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I read the first chapter of this novel and knew it was not going to be my cup of tea. I dislike stories with infidelity at the heart of them, and it is clear that this story is built off of infidelity. I decided to not read the book further and would have preferred to not rate the book given the fact I stopped reading after a chapter. I may eventually return to reading this one when I am in a better headspace for reading a novel about infidelity.

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Cornerstone Random House UK for the gifted e-book in exchange for an honest opinion!
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It took me a long time to get into this book, by which time it was practically over. 

I don't love cheating narratives, and I didn't like it here as Rachel and David's relationship really didn't warm to me at all.
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I was not a fan of this. I did not see any redeeming qualities for David nor did I understand Rachel’s ever changing motivations. The marketing of this book is way off base - not at all the quirky romance it was promoted to be.
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I liked the idea for this book - a wife finds out her husband is cheating on their wedding anniversary but also that she's not legally married to him. So she decides to make him fall back in love with her and marry her again -  to divorce him, or so she tells herself.
The problem was I really didn't like the writing style or how the plot unfolded. The protagonist switched from hating her husband to loving him again to hating him, her motivations and feelings flip-flopping without any catalysts or explanation. In the same chapter, she hates him, loves him, then hates him again without the reader feeling like they understood what triggered her emotions to vacillate so wildly. I can understand torn characters who feel a whole spectrum of sometimes contradicting emotions but they have to be explained for the switching between feelings to work.  Likewise, the husband goes from wanting to change and be a good husband for his wife to being neglectful and then back to professing his good intentions.
I didn't massively enjoy the book and forced myself to get to the end so I could review it fairly. Other readers might enjoy it but I'm afraid I couldn't.
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Can you imagine finding out that your husband of 15 years is having an affair AND finding out that your destination wedding was never actually legal anyway so you can't even get a divorce? 

Well, that's what happened to Rachel. And now she wants revenge.

I went into this with really high expectations, thinking it might play out as a cute, ditsy rom-com but ultimately, I just couldn't get on board with how immature both the main character and her husband were. There were instances where some of the things she was doing to get revenge were actually dangerous, he was kinda of whiny and basically, if there had been any form of communication between them at all, the revenge scenarios wouldn't have even had to occur. 

He was in his forties, she was in her thirties, surely there should be some sort of maturity in their relationship by now? 

Don't get me wrong, this was a very easy read and I'm sure if you're not bothered by the little realism issues I had, then you'll probably enjoy it!
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This is one book I could not put down it had everything in it that you want in a good book. Fabulous characters and storyline. Also fun, exciting and and emotional.  But overall just a beautiful read.
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Overall feeling about this book was indifference. I lied some bits, hated others and just wanted people to actually talk to each other.
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Adult romance is often a hit and miss for me, and unfortunately this one failed to leave a lasting impression. I was excited to read this second chance romance but it felt very bloated with forced inner monologues, little to no character development and in general stupid decisions made by the characters. People are not perfect, I understand that but I personally didn't like how many of the things were resolved and I guess I needed the story to go in a different direction.

The writing was easy to follow and definitely has potential but the plot and the characters just didn't do it for me.
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Sadly, this one just wasn't for me! I couldn't get behind the characters like I would of wanted to HOWEVER I did find that there were quite a lot of funny moments which I did enjoy quite a bit!
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How to marry your husband by Jacqueline Rohen

This is the story of Rachel and David who are 15 years married and she sees him with another woman and how that all plays out. 

I felt too much of Rachel’s point of view though there were some lines in the book that did make you laugh. 

I lost interest in the book and it made it a very laboured read in the end. It was ok but  I didn’t like the style of editing most of the book from Rachel's side and sometimes not everything is what it seems .
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3.5 Stars

Oh my gosh, this was so cute! 

There were so many lines and moments that I found absolutely hilarious and just could not put this book down.]

I really recommend this book if you're going through a reading slump. It is super quick and easy to read.
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Firstly a huge thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for a chance to read and review it. 

I had expectations from this book but I can't say that I loved it. The writing, the plot, the characters, the development, timing- everything was good. It is an enjoyable read. I really finished it in one go BUT I don't agree with how it justified a serious issue of cheating.  I am happy that it all worked out great for the characters in the end but it didn't sit well with me. For such mature characters,  they acted like teenagers and that added to my frustration with it. But I would definitely encourage everyone to give it a try. The catchy plot and hilarious situation is definitely worth reading it.

Thanks and happy reading!
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The story of Rachel and David

I liked how it was told from both of their points of view. sometimes you just wished they would talk to each other.

