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A Daughter's Hope

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Thank you to Netgalley for this advanced reader's copy. A story that pulls you in. Characters very engaging and likeable. I'll be on the look out for more from Margaret Kaine.
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this is Megan Cresswell story. the book is set in Longton stoke-on-trent. working as a paintress at the pottery factory. her mother and father have both passed away and she finds herself alone, and having to cope with the upkeep of the house. her neighbours Rita and Clarice think she should seek out a husband, this is time for changes and freedom that she has never had before. she meets American Nathan Brittles but its only a short courtship and he goes home but no other man matches up to him, throughout times to come. seeking out an extra job to make ends meet Celia Bevington gives her a sunday afternoon reading job to her and Megans life is all set to change for the better. how i loved everything about this book, so enchanting to read in every way. a delightful story of happiness right to the end.
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With thanks to hodder and  stoughton and netgalley  for an Arc my first time reading this wonderful  author.
A daughter's hope  is a magical  tale  of intrigue warmth but above all Hope,
I was totally captivated  from the first few pages  and certainly  not let down I laughed and cried Megan's  life changed totally  the day her mum passed away and how she turned  her life round  I can't  praise this book enough
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I enjoyed the history of this book, of reading about a time where women were seen so differently and really focused on makeup and bettering themselves looks-wise for a man. It's amazing to think how time has changed and so it was really interesting to read a book that takes you to a different place. 

I enjoyed seeing how Megan developed, how she grew from being a repressed young lady to being one with confidence and enjoyed trying out a different kind of life once her parents were no longer around. It's kind of like a fantasy for some - what would you do if you had no ties? 

I thought that the story was an easy read, so ideal to enjoy after a busy day and easy to follow. 

I think that the beginning was a little one-dimensional and odd - going from helping a young girl who was upset to suddenly her mother dying. It felt very sudden and then all focused on her neighbour's persuading Megan to go out and find a man... I think some more detail could have been woven in here, like the reality of living alone, struggling for money, grieving for her parents, struggling with the change... it all seemed a bit too sudden and easy, which made it hard to fully be absorbed into the book which was a shame.
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