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The Greatest Beer Run Ever

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This book is a hilarious and heartwarming story of two middle-aged friends who set out on a road trip to visit all the breweries in America. The Greatest Beer Run Ever is a light-hearted and entertaining read that is perfect for beer lovers and road trip enthusiasts alike. The characters are engaging and the plot is well-paced. The book is filled with amusing anecdotes and interesting facts about beer. The writing is witty and the dialogue is entertaining. The Greatest Beer Run Ever is a fun and entertaining read that will make you want to pack your bags and hit the open road.
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Wow. Just...Wow. Can we talk how this book was... absolutely not what I expected it to be? Also, can we talk about that this is based on a /true story/ and is going to be a /movie/?! Can I literally ask for anything more?!
My actual raiting for this book is 3.75 because I still find this whole concept of the beer run extremly weird and to be honest, I do not exactly get why this is even happening or why anyone would make another person cross a country with a keg. But I do not drink beer and I haven't been serving in any kind of military installment, so... I guess it's just me.
Nontheless, this book was heart-warming, heart-breaking and simply hilarious, especially if you remember that Chick is doing everything he does while carrying alcohol with him. He does this crazy journey because of alcohol. 
I am so curious for that movie; this book was so wonderful, I really want to know what they are going to make of it. 
This feeling of friend- and comradship Chick was experiencing rhoughout this book? Wonderful. And, honestly - I had not expected this book to be dealing with its topics in such a serious way as it had. It sounded so funny and while there are passages that really are hilarious, this book was still written during war and you can never foget that.

I received a free copy by Netgalley for an honest review.
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When I read the blurb for this book, I was hooked - it just sounded like such an adventure.

On reading the book, I wasn't disappointed. It was really interesting for me to learn a bit about the Vietnam War, as it isn't really something I'm familiar with. 

The story was amusing and honest, and I loved seeing how Chick grew as a person during his amazing challenge.

Definitely worth a read.
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Hard to believe this book is a memoir. It is a book about incredible adventure in Vietnam, which started innocently. Although, how innocent is the idea of ‘let’s bring beer to our friends in Vietnam?’ 
It is undeniably interesting, well written and funny. I also learned a fair bit about the Vietnam war as well. Good read, which will make you both laugh and worry about the person telling the story.
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I love historical memoirs, especially if they tell me about events I’ve not heard of before. I therefore really enjoyed this fascinating, funny story about friendship and loyalty.

Firstly I didn’t know much about the Vietnam War so I found it very interesting to learn more about it, especially from someone who had first hand experience of it. I liked the way the author subtly includes the facts into the story so that it doesn’t become bogged down with facts and become difficult to read. In fact the whole tone of the book is quite casual and I often felt like the author was sitting in front of me telling me the story. This made it very easy to read which isn’t always the case with these types of books.

Chickie is a fantastic narrator and helped draw me into story, keeping my interest the whole way through. Even though the story is about his mission, Chickie doesn’t just write about himself as throughout the book we learn a lot about his friends and their experiences too. I liked the way he did this and it was great to get to know some of the friends he took a beer to. There are lots of photos in the book which helped me put faces to names and get an idea of the places he visited. They really added to the story and I was very pleased to see them included.

The story itself is very gripping, managing to be both funny and serious at times. It was great fun to follow ‘Chickie’ through his fascinating story of some extreme challenges, danger and some very lucky escapes. It’s quite a mad adventure at times and I did read with a sense of disbelief that he actually did this but at the same time feeling very impressed that he did!

I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in history or real life stories as I thought this was a brilliant read. My husband, who rarely reads, has already nicked this book to start reading so it obviously holds great appeal to everyone. It’s going to be made into a film soon and I’ll definitely be going to see it (Covid restrictions permitting).

Huge thanks to Anne Cater for inviting me onto the blog tour and to Octopus publishing for my copy of this book.
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This book had me gripped as sometimes funny and other times serious as its an ex marine and merchant seaman travels around war torn south Vietnam in 1967 as a bet in a New York bar to have a beer with friends who were stationed in the country.
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Love military books & this one didn't disappoint. Looking forward to seeing the movie adaptation of this. What a fantastic story, albeit extremely dangerous & full of risk.
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