Pretty Guilty Women

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This was such a fast, gripping read! I would usually struggle with so many characters but they were so separate and well established that it wasn't an issue. I found this similar to Big Little Lies but it was twisty and engrossing. Loved it!
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I really enjoyed this book!  A great story line that kept me hooked and excellent main characters.  I would highly recommend this book.
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I read this ARC for an honest review
All thoughts and opinions are mine

I've not read this author before and its not my usual genre but absolutely loved this
If thrillers are your thing, this is an absolute must read

Loved the plot and characters 

Highly recommend
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the arc, which I have enjoyed reading.
I have not read any books by Gina LaManna before, so Pretty Guilty Women was an excellent book to start with. It had everything a reader could wish for, four feisty women, a glitzy over the top wedding, cute baby, and a dead copse. The storyline was excellent and the characters were well drawn and were full of character. Four women were  in College together and three are invited to the fourth friends wedding.  Events happen and there is a dead body and a missing child and a missing abused mother. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was very entertaining and well written.
Highly recommended.
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I received an ARC of this book thanks to NetGalley and publisher Little, Brown Book Group UK in exchange for an honest review.

This book is trying really, really hard to be Big Little Lies. I almost wish it wasn't because this is actually a really great story and it feels a bit held back by the comparisons. Having said that, this is a really good book for people who enjoyed Big Little Lies and people who enjoy more contemporary-style thrillers in general.

Pretty Guilty Women is the story of four women who are attending a fancy resort for a wedding. Three of the women used to be friends in their college years, one of them is a wealthy older woman who befriends them at the resort. Each woman has a specific thing in her life she is struggling with. Emily has a dark past and is currently an alcoholic who hooks up with another wedding guest. Ginger is worried about her teenage daughter whilst Kate is terrified she will never have children. Lulu is on her fifth marriage but this time, it seems like her husband might leave her before she gets the chance. Just when all these women are at breaking point, a murder happens. And all four confess.

This is told very similarly to the aforementioned book, with each chapter starting and/or ending with a section taken from a police interview with one of the characters about the murder. I think this was the feature that bothered me the most. There is mystery about who is murdered but it also doesn't matter so much in terms of the majority of the story who that murdered person is. It's not like the narrative is woven with clues for you to decipher. I actually really liked the plot we got at the end of this book and I think it's a shame it wasn't more original and did more with that story throughout.

Being more positive, I would say most of the characters are engaging. Lulu was my favourite and I found all of the women's individual plotlines interesting. It was a little odd that the woman whose wedding it was had almost no presence or impact on the plot. It almost felt like she should have been the fourth woman as she was also friends with everyone else in college.

Overall, there isn't a lot going on in this book but I did really enjoy what there was. The writing is solid, the characters are interesting and I can see this being a brilliant holiday/beach read for a lot of people. I found it a bit lacking in general but I would love to see more by this author and I hope their next book plays to their strengths rather than mimicking another book.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars
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3.5 stars - If you're a fan of Big Little Lies or Desperate Housewives, I've got a feeling that you'll enjoy this book.
It was a quick, easy read that I enjoyed picking up each evening and would work as a great beach read.
It was better than average but a few things had me deducting from a better rating.
The interview transcripts throughout didn't quite work for me, as all it did was go over what we already knew over and over again. And it offered up nothing new to the story or investigation.
The twist at the end also wasn't particularly strong or exciting for me either, sadly. And I also guessed straight away when one character was dubbed as 'Annoymous' that he would be the man who had been killed, so there was no shock or surprise when we do find out his identity.
But, what really did work in Pretty Guilty Women are the women in question. The characters are well formed and you genuinely care about what is happening with each of them. Kate, in particular, was my favourite but I found something of interest about every female character in this. 
I'd definitely be interested in reading more from this author.
Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A man has been murdered. Four women confess to committing the murder. Who's the guilty one? And most importantly...who's the victim? 

"Pretty guilty women" was a fun and entertaining read, even with its suspicious similarities to "Big little lies", similarities not only in the form (the chapters are interspersed with small extracts from police interviews in the present where the women confess the crime) as in some of the themes it deals with. However, I enjoyed it all the same as the author weaves in background information about each woman, their secrets and possible motivations to commit the murder. Also, the reader doesn't find out who the victim is till the actual murder is committed, so if only because of that you will keep turning the pages. 

