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One of the most heartbreaking books ive ever read. I sat and sobbed my heart out. I couldnt stop reading and the tears were falling down my face until my cheeks were sore. I couldnt sleep after i had finished it because i have my own dog andit really resonated with me on a person level and i couldnt get the book out of my mind. 

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If you love a book that makes you feel every emotion and you want/need a good cry this is your book.  A Dog's Hope  is delightful!!!!!  There are so many feels and each will take you in a journey.  I absolutely love this book and will be ordering it for my bestie who  never met a dog she didn't love.  Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book before it was published.  The review is my own opinion.
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My mother has always told me, “you will know the right dog when you see him.” I always blew it off because to me that was every dog I ever saw! I mean who couldn’t love any dog, right? I never realized how much my mom’s statement was true until we went to an animal rescue looking to adopt a new dog after losing my little buddy from cancer. I saw quite a few dogs that day and while they were all cute and lovable, this one dog caught my attention, a little five pound Chihuahua mix with an underbite hopping around like a rabbit trying to kiss me on the lips as soon as we met him. You know those cartoons where the cartoon character meets the love of his life and his eyes bug out of his head a mile long and look like hearts, yup, that was me when I met my little Frankie.

I guess this leads me to the point in A Dog’s Hope when Buddy meets Toby for the first time. Buddy automatically knew he found his person. Toby needs Buddy in ways even Toby does not understand yet. Toby has anger issues and often doesn’t know how to control them. His family life isn’t the best and while he loves his mother, his relationship with his military father is strained. Buddy gives Toby the comfort and understanding he needs. Buddy is incredibly loyal and follows Toby everywhere, even to school where he waits for him until the end of the school day. The opening scene with Buddy waiting for Toby just breaks my heart. It really shows such a strong bond between dog and owner. You never really think about how much a dog becomes attached to his owner and you can really see that in this story.

A Dog’s Hope is told in the present through the eyes of the dog, Buddy, and the past through the eyes of Toby. Casey Wilson has written an emotionally heartbreaking story that encompasses so much between its short pages. There are real life issues such as anger, depression, divorce, PTSD, tragedy and on the other side there is hope, picking yourself up when you are at your lowest and at the center of it all is the unconditional love between a boy and his dog.

If you are an animal lover like me, I urge you to pick up this book. Although, I will say, make sure you have tissues handy because A Dog’s Purpose will make you shed many tears and when finishing the last page, it will make you hug and cuddle your dog even harder.
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If you want one, this book will provide you with an emotional rollercoaster. The book presents a good picture of a teenager who is filled with anger and despair who does not really know were to turn for answers until he finds a dog who follows him home from school, one of his first days at a new school.  His parents have divorced, and he and his mother have moved from a big city to a small town, where she has secured a job teaching school. Toby is not so sure about the changes and moves, and, like many his age, has acted out in ways that have hurt him, his family, and others. He resents his father, a Navy career man, who comes across as crass and uncaring, criticizing rather than helping. Toby cuts off all contact with him when he moves. However, he suspects his parents, who maintain regular contact even after the divorce, are hiding something from him, which he wonders about a lot. Toby finds his soulmate in the dog who follows him home--a dog he names Buddy. The story follows the two as they plod along in life, through ups and downs, successes and failures, tragedies, and good times. Toby finally decides to also join the military as an older teenager, bringing new interest and suspense. How do these two resolve issues that arise affecting them both directly? Will there even be a reconciliation?

This is a real tear-jerker, page turner. I enjoyed reading about how the love and support grew between the boy and the dog. However, as one reviewer wrote, the cover is a bit misleading. The story has no young boy with a dog. Toby is a sophomore in high school when he finds and takes in Buddy, not a seven or eight-year old, and Buddy is a mature six- or seven-year-old dog, as far as I can tell. The book is well-written. It alternates between chapters that describe how life moves along with the Toby and Buddy and with other chapters where the dog “speaks” his mind and thoughts. That format worked fairly well, though I had to be sure I was in the right frame of mind when I changed chapters, so I could understand what was going on. I like the way Toby related to Buddy and vice versa. The author even inserted a “love interest” for Toby in the book, that became one of the pivotal events. This is a great book for dog lovers or for readers who enjoy feel-good stories. However, be sure to have Kleenex handy, as you will probably need it. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.
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I absolutely raced through this! An easy read but poignant too. I am obsessed with dogs so will definitely look out for this author again! Thanks netgalley!
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What a touching story of a boy (Toby) and his dog (Buddy).  The story is partially told from the dog's point of view which was unique and delightful.  The story flows from past to present and you will be drawn into the tale from the first page.

