The Heatwave

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The Heatwave is a gripping, well written psychological thriller that kept me interested right until the end. I can imagine  that it would be a perfect summer read, given the page-turning nature and south of France setting of the novel, but even in miserable February I enjoyed it. Although the twists weren’t obvious (I didn’t really guess anything) they were mostly plausible, which isn’t always the case in this kind of book.
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The Heatwave is the only book you need this summer.

Gripping, well paced and full of thrills. The characters are well written and realistic. A holiday must read!
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The pacing and the tension in this book are spot on. It invites you to just keep on reading.
The mystery of Elodie and what exactly did happen to her,and to Emma unfolds over dual timelines,giving a drip feed of information leading right the final chapter.
I sped through this book,sucked in by the idyllic French countryside,the sunshine,and the not so picture perfect story that went with it.
Good stuff.
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An unusually written book set between 1965 and 1993. Emma and her mother return to the family home in France where her mother's memories are stirred and her other daughter. A gripping tale.
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Extraordinarily brilliant. 
When Sylvie receives a letter calling her back to her crumbling family home in Provence, she knows she has to go. In the middle of a sweltering summer marked by unusual fires across the countryside, she returns to La Reverie with her youngest daughter Emma in tow.In every corner of the house, Sylvie can’t escape the spectre of Elodie, her first child. Elodie with the golden hair. Elodie, who knew exactly how to get what she wanted. Elodie, whose death the villagers still whisper about. 
With her 14 year-old daughter Emma, Sylvie must return to France to sell her childhood home, La Reverie. She left ten years earlier after the death of her elder daughter.But when she returns, dark recollections begin to surface. Something - or someone - is haunting Sylvie . 
This book is hell of a thriller. The writing and characterization are extraordinary. 
Thanks to NetGalley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for giving me an advance copy.
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