I do think she forgave him too easily though, so not sure how I feel about the end of the book.
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Enjoyable read. Would recommend to friends and family. I could sympathise with characters (important for any fiction novel!) and looked forward to picking it up and reading the next few chapters! Interesting plot line and a good ending. Will look out for more novels by the author. Thank you.
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How can you marry your husband…. surely, you’re already married if he’s your husband?!  The story gives you the answer to that one as you move on through the book, but first we are initially introduced to Rachel who spots her husband, David kissing another woman on their wedding anniversary.  How Rachel remained so calm and didn’t detach a certain part of her husband’s appendage I just don’t know, but she did!  Whilst she tries to work out what she should do, she’s also plotting her revenge which I loved!!  These parts of the book not only had me crying with laughter but also saving all the little ‘revenges’ into my memory bank should I ever need any ideas!

The story is told mainly from Rachel’s point of view, but with alternating chapters from David’s perspectives.  At the beginning I was definitely on Team Rachel, but as you begin to hear David’s story, I did start to feel sorry for him!  The storyline flowed well between the two, but there were times where it seemed to be bogged down with too much information about everything else!  This slowed the storyline down a little, but it then picked up the pace again quickly and overall, the book was enjoyable and easy to read!  The supporting characters also brought in their own storylines and these complimented the main characters well.

Whilst it was light hearted and humorous it did feature some more serious topics of infidelity, lies and mistrust.  The characters were easy to relate to and I’m sure everyone would find something which has happened to them.  I loved how the storyline initially had you thinking one thing, but then had it proved to be something completely different, making you realise how easy it is to read something bad into something which was so innocent.  A good well-planned book, with the added bonuses of cheeky little cocktail recipes slipped in between the chapters, which definitely made my mouth water!  I loved the characters journeys and following their story was such fun!

I’d like to add that sadly the author, Jacqueline Rohen, died suddenly in April 2020 before this book was published.  She therefore was able to see the success of her first novel, but I’m sure she would loved to have seen all the positive comments for this book.  I dedicate this review to her <3
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This was not my cup of tea, to be quite honest. While I do like second-chance romances, the couples in those romances should actually be worth cheering for. Maybe something happened that tore them apart, maybe they were just too young the first time around, whatever it was that made them break up the first time, their status as meant-to-be should not be in any doubt. Which just isn't the feeling I got from Rachel and David.

Rachel is 34 and right before their 15th wedding anniversary (yes, do the maths on that one) she sees her 44-year-old husband David (again, do the maths) kissing another woman. She tries to justify it away, she spends days on end furious at her husband, she wastes hours and hours thinking it's her fault, the whole shebang you'd expect someone to do after being confronted with their husband's unfaithfulness. Eventually, Rachel goes to see a divorce lawyer who tells her to take her time, to make sure divorce is really what she wants. Either way, she'll need proof of her husband's infidelity. So she follows him one night when he says he's going to the gym, and she catches him going into an apartment building instead of the gym. Rachel is heartbroken to now have a bit more proof that her husband is cheating. And then she gets a call from the divorce lawyer: her magical wedding in Bali was never certified by any government, so she's not actually married to David. So she hatches a brilliant plan: make David fall in love with her again, marry him, and then divorce him. It's the perfect revenge.

All of that sounds like it could lead to a truly funny story. Except that we also get chapters from David's perspective. And there, we find out that he's not actually currently cheating on Rachel. The kiss she saw between him and another woman? Plot twist: that was actually a random encounter with the woman he slept with a year ago. So he did cheat on his wife, and he never came clean about it. Which was truly the moment I gave up on ever liking this story. Cheating is a big no-no for me in romance books, especially when it's of the "a 22-year-old girl flirted with me and we somehow ended up in her hotel room" variety. David is 44, so again, do the maths on that one. He was 29 when he married a 19-year-old and we somehow have to root for this couple to get back together? Oh no no no.

The only good thing about this book were the cocktail recipes that were shoved in between the scenes every so often. Or at least that would be a good thing if you drank alcohol. Oh well.
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‘How To Marry Your Husband’ is the debut novel by Jacqueline Rohen.

Rachel vowed that she would love David for better or worse…But when she spots him kissing another woman, she knows their marriage is over. And she’s determined to get her revenge through divorce. The trouble is, her romantic destination wedding wasn’t exactly legal – so if she wants to divorce her husband, she’ll have to marry him first. But as Rachel recreates the magic of their early days in a bid to lure David back down the aisle again, will it bring back long-lost feelings for him too?

