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This has been on my TBR list since I took part in a cover-reveal promotion with the publisher. The book sounded like the kind of thriller I could get behind. I knew I was going to be hooked on the book when it opens in dramatic fashion with a woman intending to slit her husband’s throat while he sleeps. I instantly had about a hundred questions which aren’t all answered until the end of the book. The book uses a split narrative with chapters alternating from the POV of the three women and occasionally other minor characters. I love this kind of structure as it compels you to red on until all the threads come together. At times I wondered why the three women were friends as they have lied to and betrayed each other so much. The final chapters reveal truths I never saw coming. This is a great thriller.
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Lily, Mackenzie & Robin have been friends since their college days. They have stuck together through marriage, children etc. As they now approach their forties, something happens to rock the foundations of their friendship.

I didn't really enjoy this book as much as I hoped. Although the story is told from the point of view of each character as well as some family members I struggled stop mixing up Robin & Mackenzie & the more I read of Lily the more I disliked her! This book deals with many common problems, however I think maybe I would have enjoyed it more without there being quite so many thrown in there.

Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.
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One man dead, three possible suspects all with a convincing motive to want him gone. One Perfect Morning follows a group of women who have all known each other since college and would do anything for each other, but in this picture perfect town is everything as it seems?

A big thank you to Avon for providing me with a review copy of this recent release through NetGalley! One Perfect Morning published 20th August 2020 and you can get your copy from all good booksellers!

We knew from the start what the mystery would be but we didn't know the who or the why and this kept me intrigued right to the end. Because of the initial introduction I was constantly waiting for each character's reaction to an event to see how they reacted hoping to preempt the big reveal, which I was ultimately not disappointed with. Crane keeps you guessing, and then second-guessing yourself at the perfect level to keep you engaged but not frustrated.

Relationships between fictional characters can feel extremely forced upon readers or viewers but Crane develops the connection steadily instead of unloading a bulk of backstory immediately that would overwhelm the reader. Mackenzie, Robin and Lily were introduced to the reader and as more is revealed about their lives there is a stronger connection developed through the flashbacks to their college experience making the bonds that much more convincing. 

I'd advise paying close attention to the introductions of the characters though. I only say this as despite their story-lines diverting and make them distinguishable later down the line I was going back and forth trying to remember which character I was reading in the first 30% of the book. Mannerisms and attitude remained eerily similar between the three women so only once their story's developed was it easy to distinguish them. *SPOILER* Connected to this is forced feeling of Lily and Grant's relationship, all three of the women thrive on their friendship with each other so for Lily to pursue Grant seemed added for drama.

Overall I really enjoyed this! I was kept on the edge of my seat right to the end, there was a perfect collaboration of tension, fear and excitement to keep the reader constantly engaged and is the perfect quick thriller.
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This had a bit of a 'Desperate Housewives' feel to it....three women all with glossy exteriors but hiding inner secrets, friends on the surface but loyal only to themselves. It starts with one of the women murdering their husband as he sleeps but we don't find out the identity of either. The book then sets revisits the preceding days establishing that they all have reasons to want somebody else dead - so literally anyone could be the victim and anyone the murderer. The action is also interspersed with flashbacks to the 1990s when the women met and where one particular event was kept secret until today.

And that's part of the problem with everyone having motives and secrets in the past and present there's just too much going on at times. Also what does go on is all fairly heavy covering rape, underage sex, domestic abuse, drug addiction and of course murder. None of it is particularly graphic or upsetting but it's just continuous.

It's hard to believe that one group of friends can have that much drama. And, also that after so much drama and betrayal, the characters are seemingly unaffected and forgive and forget a liitle too easily.

The other problem is that it's full of unlikable characters, not just because nobody in this story can be trusted but also because they are truly toxic particularly to each other. I would not want to be friends with any of these women.

I did absolutely love the clever twist though whereby the 'murderer' didn't actually kill the victim at all. Genius. Overall though a 3.5 rating, sadly rounded down to 3 stars.
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Another story that keeps you involved from the beginning right through until the final page. Definitely recommended to those readers who enjoy reading this type of book.
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Lots of secrets and lies in this story of friendships. Some moral questions are also asked. Struggled to finish ,not my kind of story.
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This is a story of 3 best friends whose 20 year old friendship has seen many highs and lows. Mackenzie, Robin and Lily and their families all live near each other. The story is narrated by each character and has tracks of flashback. There is a lot at play here, friendship, betrayal, domestic abuse, consent, rape and drugs. Certain parts of the story came across as bit convoluted at times. Not much of a mystery though.

