Every Breath

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This was a great read! From the first to the last page I couldnt put it down. There were some parts that were a little over written (if that's a thing). But the storyline and characters draw you in.
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4.5 Stars Every Breath takes us back to Gia and Ian from Every Kiss.
I loved this story, it is not all sunshine and butterflies and there are sensitive topics, but they are part of the story and the author delivers the overall content well. C.J. Burright is definitely an author I will be reading and recommending, and I look forward to exploring more.
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Loved this
Such a strong, emotional journey
Couldn't put this down
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“Every Breath” is a devastatingly emotional, unforgettable journey that will have your emotions all over the place. Really grabs you and doesn’t let go. With have you crying, smiling and the happily ever after will leave you feeling like you want to read the rest of this series and definitely this book again. Well done C. J. Burright on a beautiful emotional and romantic story. Go grab your copy today. Happy reading everyone!
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Every breath is the story of Gia and Ian and how they have battled their chemistry for almost two years. I love her glitter girl wants to revive after the loss of the love of her life. She knows she can’t stay numb forever but she wants to be happy. 

Ian still can’t believe his fascination with Gia. He should be over it by now but he still makes excuses to catch glimpses. When a case come up and they are forced to work together they will have to get creative. 

Sparks and bullets fly along with sharp tongue sisters, secretive best friends, and the battle for Gia to stay out of Ian’s grasp. She’s wants forever and he wants one night. Who will compromise?? 

Loved this one and seriously enjoyed it a lot.
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Every BReath is certainly a good solid romance with a well-written plot. Enjoyed it from start to finish .Found a new author in the process.
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yet another interesting story from C J. it is as though i'm living through the story. What a great writer.
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The third book in the series was definitely a departure from the previous books. This one has some dark undertones so be prepared. We do finally get Ian's full backstory and boy does he hide a horrid childhood behind his carefree one night persona. You will definitely be rooting for him. Gia certainly comes into her own as she works with Ian into a forced pretend engagement.
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The Glamour Girl has met her match in the Suit that shows no emotion. The story is gripping, with the elements of abuse and childhood secrets. The dangerous aspects keeps you turning the pages and the slow simmer of attraction peaks the desire for hope of a forever. The characters are so much fun, the back and forth banter like a dance. I love that I have found another author that keeps the story building without the necessity of the physical between characters, the story itself propels the reader to the very HEA.
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I really enjoyed this, Ian starts out as a manipulative jerk just after Gia who is mourning her lost love Joey, but as the book moves on Ian changes as he falls for Gia and he begins to thaw. This book deals with the sensitive issue of domestic abuse and control, it’s handled really sensitively by the author. It was an entertaining read and I enjoyed this even more than the first, seemed to be even more chemistry 

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Gia Hellman had lost the love of her life and after two years she found herself having this strong sexual tension with Ian O'Connor, a lawyer which his rule is "one-night-only". So, it seems clear that these two are not going to find a compromise. 
  Gia wants to have what she had with this Joey –serious relationship that may lead to marriage and all the grown up stuff– and she doesn't want to giving up for nothing in the world, not even to satisfy her sexual appetites. And Fate wants that she got strucked in a fake engangement with Ian himself, and forced to work together to solve a complicate case. 
   Even if the plot is clearly unrealistic the relationship between characters is. Actually Gia and Ian are both a big surprise. No toxic behaviour, no cringe decisions, any of all those things I was expecting. 
   Gia knows what she wants, she knows that she has to move on but at her condition and I love her because she's curvy(!!), she's frilly but she's not dumb and she's not annoying. It's thoughtful and very real. She knows how she feels and she knows how to come move. She doesn't let herself be fooled or intimidated. She knows who the enemy is and will do anything to bring them down. No less important is that she is conscious of everything about her body and I love that she goes around to deal with her problems in stilettos and dressed in pink. 
    Despite being a badass she is not a bitch, in fact, she is very sociable and interested in the good of others. 
    Ian is a man in the truest sense of the word, aware that being a fan of sex is not, however, a don juan. And his rule of "one-night-only" is real because it is driven by trauma but Ian has turned his pain into something good, showing himself also interested in the good of others (perhaps even more of his own good) and again the whole thing is very natural, he's not a bruce wayne-batman type.
  I love the dynamic between the two: they are a bit rivals-to-lovers but there is respect, despite being aware of each other's feelings do not force their own vision. They know they're not going anywhere as a couple because they have two different visions. (They're wrong though). They have a fairly professional relationship but are not forbidden to flirt a bit and enjoy a laugh.