I started this book last night ahead of my spot of the tour and I immediately became hooked on the story of Rachel and David. But to my shock this morning, I received an email that Jacqueline, the author had suddenly passed away and I felt such an sadness, for her family and friends and for the fact that this was her debut novel and she’ll never know how much it made me smile or quietly chuckle at.

The story is seen through the narrative of supposed married couple David and Rachel. Thinking David is her soulmate, Rachel is heartbroken to see him kiss another woman and finds herself questioning the relationship. David regrets after questioning his marriage and just as Rachel decides that their marriage isn’t real, David decides to woo her back and give her the day, she always dreamt off, unaware that she knows all about his infidelity.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed this story, both characters are fun and relatable as they try to solve their marriage problems. Rachel’s fun and has gotten used to the security blanket of marriage and when it all comes into question, she begins to wonder what is on the other side. As she unknowingly leaves a trail behind, this panics David as it’s now that he has realised how important she is to him. I really liked Norma, Rachel’s outspoken mother and Barry, David’s feckless friend.

The perfect romantic comedy to enjoy, ‘How To Marry Your Husband’ is delicious and fun story about mistakes and start over that Jacqueline Rohen should be incredibly proud to be her debut.

You can buy ‘How To Marry Your Husband’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.
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Sorry I could not get into this book at all. I kept trying but could not get interested in the characters enough to keep reading,

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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'How to Marry Your Husband' is basically a long, slightly hilarious lesson on the importance of communication within a relationship.

The book mainly focuses on Rachel, who has just discovered that her husband of 15 years is cheating on her. What ensues is a lot of encouragement by her colleague/good friend Eva to get revenge on him by making him fall in love with her again, marrying him - because apparently their marriage was not legal in the first place - and then divorcing him to break his heart.

In the later part of the book, the chapters switch between the POVs of Rachel and David, to give us both sides of this romcom.

While overall the story was entertaining, it felt really dragged out and the plot progressed rather slow. I wanted to enjoy it more than I did, but I couldn't shake off that feeling of how immature it was that two grown adults who are married to each other couldn't even sit down and talk. Instead, all they did was think about bonking, bonking, bonking.

The plan that's mentioned in the book's blurb only makes its appearance somewhere around the halfway mark of the book too, so the build-up to get there seems rather dragged out. And even after the plan is concocted it's never really brought up again.

And David, as a character, felt flat and one-dimensional. His praises and declarations of love for Rachel were superficial. As the leading man in the story, he didn't really give any good reason for us to be rooting for him.

As a romcom, I think it checks all the points - but I just personally feel that the plot could have been better fleshed out and didn't all tumble together to tie up at the end.
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In How to Marry Your husband we meet Rachel. She should be celebrating a special anniversary with her husband David, but instead sees something shocking that shakes the very foundations of her marriage. It really is bad enough discovering that your husband is cheating but things get worse for Rachel when she finds out that they aren’t even technically married!

I really did get a feel for Rachel’s devastation. Seeing her initial shock which quickly turns to anger and disbelief that her seemingly wonderful life is effectively tumbling down. It was very easy to be pulled into Rachel’s life feeling that anger towards David too. So I have to applaud Jacqueline Rohen for writing parts of this story from David’s perspective. It didn’t exactly endear him to me at the start but what I will say is that a change in perspective can make quite a difference. It would have been a completely different story for me without it. I have to admit that the characters in How to Marry Your Husband had their flaws especially David. I guess even Rachel had them to an extent although that could just be the way I felt as I was reading. Who knows how I would react given the same situation. Even if I didn’t necessarily agree with all of her decisions I was right there willing her to find a happy ever after.

It is safe to say that How to Marry Your Husband was a pretty addictive read. I settled down with a cuppa thinking I might just read a few chapters. Well, the next thing I knew I was nearly half way through! Which let’s be honest is a very good sign of an engaging story. I was completely caught up in Rachel and David’s story. Hearing about their life together and their past along with wondering if they still had a future. The plot moves at a steady pace and kept me entertained throughout. From the comedy filled escapades as Rachel and her friend Eva make plans to put things right and maybe make David pay along the way. To a more heartfelt look at how life isn’t straightforward and there will be bumps along the way. Showing the reader both the light and dark moments that can come with marriage, love and life in general. Even as Rachel finds herself in despair there is an uplifting side to this book as Rachel discovers things about herself and her relationship. How to Marry Your husband is a fun and uplifting story which carried me away on quite a journey!
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