The Secret Seaside Escape

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Thank to Netgalley and the publisher for granting me a copy of this book. 

Another absolutely wonderful book from Heidi Swain. In this, possibly my new favourite Heidi Swain book, we are transported to Wynmouth, a seaside town so well-written that it had me reminiscing about childhood holidays of my own and longing for the feel of sand between my toes. There are several strands to the story, all of which are given careful attention so that nothing seems rushed or incomplete. Swain always writes characters that feel so very real, it's almost impossible not to care about how their story turns out and this is no exception. Within just a few chapters, I felt like I'd met new friends! I'd love to think that there will be more in the series, giving us the chance to revisit Wynmouth and catch up with all the residents again.  A 5* read, perfect escapism.
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Another amazing and beautiful story from one of my favourite authors.   A tale of of friendship and romance and the realities that arise in families. I was totally absorbed in the characters and their lives and I certainly didn’t see one or two things coming towards the end! Loved it and can’t wait for the next story that Heidi writes!
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The fabulous Heidi Swain has done it again 👏🙌 I cannot begin to explain to you all how excited I was to get an early copy of this book and trust me, it didn’t disappoint 😍 Tess is a beautiful character and I loved all the friendships she made in Wynmouth. I particularly loved Sophie......we all need a Sophie in our lives!! The plot itself was gripping and I found I was always trying to read as quickly as possible so I could find out what was happening next. Heidi - bravo to you for writing yet another gorgeous book and creating another beautiful community for us all to fall in love with ☺️💕📚
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Love love love. With everything that is going on in the world it was such a welcome break to read this book.
We meet Tess, a lady who works too hard and has grief she hasn't dealt with. She decides to put life on pause and go to the place her family went when she grew up. There she meets Joe, Sam and Hope who all have a massive impact on her life....a couple who have also in the past. She tries to run away from her life but in doing so things around all come together to shake her to the core.
It has twists and turns throughout, its a wonderful book and I'd recommend it to all my friends.
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Such a fab book and such an escape from everything going on in the world right now. I loved the setting of the story and the characters were brilliant. This story will take you through so many emotions and will stay with you long after you have finished reading.
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What an absolutely enjoyable book, really didn't want it end. The characters really drew you in and you felt like you knew them. 
Being part of Tesss' journey from the start, how she settled into the community and they accepted her was heartwarming. It also makes you think about how we react and assume when this isn't always the correct way to behave.
 I would love a follow up just to revisit Wynmouth the beach and all the characters to find out what happens next.
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I would never turn down a trip to the seaside, especially with Heidi Swain in the driving seat.
Not only is this book a good read but it also has some important messages at its heart – including highlighting how essential it is to take care of your mental as well as physical health.
I could almost feel the weight of grief and stress pressing down on Tess’s shoulders but luckily she found her escape in the happy place of her childhood holidays.
As a huge fan of Norfolk and its coast, I was very excited when Heidi announced a new location for her popular books.
Wynmouth plays a massive part in The Secret Seaside Escape - and I for one would quite happily move there (I hope it’s not the last we see of it in her books).
There are so many interesting twists and turns in the plot to keep you transfixed (and I could never have guessed the route the story eventually took).
I had a huge sense of nostalgia for my own holidays on the Norfolk coast (as a child and adult, having been missing trips to the beach recently).
While Tess and Sam are the main attraction, as usual, Heidi creates an eclectic, engaging cast with their own stories just waiting to be uncovered.
So glad to hear Heidi has been signed up for another four books with Simon & Schuster, which will bring the total published to 15 - a stunning achievement.
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I’ve just finished reading Heidi Swain ‘The Secret Seaside Escape.’

Tess Tyler needs a break. Weighed down by her high-pressure job and her demanding father, she’s left little time to take care of herself. But after a shocking discovery sends her spiralling, she flees to Wynmouth, the seaside town she fell in love with as a child, to escape it all.

With its sandy beaches, stunning rock pools and welcoming community, Tess feels like she can finally breathe again. And as she grows ever closer to local barman Sam, she dares to dream that she might never return to her real life. But when a familiar face returns to town, Tess realises that there are secrets in Wynmouth too, and that her own past may be about to catch up with her . . .  

