Dark Corners

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This was a good psychological thriller.

Neve left her hometown 20 years ago after the disappearance of one of her best friends. When another of her friends goes missing, she feels like she needs to go back and help to search for them. But it opens a lot of old wounds around the reasons she left in the first place and she is not sure she how long she can stick it out. 

With some twists and turns and an interesting ending, this was a good read. My only issues were, lots of characters to keep track of and it did drag a little in the middle.
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Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book. This book grabbed me and sucked me in. But it kind of slowed and got a bit boring half way through. It was a good story, just not for me.
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This is my first book by @darrensully and it’s definitely not my last. I really enjoyed the way it was written and I always love it when a book flips between the past and present. I liked Neve but felt for her as she hadn’t ended up in a good place and I could totally understand how she felt at times. I really enjoyed the twist as I didn’t see it coming, Would definitely recommend this one.
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A psychological thriller above average but, in my view, too many dual timelines from 20 years ago to the present.

Basically, Neve ( a single girl who likes a drink), has to return to her home (old mining) village to look for a missing friend Chloe. The main trouble was that Neve was not really welcomed back having been involved in something 20 years previously. Luckily, it was a great opportunity for her to look after her Dad who was on his own with the possible signs of dementia. Neve's job was working in a London tea shop and, as a 50% partner, took this sabbatical after a break in at the shop which she may have been able to stop.

In this village she had a cluster of friends who hung out before and after exams. It was these friends that the story also centred on, with a tense ending well described. No spoilers from me!

As I have said the dual timelines were overdone, and I would have preferred some more in depth characterisation of Neve's friends. Still enjoyed it, though.

Thanks to Net Galley and Team HQ for the chance to read and review.
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This book keeps you riveted all the way through - making you want to read more all the way through - a revenge story which keeps you thinking all the way through
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This was a really fast paced engaging psychological thriller. 

You follow a girl called Neve who 20 years ago, her best friend Chloe went missing. When Neve finds out her first boyfriend, Jamie, has got missing she is forced to return to the village. But when she gets there she realises someone is watching her and the dark secrets the village has kept hidden for 20 years are going to slowly be revealed.

This was a really fun, fast paced thriller which kept me on the edge of my seat. 

If you like the trope, of people returning to their old home towns to solve a mystery you will love this book. 

I thought it was really well written. I liked the dual timelines and the fact it slowly counted down to the night when chloe went missing, it kept me hooked till the end. 

I didn't see the ending coming. Although the very end could be seen as a bit cliche it was overall pretty good. 

This isn't the most shocking or unbelievable thriller I've ever read. It's a pretty standard thriller plot, so if you like fast paced traditional thrillers you might really enjoy this one or if you are new to the genre as it isn't particularly gory, but it is very creepy in places 

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It's the second Darren O'Sullivan book I've read. Definitely want to check out more of this books in the future
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This read started off well but I must admit I was really struggling to finish it. It seemed to have lost its way storywise then finally picked up again for the climax. I am sure other readers will enjoy it more just not for me. All in all an okay read. 
Thanks to HQ and Netgalley for the ARC.
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I'm sorry, but this wasn't for me. The best part was the relationship between Neve and her father, which was really touching. I found the thriller element a little obvious and I thought the novel had no real pace to it, which, for me, meant no suspense element. Yes, it's creepy but even that was overdone in my opinion.
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My full thoughts will go live on publication day. A thrilling rollercoaster ride showing how Darren’s writing has changed a much more fast paced novel leaving you guessing right until the end. Many many omg moments
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Another great story from a truly great author. I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Twisty and suspenseful. A brilliant story xxx
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This is a reasonable drama / thriller about Neve, a single woman, living in London and with a drink problem that masks her childhood trauma.
Following a number of incidents in London, she reluctantly returns to her childhood home and has to face her past.

The characters are well written and it moves along at an OK pace. For me, I found it a tad obvious and there were no real surprises. However, it's an OK, easy read and I'm grateful to the publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview.
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I found this book quite heavy going to finish. Just did not really get into the story and guessed where it was leading. Did not relate to the characters. Sorry this book was just not for me. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to review it.
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Quite an enjoyable creepy read. Didn’t keep me entirely hooked but I loved the ending. This is the second book I have read by this author and I look forward to more
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Dark Corners follows Neve, a woman who suffered trauma as a child which is still haunting her in adulthood. When one of her childhood friends goes missing, she returns to the village she grew up in for the first time in twenty-one years to find the ghosts she was running from are still waiting for her.

There are two timelines in the novel: one telling the story of Neve's childhood and the run up to the event which haunts her and her friends, the other giving Neve's present day experiences. As well as being clearly labelled, these are easily distinguished by switching between first person (now) and third person (the past). O'Sullivan's descriptions of the setting put me deliciously on edge and, as events began to unfold with ever quickening pace, I was totally gripped.

Creepy, tense and with a chilling ending, this one packs a punch. I'm not sure how well I'll sleep tonight...
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#DarkCorners #NetGalley 
Another masterpiece by Darren O Sullivan.
It’s been twenty years since Neve’s best friend Chloe went missing. Neve has never recovered and promised herself she’d never go back to that place.
But secrets can come back to haunt you  
You have to face the past once more. 
This is the second book which I've read by this author after Closer Than You Think. The writing is crispy and engaging. Plot is so interesting that one may not be able to put it down. 
Narration of the story is simple. Characters are good and makes you feel that you're a part of the story. 
Thanks to NetGalley and HQ for giving me an advanced copy of this book.
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This is the second book I’ve read from this author. I enjoy his writing style. This novel is dark and twisted and makes a great read.
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