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Tigers is an outstanding collection of photographs showing these fearsome yet magnificent animals in action. Tigers are the largest big cats in the world and because of this, many cultures consider the tiger to be a symbol of strength, courage and dignity. They are featured in ancient mythology and folklore and continue to be depicted in modern films and literature. You’ll discover how tigers are adapted for hunting: A tiger’s paws and claws are one of its greatest weapons during the hunt. Strong, and powerful enough to kill prey with a swipe, the bones in their paws also have cord-like ligaments to buffer them from the impact of hitting prey at a full run. You’ll also learn many other fascinating facts, such as how each tiger is unique – did you know that no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes? Or that you can tell a tiger’s age by its nose? Young tigers have a pink nose which gradually darkens, turning orange, then a blackish-brown as it reaches maturity. With full captions explaining how these incredible animals hunt and feed, rear their young and survive in the wild, Tigers is a brilliant examination in 150 outstanding colour photographs of this beautiful animal.

My opinon:
... really beautiful photos of Tigers - these are amazing creatures and each one is so different but awesome, same with human beings! I wished the book would have more text and informations, but I think first of all it is a photo book! For Cat lovers!!

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Tigers are fascinating creatures. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about them, then pick up this book. 

This is what I’d call a coffee table book. It’s chock full of beautiful images of tigers in action. It would be perfect to set out to let guests read. I also think it would make a great book for parents to read to their kids. The writing level is too advanced for young kids to read, but older kids would have no problem. You could have the child look at the photos and read to them about tigers at the same time. It’s a good book for that since the information comes in small, manageable bits that a kid could absorb more easily than from a textbook. 

From an adult reader standpoint, there is not that much reading. The book is mostly photos of tigers. However, they are high-quality and amazing images. If you want to learn more in-depth about tiger biology, you’d have to find a different book. Nevertheless, if you just want to see the action shots of the big cats, then this book is perfect. There are plenty of those.

The range of tigers is completely covered, in all their habitats, and on all continents where they are found. The captions give the reader a good introduction to tigers and their way of life. 

What I liked:

I think all the photos were amazing, but my favorites were the cubs. Who doesn’t love baby animals? Tiger cubs are adorable and the photos show them interacting with each other and with their mothers. Hands down, my favorite part of the book was seeing the cubs. 

What I didn’t like:

My only real complaint about the book was that the digital edition does not allow one to view entire photos. In a printed book, the photos would be spread over two facing pages. That is just not possible in a digital edition of a book. So, if you plan to buy this book, I would recommend the printed copy rather than the digital one. If you don’t mind having to scroll to see the whole photo, then the digital one is OK. 

Overall, I give this book five stars. Amazing photos. Good information about tigers. Nice format. I loved it!
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A lovely book filled with gorgeous photos of tigers being awesome, looking beautiful, and doing tiger stuff. While there are tidbits of info in the captions, this book is focused on the photography, and there's nothing wrong with that- sometimes, you just wanna look at pretty pictures! 

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Wow! Tigers are my favorite animal and there are some really great photographs in here of them.  Thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for allowing me to read the advanced reader copy of this book
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This was a book that was aptly named since the main idea of this particular book was showcasing the world of tigers. Unfortunately for the digital format that I received this book in, which doesn't allow a two page side-by-side, it takes away from the book since you can only see half the picture and then have to scroll down to see the other half thus it's almost what's the point.

 Like many other coffee table books I have seen recently the book fluctuates between a minority of writing and a majority of color photographs for the majority. As a result each photograph has a caption and each starting section has a few paragraphs giving a bit of a more in-depth view about a particular aspect of the world of tigers.

 What I didn't like about this book is that the captions were nice and informative but they didn't quite match the photographs they were being attached to. So instead it was basically a book about selling tiger photographs to the reader instead of actually being concerned about the aesthetic of a book that should be tiger informing.

 And another thing is that the photographs are all from online photograph stocks and although this isn't new whatever happened to where they had people actually doing the job instead of curating the source from online? 

 All in all if you would like a tiger picture book to help decorate a room, to get to know a bit more about tigers or just like the big cats in general than this would be probably a good read to have around. But guessing from its size it will also be one of those awkward size books to drag around for any reader who wants to be on the move.