What a wonderful and exciting read that kept me glued to the pages. I love that It’s based in a gorgeous quaint village of Wynmouth, off the Norfolk coast making me want to visit this idilic location. It’s full of secrets, with its twists and turns that keep you guessing all the way through. This romantic feel good read is a perfect pick me up, which will leave you wanting more and more.... 5 out of 5 for me!
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💕 Heidi Swain's 'The Secret Seaside Escape' is a romantic story about second chances, friendships and forgiveness. 
The setting is pure escapism which is captured by the descriptions so easily conjured up in the readers mind. The beachside cafe, pub and some of the locals could be found in many an English seaside town which makes the book relatable and fun. 
The dynamics between the main characters is frustrating at times, and I wanted to shake some sense into them. But this just adds to the real-feel of the story and reflects our human nature perfectly. 
I did feel, whilst reading, that the ending was a long time coming, then it seemed a bit rushed through when the plot was uncovered, but there was a wonderful turn which surprised and delighted and that explained everything perfectly. 
This book makes a wonderful beach holiday/sitting by a poolside read.
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Despite the fact there is one character I really didn’t like throughout this book due to their constant need to be brash but at the same time demanding of emotional attention from the main character, I ultimately really enjoyed this book.  I read it in a few hours on my day off of work and it had enough of a plot to entertain me.  There are really clear communication issues between characters which I know annoys some readers but for me were interesting and comedic!
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What a truly amazing read. Once again Heidi Swain has made me visualize a holiday spot on the North Norfolk coast. I found the characters believable and whilst reading it I became involved as if they were my friends. The novel is set in Norfolk. Tess Tyler works in the family business with her father. She is working flat out until she stumbled on a secret. With the need to get away she finds a cottage in Wynmouth, a seaside town where she had made such happy memories as a child. Without telling anyone where she is going she heads off to a superb cottage. The one thing she remembers most is her first kiss. Does the young boy she liked then, still living there? As the plot unfolds more secrets come to light.  Relax and unwind as you imagine the wind in your hair looking at rock pools wondering what is coming next. This is a must read . Congratulations to Heidi Swain and thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to get the latest novel in exchange for n honest review.
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Definitely one of the best feel good authors out there. This story is so charming and the characters are all loveable. I hope there is a series to come from the village! I would definitely read them.
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Set within a small seaside community, dealing with the after effects of a tragedy from some 20 years ago, 'The Secret Seaside Escape', provides Tess with the ideal opportunity to escape from the stress of daily life while working for the family firm. She hopes that returning to a place full of happy memories will help her to accept her own recent discovery about her family. But as Tess plunges headfirst into village life, she quickly realises that you cannot escape the past,  especially when you are unwilling to face upto it.
'The Secret Seaside Escape' is an enjoyable read and set in such a wonderfully picturesque location that is encouraged the reader to dream of a holiday in Norfolk for themselves. 
The characters are not always likeable and sometimes, Tess's inability to think properly before acting can be infuriating but yet, I couldn't help but cheer her on and was delighted by the family related twist towards the end of the story.
A wonderful feel good story.
I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley in return for an honest review.
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We have broken away from Wynbridge (I am sure we will return at some point) and we have pitched up on the Norfolk coast in Wynmouth.

The rock pools, the sea, the sand, the beach huts, shared experiences and loves of family holidays are just distant memories to Tess, but Wynmouth is where she feels she had the best parts of her life.

When it all feels like it has come to much at her high pressured job working for her very demanding and exacting father in the family firm and still reeling from the death of her mother, Tess decides to step away from it all.

Not telling anyone, she rents a cottage next to a pub in Wynmouth. Shutting all technology in a drawer and taking only herself and a recent discovery with her, Tess intends to hole up in Wynmouth until she feels ready to go back.

Trouble is Tess, cannot switch off that easily and she soon becomes involved in this lovely seaside town and the community.

Tess forms a bond with Sophie who runs the local cafe and her daughter Hope. Tess can see the potential in the cafe, once in PR, always in PR and helps Sophie spread the word a bit more.

Meddling a bit more, she branches out at the pub and becomes close to Sam, the landlord of the her rental cottage as well. Sam is slightly aloof and seems he is running away from something too.

When a familiar face returns to Wynmouth it doesn't just upset the locals, it upsets Tess too. It seems that by running away she has run into something else from her past.

Tess is about to learn a few lessons in nothing being as it seems.

This is yet again a five star read from Heidi Swain (as have all her previous novels). Instantly I was taken to the seaside, not so much of a problem when you live near one, but to have it jump off the page was wonderful. The characters were just as good as they always are. Fully formed, even those that merely played a small part in the story. I took an instant like and dislike to many of them only to find my prejudices and assumptions were sometimes wrong as I did not know the full story.

