Remember Me

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Dark, suspenseful and oozing with menace. Its not often I get a visceral response to a thriller that not only keeps me on the edge of my seat, but brings out goosebumps on my skin and makes my heart beat that little bit faster. These are undoubtedly symptoms of a great reading experience, and a natural physical response to a true thriller that really lives up to its name. Every page was turned with anticipation, with bated breath, and with an insatiable curiosity that meant I just had to read McLellan's compelling novel in one sitting. Imagine this novel as a new spin on the creative imperative that was the impetus behind 'Memento', 'Before I Go To Sleep', or Andrew Ewart's equally brilliant, ''Forget Me'. It ticks all the boxes of a suspenseful tale where the fallibilities of memory, and its constituent parts, are intrinsic expressions of the dark heart of the human condition. The anchor of the plot in 'Remember Me' is the condition prosopagnosia, where the individual cannot recognise faces. Sarah is a sufferer, and although she 'sees' the face of the attacker that killed her sister Joanna, and attacked her, she cannot remember the face, the identity of the perpetrator. With exquisite skill, McLellan shepherds us back and forth between past and present, teasing and enthralling, until the final, stunning denouement. Addictive and compelling stuff - highly recommended.
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Sarah and her sister Joanna are relaxing when a man calls to the door.  The next thing she knows, the man is in the house killing her sister and then he attacks Sarah.  What makes things a bit more complicated is that Sarah has had prosopagnosia since she was in a car accident years before, a brain injury where you cannot recognise people's faces.  The story changes between past and present and we slowly start to unravel the mystery of who killed her sister... and also what exactly happened all those years ago before the car accident.  Sarah finds many secrets and shocks, and the story leads to a few great twists and thrills.  A captivating thriller with a satisfying ending - I would recommend.
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A very suspenseful story. I felt short of breath reading it. Amazing. Highly recommended for suspenseful thriller fans xxx
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This is supposed to be powerful story. I would say it is a good but definitely not a great read. There are so many in this genre and it needs to be great to really stand out.
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This was an excellent novel that I had a great time reading. Exquisite character development and fast flowing story make this book a success
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A good book . Sarah has had a brain injury and it gradually becomes apparant that she isn'sure about what happens and how her sister was murdered. She gets the impression that the police thinks she did it . The story contains flashbacks as she remembers past events which contribute to the reader's understanding of the story . However there were couple of twists..... 
A slow burner, I could not put it down towards the end 
Thank you to Net Galley, the auther and the publisher for the ARC  in exchange for an honest review
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Remember Me’ starts with forty-something sisters, Sarah and Joanna, enjoying quiet night in, when their TV period drama is interrupted by the ring of the doorbell.  From the verbal exchange Sarah overhears it is clearly this visitor is not a stranger to Joanna, but as Sarah suffers a ‘face blindness’ neurological condition, she is unable to recognise this man, who subsequently attacks both women, leaving Joanna dead.

What follows is Sarah’s experience of events - the crime scene and subsequent investigation lead police to suspect she has killed her sister, and she finds herself having to defend her innocence, while also grieving for the loss of her sister and feeling terrified and vulnerable as she tries to figure out who the real attacker is, and what threat he represents to her.

As Sarah delves into her dead sisters life to find a man with a motive to kill, she discovers some disturbing truths about her own past, specifically around the time of the accident that caused her brain trauma some 20 years previously.

I really enjoyed this story, it was an easy, entertaining and satisfying read. I could dip in and out without ever becoming confused and was sufficiently intrigued to see it through to the end!

My thanks to Netgalley, publisher and author for the opportunity to read an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Remember Me is a pacy psychological thriller featuring a character with face blindness whose Sister is murdered pretty much right in front of her yet she cannot identify the killer...

I enjoyed it for the most part- Amy Mclellan has a way of drawing you into a story, her writing is sharp and insightful- I read it easily in one sitting, wanting to know the outcome.

My one issue, which is definitely my own and nothing to do with the quality of the read, is that I was really irritated by main protagonist Sarah...I really wanted to stab her at various intervals- just way too whiny. 

That aside though the story is clever, the ending satisfying and overall I'd recommend for fans of psych thrillers everywhere.
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Thank you NetGalley for this advanced copy. The cover drew me in as there was no description on this listing. I wasn't sure if it would be any good, but took a chance. Talk about family secrets, backstabbing, messed up relationships. My jaw dropped on more than one occasion. Also a little messed up in my opinion, but that's also what makes it a psychological thriller. Good book!
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.  This is a debut powerful story of love, gate and secrets. A good but not a great read.
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#RememberMe #NetGalley 
A darkly disturbing thriller about revenge. A must read. Highly recommended. 
Joanna Bailey and Sarah Wallis are two sisters. They both love each other, care for each other, share everything as they live in the same house. Their dad is no more and mum is sick of dementia and is miles away from them. Sarah is a vulnerable woman because she is suffering from prosopagnosia, she can't recognise faces. She use other features of the person to recognise them like their hair style, voice, dressing sense etc. One night both sisters were doing their jobs, one was watching TV and the other was reading a book. Suddenly there was a knock on the back door and Joanna went to open the door and someone she knew came inside the house and murdered her brutally and gave Sarah so much wounds. Now Joanna is dead and Sarah is covered in her blood. 
DS Samira Noor and PC Casey Crown with their team are assigned to the case. And then the investigation begins. In this story everyone is not what they seems. Every character is given equal importance and especially the characters of both sisters along with James, Joanna's son, Alan, their neighbour. I couldn't figure out who was the murderer. This story left me breathless. Both sisters have a troubled past. They're not so lovely sisters. This book is pacey with a lot of suspense which wake you up and force you to read it's last word. Its a wonderful debut by Amy. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for giving me an advance copy of this awesome psychological thriller.
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Two sisters Sarah and Joanna lives in a house, one of them, Sarah is face blind. One night someone entered in their house and stabbed Joanna and Sarah saw that he was a man. But the problem is that she isn't able to identify him because she's face blind. 
This is a good thriller with many twists. I loved Joanna's character and of James, they were lovely. Although narration of the story steals the show and keep the reader hooked. 
The killer is still outside and Sarah is living in fear. Will the killer make Sarah his next target or will the police catch him before he strikes again? These questions forced me to read this book till the end. And i must say that it was enjoyable. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Orion Publishing Group for a copy.
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