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I found this book rather boring; half way through I almost gave up. Wanted to kn ow how it ended and glad I did, It was good to have a nice ending after ploughing through the book.
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Totally gripped by this story.  Read it in one sitting.  I never do that! Missing girl (Jenny) returns home after disappearing 12 years earlier. But is she really who she says she is? What happened to her?  How has her family coped? This is a story within a story within a story. Peel off the layers and yet more plot twists emerge. Absolutely loved it.
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I’m really sorry but I couldn’t concentrate on the book because of all the rows of numbers on every single line.
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When a girl turns up 12 years after she went missing at just 6 years old, the big question is where has she been?  What happened?  Is she really who she says she is?  A thrilling tale with twists and turns, a good plot and surprising ending.
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Sorry- this book was completely unreadable- there were numbers all over the text and broken sentences. It was a complete mess.
I will happily reread and give another review with a different copy but this one was unintelligible
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I found this book a little far fetched an unbelievable. A little repetitive at times. Sorry wouldn’t recommend
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Jenny Kristal was six when she walked down the street to play at a friend's house and disappeared. Now she's back - eighteen years old, traumatised, and ready to be united with her loving family. 

Where has Jenny been all these years? How did she escape from her captors? The more answers Jenny gives, the more questions it seems there are to answer. Something isn't adding up. Is Jenny really who she says she is? And what other secrets are about to come to light?

I really enjoyed this book from the outset - the writing is terse, gripping, and careful, and I do have a soft spot for an unreliable narrator. From the start, the reader isn't sure if Jenny is who she says she is - and almost from the first chapters, there are twists and turns concerning her identity and what really happened to her, that only gather pace and tension  as the book goes on. 

I literally tore through the last few chapters wanting to get to the truth of the story (and let me tell you, I am pretty good at guessing a twist by now, but I did NOT see this one coming). 

An expertly told story that takes the reader on a real thrill ride - I will absolutely be recommending this one, and can't wait to read more from this author. 

NB: I was provided with a free ARC copy of this book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Interesting concept but didn't feel it worked as well as it could have. It was very repetitive, far fetched and just didn't grab my attention. If I hadn't been reading as part of a review this probably would have been a 'did not finish'. But, I felt it only fair to finish reading to be able to give a valid review. 

It could have been so much better
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A missing child who returns after twelve years,but all is not as it seems.Interesting premise,lots of surprises and changes of direction.
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A clever, sad and sinister concept around child abduction and disappearances. Everyone in the story was hurting for different reasons. 

I enjoyed the book, but if you really thought about it, the scenarios weren’t really possible. 

Read it, but be prepared to go with the flow and not try to understand if it could really happen, so many times.
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Cannot give a review because the book does not work
I cannot give you anything about it
Because it does not work and the writing
Is not good
I got an arc from you
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It’s a very unusual book not really for me i did skip a few pages as there was too much detail and repetition, but having said that I did enjoy it and thought the plot was very cleverly written and the ending came as a shock as never saw it coming..
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Jenny disappeared when she was six. 
12 years later she finally escapes her kidnappers and is reunited with her family where she can finally find safety. But is her family really happy to have her back? And is she really safe?

If you're looking for a fast-paced domestic thriller, then look no further. 
It was a really good read. The story is told from Jenny's perspective, and I really enjoyed her narration.
The plot is gripping and intriguing, with a twist that I didn't see coming.
The only thing I didn't particularly like was the final conclusion. It's hard to explain it without revealing spoilers, but I just found Jenny's intentions quite unbelievable, especially considering what she went through.
I was deliberating between 3 and 4 stars. My reservation lay with the formatting of the copy I received ( numbers strewn across the pages and uneven division of the text ), and yes, I know it was an uncorrected proof copy, but still, it was interfering with me enjoying the story. But I concluded that this shouldn't affect the rating which is all about the story and I decide to give it 4 stars.
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Is Safe realistic? No. Is Safe interesting? Yes.

Throw your believability away, you don’t need it for this book. Once you get past that you really begin to enjoy this story. It’s full of nasty characters and nasty things. It takes a lot to shock me but Safe really did!
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#KeepItSafe #NetGalley 
A good read. 
What you do if your child gone missing? And then she suddenly appears at your door. But is she who you think she is? Or something is terribly wrong? 
She's not answering any of her parents questions. Where she was gone? How she came back home? Is she safe now? 
This is a good story which kept me hooked. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Random House UK Cornerstone for giving me an advance copy.
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Thank you NetGalley for this advanced copy.  I understand this is an unedited copy but it was really hard to follow with random numbers all over all the pages. I actually skimmed it more so because of that. Disturbing ending but didn't see it coming. I think i could have enjoyed it more if the format wasn't so messed up.
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