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The Adventures of Bentley Hippo

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A back to school adventure with Bentley and his friends. Vividly colorful with quirky and fun characters, that would put a smile on any child's face.
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The best thing about this book is the illustrations and the cute song on the bus:
	Jiggle while you wiggle
	But don’t forget to giggle,
	Look up, look down, look all around
	Find someone you can tickle.

The illustrations are bright and cheery even if at times they appear to be disjointed from the story.  The story, itself, is haphazardly written.  It does not flow.  At times, it seems the thought is broken mid-phrase and another begins.  

For example, Instead of showing Bentley as he spots Tubby, the accompanying photo is an up close of Tubby.  Yet, he was lost.  It continues on about Bentley looking for Tubby.  It doesn’t make sense.  

Another example is when the bus driver noticed the kids were getting restless but it was silent.  Huh?  How did he notice while driving that the kids were getting restless when there was no sound.

The concept is excellent, the writing just needs to be tightened.

I received an ARC from Books Go Social through NetGalley.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.  I am voluntarily submitting this review and am under no obligation to do so.
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This book contains quality illustrations that are brightly colored and appealing to children, and along with its text, touches on wonderful themes of friendship and anti-bullying. That being said, its text is not all clearly written or reflected well in the illustrations, which could be a bit confusing, especially for children. Also, the text is too small for a children's book. Although this book is in need of some improvements, its overall message is positive and meaningful.
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The most exciting day for children has arrived, the return to school with the visit to the Annual Fair. Everyone is very happy and restless, they can’t wait to get to the fair to enjoy the attractions.

But Bentley’s worried, he doesn’t see his friend Tubby anywhere He asks his friends if anyone has seen him, but they hardly pay attention to him. It’s not until a long time later that he finally finds Tubby, and from the looks of him, he deduces that something must have happened to him.

When you open this book for the first time, the effect of the images is very enveloping, relaxing and it can transport you instantly to another world. It is as if we suddenly enter a forest at the beginning of autumn, with the warm and ochre colors so characteristic of the season and surrounded by leaves that fall from the trees. An ideal place to spend a day of games with friends or for a walk.

The issue of bulliying is very well addressed. I was very pleased with the situation that has arisen and the way in which the protagonist of the story has solved it, with affection, kindness and at all times maintaining the good form. It’s a very good example to follow.

The Adventures of Bentley is a beautiful, simple and easy-to-understand book for children of all ages. The only thing I see, and it is more a note than a defect, is that the text is too small and this makes it a little difficult to read.
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I received this as an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.  My children adored the story of Bentley and the illustrations.  This was a cute read that had tons of Kindergarten sight words present making it perfect for my 6 year old to assist me in reading.  I would definitely gift this to friends and family with small children.  Great read!
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I was instantly drawn to the vibrant front cover. Bentley is a loveable character and I found a hippo a refreshing change to other animals commonly found in picture books.

I think the text and illustrations are full of charm and very age appropriate. The topic of bullying is globally relevant, relatable to all children and an important one to tackle. The story does this effectively and gently. I would definitely read more Bentley books in future.
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The lesson takeaway is good, bullying is bad. Try to be kind to others. But the story feels unfinished and unpolished. Did they find the glasses? Also, the writing and the illustrations didn’t go hand in hand, I felt they were illustrations missing. It took us a while to be able to tell who each character was, as there were a couple of animals and kids standing together and only a couple of names given. My 6 year old son asked me: who’s this and who’s that? Which is Tubby? I think that’s the first time ever he has asked me about the characters names while reading a book and I couldn’t give him a straight answer until farther down the book, the  illustrations seemed more computerized, and not as charming as they could have been. I’d recommend it because of the message but needs polishing.
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The Adventures of Bentley Hippo. A very cute little book about kindness. I love the pictures. I think children would enjoy book because of the illustration.
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The Adventures of Bentley Hippo has a wonderful anti-bullying morale. While I really did like the idea behind this story, unfortunately I did not enjoy this title overall. I felt as if the illustrations could definitely stand to use some polishing, as the different styles meshed together comes across as a bit haphazard. I also found the dialogue to be a bit clumsy while reading aloud. 
A+ for theme, C for execution.
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The Adventures of Bentley Hippo by Argyro Graphy is a book that attempts to teach a great lesson in a fun way but fell a little short to me. I like the brights colors but the illustrations don't always add as much to the story as I would've liked and I also didn't like that the main characters are done in a different style than the rest of the page. It makes it feel a bit disconnected. I also feel like there are several gaps that could've been filled in better as well as some irregularities that maybe wouldn't be obvious to small children but stuck out to me: It sounds as if Tubby failed to appear at school in time to get on the bus, how did she get to the fair? Wouldn't the teacher and driver be worried if another child appeared that wasn't there before? I do like the suggested questions in the back of the book and the tips on how to support your friends. The message of wanting to teach empathy and that bullying is not good is great, but the book itself has room for improvement.
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The Adventures of Bentley Hippo by Argyro Graphy is the second book in the 5-book series. Bentley Hippo is on a quest to inspire children around the world to be kinder, gentler and better in every way possible. In this short book, Bentley is taking the trip with his friends to a fair and is worried about his friend, Tubbby who is missing. 

