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I thought this was a great idea, but have to confess that I thought Adam was a bit silly and too trusting of people.  This affected my enjoyment a little, but I am being fairly critical I guess.  Apart from that, it was, as I said, a great idea, and was a usual well written and fairly gripping - I did want to keep reading to find out what was going to happen.
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Firstly i must warn readers. Clear your schedule this is a page turner. A knock on the door and you open to a stranger who needs your help of course you listen to their story. Mark Edwards is a master of suspense as you are quickly drawn in to this creepy story. I highly recommend and thanks to net galley for the arc. I will be looking for this authors books. WOW
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Started off so well but then went far too unbelievable and far fetched. The story did not live up to the premise.
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I was very impressed with this book! The characters were very likeable and there were some twists that I didn't see coming. Another great book by Mark Edwards!
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I’m a huge fan of Mark Edwards. He’s able to spin such amazing, unexpected psychological thrillers out of seemingly ordinary plotlines, I can’t help but be impressed. I wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to do the same with the simple set-up of a random stranger coming to the door during a rain storm, but gosh-darn-it, he did it. He really did it.

So as it says, Ruth and Adam are house sitting for some friends when a young woman, Eden, comes to the door during a rain storm, saying she’s a friend of the homeowners. Seeming to know enough about homeowners Jack and Mona to convince Ruth and Adam she’s the real deal, Eden stays and quickly befriends the young couple. But just before Jack and Mona’s return, things go horribly wrong.

I don’t want to give away too many details, because as with any of Edwards’ books, it’s better to go into things not knowing too much. It’s best to experience the twists and turns as they come, fast and furious. And this one, as with his other books, did not go in the direction I thought it would. But I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it.

The ending was also really great. Just so....creepy. So wonderfully suspenseful.

I still think my favorite Mark Edwards book will always be Follow You Home (OMG READ THAT ONE)- but this one deserves its place in the canon. Another winner here.
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Beautifully written book. Builds up the suspense and twists when least expected. The characters are relatable and I can imagine that the plot is close to the truth in some circumstances, especially in america! Another book well done 💜
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I love Mark edwards and I was thrilled to receive this as an ARC

As usual Mark does not disappoint 

Highly recommended
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Well Mark Edwards smashed it again! Another page turning thriller full of his usual craziness and characters you love to hate! Loved the plot and story and everything about it, the twist was brilliant and I’m hoping he’s releasing another one soon!!!!
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Another fantastic read from Mark Edwards. Ten books later and this one delivers on suspense, mystery and the unexpected in bucketloads. Adam and Ruth are happy housesitting in New York and both caught up in their own world's while enjoying what the city has to offer. When Eden knocks on the door on a stormy night claiming to know the owners, the couple happily let her in to escape the bad weather. It's not long before Adam realises this is a big mistake, huge. What follows is a tense adventure through the pages of another brilliant book. There are twists and turns along with plenty of jaw-dropping moments. It's a quick read only because it's not easy to put down! Perfect for all this stormy weather. ☔️ ⛈ But, if someone you don’t know knocks on your door... be warned!
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Dark and unsettling, this is yet another stellar book from Mark Edwards.  A must read and unputdownable!!
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Ruth and Adam are house-sitting a property in New York while the property owners, Mona and Jack, are away in Mexico. In that brief  moment they let the young drenched woman called Eden that’s  standing on their doorstep in, but will they live to regret it. and they soon realise she’s here to stay!

Eden settles in with Ruth and Adam…and things begin to happen. A strange man stands across the street and watches them; Eden starts to display strange behaviour and then out of the blue Ruth and Eden disappear altogether, will they be found? 
I did enjoy this book a lot and can’t wait to read more from this author.
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Adam and Ruth are housesitting when there is a knock at the door at night.....The women claims to be a friend of the owners so of course they invite her in that was a wrong move....
She may not be who she claims to be and that they have made a terrible mistake by letting this women stay.
Read the book to find out what do you think bad move or not.....
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Creepy. Mysterious. Weird. Uncomfortable. All the feelings experienced when an unexpected house guest shows up at your door, why would you let them in? Because that’s what a good thriller writer would do. Mark Edwards’ The House Guest will keep you guessing the whole read and leave you thinking about it for weeks after.
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The premise of this caught my attention very quickly and I did enjoy the book overall but the middle/end lost my attention some. It was still a solid read for me though as it did have a lot going on to make it a fast paced read. Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for an early copy of this!
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I enjoyed this book but this one wasn't my favorite by Mark Edwards. I felt that middle was a little slow so it took me a little effort to push through but the ending was surprising and I'm definitely still a Mark Edwards fan.
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Another amazing read from Mark an author who has never let me down with his brilliant books. The House Guest is intriguing, mysterious and a gripping read. It does get a bit dark with a few deaths throughout but a very cleverly written and planned out story. Ruth and Adam were house guests until a stranger (Eden) turns up… Who is she really? A friend of the family? A stranger? An enemy?

