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I received a copy of the book from Netgalley to review. Thank you for the opportunity.
An action packed story with a good cast of characters. This was the third and final book in the series so I struggled to follow the events but thats not the book. I enjoyed the links to mythology and the writing. I look forward to reading the rest  of the series. A good read.
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I was so in the mood for a dragonish fantasy and the Scandinavian bent just made this the perfect read at the perfect time. A very pleasing finale to the series. Highly recommend all three books
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My thanks to HarperVoyager for an eARC via NetGalley of ‘Nightfall’, the third and final book in Den Patrick’s Ashen Torment series, in exchange for an honest review. It was published in August 2020.

As I had enjoyed both ‘Witchsign’ and ‘Stormtide’, on audio, I opted to purchase its audiobook to complete the set. All titles were narrated by Thomas Judd.

Inspired by Scandinavian mythology, Den Patrick’s world building has been brilliant throughout the series. This is very much a trilogy and as such the books need to be read in order. As a result, I won’t mention plot details in order to avoid spoilers for the earlier books. 

‘Nightfall’ hits the ground running - or rather the seas churning. It’s a spectacular finale, as its characters come together in a final attempt to overthrow the Emperor. As in the earlier books the narrative point of view moves between various characters. 

Overall, I felt that this was a powerful ending to an excellent epic fantasy series with strong characterisation, plenty of action, dragons, ghouls, magical weapons, an integrated mythology, and just the right amount of romance. 

The designers at HarperVoyager have again created a stunning cover that compliments the earlier books in the series. 

A highly recommended novel and series.
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Fans of the TV show Vikings and the book, Ruin of Kings, will absolutely love this series! I couldn't put it down and I'm shocked more fantasy lovers aren't talking about this series! 

Forbidden magic, epic mythology, action, adventure and DRAGONS! Need I say more? The only complaint I have is that this is the finale of the trilogy, and I'd love to see more from this world! I simply loved feeling like I was right there with the characters through their journeys!
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This was a thoroughly enjoyable conclusion and very satisfying. I wasn't as engaged by the characters as I should have been so perhaps didn't feel their deaths in the way the author intended. But this is still a solid fantasy series with a lot of classic elements.
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Nightfall is the conclusion to the Ashen Torment trilogy and it is a very satisfying conclusion. There’s everything you could possibly want in a novel, epic battles, dragons and the plan to overthrow the evil emperor who has been terrorising people for decades. Oh, and dragons. All good stuff in my opinion.
The story picks up from the end of the last book so to say too much would be spoiler-y but the whole story is heading towards the capital city, Khlystburg, and the fight against the emperor. There’s also a bloody great dragon terrorising the skies to contend with as well. Not every part of the story ends happily and there’s a lot of death throughout the story but the ending is satisfying, if a little sad.

I’ve become very fond of the characters over the course of the series. I know I complained about some of them being whiny from time to time but when push comes to shove they can all step up and do what is needed to be done. They are characters with a lot of heart and I have enjoyed reading about them. The only character I felt really disappointed by in Nightfall was Kristofine and that’s only because she gets put on a bus quite early on and isn’t involved in any of the epic end battle action. Other than that, I think all of the other characters had their moments and they were all very in character. Some of the character’s endings were very bittersweet and made my heart ache a little so that was good to read.

I have enjoyed reading the Ashen Torment trilogy. The world building throughout the series has been excellent and the story has been compelling with the right amount of action and character moments. It has been quite a ride and, although the series isn’t perfect by any means, I have enjoyed Patrick’s writing and I would be very interested in reading other books by him.
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