Your heart will swell with love and break with sadness.  You will wait, holding your breath, wondering how Buddy handles life when things turn tragic.

This is a heart warming, emotionally moving, painful, and poignant read.  The tears were streaming down my face and sobbing out loud.  This is one of the best books I've read recently.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookoutre for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.  I highly recommend this book!  You need to put this on your to-be-read list.
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"Sometimes you get mere moments with a person, sometimes we get a lifetime, but someone can change you life in the briefest fragments of time, and having that is better than nothing. It's better than being alone forever."
Toby Fuller and his mom move from a big city, to the small farming town of Riverside in Washington.
They leave behind his father, starting a new life away from his moodiness and anger.
But sixteen year old Toby is frustrated and lost, he's had some issues of his own and he is afraid of the adjustments he must make.
When a bedraggled stray golden retriever appears on the road one day, a special bond is forged between boy and dog, so strong it will not be broken.
Toby names his new companion Buddy, they become inseparable.
As Toby lives his life, filled with happiness and heartaches, he is always supported by his loyal friend Buddy.
This endearing, beautifully written story had me smiling through my tears. Heartbreaking, but hopeful.
This will touch your emotions whether you are a dog person or not.
Thank you Bookouture for the e-ARC via NetGalley.
4.5 stars, rounded up to 5 stars.
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This was always going to be the book for me wasn't it....💞
As you all know I'm a huge dog lover.....
I honestly believe there isn't a truer saying than "A dog is a man's best friend"....
I knew from the very first chapter there would be tears, lots of them....
A totally heart wrenching story.....
I just adored that part of this story is told from beautiful dog Buddy's viewpoint....
There are days when I look at my three dogs and think they know exactly what I'm saying....
This story really warmed my heart so much....
An animal can really touch a soul can't it....
We meet Toby who is best friends with Buddy. Both help and look out for each other which is so sweet and amazes me the type of relationship that can develop between a boy and his dog.
Please do take the time to read this one, an amazing read that will leave you heartbroken but ultimately feeling good.
Well done to author Casey Wilson Author on this one...
All praise is well deserved...
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I read the synopsis for 'A Dog's Hope' and I just knew that I had to read this book as soon as I could.  For a starter, I love books that feature dogs and show the impact that dogs have on people's lives.  I couldn't wait to start reading and so without further ado I grabbed a cup of tea, grabbed my Kindle, claimed my comfy spot on the sofa and settled down to read.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'A Dog's Hope' but more about that in a bit.
'A Dog's Hope' certainly appealed to me on a few different levels.  Over the years I have had the pleasure of living and growing up with five dogs- first was Flash, second was Kandy, third was Karla, fourth is Honey and fifth is Daisydoo.  In their own separate ways, each dog has helped me cope with difficult times in my life, for which I will be forever grateful.  Hand on heart I can definitely say that without them, I wouldn't be here.  Anyway that's enough of my personal witterings so back to the review I must go.
It didn't take me long at all to get into this book.  In fact by the time I got to the end of the first sentence, I knew that this was going to be one of those books that I would find hard to put to one side for any length of time.  As much as I wanted to, I wasn't able to binge read this solidly over the course of a day because boring things like life got in the way.  However, if I had to put the book down for a little while, I was immediately looking forward to being able to pick the book up again.  If I wasn't reading the book, I was thinking about the book and well you get the picture.  I was able to finish the book over the course of about three days.  'A Dog's Hope' was certainly an emotive read for me but I loved every single second of it.
'A Dog's Hope' is very well written.  The author grabs your attention from the synopsis alone and the synopsis draws you into the story.  Casey has one of those writing styles that is easy to get used to and easy to get along with.  I love the way in which the author has written so beautifully about the strong bond between humans and their dogs and the healing powers that dogs have.  Casey uses such vivid and realistic descriptions that I began to feel that I was part of the story myself.
In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'A Dog's Hope' and I would recommend it to other readers.  I will be reading more of Casey's work in the future.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 4* out of 5*.
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Dog is a man's best friend. That's a phrase we often hear but Author Casey Wilson does a fantastic job bringing that statement to life in her debut novel  A Dog's Hope. I found this to be a wonderful and emotional story that will have you crying and smiling as you get both Toby and Buddys side.
I would highly recommend this wonderful story. I would like to thank Netgallet for allowing me to express my honest opinion
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A Dog's Hope by Casey Wilson is a tear-jerker for sure. It didn't take long for me to start bawling my eyes out but do not let that deter you from this book! This is such a well written story that kept me hooked all throughout. There were moments where I just could not fathom how this book could end on a positive note, but Wilson got it just right. This book really described what it means to enjoy the loyalty and support of a dog without making it seem unrealistic. I have a bond much like that with my own dog and there aren't many books that I've enjoyed as much as this one that have attempted to show the same. Wilson has not just one but several characters that experienced real growth throughout the story. She handled the multiple timelines and character point of views well, which is something I've always enjoyed as well. I can't wait to read more from her.
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When I picked up A Dog’s Hope I knew that it would be a tearjerker but I wasn’t quite prepared for the flood of emotions, (happy and sad), that I experienced reading this book. The story describes an unbreakable connection between man and dog, who learn to rebuild broken lives together.