A page turner of a read which had me second guessing everyone and trying to find out what happened to Ruth myself. A bit of a revelation/jaw dropping moment at the end for me which made me go OH!!!!

Brilliantly written, thrilling, fast paced, suspense filled and a page turner of a read. The cover suits this story so well. Always a pleasure to read one of Marks book cause you just don’t know what he’s going to put you through with each book. Highly recommend. A well deserved five stars from me. I didn’t want to put it down.
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Another well written and enjoyable read from Mark Edwards.  Having read a couple of his previous novels again this didn't disappoint. 
Mark seems to be able to hook the reader into the story right away and you're left wanting just another chapter and another before you take a break. 
Would highly recommend this author to fans of psychological thrillers.
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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to preview The House Guest by Mark Edwards.  Fast read, some twists, and some parts not quite believable.  
But a quick and fun read.
3. stars.
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Wow. A different sort of story with an ending I did not see coming. Makes the reader question their own motivations... Money, Fame, Fortune? It looks like a good lifestyle from the outside, just how far would you go to achieve "it all"?! And just what can you turn a blind eye to?! I thought that characters developed well and even though I felt I had the ending worked out, I was totally wrong - the ending the was far better than I had imagined.
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★★★ 3.5 stars

Whoa! This book is nothing like I thought it would be!

I've been a Mark Edwards fan since I read "The Magpies" and "Follow You Home" , so I knew I would be getting an edge-of-your-seat thriller. But whatever it was I'd been wasn't this! THE HOUSE GUEST is sinister, it's creepy but also puzzling and frustrating at the same time. Edwards has the ability to take an ordinary domestic situation and turn it into something bizarre...or even your worst nightmare.

British couple Ruth and Adam are house-sitting for friends Jack and Mona Cunningham in an affluent area of New York City. Ruth is an up and coming actress with a promising career, with the lead role in a Broadway play, whereas Adam is an aspiring writer sometimes living in the shadow of his girlfriend's career. After meeting Jack and Mona on a cruise, the couple are invited to house-sit while they embark on a summer retreat in New Mexico.

One wet and stormy night there is a knock at the door and Adam opens it to a young woman looking for Jack and Mona, with whom she is friends. Unfortunately for her she discovers they are away and feeling bad at having to turn her away, Ruth and Adam ask her in till the rain stops. And then invite her to stay. Any friend of Jack and Mona's... The three of them hit it off and despite my initial suspicions that Eden would seduce Adam into something compromising and Ruth would thereafter catch them in the said situation...I couldn't be further from the truth!

The story then takes a surprising turn that I didn't see coming and had I been told what had happened, I wouldn't have believed it either! It is that implausible. But extremely addictive. Like a car crash, I couldn't turn away and had to keep reading.

And so after a night of drinking tequila together, Adam awakes naked on the floor of the room he shared with Ruth to find that both she and Eden had disappeared. When Jack and Mona arrived home the following day, they didn't know what to believe after Adam regaled them with this implausible tale of a woman claiming to be a friend turning up and then disappearing along with his girlfriend. Enter their detective friend Dennis Krugman who assured Adam that Ruth was probably sleeping off a hangover to beat all hangovers, mostly probably ashamed of herself. Adam wasn't so sure but Detective Krugman saw this type of thing all the time. Then Adam overhears the three of them talking in the garden and he learns that they really don't believe him at all. So he decides his best course of action would be to leave and find somewhere else to stay.

Then things take a twist, or rather several twists, with surprises and revelations and a cult...yes, a cult. But to those within the inner circle it is not a cult, but a group of friends...very creepy friends, who help and protect each other. A somewhat diverse direction the story did take and I'm still not sure how I feel about that ending... But one thing is for sure. It is a fast, fun read that is addictive and entertaining.

THE HOUSE GUEST is a little obscure and yet an interesting read. I thought I was going to be reading a creepy stalker thriller but it was more than that on a whole other level.

I have to be honest, I'm not a fan of cults and stories surrounding them tend to frustrate me. THE HOUSE GUEST did and it didn't. Cults generally involve an egocentric narcissist who is good looking and charismatic and has learnt the art of reading people and using that to his advantage, claiming to offer a greater knowledge from a higher power or a sense of belonging. Thinking they have the right to brainwash people and taking advantage by targeting those who are vulnerable and searching for that something in their lives. And almost always, the leader or founder charms his way into the bed of every woman within their group, all the while making them feel like it was actually their choice to do so. They are nothing but predators.

In saying this, THE HOUSE GUEST is not a bad book. It is exciting and addictive and certainly a page-turner. But it did seem to be lacking something, though I'm still not sure what. I still enjoyed it and don't hesitate in recommending it. In some ways, it is a little far-fetched but then...aren't most psychological thrillers?

At the end of the day, THE HOUSE GUEST is compelling, it is addictive and it is a fast, fun read.

I would like to thank #MarkEdwards, #NetGalley and #AmazonPublishing for an ARC of #TheHouseGuest in exchange for an honest review.
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