and eager to know what happened next.   I really liked the characters of DC Warr, his partner and family.   DC Warr and his colleagues investigate a murder when a body is found in a burnt out cottage, and as this investigation progresses links are found to a previous crime.    After the slow start I thought this book really picked up it’s pace and was a thrilling read that grabbed and held my attention to the end.    There were lots of twists and turns in the plot and the story moved from past to present times easily.   I would definitely want to read a second book featuring Jack Warr and look forward to seeing how his character develops.    4 stars
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DC Jack Warr has moved from Devon to London and is part of the investigating team after a body is found in a burnt out building but Warr has some family secrets.

Buried is not part of a series but the characters are all well fleshed out and identifiable which is a skill the author has used throughout her career.

This is a very good police procedural novel from the pen of the prolific Lynda La Plante which keeps the pages turning and the reader interested as the storyline leaves a number of options open throughout the book

My only reservation is that I did not feel the ending did full justice to the story although it does leave it nicely open to future books. 

Still recommended
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I liked the Prime Suspect series and even the TV shows, and have read many of her other books,  so when I saw Buried, I was thrilled.  However, I found it confusing, maybe because I hadn't read any of the Widows books before,  but I could not connect with the characters.  I was just so disappointed
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A fantastic start to a new series. I can see this series doing so well, not only because I thoroughly enjoyed it, but because LLP is a first class writer. She knows what her readers want and what they need from a book, something they can get their teeth into and this is certainly one of those books. 
Believable characters and storyline. These books we read may be fiction, but we certainly read them like real life, the author has a wonderful way with her writing that makes you believe in what you are reading. 

I feel that Jack Warr is going to be a character we all grow with, I can see this going a long way. 
I also enjoyed the references to other characters from previous books and feel this was done brilliantly.
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#Buried #NetGalley A great introduction to a new crime series from Lynda La Plante. As expected, plenty of action and a great twist to include some investigations into older crimes. Loved the gang of ladies. A lot going on and at some points, particularly early on in the book, I found myself having to re-read and go back a few chapters to get my head round the who, what and where.  Although billed as a DC Jack Warr thriller it was as much about DCI Ridley and DI Prescott, at least in the early stages.  We are led to believe that Jack goes down a certain path at the end of the book but I will be keen to see how he actually progresses in any future novels!
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Lynda La Plante is one of those writers who I've heard so much about and seen some of their TV shows but yet have never actually read any of their books until now and I really enjoyed this. I managed to read in less than 24 hours. You can really tell Lynda has written for TV as you can picture the cinematics of this so well. Everything just flows so well. 

Jack Warr is a great new character that is trying to find his way in the world and worrying whether policing is actually for him. When his adopted father declares he has terminal cancer and gives him some information on his real parents he's taken down a fascinating voyage of discovery. 

I loved the crime. I tend to hate modern gangs and gangsters but love anything about the same from decades ago and so trying to solve a 20-odd year old great train robbery really appeals to me. In this age of modern technology you don't get crimes like that these days. 

One of my favourite things about this is the ambiguous ending. Jack is given a choice which I won't spoil but we never find out what his decision is. Maybe it'll come out in Book 2 but I hope it doesn't. I like the not knowing. Not everything has to have a happy ending or one all tied up and perfect. I like being able to try and guess what I think he may have done. 

Overall loved it and another author to add to my never ending TBR pile
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Buried is the story of Police and Criminals; of both walking the thin line between Right and Wrong. I quite enjoyed the story especially the clever criminals.
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Another great book from Lynda La Plante and the introduction of a new character DC Jack Warr. Jack is complex and interesting and who doesn't love a cold case where the crooks robbed a train and grabbed millions.
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A rip rollicking read, with a fast paced storyline and characters you want to know more about. Jack, finding his place in the world with the lovely Maggie. And Ridley, who you think has seen it all before but has he... 

Great writing as usual from Lynda La Plante. Looking forward to the second in the series.
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What a great read love this book. This is the first time I have read a book by this author and will definitely read more. This author knows how to tell a story. Really liked the characters especially Jack Warr who life entwined through the characters of this story. Could not put this book down.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Bonnier Zaffre for an advance copy of Buried, the first novel in a projected series to feature DC Jack Warr of The Met’s Serious Crime division.

When a cottage in Aylesbury is burned down the Serious Crime detectives are brought in because the cottage holds not only a dead body but the charred remains of millions of pounds of obsolete banknotes.

I thoroughly enjoyed Buried which has an interesting plot with plenty of twists and turns and a likeable, at times, protagonist. It starts off being told from the investigative point of view but as the story widens there are scenes from the other side and from the historical crimes associated with it. I liked this as it sets up the mystery of what happened and really holds the interest, then once the reader has their teeth into all the angles and potential ramifications the switch to the other side fills in many of the details and answers some questions while raising more. I found this to be a real page turner and, so, found it easy to ignore the parts that don’t quite gel or jar, notably Jack’s character.

Jack Warr is a restless character with a strong love for his parents and, especially, his partner Maggie. They have moved from Devon to London for her career, not his as he isn’t overly enthusiastic about being a detective or being anything except with Maggie. A revelation from his dying father sets him on a journey of self revelation and reconciliation. Not to put too fine a point on it this is a weird and unconvincing story, not so much in the bones of it but in Jack’s reaction. Slacker Jack transformed into brilliant, outside the box thinker in a couple of weeks. Mmm. Still I will be very interested to see where he goes next.

Buried is a good read that I have no hesitation in recommending.
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Not read a Lynda La Plant book for ages
Loved all her previous books widows, Trial and retribution the Jane Tennison series to name a few
So having the chance to be introduced to a new detective
I think it would have been rude not to

Lynda La Plant has the gift of writing so your not only drawn into the storyline, but you feel you are there in it
each character is so defined that they feel real..

I really like the characters, enjoyed the plot and how it intertwined the past and present 
Looking forward to the second DC Jack Ward story

Thank you netgalley, Lynda La Plant and Bonnier Books UK for allowing me to read and review this book.
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What another great book by Lynda la plants she never disappoints I was on the edge of my seat throughout this book would definitely recommend to others .
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Don't underestimate your gut instinct of that which is hidden in plain sight.. compelling reading... 

Buried is the first of a new series for Lynda La Plante in that their are new characters introduced, the storyline will take you from a present case, back to the Widows series.  
Prologue starts in 1994 when Dolly Rawlins was released from Holloway Prison, to present day, when a case where charred remains are found at an isolated cottage.

Whilst you could read Buried if you've not read any of the Widows series as a stand-alone book, as I had the third/final book in the Widows sitting on my pile of books, I felt I needed to read this first, as I feel like it would spoil She's Out for me, if I didn't.  

Buried focuses mainly on the life and work of DC Jack Warr, who gets some information that changes his view to the job.  Jack was not motivated in his job, until these particulars were received, changed his work ethic.  
It's difficult writing too much about this book, without needing *spoiler alerts*.  This is a great read, a definite should for you're reading list.
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