Sixteen-year-old Toby is feeling lost, angry and alone, his parents have divorced and he has to move with his mother to a new town. One day whilst walking home from school he notices a dirty and matted golden retriever at the side of the road. Despite Toby telling him to go home the dog is intent on following him.

Somehow the dog knew instinctively that Toby could be trusted not to hurt him and chooses him to be his companion. From then on the two are inseparable, coming together at the precise moment that they needed each other the most.

Casey Wilson tells the story from both Toby and Buddy’s point of view and over various timelines. The story is simply stunning, beautifully written and a must-read for anyone who has had the pleasure of sharing the love of a dog.
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I’m not really sure where to start with this review. I normally read thrillers which are full of twists and generally shows the bad side of people. This book is not like that.

Toby is a resentful teenager who is not happy that his mother is moving him from a big city to a small town after separating from his bully of a father. Toby is convinced that life in such a small place can only be boring but he is quickly proved wrong when he is asked to try out for the school baseball team and a golden retriever, who he names Buddy, appears matted and dirty when Toby is walking home from school.

Unusually, the book is written from the point of view of Toby and Buddy, and in the present and the past with different chapters featuring on pov. I don’t think that I have read another book that has chapters with an animals thoughts and feelings, it was a bit strange but also rather lovely, although I am sure that dogs don’t really think like Buddy. Sure, they are perceptive but can they really get a feeling of what is about to happen, or that something is happening to their owner when they are apart?

I don’t know, I’d love to know what my dogs think of me and I’d love to think that they love me in the same way that Buddy loved Toby. If you don’t like dogs or understand the connection that a person can have with their dog then perhaps this book isn’t for you, although maybe it will help you to understand. If you love dogs then you will probably love this book, although you may want tissues handy.

The story is beautifully told, the author has done a great job of putting into words how a dog can help a human. I have had dogs for most of my adult life and without them, I am not sure where I would be now, their love and loyalty has carried me through many difficult times. I’m sure that this helped me to connect with the relationship between Toby and Buddy and it has really made me think about my dogs over the years and the relationships that we had.

A beautiful book that is easy to read, makes you think and fills your heart with love. I’m now off to go and give my dog a cuddle.
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Lindas Book Obsession Reviews "A Dog's Hope" by Casey Wilson, March 6, 2020

Casey Wilson, Author of "A Dog's Hope" has written a memorable,  poignant, and captivating novel that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.  The Genre for this novel is Fiction. The timeline is set in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events in the story. The author describes the characters as flawed and troubled, as well as complex and complicated. (except for the dog)

I have often wondered if we pick the dog or if the dog chooses us. In this story, Toby, an angry and troubled boy meets a dog that he names "Buddy". Buddy walks him to school, and watches him play ball, and is always at his side. It seems Buddy senses what to do to make his owner happy. Yes, Buddy shares his thoughts with us. Buddy is loyal, hopeful, supportive and loving.

