The Heatwave

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Heatwave by Kate Riordan a five-star read that has the mixings of a summer blockbuster. This will have you gripped on every page, and have you wondering what would I do? It’s a powerful read that will keep you on your toes, and one I don’t want to write much else about other than pick this up and don’t miss a fantastic read as I know my words wont do it justice.
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This was a fast read, well paced but full of surprises.
Sylvie, the protagonist, is contacted by a solicitor to inform her of fire damage at their  house in France, which is part owned by her sister but  has been left standing empty. Sylvie and her daughter Emma go to sort out the damage at La Reverie. Whilst there, secrets are revealed when Emma's sister Elodie turs up unexpectedly,  shocking Emma, who thought that her sister was dead.
As readers we are taken back and forth in time to explain Elodie's problems and the reasons why Sylvie thought it best to keep quiet about her still being alive. Separated from her husband Greg, Sylvie had built their lives on a lie, and when Elodie returns the drama is only about to begin.
This book is suitable for all those who love psychological thrillers and family drama with a twist.
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First I would like to thank NetGalley and also to the author  Kate Riordan as well as the publishers for allowing me to read this book first before release.
Due to be released 14th May 2020. I saw this advertised through my book group on the social media platform Facebook. 

On NetGalley it was advertised as a Mystery/Thriller fiction book - now usually these aren’t my go to so I wanted to trial a different genre out.

The cover shows a woman swimming in a light green shaded pool/sea, with big white wording ‘The Heat Wave’ the cover is what usually peaks my interest regarding every book I read.

Labelled as the perfect summer poolside read, Sylvia and her young daughter Emma were summoned to the family home of La Reverie. Every inch of the house flutters of reminders regarding her first child Elodie... whose long ago death is still spoken around the villagers. A secret she kept about all those summers ago about Elodie. The prefect blurb to leave someone sitting on the edge! Which it was for me every chapter I couldn’t get enough I had to know everything, the small details the author gave us was amazing! 

The ending!! I was delighted in knowing every single part I needed!

Perfect for a mystery/thriller fan 10/10 and definitely going to be re-read!!
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What happens when you have a difficult relationship with your child? What if one of your children poses a threat to another one? How does that make you feel as a parent? This book makes it possible to get into the head of such a parent and it's well done. It did leave me wondering about the point of view of the daughter. I never got a real understanding of what had happened to her and why. But that was not really the point of the book, I believe. All in all, a good story with well drawn characters that keeps you interested to the very end. To be saved for the summer.
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I was interested in this story at first, but after half way it seemed to get repetitive and predictable. I did like the setting, which was sultry and atmospheric. I really did not like the character of the mother - she seemed incapable of making any decisions and used drink to mask her problems. Greg, the husband, was useless. Poor Emma was kept in the dark right up to the end. The sister was a superfluous character. The plot ended in melodrama and there was an epilogue which was again predictable.
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A really good read, and the dilemma between a mothers love and a mothers fear.......a book about the inner turmoil of how you would handle a situation that would tear you between love and hate....this book does just that....
Sylvie has to return to her home in the south of France... but also to the past as it starts to come back on her and with her..... 
Two daughters who she loves but also who she fears, not just fears for herself, but for the second daughter......
This is a  book that will hold you spell bound and will also question what you would do in this situation...... you really need to read this for yourself and give your own thoughts as to how you would do it ....

For me there is no doubt that Kate Riordan has the balance of love and fear in this book ..... the pull between two daughters and how Sylvie in the book deals with them...... i almost hold my breath as she makes decisions around her daughters.... the feeling of her fear and dread and i find myself agreeing in justifying her actions, or wondering if i would do it different ..... 

A book that will take you with it, will also make you question your own thoughts and will ultimately make you wonder if this is what you would do
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I had high hopes for this book but unfortunately I didn’t finish it. Although the writing is beautiful and the book captures the scenery and ambience of France perfectly the story just didn’t move fast enough for me. This wouldn’t put me off trying other books by this author though as the character’s are skilfully created and the writing is excellent.
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I loved the atmosphere of this novel, how as soon as I started reading I could see and feel everything that the characters were. The story starts instantly with no fuss or waffle: a letter, returning to a place she used to live, a mystery. I was drawn in by the style as well as the plot, it's written like she's telling her daughter the story, or writing her a letter. I enjoyed the way the story unfolded, the tense and sometimes gothic moments when they get to the house, the hints to something dark happening in the past. 
However I was disappointed with the reveal of the past, it didn't feel as dramatic as the build up suggested. 
And the ending did not deliver for me, something I didn't think would happen with a Kate Riordan book.  Although there was a subtle hint of the surprise at the end I didn't think that it was enough and it felt contrived and added on rather than something that was thought out. I also didn't really understand what happened in the end. This let down the whole story for me.
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Absolutely loved this blinder of a novel - couldn't put it down! It had all my favourite elements - brilliant setting/location, atmosphere, some sort of ominous backstory. engaging characters and brilliant pacing. I couldn't stop turning the pages on my kindle, eager to find out what happened next as Riordan ramped up the tension.

Set in an old manor house in the south of France during a heatwave,  Sylvie has returned to the house to put it up for sale after the death of her parents. Bringing along her younger daughter for what is ostensibly a holiday, Sylvie is unprepared to face secrets from her path and what exactly happened with her older daughter, the enigmatic and terrifying Elodie.