Thanks to Netgalley and Avon Books for the ARC
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One Perfect Morning was a book I was excited to get round to reading but missed the mark a little for me.
The story follows three best friends, who all met in college, Mackenzie, who is married to Owen and has every part of her life controlled by him. Robin is married to Grant and everything appears rosy on the outside but it appears it’s not the more you get to find out and then there is fun loving lily who is single at the moment but is veering out of control. When Robins son is caught by Mackenzie taking advantage of her daughter the friendship is put to the ultimate test.
This was a book that got better the more I read it, the chapters are told from the characters view and they all take turns on different chapters but I just kept getting the women and their respective families mixed up and this spoilt it for me. The secrets, well there are a lot of them and they are drip fed over the book and I think that’s what made it confusing as there was almost too much going on.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Avon Books UK for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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A well written psychological thriller with many twists and turns throughout. 
Although it was certainly an enjoyable enough read, I have to admit I did find the amount of drama following all of the characters to be a bit 'too much'. But it still kept my attention from beginning to end, and I would certainly recommend that others give this book a read too.
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This is a bit convoluted as stories go and can get a tad confusing sometimes but it's a decent novel. 

This author knows how to build solid characters and situations, and how to write believable dialogues; I just feel that some times she exaggerates a bit with the plot. 

I'd like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with both ebook and audiobook ARCs of this novel in exchange for my honest review. I read and listened to it and the narration is top notch.
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I love all the Liane Moriarty books and so perhaps I was comparing this book to them because it’s a similar genre but it wasn’t up to their quality. The characters were overwhelmed by all the dramas and although I did quite enjoy the storyI wasn’t sorry to get to the end which sorted everything out quite neatly. 
I got an audio copy and ebook copy ( my mistake) from Netgalley so will post the same review on both. I actually listened rather than read it.
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I recommend you all read a brilliant twisty plot it a really page turner your hooked from the first few pages loved the whole plot characters you love to hate they were so real a group of friends i could relate to them soon there friendship full of secret love the twist it a gripping read so well written a nice easy to read book loved it
A great thriller love it all
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Sorry I have been able to get to this book yet, but unfortunately due to this years troubling events my reading mojo has deserted me. Once it returns I will certainly be reading this book and updating my review.
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Kenneth Lingenfelter
4.0 out of 5 stars Psychological thriller
Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2020
Three women were friends since college. This is a psychological thriller to keep you interested. Murder,affairs, rape and drugs and secrets are part of this novel. The lives of these women and their husbands and how it affects their children. There is an ending I did not anticipate.
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This is a well woven psychological thriller about friendship, secrets and lies that I read in one sitting because I couldn't put it down.

It is the first book I have read by this author but I will definitely read more. 

Highly recommended!!
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This was a quick and easy read and I really enjoyed the authors writing style. Unfortunately it probably wasn't the book for me personally, as I always find it hard to suspend belief when it's necessary in some stories like this.
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I was immediately pulled into this story from the first chapter and with its last sentence,”While the neighbourhood wives kissed their husbands good morning, I planted death’s kiss on mine.” I knew this was going to be one wild ride. I was right! What a rollercoaster the reader is taken on with this story and never a saying is more true than “No one really know what goes on behind close doors” than it is in this book!

Less is more in terms of me discussing the story so I won’t elaborate beyond the blurb, but I will say that the plot really is an intriguing one. It deals with drug use, rape, consent, physical and mental abuse, infidelity, and murder! Pamela has done a really great job in her execution of these sensitive subjects and each plays out an important part throughout the story as does the friendship between the three leading ladies.

The characters in the story are a mixed bag of likeable and unlikeable ones and each play their role out well. Although I was unable to connect with them all, I could not fault the way that they have been written. Each really comes to life, jumps off the page and evoked all sorts of emotions in me. One in particular made my blood boil. I don’t need to tell which one. You will know…

This is the first book I have read from Pamela and I will be on the look out to read more of her work. She was able to keep me engaged and had me wanting to keep turning the pages. I really loved her prose, which to give you an example, is so beautifully written “Some days he felt like a warm rain, but recently he had become a torrent sweeping me out to a stormy sea, drowning me” 

All up One Perfect Morning is a gripping edge of your seat read that is the perfect escape to get lost in. It is fast paced, twisty, full of secrets, lies and deceit, making it a downright wonderfully wicked read! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next Pamela. It was a pleasure to be able to read and review One Perfect Morning which I highly recommend.

Thank you to NetGalley, Avon Books and Pamela Crane for allowing me to read an advanced copy of One Perfect Morning which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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A story about friendship and betrayal. Sad in places and funny in others.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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What a great book. From the first page I was thirsting for more. Pamela Crane writes so well. She knows how to get you interested and draws you along. There were many plots within plots and corresponding storyline moving parallel, waiting to drift into bump into each other. Lots of characters to discover and think about. 
Who is at fault when the victim is murdered twice? Interesting scenario. I am not sure that Pamela fully examined this from the police perspective. 
Recommended for a nice weekend read.
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The story of three lifelong friends Mackenzie, Lily and Robin. Each of them hold a secret that they can't share. If they told would their friendship survive? All of them have lives that they would change if they could. A series of events, disclosures and confessions change all of their lives so they can finally put their demons to rest and move on.
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