I appreciate that the author discusses important issues such as PSDT, divorce, bullying, anger, support, love and hope. This is a well-written book that vividly describes the unconditional love and support of a boy and his dog. In this book, the author brings up forgiveness, second chances, and the importance of family and friends. I would highly recommend this novel.
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This is a wonderful emotional story about an unbreakable bond and life journey between a boy and his dog. No one is a better best friend than a four legged furry bundle of love 🐕, especially to a teenager in a new town. 

This story is build around family, no family story is complete without its share of troubles and/or drama. As the story unfolds it expands into two families all via the narration of a teenage boy named Toby and his dog Buddy. The story flows back and forth between the past and present. 

It's a touching story that I found to be a great quick read a book and author that's definitely worth reading.

I recieved a copy of this book via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Bookouture for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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It’s not often I’m moved to tears by a story, but this made me cry. It’s written in an honest, heartwarming style, from Buddy, the Golden Retriever’s viewpoint and Toby’s point of view, the boy and later man he befriends. The beginning is poignant and believable, I’ve witnessed how heartbroken dogs can be when they lose someone they love. I’ve shared a beautiful friendship with three dogs in my life, so far, one of which I’m still lucky enough to have.

The story is simple but effective. How the devotion of a dog, heals a broken child and gives hope to a broken man. The ending is so sad, but uplifting and makes you realise how lucky you are to have friendship and love in your life.

If you’ve ever shared your life with a dog, you will be affected by this story. If you haven’t, read it, and realise what you’ve been missing.

I received a copy of this book from Bookouture via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Get your box of kleenex ready for this beautiful and heartwarming story.  If you liked The Art of Racing in the Rain or similar stories you will absolutely love A Dog's Hope. It's one that will stay with you and you hope to see on the big screen.  Bravo!
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From the very first page I knew I was going to cry with this book. My cousin always says that a dog chooses a person, and after reading this book I have no doubt. 

This heartwarming story is about the special bond a boy has with his dog. Toby, a teenager who moved to a small town from Seattle with his mom, has a hard time adjusting to his new life. When a stray dog finds him, the connection is immediate. 

You will laugh out loud and cry with this book as you read how much a dog can help him human. A definite must-read
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Heartwarming with 😪 tragic notes: a best book about best friends🐕

4.5-5🌟 stars
Keep hold of your tissue box for this one!  Toby goes through some rough times and Buddy, the stray who adopts him, remains loyally present through the joys and sorrows of adjusting to a new town, estrangement from his father, delight in a new sport, young love, tragic loss and rebuilding his purpose and future in the aftermath.  The story is full of emotional highs and lows, and a companion canine that keeps pulling Toby back to focus on living his present to the fullest measure.

Author Casey Wilson does a superb job evoking the scent, sights and feel of Riverside, the small town where Toby and his mother settle after his parents' divorce.  Buddy and Toby's times together are lovingly described.  

The story is told alternating point of view between Toby and Buddy and, for me, this produces the only jarring note.  The dog's thoughts are so detailed, often psychoanalytical, that they seem more the musings of a well-educated human than a dog!  I understand the rationale for giving Buddy such a complex vision of his friend and their world, but it just felt a bit off at times.

What made this story stand out was its emotional depth.  I was truly wrapped up in the drama of Toby's life, Buddy's unswerving devotion, and the tension created by Buddy's loyal vigil through rain and shine waiting for a return when Toby's family have all but abandoned hope.

Thanks to publisher Bookouture and NetGalley for providing a complimentary advance copy of the book;  this is my voluntary and honest review.
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I really enjoyed this beautiful story of unconditional love and a bond bwtween a young boy and his dog. Set in Washingtom, Toby Fuller is rescued from feelings of loneliness and hopelessness by a golden retriever named Buddy who finds him on his way home school one day. The beautiful relationship between these two when they needed each other most was very well written. I loved that the story was so touching and heartbreaking at times, but the author did a great job of the character development and moving the story plot into a really interesting turn towards the second half of the story. This is very well done and I highly recommend this story.
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