As you delve into the story you find how he then goes out on the search for his missing friend and how the author has touched upon the subject of bullying.

I have always felt that virtues like kindness and honesty should be inculcated in the kids at a younger age, and there can be no better way to possibly do this, than short, sweet and interesting stories that hook them up and make them want to be like them. 

This book for kids is an absolutely suitable and a great bed-time read. The story is short, sweet and simple, and the colorful pictures and the exaggeration done through them is just as interesting.
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This is the next installment of the Adventures of Bentley Hippo. This book centers around showing kindness.

I love the idea of this book. I love the idea of the characters and the story and the message.

But something was missing for me. The illustrations are bright and cheerful but are quite uninteresting. They are a bit too digital looking to engage our attention for that long. the story is on the right track, but there seem to be gaps that could have been filled in with a bit of editing. 

The story ends with a cliffhanger that makes sure we will want to read the next book... hopefully that one will be a edited a bit better.  With the focus on kindness and helping another character in a bullying situation, I will give the book three stars as it would still be helpful in a classroom or library, however if you look around you will likely find a book that addresses this with a bit more skill. 

The publisher provided an ARC through Netgalley. I have voluntarily read this book for review, giving my honest personal opinions and thoughts
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Join Bentley as he goes on a field trip with his friends from school.  This story explores bullying and being kind. The story and concept worked together well to deliver moral guidance.
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The Adventures of Bentley the Hippo is a fun story about a group of animals on a school trip to the fair. As well as being a cute story, it has a very important message about bullying and the importance of friendships. The illustrations in the book are really cute and the story is enjoyable and easy to follow, I just wish there had been a better introduction to the characters as I haven't read the previous book. It's still a really nice book though and a good lesson in kindness, which nobody can have too much of.
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After reading the fist book and loving it, my kids and i anxiously awaited the second book.  The lesson taught is one that is very important and difficult even for parents to talk about. The author addressed the issue in such a wonderful, easy and subtle manner.  There was a little song that was cleverly situated in the middle of the storyline so that it didn't become too awkward.  We loved the story very much and recommend it to children of all ages.  The importance of telling an adult or parent was also stated.  Can't wait to continue on Bentley's journey with him.

Thank You #Netgalley for allowing us to join #TheAdventuresofBentleyHippo on this wonderful journey of learning and adventure.  Thank You also to #Booksgosocial  for providing this copy in exchange for my honest feedback
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I received an advanced reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

This is a cute and easy to understand book for young children about bullying and what it is and looks like. 
One of the animals was sad because he had been bullied for wearing glasses. Bentley and his friends comfort their friend who is sad and look after them. 
This book has a great note at the back for an adult to discuss with the children about bullying too.
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A cute book that reminds children that kindness and caring is the best gift you can give your friend. Bentley and his friends are sad and concerned for their friend Tubby who was bullied about wearing glasses. I read this to the 4 year old that I nanny and he enjoyed it. He was engaged with the story and loved the different animal illustrations. The story reminded him that bullying is not nice and if he or a friend is being bullied they should tell their parents or teacher. He thought the bus driver's song was hilarious and made me sing it multiple times! It was such a small part of the book but it kept him excited about listening to the story. I recommend this book for preschoolers to help them remember that an act of kindness can help someone feel better and helps them feel good, too. I am grateful to Netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Superb illustrations and a very good story of friends helping another of their friends who was the victim of bullying because he wears glasses.. Thanks NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for this free copy in return for an honest review. Top notch book!!!!
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I enjoyed this book! I give the illustrations 5 stars and the storyline 4 stars. This was a cute little book about being kind to each other, and although a little long for my liking, would be a perfect book for a storytime about kindness.
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This was a cute book about the importance of acceptance and not bullying one another. The characters were likable and the pictures were vivid. My only downside is that the story ended up being a little too wordy for my 6 year old niece to focus through it. 

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