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Twisted Fairy Tales: The Three Little Narwhals

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I read this and hated every minute of it. I don't think the concept was there and it didn't hold my attention or my girls. I could see the potential and what they were trying to accomplish but it missed the mark for me.
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A fun retelling of The Three Little Pigs, told under the sea with Three Little Narwhals building their houses from part of a sunken pirate ship. Instead of a Big, Bad Wolf, we have a Big, Bad Shark who's craving a whale (or two, or three) for lunch. The story follows the original pretty closely, with the addition of a porpoise family following the action while out for a swim. The Big, Bad Shark is thwarted in the end when he breaks all his teeth trying to bite his way into the last house, which is built from metal parts of the ship, and swims away, never to be seen again. The story and artwork are fun, and I'm sure kids will enjoy this book.

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My son aged 8 years old read this book and gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars. He felt the book was aimed at younger children but still overall enjoyed it. He recognised that it was a take on the 3 Little Pigs fairy tale.  He said there were lots of twist and turns so he liked that very much about the story. Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for providing an advance copy in return for an honest opinion.
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this was such a cute story, I love twisted fairy tales and this series didn't disappoint I think this was my favorite in the series. The art is amazing and I really enjoyed reading this and the rest of the series.
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This is a fun retelling of The Three Little Pigs. The three narwhals found a sunken ship and decided to use it to make themselves houses. Like the original, the first house was made of sticks as well as cloths. The Big, Bad Shark comes along and chomps the house hoping to have a Narwhal to eat. Off the second house made of wood, then the third made of metal and cannons. The characters, named Spike, Spiral and Stubby were safe in the third house. Of course they didn't cook the shark, but he ended up breaking all his teeth while trying to chomp the last house and was never seen again. The Narwhals has acclaim for defeating the shark and for their house building talents. The illustrations are wonderful in this book. I love the expressions on the various animals. A great story to read to older students when learning about Fractured Fairy Tales, or Retellings. It is also a fun story to read to younger children. I definitely recommend this one to families, schools and teachers.
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I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This was a cute retelling of the three little pigs. I requested it because it had a fun cover. I think kids will enjoy this version, and adults will like it too.
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'Twisted Fairy Tales: The Three Little Narwhals' by Stewart Ross with illustrations by Chris Jevons is a new take on a classic story.

Three narwhals swimming around find a shipwreck and decide to each build houses out of the different materials.  As each is finished, they are visited by a shark who tests the houses.  Each house is stronger, but will the narwhal's ever be safe?

It didn't feel like much of a twist except narwhal's and sharks instead of pigs and a wolf, but the illustrations were bright and lots of fun. 

I received a review copy of this ebook from Arcturus Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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We loved the story of The Three Little Narwhals. I read it with my 5 year old and it was a delightful read. Though the story follows the lines of the very famous Three Little Pigs yet it isn't just the same. The illustrations are pretty kid and my child was also intrigued after them to find out more about these creatures rightly dubbed as the Unicorns of the Sea.

Writing is appropriate for the readers who are just about beginning their reading journey. A small book with fun story line and a good message, what more can you ask!
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Do you like this book?
Yeah because I love the narwhals and I love to build houses too.

What's your favorite part of the book?
When the shark attacked the houses and tried to eat the narwhals! But then he couldn't eat them.

What do you think of the cover?
I like the narwhals and the shark!

What a fun twist on a classic! I originally wanted to read this book because I love anything with narwhals, but after reading the synopsis I knew I needed it in my life.
I've always loved the story of the three little pigs, and how they learn to build things not for looks but for safety.
It's the same thing with this book. The first narwhal thinks his house is best, but then the shark tears it down. Then the second narwhal thinks her house is best but then the shark tears that down too. The third narwhal was left with what was the "ugliest" parts of the ship to build his house out of, but even with it being ugly it saved them.
The writing is fun and I love the writing and flow of it and the artwork is great too.