If you cannot get to a seaside, this is the perfect way to escape - but you might need to provide your own ice cream!
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I’m a #swainette through and through... this fantastic new book from Heidi Swain is perfect for a mental break away. After reading I just wanted to go and escape to the seaside myself, I’d love to fall into a community with characters like Heidi creates. 
All of Heidi’s books have such wonderful communities – as you may know if you’ve read any of Heidi’s other books – but this is a brand new one with wonderful new people who feel like friends by the end. 
Tess is fed up working hard for her father and not getting the appreciation she needs. She takes herself away to the seaside, Wynmouth, the place she spent so much time growing up. Awakening old memories and secrets, Tess has decisions to make about her future but will the heart rule the head, especially when she realises her feelings for a certain local.
I love Tess. She’s sweet, kind and gets involved in the community straight away which I like. She soon settles into place and its clear she feels at home there with some brilliant friendships made early on. A great character!
There is a whole host of supporting characters who add to the fun, George and his meddling, Sophie, Hope, Joe and of course, Sam. 
Easy to be charmed by the amazing writing and descriptions, you will feel like you are part of the idyllic seaside. I loved the development, the twists that were unexpected but interesting. It’s a fantastic tale of friendships, community spirit, forgiving the past and learning to accept what is meant to be. 
Romance is a theme running throughout the book, but it isn’t the main focus, personal development and fixing relationships is in my opinion – although the romance is great. 
I cannot recommend this enough, as I would any Heidi Swain book. A feel good, cosy read that will entice you in and leave you wanting more. Treat yourself to a trip to Wynmouth, you won’t be disappointed. 
Fingers crossed for a return trip.
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Heidi Swain takes us to the little coastal town of Wynmouth where Tess Tyler has escaped the daily rat-race for some me-time, and what place better than the one which holds many of her fondest childhood memories. Including her first kiss. 

“’s impossible to feel anything but at home in Wynmouth, isn’t it?”

Filled with likeable characters, I enjoyed this which was largely down to Swain’s engaging style of writing, however I didn’t exactly feel the chemistry between Sam and Tess thanks to their lack communication skills leading to misunderstandings and wrong assumptions—something which also can be said for to several other characters. 

“This has been like a Shakespearean comedy.”

But with a satisfying ending tying everything up, overall The Secret Seaside Escape ticks the feel-good summer read boxes. 

3.5 stars.
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More twists and turns than a rollercoaster. Loved the seaside setting and the characters. Dreamed so many times over the years about escaping to a little cottage at the seaside, so I could easily imagine myself in the heroine’s shoes. Heidi Swain delivers a five-star read yet again.
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I always look forward to a new book from Heidi Swain and with The Secret Seaside Escape I was not disappointed. The new location of Wynmouth in Norfolk and a new set of endearing characters to get to know and love made the reading experience a joy.

Tess Tyler is a hard working town girl who is giving her all working for her Dad’s PR business where she excels but this comes at a price of taking up all her time and energy.  Desperate for some R & R Tess decides to switch off her phone and head off to her happy place, Wynmouth where she spent so many childhood happy times with her parents. Tess quickly becomes part of the community along with its dramas and tribulations. Presumptions and hostilities are rife and Tess experiences her own quandaries as she decides that going back to her hectic lifestyle is not an option.

The Secret Seaside Escape is a breath of fresh air that left me yearning for summer.  My thanks to Net Galley for the ARC.
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Highlight of my year receiving the latest Heidi Swain book and I had to get stuck straight in as soon as I could. Firstly just look at that stunning cover! Wow it is just so summery and really inviting! 
The location this book is set in is the most perfect like village I really wish it was a real place because if it was id be moving straight there. The community are so kind and caring and everyone looks out for each other, and it just seems like a really happy place.
The characters are fantastic, I honestly loved them all! 
You know when you read a book and you know what way it is going to go and end like its predictable well what I loved is how this story didn’t end the way I thought and things happened that I didn’t see coming. 
For me this is one of the best books I have read to date this year and I believe this Heidi Swain’s best book yet! Seriously her books just get better and better. 
Pure perfection!
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Heidi Swain has done it again. Another amazing book from this amazing author. Even though I haven’t been reading her books for very long I have read them all and loved each one. The Secret Seaside Escape sees us move away from Wynbridge and Nightingale Square into the beautiful seaside town of Wynmouth and we meet a whole new cast of characters, but as we have seen from Heidi’s other books there is a sense of community here too. An absolutely delightful read and I hope this is the first of many visits to the beautiful seaside town.
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