I found all the different female characters were distintcly drawn, each with a voice of her own. I liked the alternating points of view, keeping the reader invested in all of their stories, even when some of them became a little repetitive. I also liked how their friendship got instantly rekindled after almost 20 years apart.

The epilogue was a bit drawn out and unnecesary, in my opinion, as we already found out about that twist on the last chapters.

3,5 out of 5 stars.
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This is a hell of a psychological suspense. A must read. 
At the luxurious Serenity Resort on the Californian coast, guests arrive ready to celebrate the wedding of the year. But things are about to go horribly wrong .Among them are four brilliant women, close friends of the bride. Each harbours a secret she'd do anything to protect. Just twenty-four hours later, a man is found dead at the hotel. In the ensuing investigation, each of these women confess to the crime, insisting they acted alone. 
The plot was brilliant and i would really highly recommend this book. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Headline for giving me an advance copy of this brilliant psychological thriller.
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This story was on all accounts very average.
The characters were nothing special and I felt very annoyed with them at times.
The twist at the end was interesting and well executed, but it could not save an overal disappointing book.
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Thoroughly enjoyable psychological thriller with a great group dynamic of women all confessing to the same murder.

This is well plotted as the author takes you back to see how they all came together and ended up embroiled in a crime- are they all covering for each other, do they all genuinely believe they are guilty, questions you'll ask yourself whilst banging through the read to see what's what.

Whilst I can't in all honesty say this novel has anything new or improved about it within it's genre that didn't stop it being a well written, well plotted and cleverly layered story.

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Thanks to NetGalley and Little, Brown Book Group UK/Sphere for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. #PrettyGuiltyWomen #NetGalley

Utterly compelling and addictive - I was hooked from the first page. This novel is the very definition of gripping. I literally could not put it down. In 'Pretty Guilty Women', Gina LaManna has written a novel full of verve and style, with strong female protagonists and plot to die for...  quite literally. Four women confess to murdering a man at the Serenity Spa Resort on the Californian coast. Simple? Well not quite. Not only is the identity of the murdered man an enigma for much of the novel, but each women swears they were the sole perpetrator of the crime. Interspersed with vignettes from police interviews and tantalising glimpses of the characters backstories, LaManna, like a true master of her art, teases and tantalises the reader until the stunning, denouement. This is edge-of-your-seat stuff. This novel is a standout not only for its perfectly calibrated prose, finely woven, richly textured plot, but also the depth of characterisation of the main protagonists. Each woman, yes, because women dominate this novel, are painted with the fine brushstrokes of an astute observer of the human condition. Ginger, Kate, Whitney, Lulu and the gang seem to defy the various adjectives and verbs that make up their fictional existence, such is their realism. As such, LaManna has written a story full of style and substance that oozes suspense and that indefinable something that makes 'Pretty Guilty Women' a one sitting read. The comparisons with 'Big Little Lies' and 'Desperate Housewives' are apt, but there is a fair amount of Agatha Christie-esque tropes in this book, too. Admittedly, this book has a glossy, 21st century feel to it that zings with, subtle, yet unrepressed feminist themes. This gave the novel a depth that is missing from most mystery novels and I savoured every page of this fine author's writing. Gina LaManna is quite simply the 'It girl' of the 21st century thriller.

A definite hit for 2020.
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#PrettyGuiltyWomen #NetGalley 
It's a good and disturbing psychological thriller. Perfect for fans of Big Little Lies. 
At the luxurious Serenity Resort on the Californian coast, guests arrive ready to celebrate the wedding of the year. Along with those four women. All seems mysterious even after their arrival. They're close friends of the bride. Everything was going perfect but then something went terribly wrong. Just twenty-four hours later, a man is found dead at the hotel. In the ensuing investigation, each of these women confess to the crime, insisting they acted alone.  
They all are saying that they did the murder and acted alone. But the police knows that they're telling a lie. How would police catch the real culprit? Why are these women telling lies? What's the reason behind? 
I was hooked by the ending of first chapter. I completed it in a sitting. I was feeling like I'm seeing a sequel of Big Little Lies. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Sphere for a digital copy.
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The wedding Of the year is being hosted at Serenity Resort 

Amongst them are four women, good friends of the bride.  All harbouring their own secret 

Twenty four hours later, a fed body turns up. Each of the four women confess to the murder...but why???

This book is absolutely perfect for fans of big little lies. 

This book was a great read with a satisfying ending and I can just seen it on our screens soon.
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