Loved this book and would absolutely read anything else by this author. If you like female sociopaths and gripping psychological thrillers in the vein of Liz Nugent, Sophie Hannah and Sabine Durrant, this is one for you.
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Of all the books I've read through NetGalley so far, this was my favourite.

I felt I was there with the characters, and couldn't wait to get back to the story when I had to stop reading. Wonderful suspense and tension... And I really cared about the mother and daughter and what happened to them. Loved to hate the awful father!

One very slight negative, for me, was that the denouement happened a little too quickly. But this is a tiny criticism. Definitely a five-star read!
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Highly recommend - a fun, pacy, addictive beach read. The tension in the story builds exceptionally well, the narrator is mostly very sympathetic and her emotions ring true. It’s a thriller that also evokes bigger questions about motherhood, but is still thoroughly entertaining.
I raced through it (at the beach) and it’s one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve read - shocking without being melodramatic, characters that feel real and very grippping.
Thanks to NetGalley for the review copy.
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The Heatwave is a thriller set in  France during a heatwave .Sylvie is French but now lives in London with her daughter Emma  but she returns to the Family home in Provence because there has been a fire .The story is narrated from the past to the present ,it is fast paced and the descriptions of the house and countryside are so realistic I could imagine I was there .The book is full of mystery ,intrigue twists and turns and in the end new beginnings .Many Thanks to the Publisher the Author and NetGalley for my review copy in return for an honest review .
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I struggled with the book. It wasn’t as gripping as I first expected. This genre needs to be outstanding in order to receive 5 stars. Sorry
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I highly recommend this book. It had me on the edge of my seat and I was desperate to know what was going to happen. 
It is beautifully written and I was totally there, in Province, during a heatwave. The author certainly knows how to build tension, create an atmosphere, and develop a main character we can relate to.
Sylvie is French but has lived in London for over ten years. She returns to her family home in France with her teenage daughter Emma following a small fire, and with the aim of selling the house. While there Sylvie has to confront her past and the loss of her first daughter Elodie. 
Things are not entirely as they seem however and I was absolutely engrossed in the story. 
I finished the book over a week ago and I haven’t stoped thinking about it. 
It is a definite 5 stars from me, and I will be raving about this book to everyone I meet. 
Thank you to the talented Kate Riordan, the publisher and #NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Kate Riordan really does write some gripping books. This one is no different and has an extra layer of creepiness and uneasiness which is always good in a novel.

Sylvie goes back to her family home in Provence which is now a crumbling mess. Fires have been destroying properties around the area and Sylvie's has also been affected. She has bittersweet memories of the house as this is the village where her first child Elodie died. Sylvie feels Elodie’s presence everywhere and even though she has come with youngest daughter Emma, she can not escape the tragedy of what happened.

She’s there to sell the house and to move on at last. This all happened ten years ago but Sylvie feels as if Elodie is still there with her. Haunting her. Well, someone is. Sylvie is troubled by dark recollections. We are taken back to that time and the human emotions attached to it and it’s a journey that you go on with the characters and end up finding out a very interesting state of affairs.

The setting really added to the story. A crumbling house in the middle of Provence? Dreamy. And the name of the house - La Reverie - itself alludes to that. However, the beauty of the area and the stunning landscape is meant to be so peaceful and far away from the world, then it’s even more effective when bad things happen. With such a small ‘cast’ of characters, the bonds between a mother and her daughters, it’s a study in what can go wrong and how fast life can go downhill.

Elodie is a very interesting character. Troubled and weird from the start. There are some important things for Sylvie to face up to and examine.

Welcome to Provence for a holiday stay you will not forget in a hurry!
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The Heatwave by Kate Riordan has all of the elements that suggest a summer bestseller.  Sylvie lives in London with her daughter Emma, a letter arrives informing her that she has to return to her family home in Provence.  Sylvie finds herself confronting a dark and dangerous past which she had hoped to bury forever.

This psychological thriller has a dual narrative which moves fluidly between the past and present.  A perfect summer read.
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Elodie was smart and  manipulative... and is now dead.  Years later her mum Sylvie must go back to her family home in La Reverie and travels back with her daughter Emma.  It soon becomes clear that something isn't right and the story leads us to find out what happened to Elodie all those years ago.  A gripping read with twists and turns.
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Scarily compelling! Kept me awake at night! 
Elodie is a strange child and right from birth seemed to illicit fear in her mum Sylvie. Elodie is dead and no longer a danger to anyone but is she? The story twists and turns and in places I had to put it down for a few minutes to take a deep breath and read on, almost as if I was scared what I was going to read next. 
Brilliantly written and totally addictive and I found myself thinking about Elodie long after I had finished the book.
Would definitely recommend - amazing!
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The Heatwave is a gripping, well written psychological thriller that kept me interested right until the end. I can imagine  that it would be a perfect summer read, given the page-turning nature and south of France setting of the novel, but even in miserable February I enjoyed it. Although the twists weren’t obvious (I didn’t really guess anything) they were mostly plausible, which isn’t always the case in this kind of book.
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The Heatwave is the only book you need this summer.

Gripping, well paced and full of thrills. The characters are well written and realistic. A holiday must read!
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