This book was a pleasant surprise, I'm happy to see that there aren't any of the classic and boring stereotypes. Big fan of this book and highly recommended if you're looking for light reading.
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In Every Breath readers finally get the full story of Gia and Ian which started with Every Kiss. In this second full-length story of C.J. Burright’s Music, Love and Other Miseries series a self-confessed, workaholic bachelor is unprepared to let a unwanted attraction derail his ultimate goals. But Gia is not your average, run of the mill woman, and as sparks fly between this unlikely couple, music will be made, and romance is definitely in the air. 

But just be warned that not everything in this book is hearts and flowers; there are sensitive topics broached and confronting issues that may bother some readers. I personally found the authors approach to each matter caring and tactful, and as in real life, not everything is all silver and shiny. I can’t wait for more to come from this talented author.
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I was disappointed in this romance. I read the first installment and it was so much better than this one. Ian is sexually attracted to Greta and spends half the novel trying to seduce her in his bed. mind you she had recently lost her husband. His whole seductive act bordered on manipulation and disregard for her feelings. Just thought he was a jerk and did not like the dynamic between them.
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Such a fulfilling completion to Gia and Ian's story that started in Every Kiss.  Ian is the perfect Prince Charming with the complex that he can never live up to that title where Gia is the perfect princess hiding behind a glitter girl persona who thinks with the death of Joey she will never have a chance at another happily ever after.  I loved the character development and how it all played out in front of our eyes.  C.J. Burright got it completely right with this series.  I am hoping in the near future we get the story of Roman and Kat because that romance needs to be written.  

Thank you to netgalley, and Totally Bound Publishing for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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True love… Happily ever after. The full meal-deal fairy tale.Glamour girl Gia Hellman almost had it all until death stole the love of her life. Two years and a string of dead-end hook-ups later, she’s through fooling around.When I started reading I couldn't put it down. C.J. Burright is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this book.Can't wait for the next book.
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This is the third book in the Music, Love and Other Miseries and I thought it was excellent!

It is a really good story that was easy to read and follow and it followed on from the previous books in the series. I thought that the pace was spot on for the story and it had a great natural flow to it, as did the first two books in the series.

To get the most out of this book, you do need to read the previous books, Every Kiss and Every Minute as the stories runs on and these will set the scene and will help you get the most out of the series.

It is another 5 stars from me for this one, it is a great series and I have given all three books in the series 5 stars - this is another book that I will be very highly recommending!
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This is book 3 in a series, but actually there is a prequel and book 1, so this should be book 2. We met Gia and Ian in the prequel (which you don't have to read to enjoy this one).

At the start of this book it is about 1,5/2 years after the prequel. Gia lost her boyfriend 2 years ago and is only now ready to find love again. Ian is a lawyer at the office where she works, but he is not exactly the man she is looking for. He is for one night only and she wants the dream.
Ian has been attracted to Gia from the get-go, but he has demons in his past so he can't offer more than one night only. So he thinks. When they are assigned to a special case to help a woman escape and divorce her husband, they are forced to pretend they are engaged ...

I really enjoyed the story. Ian could scale the suggestive remarks down a bit. Through his POV we know he is really into Gia, but in real life I think she could have had his ass fired. Although Gia gave as good as she got. Liked the secondary characters as well. Look forward to the next!
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C.J. Burright does an excellent job of writing complex characters with complex back stories and Every Breath is no exception. It is beautifully crafted with depth and loss and sorrow and joy. This is no easy meet cute followed by a fast HEA. These characters overcome challenges, past heartache, and choose to be together. 

I love how much substance this book has along with plenty of wit and smolder. Definitely my favorite book of this series. 

Thanks to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my feedback.
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The story of Ian and GIa. They both want different things out of life, but is that enough to stop them falling for each other. A great read - hoping there will be more books in this series.
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