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This read was an interesting one for me, it was a slow start but I pushed myself to keep going through and I was pleasantly surprised with what I was given. The plot line of this book is one that I haven't experienced before to the journey of time travel was a new one for me. It was done in a easy, flowing way with uncomplicated details. However for some reason the title of the book although fitting somehow doesn't fit for me. I am unable to come up with a more fitting one myself there is just something in me that feels like its not right,

The overall feeling I got from this book was that if you are looking for a light read while stuck in isolation or hopefully when Space Hopper is released next year it will help pass the time while enjoying time at the pool or in the garden then this could be the pick for you.

From the description given of the book I thought that I would get a more emotional pull from the building of a mother and daughter relationship, although there is a relationship being formed it wasn't one that made me think of the moments I have shared with my own mum.

I look forward to seeing what the cover will look like of this, as at the moment I am unsure how it will be marketed (this might help me warm to the title also). I would recommend this book but not really in any other situation than what I have previously stated.

Thank you again to netgalley and Simon and Schuster for being able to review this book.
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I absolutely loved this gem of a novel. It's quite unlike anything Ive read for a long time. The voice is so compelling & unique with a genuine thread of humour running all the way through. The exploration of grief & loss is beautifully executed. I also loved the mystery/surrealist element which lended the narrative a dreamlike quality. I will be recommending this to everyone!
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Faye finds a picture of a spacehopper from when she was little, she then finds the box and refuses to let go as it reminds her of when her mum was alive. There is a looming darkness around this box and a sense of possessiveness as she becomes nostalgic and obsessed with her past despite having the perfect life - a happy husband and two children she still misses her mother who died a long time ago. 

She then climbs into the box and falls 30 years into the past. She can finally see her mother again however there is a sense of unease as Faye and Faye Junior's world collide. The past takes over Faye and she lies to Eddie (her husband) and her close friends. As she begins to make changes in the past they have an effect on her future which leads to her questioning everything she has known as she desperately fights for the truth as old wounds are opened her greif is fresh. 

Despite the idea of a cardboard box being a portal into Fayes past I thought the ending was perfectly executed. The novel as a whole was uplifting. Fisher has created a gripping tale which evokes an array of emotions. I can't wait to have a physical copy of this book, also excited to see what the cover will look like
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