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This book started realy well and I was grippped... but by about a quarter in i was so bored and wasn't sure I could finish it.
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Thank you NetGalley for this advanced copy. This book sounded awesome, however it fell short for me. I ended up skimming it fairly quickly and then turned right to the back. Weird plot....
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Reading the reviews of this book it seems I am in a minority with this one. The author certainly knows how to grab your attention but after a fairly short time, I started to lose interest.
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Exciting book to read. Had me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. Never quite guessing correctly on where the author was taking us. Didn’t want this one to ever end. Very well written
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Thanks to Headline and NetGalley for an exchange for an honest review.

'No Bad Deed' is  a stunningly accomplished debut from Heather Chavez. So accomplished in fact, that I had to double-check whether this was indeed Chavez' first foray into literary fiction. Having got that out of the way, I continued to marvel at this author's ability to engage the reader with her thrilling, pitch-perfect prose from the get-go. This novel is pure adrenaline from the very first page. It is essentially a siren-song to the adage that 'no good deed goes unpunished. So it is for our feisty heroine, Cassie, who bravely intervenes in the attack of an anonymous woman by the roadside. She is given a choice by the attacker: walk away and let the woman die, or, well, lets just say that Cassie's life will change in ways she cannot imagine. The attacker, armed with evidence of Cassie's identity seemingly makes good on his premise as Cassie and her family are plunged into a nightmare of the scope that is beyond imagination. Well, my imagination anyway, but certainly not Chavez', as this rookie author takes us on a darkly pulsating journey to the final, stunning denouement of the sort that an old pro would be proud of. Simply thrilling.
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This is supposed to be powerful story. I would say it is a good but definitely not a great read. There are so many in this genre and it needs to be great to really stand out.
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On a very positive note the author certainly knows how to grab you attention but after a fairly short time I couldn’t keep an interest in this book. It is very pacy and lots of what would be tense moments if you can suspend disbelief to very great degree. Luckily it seems that 8nam in the minority but I found the whole plot silly.
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This was an excellent thriller that really made me think. Impressive character development along with a fascinating storyline make this book a success.
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Fast paced and gripping from the start. Once you begin  to read, you wont want to stop until the very end. This is excellent writing fr a debut novel and I will look out for more work from this author. Highly recommended
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What a bloody ride this book was. Every line, every scene was a thrill. The twists and turns had me gasping. Most times, I didn't know where the story would go. The author Heather Chavez did a brilliant job writing this heart pumping thriller with a kick-ass protagonist Cassie who would do anything to protect her family.

Cassie was coming home from work. She saw a woman being accosted by a man. Out she went to help the woman, the man stole the truck with her purse inside which had the details of her family. Then while trick or treating with the daughter, her husband Sam disappeared and news of his affair reached her. Cassie went searching for the truth...and man, the truths she found had my pulse racing.


My first book by this author, I was blown away with every chapter. I just couldn't let go of my kindle even when sleep demanded its stay. The author had some wicked moves on her when she dreamed of such a plot. Every step seemed well choreographed. I couldn't ever predict Cassie’s moves. Or where the author would take her.

If there was ever a book with attack, gun shot, hacking, trackers on cars, hidden cameras, being hit, kidnapped, abuse, buried, rammed by a car, being thrown out of a moving car, it was this book. It had everything to make it a roller coaster ride. The web of deceit and lies spread across the pages with every crawl of the spider to the point I didn't know what to believe. I was crazy lost in the capers until I knew I had to get to the end.

The truths revealed had me laughing evilly at the way the author thought it up. It was nothing short of brilliant. I wouldn't even in a million years have guessed them. I was beyond shocked. Wow!! This was one heck of a book.
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Reading the reviews of this book it seems I am in a minority with this one.  Sadly it just wasn’t for me. Yes it was a fast paced thriller and for me it started off great but after a few chapters I started to lose interest finding it quite far fetched.

Will not be leaving review on Amazon or other social media platforms as only rated this book 2⭐️
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I loved this - pacy from page one and terribly twisty in the best reading way possible- with a main protagonist who doesn't do the usual idiotic things and a clever, involving story that is as engaging in mystery as it is cliff edge thrilling. 

Often hurtling along at breakneck speed yet still maintaining interest in what might actually be going on, Heather Chavez has written a wonderfully plotted story that will resonate with thriller fans and I have no problem at all highly recommending it. 

So highly recommended then!
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Heather Chavez's psychological thriller has the kind of twists that stray so much into far fetched territory for this reader but here's the thing, it was a totally compulsive read that had me turning the pages as fast as I could. Cassie Larkin is a veterinarian, happily married to teacher Sam, although their ability to connect with each other has been strained with their chaotic family and work lives, what with having two children, son Leo and young daughter, Audrey, keeping them busy. On one dark and rainy night, Cassie is driving home when she sees a woman being attacked by a man at the roadside, she calls the police. However, she just cannot stop herself getting out of her minivan to try and save the woman, against all good sense and reason. She is going to live to regret her actions as she manages to ensure the woman lives but not before the man turns to her, telling her to let the woman die and he will let her live.

Whilst she examines the victim, the man takes her van, the contents of which ensures that he has her name, where she lives, and that she has children. This is a case that goes to prove no good deed goes unpunished as Cassie's entire life spins out of control as her family faces dangers she could never have foreseen. She is interviewed by the police, with Detective Ray Rico taking her statement, and showing her pictures of potential men that could have been the perpetrator. She identifies the attacker, a known criminal named Carver Sweet. Cassie is warned to be careful but the police seem sure that he will not get anywhere near her. She is less certain of this, and the following night, Sam takes their 6 year old Audrey trick or treating on Halloween. Sam never returns, leaving Audrey behind with some women. Is Sam's disappearance anything to do with Cassie's involvement in the roadside attack?

Chavez excels in writing a thriller that is fast paced, well plotted with twist following twist, and where nothing and no-one can be relied on. She gives a central protagonist, Cassie, that you cannot but help feel for as her life derails in spectacular fashion. As I said at the beginning, you are going to have suspend disbelief big time, and just go on the entertaining if dark and intense thrill ride for the addictive storytelling. Many thanks to Headline for an ARC.
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Ohhhh this book was scary as. My heart was literally racing the whole way through. Brilliant. Highly recommended
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I loved No Bad Deed but it’s not believable at all. 

There’s a great creepy tension that builds and builds throughout this story, honestly this gripped me like nothing else I’ve read this year. Breathtaking and dark.

As mentioned above it isn’t believable but if you can look past that this is  a great gritty thriller that will leave you gobsmacked.
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#NoBadDeed #NetGalley 
It really thrilled me. 
I picked up this book and finished it in a go. I'm surprised how can someone think so awesomely. Characters were lovable and are a major factor in making this book a blockbuster. You're driving home from work to your husband and children.
Suddenly a woman is front of your car. She's being attacked. 
You call the police and they tell you to stay in the car. 
But what if you got out to help? What might the consequences be? 
You save the woman, but the attacker takes your handbag. And your car. 
And then, the next day, when you think it's all over, your husband disappears. 
He's gone without a trace. 
That's the premise of the book. I don't want to reveal anything else. Read this beautiful book if you love thrillers. 
The major impact of this book on me was that i decided that from now on I'm not going to help any stranger. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Headline for an advance copy. It's definitely a good read of 2020.
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