 ***I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review***
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What a beautifully presented book on the amazing tiger. It features over 150 photos of tigers mainly taken in nature reserves and zoos which is unfortunately where most tigers live these days.
It is a beautiful collection of photos with a small paragraph of text for each photo outlining different facts about tigers that focus on different topics from habitat to hunting to cub life. 
It addresses a lot of issues facing tigers today and it also brings up other problems that have also been brought into focus after the Tiger King craze.
Overall it is a great book that would be perfect for any animal/big cat lover or would be a great addition to a library. Even in ARC ebook form the pictures were beautiful to look at. 
Thanks to and Amber Books for this ARC copy.
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This is a wonderful, educational photo book on tigers! These are some of
the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen. They look 3D. If you want to 
learn more about tigers and enjoy them in the most beautiful way, this book
is for you!  Personally, I would display it in my living room! 

Thank you so much, Paula Hammond, NetGalley, and the Publisher for allowing
me the chance to read and review this beauty!
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Paula Hammond’s Tigers is a beautiful and educational book filled with gorgeous pictures and interesting facts about these magnificent and powerful animals.

The book is divided into sections on the different tiger species, their habitats, and how they hunt for food. There’s also an adorable section on cubs filled with sweet and cuddly images!

I love the book’s format of placing the stunning full colour pictures alongside brief, easy-to-read, and informative factual captions. I like that the captions do not simply describe the contents of the pictures. Instead, Hammond uses simple and approachable language to quickly and easily educate readers about these amazing and sadly endangered tigers.

Most of the pictures were taken at nature reserves and zoos. Hammond doesn’t hold back from confronting the need for conservation efforts and greater human responsibility to prevent tiger extinction and habitat loss. It’s fascinating to see how saving tigers can have a positive impact upon the world.

Thanks to this book, I learned so many fascinating facts about tigers! Did you know that their hind legs are longer than their front legs? Did you know that tiger’s urine is supposed to smell like buttered popcorn? (I don’t plan on getting that close to find out!) Tigers and domestic cats also apparently share about 95 percent of the same DNA. You can also figure out a tiger’s age using the colour of its nose!

I love this beautiful and fascinating book. This is a perfect coffee table book because of the stunning full-colour photos. It would be a great gift for young readers, animal lovers, and people interested in wildlife photography. I will definitely be picking up a copy of this for myself!

🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯 out of 5 tigers!
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Paula Hammond has worked as a publisher, copy-writer, ghost-writer, author, and journalist. She has written over 50 fiction and non-fiction books as well as sponsored resources, comics, poetry and scripts for DVDs and CD-ROMS. Clients include Harper Collins, Marshall Cavendish, Scholastic, World Book, Disney, Betty Crocker, and the BBC. She also contributes to a wide variety of news-stand magazines and journals. A selection of her publications can be viewed on Amazon and Pinterest (WriterPaula).


This work has broad appeal for all those who are interested by the wildest of wildlife.


Tigers is more of a photographic folio of the Tiger species than a scientific examination of that big cat. That said, it does not detract from the sheer beauty of this hardcover. It might be more accurate to call it a gallery book.

This monograph is an extravaganza of large, oversized, full color, high quality, photographs. Some of the plates are accompanied by tracts describing aspects of this most noble of the cat species. I was so taken with the subject that I found myself repeatedly flicking through the pages again and again.

The presentation was concise consisting of the following:


Tiger Species

Tiger Habitats

Hunting for Food

Tiger Cubs



Paula Hammond has produced a delightful work of photographic art. It is woven together with interesting tidbits of relevant and related information about the deadliest, most intelligent and magnificent animal that we share the planet with. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” describes Hammond’s book perfectly. If you love big cats, appreciate beautiful pictures or find the Tiger species interesting, then this is a must have book.


I would like to thank Paula Hammond, NetGalley, and Amber Books Ltd for affording me the opportunity to review Tigers: Stunning Photographs of the World’s Biggest Cats (Animals) .

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Tigers by Paula Hammond serves as both eye candy and brain food. A welcome addition whether on a bookshelf or a coffee table.

The photographs are stunning. I found myself leaning back and taking in the scope of many of the pictures then just as often leaning in to look closely at the intimate details of so many others. While most were taken at zoos or preserves, that just highlights the grave injustice humanity has committed on not just tigers but most of nature as well. To think that within a couple generations these magnificent animals may well be no different in the minds of children than dinosaurs, in other words extinct, is just heartbreaking.

What I found to be a strength of this book is how it goes about educating us while entertaining us. Rather than several pages of text with pictures scattered throughout, the book is almost entirely pictures and the slightly longer captions serve to offer the information that might otherwise have been missed as it relates to that specific photo. I really like looking at a picture and having an in depth caption. It more closely resembles a museum where the card by a display gives pertinent information.

I recommend this highly for animal lovers, as well as wildlife photography buffs. 