“This house may not be sparkly,” sang Spiral.
“It may not be great for parties,” continued Spike.
“But we’ll stay here in the dark, see?” sang Stubby.
“While we’re hiding from the shark-y!” they all chorused together.
Not far away, the dolphin family was also looking at Stubby’s house. Like Spike, they thought it was really odd.
“In fact,” said the youngest dolphin, “it’s the craziest house I’ve ever seen.”
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A super cute twist on an old favorite. Loved the story and illustrations.  Very excited to get this adorable series in store!
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It's difficult to retell a story as familiar as the Three Little Pigs in a new and novel way. This one is a solid effort.I love what Ross did with the building materials here. The houses fail not because they aren't strong enough but because they are otherwise unsuitable. Too bright or too noisy. When the three combine their efforts they make a fine home out of all of the materials. The lesson isn't just about being clever but about being generous and working together for the greater good instead of your won self interest.
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Thank you Arcturus Publishing and NetGalley for this free e-book in return for an honest review. I loved this book. A fun take on the Three Little Pigs and instead of pigs we have Narwhals, instead of a Wolf we have a Shark and we also have a family of Dolphins who are observers and who comment on the the house-building efforts of the Narwhals. The Narwhals are name Spike, Spiral and Stubby and each build a home from the remains of a pirate ship. Spike is so proud of his home and sings about how it is the best. Oops, the dolphin family is not sure of that and when the Shark comes Spike luckily escapes. Next is Spiral with the prettiest and finally Stubby who builds his home out over leftover pieces. Well, it is a good fun book, loved the story, the illustrations are good, and this for me is a definite 5***** effort. Great book to read with your younger kids.
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Twisted fairy tales the three little narwhals by Stuart Ross is an amazing book that will entertain kids and take them on a fun adventure. The three little narwhals is a retelling of the three little pigs. 
The books description says:
In this whale of a tale, the Big Bad Shark is looking for a tasty snack... when he comes across three delicious-looking narwhals! The loveable, pointy-horned creatures-show-off Spike, arty Spiral, and shy Stubby-discover a sunken pirate ship, and are using the parts to build their own homes. Now they are out of their depth, locked in a battle of wits with the munching, crunching villain.

This would make a great gift for any child.
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I had so much fun reading this book. These three siblings each built a house, and no two were alike. When the Big Bad Shark showed up, they found themselves in serious trouble. Only quick thinking saved them in time. Seeing this villain get defeated was a real joy, and the ending was quite good too. I can see kids having a ton of fun reading this story.
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Cute underwater retelling of the Three Little Pigs with Three Little Narwhals (and a big bad shark) instead.
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It is basically the story of the three little pigs, but with dolphins and turtles. Nothing special, but important for kids.
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This is exactly like the 3 little pigs and wolf but instead of piggies, they are narwhals and instead of a big bad wolf, it’s a big bad shark. It’s charming and funny. I loved the illustrations!
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This is a sweet version of the three little pigs. Where instead of pigs they are narwhals and instead of the big bad wolf it’s a big bad shark. The narwhals find a sunken ship and decide to use different parts to create their houses underwater. But some of the materials are not very good for house making And shark is very hungry. This was a good take on a classic fairytale.
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This was my second Twisted Fairy Tales book, and I really enjoyed it! My children were super amused by the story, and rooted for the Narwhals throughout! I particularly enjoyed how they were able to discuss what made this story different from the original Three Little Pigs. Fun and bright illustrations and a creative spin on a classic, this is a wonderful book!
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The idea behind this book sounded interesting. There is a fair amount of text for a children's book, but the illustrations are nice. I would guess that it is targeted at ages 5-8 or so.
I, personally had some troublewith narwhals building houses underwater. My 3 year old could not get into it, my 9 year old said she thought it was kind funny. 
If you are looking for a new take on the the little pigs, this magical themed story might be for you.
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