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
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Amazing book full of stunning photography.  You get to see tigers in every detail.  I have spent ages just looking at the pictures, the book is a great resource for artists !  The information provided is excellent too.  Just enough to give you an insight into their lives, their habitats and the difficulties they face.  Tigers from all over the world are included and it was a pleasure to see some of the rarer species.  Overall a brilliant book that would be very welcome as a gift or to sit on a coffee table
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The photography in this book is amazing! I loved the information along with the vivid visuals of the lives of these majestic cats. I would absolutely put this on my coffee table.
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A photo book of tigers?  Pictures, you know, of, like, tigers?  In a book?  There's not much wrong there, surely?  No – for one thing, even if the humble reviewer gets it on a digital arc, so it's nothing  like the real thing, the front cover photo still manages to look practically 3D.  Inside is just glory after glory, with everything pin sharp.  There's a fine selection of close-ups, as well as the more stagy portrait shots, and the captions deliver just enough information about their life, their different species, and their plight, as their territory gets stolen by ignorant humans who then quibble if their cattle get eaten in return.  A wonderful coffee table volume for any big cat lover.
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This book reminded me of the many fun educational books I read as a child, but this one is at an adult level so it's just as enjoyable for me now! 
The photographs are stunning, and showcase so many unique aspects and angles of these amazing creatures. There's also quite a bit of interesting and scientific information, which as a biologist, I love. I think anyone, no matter their scientific expertise, could enjoy this book. It really takes you into the environment these tigers exist in and the world as a whole we live in with them.
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I received an advanced reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

This book has some amazing high quality photographs of tigers in the wild and is absolutely stunning. There is afew texts of writing spotted throughout the book but its mainly a book of photography celebrating this glorious and beautiful animal.
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WoW!!!! WoW!!!!!! and WoW!!!! what a beautiful inspiring book Tigers by Paula Hammond was. This book took my breath away!  
All of these photos of these beautiful and amazing big cats were Just amazing throughout, with wonderful and so truthful amazing facts about them. 
I found it very easy to follow throughout and was just wonderful. 

I ended up asking for this book for my 50th Birthday.

I highly recommend this wonderful book especially if you Love tigers. It was beautiful throughout.

The biggest Thank you to NetGalley and Amber Books Ltd for an eARC copy of this book to read and review
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As the title rightly proclaims, it is a book of stunning photographs. There are enough of them to hold anyone in awe. Every time I see images like this, I wonder how the earliest people who wanted to study them felt the need to drain the life out of its eyes.

This is a pretty exciting book about tigers, but its crowning glory has to be the life shown in the images. There are facts about tigers, their lifestyles and the parts of the world where they live. There is an entire significant chapter dedicated to cubs and the relationships between them. I am not sure how much information actually was presented to me because I kept getting distracted by the (multiple times) pictures, as mentioned earlier. They are predators, and there is no mistaking the fierceness or the power in those bodies. I think this is a perfect coffee table book to have in one’s home, I would actually place it right next to one about clouds I had seen when I went for my first job interview ( I do not own a copy of the latter either, this is a fictional coffee table which also I do not have).

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my enjoyment of the time I spent within its pages.
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I absolutely loved this book.  There were so many beautiful pictures and I learned a ton about tigers.  I found myself running out into the living room to share the new information with my family.  The photos were stunning.  I will definitely want to have the physical copy of the book because the digital caused to book to have weird photo splits.  But overall it was fascinating.  I do wish there were pictures of the black and blue tigers though.
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The cover is pretty but not very unique; it looks like every other tiger book out there.

As you would expect, there are some incredible, gorgeous pictures in there. From close-ups to wide shots, interactions and nature in between.
I’m very happy that they decided against adding a text to every picture on the page itself. It lets you appreciate the picture fully and learn more about tigers after that. I found the information offered to be well balanced between anecdotes, numbers and their environment and an outlook what needs to happen for these creatures to survive and better yet, thrive again. The information about climbing, however, was reiterated too many times and could have been exchanged for something different.
The book also addresses the important topic of white tigers and the breeding problems that happen in zoos which was approrpiately handled without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.
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Absolutely STUNNING.  The pictures were beautiful (tigers are GORGEOUS, also scary), but not in a way to take away from the terror one would feel if face to face with one outside of the safety of a zoo.  Unfortunately, there was a tad of "humans suck because we kill absolutely EVERYthing that moves", which was a bit of a downer, but it wasn't being beaten into the reader, it was tactfully and truthfully told.  

Highly recommended for anyone who likes nature, especially kitties!  I think this would be good for middle readers on up.  Nothing was too graphic with blood and dead food, and the snippets next to each amazing picture weren't overly complicated for a middle reader to understand.  

5, tigers are beautiful and we need to save them from ourselves, stars.  

My thanks to NetGalley and Amber Books Ltd for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.
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